Falling Angel

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After my accident I really begin to take life seriously, like never before, knowing what I know now and given a second change at love and life. Always taking folks for a ride and never stopping to think what I was doing to people, never knowing what it feels like to be honest or being used. I was left hopeless and unaware that the heavy beam was approaching me, not even the yellow hat, had a chance to say. “Hey, look out!” Or did it?

All that was running through my head, lying on the table, was how lucky I am to be alive and how many concerned folks were pulling for me to stay alive, while I lay there helpless on the beam high above the highest building around me. Wondering if I was going to make it, live to see another day, or eat another bacon and cheese pizza, while my head was ringing inside and felt the splattered blood draining from side of my head. Realizing as I lay their spread eagle that help was on its way.

Lying on the metal table with bright light starring directly into my eyes. Doctors with concern on their faces and breathing heavier through the masks, as they dig deeper into my scalp with abundance of knowledge racing around in their minds with me facing the bright light and possibly, this dark angel. Then suddenly I be- gan to feel my body moving, moving straight for the hot lamp that begins to open up, form a giant hole that at first was pitch dark but gradually changes colors so quickly. There I was, totally new to this type of environment, type of living all to- gether. It was like I was the only one up here, only thing living or breathing the toxic air that I saw around me. Large deep holes, craters, which looks something like Swiss Cheese. Moving about on air as I did cartwheels, flips, and even giant leaps!

Wondering while I was having so much fun where my meals will come from, how would I sleep, or what plants to munch on. It all seems to simple at first, but after a few hours of red sky, no water, and nobody around; my life had no meaning. Then I suddenly came to the conclusion that I might die up here of loneliness or worse, starvation. Nothing up here but old vehicle tracks and burnt areas where you might expect a vessel or any creature that might have been here.

Somehow maternal izle my body was feeling full, while my needs, enormous needs were feeling extremely affectionate to anything that walks, crawls, or slithers my way. It was a feeling I’d never encountered, nor would I want to again, once this extraordinary feeling leaves my heated body. Then suddenly I saw up ahead, miles away, a huge body of water. Was this a mirage, or do I really see this giant lagoon?

Half way across this ugly desert, dry rock, my body felt weak with envy of my last girlfriend, which could really contribute to this cause, pleasure, which builds up vastly in my body. Begging with my hands high in the air for anyone, anything, to nurture me before I explode. Nourishment of a different kind to ease this pain and sorrow I so desperately yearn for in a woman. Dragging my heavy feet closer, closer to the water where families were playing. When suddenly dead people begin to surface all around my horny and tired soul, appearing from the craters. Women I don’t even know were calling out my name and addressing me as some kind of whack-o with hormones. Transparent images that I walk directly through, acting as sadden and happy folks, which were trying to barricade me in.

After I arrived at the water hole it was totally empty, like nobody was here to ease the pressure from within me. Not a trace of footprints or volleyball nets. All I can hear is harsh moans, devilish laughs, and a few glimpse of a young lady swimming out to sea and motioning me to come join her. But every time I race to great her she vanishes…why?

“Why, why am I being punished!” I shout, hearing a lonely echo belonging to me.


“Oh, do come in darling. Its deeper than you think!” she cries out, voice from afar says in my head.

“No, I cannot do this anymore!” I cry, racing myself back to an empty shore, shell that expresses the way I feel, seashell lying silently in the sand.

It was indeed frustrating and extremely aggravating, to feel this way, to endure so much personal fluids and method izle no one to release it into. It just wasn’t right, not even normal to have so many feelings at one time building up within a person and not able to render all in one wet hole. Realizing the dead people behind me were after more, more of my battered skin and leaving without as much as a thanks. Only saying. “Oh, I can add another to my calendar.”

No matter how hard I try to relieve this tension, intense pressure; more uninviting feeling sprouts up and salutes me. Like a kick in the face, or worse, slap to my bare ass and then leaving back into the ground. Why am I being treated as so, like some kind of evil plague, taunting my mind and body and then leaving once they’ve had a good laugh…why?

Knowing everyone around me was naked, even me, knowing not how I became this way. That all I can remember is soaring into the bright light and portal that had stopped spinning my body around, perhaps then is how I become nude and on a strange planet. Feeling quite deprived of sexual adventures and gains I always re- ceive but never giving back to my fellow mate this same respect. Like I was being striped of my humanity, while yet another color in the sky changes, leaving me here to fend for myself as my needs were growing even stronger. Wilting away at a glance when my knee’s buckles and I fall to my weak and weary knees, calling out. “Why me…Why!?”


It was though each beautiful lady was sworn-in not to touch me or inspire with her charms and untamed characteristics. Scorning me, looking directly into the eye of the sensitivity, fragile penis about to blast off. Each wearing an exotic expression all her own and in every unique style, while all I can do is lay here and breathe with a smile. Knowing when I breathe heavy like this I am using up all the oxygen on the planet, place where lovely girls prance around the warm rock and sand with nothing on except a humble smile. Going from riches to rages as I lay upon the solid rock and gaze down upon these animated creatures that was brought here to create a stir in my soul.

Living milf manor izle in caves, eating exotic plants, and sleeping alone with my hand on my hard shaft wasn’t my idea of a vacation. But here I lay, broken and distorted, shame in my eye and gestures that seems to be the only thing I have left in my miserable and once fast life.

“HAVE YOU A CLUE WHY YOU WERE BROUGHT HERE?” A voice spoke out from the dark red sky and purple clouds.

“No!” I shout.

“THEN YOU HAVEN’T LEARNED A THING!” Voice I hear often in my sleep and when I’m awake.

“Who are you! Why have I been the chosen one!” I shout, up to the heavens in a loincloth to protect me from these lot lizards.

Another day went by when I set out to feast upon the berries and find a spot where I can be alone to masturbate. But every time I try, I soon loose my breath and fade into a deep depression. It got to the point where I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, all I can think about is relieving the burning sensations that refuses, reluctant, to spill from the eye of the tiger.

Soon after another brave attempt, I saw these pretty girls, all dressed in dingy old rags that shields their humble breasts and covers up the soft mesh I yearn to feel against my lonely nude body. Watching each one with long hair and hourglass body surface from the hard ground and fall from the tall exotic trees to torture me some more. Sadly enough I had this vision, crystal clear view of a small town in which I grew up and sometimes yearn to be back there. When tears begun to drip from my eyes and a sore spot in my vastly beating heart. Then and only then I begin to realize why I am here, my sole purpose, which brought more tears to my eyes. Flashes of girls that I dated, hurt, and sometimes left alone after I had spilt my warm seeds deep within them. Then climbing to my weak feet, out stretched arms to the sky.

“I do know now!” I shout. “I swear I will never hurt another creature of god again so please release this spell!” I cried, feeling the need to empty this animosity in peace.


Suddenly a huge opening in the sky hovers over my head and I was sucked into the giant hole, vortex, which sent me hurling and spinning with bold bright colors surrounding me. Then spat out onto the street where I grew up and pleased to be a part of society once again. Feeling the presence of Beth, my friend, my lover for life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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