Fairy Tale Life Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Breanna felt like the luckiest ex-secretary in the whole world. Staring at herself in the bathroom mirror, she just couldn’t believe so many wonderful things were happening to her.

A petite brunette in her early twenties, Breanna was wearing a very expensive white satin nightgown, cut low to show off the cleavage of her luscious high-riding tits. As she whirled around before the mirror, her sleek young body was outlined. She knew she looked great.

“Breanna, honey, you ever coming out of there?” her brand-new husband called.

“I’ll be right out, Alexander,” Breanna said.

She felt both excited and nervous. Just a few hours ago, she’d been married and this was her wedding night. Most girls feel a little nervous on their wedding nights, but Breanna had extra reasons. For one, she was a virgin. And for another, she’d just married Alexander Benton, one of the most famous and popular men in America.

She was crazy about Alexander but scared that losing her cherry would hurt like hell. But she couldn’t put the big event off any longer, so she took a deep breath and marched into the bedroom. Alexander was lounging on the king-size bed, wearing silk pajamas and sipping a martini.

“Sugar, you look good enough to eat,” he said, leering at her.

Breanna blushed hard. She’d been raised a lady, and that meant keeping her virginity intact till the wedding night. It also meant not letting a man know if she was hot for him. She was very hot for Alexander, and it was hard for her to act cool as they prepared to make love.

Alexander Benton was in his late thirties and still a terrifically handsome guy. Tall, dark and lean, he was mobbed by adoring women wherever he went. Breanna still couldn’t believe she’d been lucky enough to become his wife. But here they were alone together in the master bedroom of his mansion.

“You’re shy and nervous, aren’t you?” Alexander asked. “I like that. I get so tired of liberated women.”

He reached out, caught her arm, and drew her gently down on the bed. Her heart was hammering. From what she’d heard about men and sex, she expected him to rip her nightgown off, roll on top of her, and hurt her with his cock. Instead he kissed her face and neck, then kissed her right on the mouth and slid his tongue between her lips.

“Mmmmmmmm!” Breanna murmured.

She loved it when Alexander kissed her that way. She wasn’t sure how he did it, but every time he slipped that hot wet tongue into her mouth, she creamed helplessly. She felt like a real slut, her blood boiling for the man. She slipped her arms around his neck.

When they came up for breath, Alexander grinned at her and said, “Honey, we’re married now. You can touch me below the waist.”

Breanna just blushed harder. She’d dated a lot, in high school and then later when she became a secretary in the studio where Alexander worked. But she was a prim and proper young woman, and she’d never done anything “dirty” with her dates. For instance, she’d never touched a cock.

Things were different now, though. She was a married woman, and she could do anything she wanted with her husband. Part of her was shy and scared, but another part sizzled with curiosity about men and sex. She really wanted to touch Alexander all over, to explore his mysterious male body.

Slowly she slid her hands down over his chest, to his waist, then his hips. She could feel the hard muscles under his pajamas. She knew he kept himself in super shape, working out every day. She felt his heavily muscled thighs. Watching her, Alexander shook his head and laughed.

“Quit being chicken,” he said. “You’re avoiding the best place of all.”

He took her hand and set it right on his fly. Breanna blushed furiously. She could feel his cock through the thin layer of silk, and it was swelling and pulsating. Under her hand it hardened till it felt like steel. His fly was tented. His eyes got glazed with lust.

“See what you did?” he said. “You gave me a hard-on. Why don’t you take it out and play with it?”

“Oh, Alexander, I couldn’t do that,” Breanna squeaked.

Then she realized how silly she sounded. This wasn’t a date, and Alexander wasn’t a horny boyfriend trying to get into her pants. This was marriage, and her husband wanted everything from her. He sure wasn’t taking no for an answer now. He just gave his pajamas a downward tug, and his prick was free.

Breanna’s eyes almost popped. It was the first time she’d seen a real-live cock. Alexander’s engorged prick stood up rigidly, bulging with blue veins. It looked enormous to her. It looked as thick as her wrist and menacingly long. Alexander took her hand and set it on his naked cock. She gave a shiver of fright.

“It won’t bite,” he said gently. “Just play with it, get to know it.”

Breanna figured she’d be split in half and die when he shoved that thing into Etlik Escort her virgin cunt, so she might as well have fun while she could. She really was curious about cocks. She ran her fingers up and down Alexander’s rigidly standing boner. It was hot and hard and throbbing.

“Yeah, good girl,” he said. “I’m going to touch you, too, but we won’t hurry. We’ve got all night.”

Breanna was relieved to hear that. The man really did turn her on, and maybe if she got relaxed enough this wouldn’t be such an ordeal after all. Now Alexander kicked off his pajama bottoms and removed the tops. When he was naked, he drew off Breanna’s gown, leaving her naked, too.

She’d never been naked in front of a man before, and of course she was blushing. But at the same time she felt hot excitement. She was still playing with Alexander’s prick, and now she got bold enough to curl her fingers around it and pump it. Hot sticky juice began to leak from the dark cleft at the head of his cock.

“What’s that stuff?” she asked.

“Cock juice,” Alexander said. “It shows I’m horny for you. Jesus, you’re innocent. I love it. When I found out you were a virgin, I knew you were the one for me.”

Breanna beamed. For years her girlfriends had teased her for refusing to fuck, but now she had her reward. She was married to a popular man of the world, and she was rich. It had been well worth waiting for. Now she was ready to give Alexander the prize he was after.

But as he’d promised, he didn’t rush. While she ran her hot little fist up and down his massive boner, he slipped a hand over her small neat bush and between her thighs. He began exploring her moist hot slit, and to her surprise, she felt instant pleasure.

“Ooooooh!” she squealed. “That feels nice, honey!”

“It’s supposed to,” Alexander chuckled.

He was just using one stiff finger to rub and explore her cunt, but it felt marvelous. Often Breanna had been tempted to touch herself down there, just to satisfy some weird horny impulse, but her mother had warned her never to do that. It was called masturbation, and it was very wrong.

Breanna hoped it was okay to let her husband touch her there, because it sure felt nice. She couldn’t bear to make him stop. She was soon creaming all over his probing finger. Her fist moved faster, more eagerly, over his drooling cock. Her hips began to writhe in a helpless horny motion. Breanna had never felt like this before.

“Mmmmm, honey, you’re getting me so turned on!” she moaned.

Alexander responded by kissing her and sinking his whole tongue into her mouth. He knew she was aroused by that. She gave a muffled gurgle of delight. As he probed her mouth with his tongue, he did something else, something new. Breanna almost flew off the bed.

“Unnnnnhhhhhh!” she gasped.

He was sliding his thick middle finger up her cunt. She’d never had anything in there before. The fit was tight, but not painful, and she felt a hot excitement that made her shiver and cream. Alexander pushed his finger into her as far as it would go.

“Oh, God,” Breanna said in a hoarse little sob.

She loved the sensation. She loved feeling something long and hard in her cunt. Then it got even better as Alexander began to move his finger up and down in her cream-slick little pussy hole. He moved it in a slow sensuous fucking motion, and Breanna felt searing pleasure.

“Oooooooh, yessssss!” she groaned.

But to her disappointment, her new husband drew his dripping finger from her cunt.

“Just checking,” he said, his voice husky with excitement. “You really are a virgin.”

Breanna was so horny, she got bold.

“I wish you hadn’t stopped, Alexander,” she said. “It felt so good.”

“Baby,” he said, “I’m gonna do something even better than that.”

He eased her onto her back, then bent her shapely legs and spread them wide. Breanna turned red as a beet. It was the first time a man had seen her cunt. Then she panicked. It looked like Alexander was getting her into position for fucking, and she just wasn’t ready.

She knew her duty as a wife, though, and she was prepared to do it. As Alexander crawled between her legs, she closed her eyes tight and gritted her teeth. She vowed that no matter how badly it hurt, she wasn’t going to be a sissy. She wasn’t going to spoil it for Alexander.

She felt him gently spreading the dark-furred lips of her pussy, then a kind of hot breeze. Then suddenly she felt the most intense pleasure of her life, a sensation so good she could hardly believe it. Something big, hot and wet was lashing her clit, and she loved it.

“Ohhhhh, my God!” she sobbed.

She opened her eyes and looked down to see Alexander licking her pussy. He wasn’t using his cock on her, he was using his tongue. Breanna had heard of oral Keçiören Escort sex and thought it sounded really nasty and wicked, but all of a sudden she was sold on it. How could anything that felt this great be bad?

“Unnnnhhhhh, honey, I love it!” she wept. “Don’t stop, please!”

“I won’t!” Alexander gasped. “I’ll eat your pussy till you come!”

Breanna shivered with excitement. She’d never had an orgasm before, and she was just dying to experience one. Her girlfriends had told her it was the most fantastic pleasure on earth. Now she forgot her shyness and relaxed totally as her new husband tongued her toward her very first climax.

Alexander’s tongue lashed swiftly, almost roughly, over her swollen little clit, giving her a steady buzz of hot pleasure. She couldn’t stop creaming. She felt the molten juice overflowing her cunt and trickling down her ass crack. Alexander licked up some of the tangy cream and gobbled it.

Then suddenly he clamped his lips around her throbbing clit and began sucking it. Breanna screamed with pleasure and soaked his face with sizzling pussy juice. She squeezed her eyes shut and felt the pleasure building in her pussy till she thought she’d explode with it. And a few seconds later, that was just about what happened.

“Unnnnnhhhhh, God–whaaahhhhhh!” Breanna wailed.

Her petite body was rocked violently by the strongest pleasure she’d ever known. It came in powerful spasms that made her writhe and buck all over the bed. If this was an orgasm, she knew she could never get her fill of them. Alexander had just turned her into a sex fiend.

“Unnhhh, shit–unnggghh!” she howled, using her very first swear word.

When she finally stopped coming, Alexander was lounging beside her, grinning. He hadn’t been able to keep his sucking lips on target when she came so hard, so he just lay back and watched her. He seemed satisfied with his work. Breanna was certainly satisfied.

“Alexander, that was just fantastic,” she said. “Please, darling, let me do something for you now. Show me how to make you feel good.”

“I was just going to mention that,” Alexander said, looking down at his stiff-standing cock. “I’d like you to lick it. Do that for awhile and then I’ll give you more instructions.”

Breanna nodded, eager to please him. His request seemed a little kinky to her, but she’d do anything for the man she loved. He motioned for her to crawl between his legs, and she did so. Then she bent low, stuck out her tongue, and trailed it over the fat purple head of his cock. Alexander gave a lusty shiver and nodded his approval.

“Good, keep doing that!” he panted.

To her surprise, Breanna liked licking his meat. She liked the sensation of running her tongue over that hard fleshy knob, and she liked the special salty taste of his cream. She could really get into doing this. She tongued his prick for several minutes, eagerly gobbling his juice.

“Okay, now suck it,” Alexander said.

Breanna didn’t need any more instruction than that. She turned out to be a natural for cock sucking. She just slid her wet lips down around his thick rigid cock, taking in as much as she could without choking on it. Then she drew in her cheeks and started sucking greedily.

“Shit, yes, perfect!” Alexander gasped.

His handsome face twisted into a horny grimace as he watched his virgin bride sucking his cock. Her lips stretched hugely, she sucked loudly on his throbbing prick, suctioning out his juice and gobbling it. Breanna was thrilled that she could get him so excited just by using her lips and tongue.

“Unnnnhhhhh, gonna come!” he groaned.

She’d been warned, but she was too inexperienced to know what the warning meant. She just knew she was having a good time, and she went on greedily sucking up his juice. Then suddenly he bellowed, thrust his cock hard into her throat, and came, flooding her mouth with boiling jism.

“Unnnhhhh, eat it, baby–aaaggghhhh!” he shouted.

“Unnnnhhhhh, mmmmmm!” Breanna gasped.

She hadn’t expected a whole delicious mouthful of his come, and she feasted on it, savoring it as long as she could, then gulping it down. Alexander sank back with a happy sigh, but he gently grasped her head and kept her in place, her mouth stuffed with cock.

“Don’t stop” he growled. “Suck my prick some more, baby, and then we can get serious!” And suck she did, lapping it up with her tongue.

“Did ya like that baby?” Alexander asked.

Afterwards, lying side by side on the huge bed, each having the longing look of lust unsatisfied still on their faces, Alexander begins to softly caress her abdomen. His big, warm hands gently circling her navel and toying with the heart shaped pubic hair she’d left there after shaving that morning in anticipation. Ever so slowly, Kızılay Escort painfully slow, he moves his hand towards her breast and begins massaging them.

“Oh! That feels soo good.” She tells him.

“How about this?” He asks as he begins to gently tug at her nipples with his fingers.

“Ummm. I like that.”

Alexander bends his head around to hers and their lips meet just as their eyes lock. As they both close their eyes, their tongues begin to explore each others mouths. Both of them equally hungry for the others kiss. Still massaging and tugging at her nipples with his hand, Alexander slowly mounts her inviting body. She can feel his hard, throbbing cock on her thigh. Drawing in a sharp intake of breath, she prepares for what she knows is coming. Praying silently that she won’t cry out in pain.

Pressing her hands onto his ass, slightly at first. He uses his other hand to glide himself to her cunt. Before he begins to insert her, he rubs his cock up and down her clit. Every nerve in her body is alive now, wanting him so badly. She arches her back towards him.

Slowly, their lips part and his eyes meet hers once more. Gently he asks,

“Are you ready?” “I’ll be as gentle as I can baby.”

“Yes. Oh yes, Alexander, please!” she replies longingly, her voice raspy and barely above a whisper.

Slowly he begins to put pressure on her opening and begins to enter her. She feels a slight burning there, but not enough to want him to stop. The feeling of wanting him inside her is over-powering all other sensations. Still, ever so slowly, and gently, he pushes deeper. Reaching her hymen, he can feel the resistance and knows he is at the crucial point. The tightness is almost more than he can stand. He fights back the urge to cum at that moment and focuses on being as easy as possible for her sake, there’ll be time for other things later. Right now, it has to be all for her. She has got to enjoy her first time and he has to make sure.

“It’s gonna hurt, you know that right?” He asks her.

“Yes, I know. But I want it so bad. I want you all the way inside me.” She tells him passionately.

Suddenly, he thrusts himself deep inside her warm depth, and stops to allow the many different sensations to rush over both of them and enjoy the moment to the fullest. Her fingernails tighten on his ass and begin to dig in as the pain overtakes her body. Unconsciously, she tries to pull away from him. He pushes harder, deeper and holds her beneath him with his cock buried all the way inside her.

As the tighten of her cunt ebbs, he slowly begins to pull out. She grabs on harder to his ass and pulls him back down, into her once again.

“Don’t stop now, please?” She asks more with her eyes and body than her mouth.

“Baby, I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. Your so tight and wet. This must be what heaven is like.” He whispers in her ear.

Gradually, he begins to withdraw just a little again. This time her hips thrusting upwards, slightly at first, not wanting to let him go. Then more rapidly, they both begin rocking their bodies together in a slow rhythmic motion. He can feel her entire body getting tense under him, and the walls of her cunt begin to throb harder. He knows what’s about to happen and wonders if she does.

“Oh Alexander, my body is on fire.”

“Let it go, ride it babe.” He tells her in a knowing voice.

They begin to rock back and forth rapidly now, her body building the intense pressure inside it as much as his is. Both of them completely under the effects of the natural high only truly good sex can provide. Just as she begins to thrust and trash about under him, she latches onto his ass with her legs and begins to moan. He feels the pressure begin to build in himself. His body becomes tense, his nuts draw up even tighter against his scrotum and he knows he can’t hold on much longer.

“Let it go Breanna, let it go. I want to feel you cum.” He tells her

Suddenly she arches her back up to meet him, and her cunt gets even tighter, the walls of it begin to throb intensely on his cock and the intense wave of her cum rushes over him. Encompassing him, driving him over the edge. His own jism burst out of him, surging into her. With his last ounce of energy he thrust even deeper, one last time. Driving himself far into her body and she pushes up to meet him. Her cunt seeming to suck every last ounce out of him. Gently, he lays atop her warm body, drawing her tight under him, he lavishes her warmth both inside and out. Savoring the feeling a little longer.

Slowly, he rolls off and turns to her. Her dreamy eyes find his and they instinctively reach for each others mouth to kiss yet again. This time ever so slowly, with all the feelings their both experiencing being spoken through their tongues. As they draw away from each other, he quietly asks,

“Are you okay?” With honest caring and concern in his voice.

Smiling, she replies, “I am wonderful and I love you Alexander.”

“I love you too Mrs. Alexander Benton.”

Cuddling and occasionally caressing each other, they drift off to sleep in each others arms, both thinking of the wonderful lives they are about to embark on together…

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