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“Let me do it”.

He gave his best attempt of a Cheshire grin at her while he ran his hand down her chest, letting the tips of his poorly trimmed nails catch along her skin, closing his fingers into a loose fist once he reached her naval.

Her body tensed up at these words, even though she knew they were coming. He wanted it the last two times it happened, and as with most of his appeals, she declined it so hesitantly that it was clear she would bend if enough pressure was applied. If she was honest with herself, in most areas of their relationship, his refusal to stop requesting from her that which she expressed disinterest in multiple times was annoying, perhaps even his biggest character flaw. But in the bedroom, she found the tenacity behind his ever-evolving desire to be intoxicating.

“I don’t know. It’s kind of gross.”

“Nothing about you is gross.”

Time paused as she looked into his eyes and considered what he was asking. Why was he so interested in doing this? Did he see this as a game? But then again, of all the actions and spoken words and penetrations that had taken place between their two naked bodies, why was this the thing that seemed too taboo to her?

She said nothing but her eyes told him she had finally relented. His face turned from a smile to a look magarsus izle of solemn concentration as he carefully directed his face downwards, guiding his tongue past her neck, past her half-erect nipples still radiating from the stress applied to them with his teeth earlier that morning, across her pale body bespattered with freckles, unto the curly thatch of hair that signaled the completion of his journey.

She was already swollen, sticky and warm between her legs from the attention her body had already been given. That didn’t stop it from reacting with anticipation as he lightly worked himself against the edges of her labia. While he had prepared for it mentally, his first reaction was to repel; the sharp metallic taste invaded his mouth, as if he had bitten his own cheek. But he knew that the key was to always…always…embrace the strangeness, so he did not flinch and he did not back away. He gave her a series of measured kisses against her blooming desire, with a couple sharp bites at the folds in order to make the proceedings feel uneven.

He grew impatient and quickly started running the meat of his tongue in an upwards motion, forcing the tip to run against the perfect line of her cleft, slowing down only once he hit the speed bump of her swollen point manifest izle of arousal. He pursed his lips over it to provide a slow caress while he hummed, trapping it in the warmth and vibration of his mouth. In her mind, she could feel the waves smash across the bottom of the cliff-side as she was slowly but surely being forced closer and closer to the brink, stuck in the purgatory where she had no choice but to surrender, but complete submission to its will failed to make the journey any quicker. She would drop only when and if it allowed her to.

He gave a brief pause and then a stronger push along the outside of the clit in a swirling motion. He felt her legs fidget against his head and knew he was on the right track, repeating the action at a steady pace. The intense wet was making it difficult for him to continue without constant swallowing, without constant moving to adjust to the juices running down his chin.

Her back seized up as he began to take broader strokes across her entire cunt, invading her warm deepness every time he worked his way down and up. He was applying more pressure now, sometimes so much it would start to become uncomfortable at times and she wanted for him to back off, but she was too close to plummeting to bother saying anything manifesto of a serial killer izle without threatening the momentum.

She opened her eyes and looked down at his face, covered in dark red, a toddler that had just consumed its first ice cream cone. The intensity in his eyes as he committed to devouring her pushed her over the edge of the precipice, falling like dead weight as the air around her grew with intensity for what seemed like an eternity until she hit the waves and shuddered as her body was swallowed whole, her lungs filling so quickly she struggled to breathe, sinking in the euphoric release of every stressful moment and anxious thought that had been occupying her mind. She grabbed tightly unto the back of his head and squeezed as she hollered in a near mono-syllabic tone and the pressure was deflated along with her inhibitions.

She let go and he felt the tide fall back into him, her tremors signaling the invasion, his mouth becoming overwhelmed with the taste of salty water and iron as her fluids mingled together inside of him.

Coming down from the effects of the high and no longer under pleasurable suffocation, she hastily pulled him away from her body, her wish to keep the feeling going supplanted by an overpowering sensitivity. He gasped as he came up for air as well, moving right up beside her, grabbing her hips towards him, his face a complete mess. They locked eyes as their chests heaved in unison. His Cheshire smile returned once again.

“I can’t wait for the chance to do that again. Will you let me do that again?”

“You can do it again. You only have to wait a month.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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