Family Vacation Pt. 04

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Episodes I-III are on Literotica too. I suggest you, you read them first. Happy reading.

Mom was the first one up in the morning. She was so nice to get the rest of us out of bed too. Sis, dad and I were, politely speaking, not very amused about it. But it was mom’s day of our vacation. She got one of those every year. This time she booked us a trip to some national museum. We had a two to three hours bus ride ahead of us.

So we crawled out of our beds — sis and I cuddled again, but neither mom or dad seemed to care — got in the bathroom, fixed ourselves as good as possible, grabbed some survival kits and dragged our bodies in front of the hotel. To wait for the bus. Everyone was quiet. Except mom. She was talking all the time. About the museum and the cultural artifacts in it. Yes, we must really love her. That is the only explanation why no one told her to shut the fuck up.

In the bus everyone but mom tried to get some shut eye. Mom was reading something about the place we went to. Yes, she is the cultural interested one in our family. She really likes that stuff. We, the other three, are uncultivated barbarians.

After arriving at our destination, it was time to take the first — and only — group picture. We asked some fellow passenger to take one pick in front of some nice statues. The picture turned out great. It still hangs on the wall in my parents place. In the museum mom booked us all a guided tour. We were standing together, talking, waiting until the tour guide showed up.

When the tour guide finally showed up and introduced himself to us, mom was diverted for a few minutes. Dad and sis took their chance. They disappeared. They were quick. Those assholes told me nothing about their plan. They left me back on purpose. While they went to the next bar, poring one drink after the other down their throats. I fucking hated them for doing so. But not for a long time.

Mom found out pretty fast what was going on. She let out a loud sigh: “Always the same with those two. Every time they run off. But you my son, you stayed. You wont regret it.”

She had a very certain smile on her face when she was finished speaking. A we are going to fuck smile. All off a sudden, touring a museum with mom became a good thing to do. A fucking awesome thing to do. And yes, I got hard hiltonbet yeni giriş in anticipation.

The tour itself was interesting. Some really awesome art, some great artifacts, an entertaining guide and mom. Mom stole the show. She was showing off her body. She was always on my side. She offered me some nice views. She was touchy. And she was really glad and thankful that I stayed at her side.

After the tour was over, she took my hand. She led me to the next best restroom. She guided me into the biggest stall, she made me me sit down on the toilet and she pulled down my pants and underwear.

A few seconds later mom was on her knees. In front of me. Sucking off my rock hard dick. Her lips wrapped themselves around my glans. Her hands were playing with my balls. It felt fucking awesome. She looked me in the eyes from time to time. Fuck yeah. I might have moaned out loud: “Oh yes mom, that’s the spot.”

But she didn’t finish me off. She had different plans. She pulled her panties down — she was wearing a skirt, something she rarely ever does, so she was planing to fuck someone on that trip. She turned around. She pulled up her skirt. And my dick was in her pussy. Fuck yeah. A mother’s pussy is truly made for her sons rock hard dick.

Mom was in control that day. She used my dick to pleasure herself. She rode me the way she wanted it. She worked herself towards an orgasm. Not me. She moaned out a lot. She took me fast, hard and deep. Her pussy was dripping wet. Slippery and wet. I love it that way.

Then mom went even faster. She came closer. Tension was building up. In her. And in me too. My dick was ready to explode. Then she finished. Mom had a huge orgasm: “Yes son, fuck me. Fuck…”

I came with her. My balls emptied themselves into my mom’s pussy. A firework went off in my head. Fucking your mom just is awesome.

To my surprise, before cleaning ourselves up as good as we could, mom took a picture of her cum dripping pussy. I saw what she was doing, but didn’t think much about it. Then it was time to leave the bathroom. Some other people were in there too. They gave us some interesting looks: “They two were fucking. But are they really mother and son?”

Then mom and I went to grab some lunch. In a nice restaurant next to the museum. No, dad hiltonbet giriş and sis weren’t in it. Only mom and I. We had a nice conversation about, honestly, I don’t remember it anymore. But we had a blast. Food was great. After we had eaten up, after we had paid the bill, mom hugged me. She kissed me on the cheek. In a very motherly way: “Thank you son. Thank you for staying with me. It means the world for me.”

Nothing came to my mind to say onto that.

After lunch mom and I went on a stroll through town: Some sight seeing, some shopping, lots of tourist things. Time flew by. While I slowly but steadily turned into her mule: The amount of bags filled with god knows what that were hanging from my arms was incredible. Mom bought presents for everyone.

Bus call came closer. So mom and I decided to pick up the other two. We found sis and dad in a sports bar not far away from the bust stop. It took us some time to convince them to come with us, but in the end we succeeded. We got their more than just tipsy asses to the bus in time.

In the bus I the four of us occupied the last row. We fought hard for it, against the 20 other, mostly older people that were on the bus with us. In the end, we got the back row. Mom was sitting next to dad, sis was sitting next to me. I was prepared for a boring, lame ass drive back to the hotel, but, nope, things got interesting in the back row pretty fast.

Our parents began to make out. They were kissing in a more than passionate way. Their hands were exploring their bodies. Mom took dad’s rock hard dick out. She gave him head. She smiled at me while she was going done on him. Dad suppressed his moaning. Then he trembled. He came in mom’s mouth. She swallowed his load. Then they kissed for some time. And nope, they clearly didn’t gave a shit about the fact that their children were sitting next to them. That their own offspring was watching them. As I later found out, it was even worse, or better, it depends on your point of view: Fucking in front of their children was nothing but a turn on for our parents.

Sis and I were shocked. Shocked and aroused. Our own parents had sex next to us. We tried to look away. But it was like running into a burning train wreck: You try to look away, but you are magically drawn to it.

Watching mom hiltonbet güvenilirmi sucking off dad made my dick rock hard. Sis noticed it. She smiled at me. She whispered in my ear: “I am wet too. Fuck, they two are hot.”

Instead of saying anything, I slid some fingers in her panties. I teased her clit for some time, then my fingers went in her pussy. She struggled to stay silent. To keep on pretending that nothing was going on.

Sis unzipped my pants. She took out my dick. She jerked my hard wood. Fuck, it felt awesome. My fingers in her pussy, her hand on my dick. We both came closer. And closer. Tension was building up. I think mom was watching us. Dad probably too. We didn’t gave a shit about it. Sis and I kept on going.

Then it was orgasm time. Sis and I, we two came together. We finished in about the same moment. Her body was trembling in silence. My dick spilled his nasty load over my sisters hand. It felt great. The orgasm was very intense. It was a tough stunt to keep my mouth shut.

Sis made things even better: She licked my cum off her fingers. While mom and dad were watching. They both smiled. They had a very proud smile on their face. They were proud of their kids.

The rest of the bus drive was uneventful. Nothing happened. All four of us dozed off. The bus driver had to wake us after we arrived at the hotel. We excused ourselves and went to grab some late dinner. Again, all the four of us — mom, dad, sis and me — were enjoying a happy meal together.

We talked about the day. Mom was somewhat mad at dad and sis for leaving. Or at least she pretended to be. And yes, we talked about what had happened on the bus. Dad started the conversation about it: “So you two are really two love birds, aren’t you?”

Sis and I nodded. No need to deny anything. They caught us in the act. Well, sort of.

Dad went on: “Is it a new thing, or are you two doing it for a longer time?”

We told them that we started it all during the actual vacation. We justified our doing. One reason for it might be that we were stuck on close quarters. The lack of privacy prevented us from relieving pressure otherwise. Well, it was not exactly what had been happening, but it wasn’t all made up either. Mom and dad, they took it cool. More than just cool. They both had a huge victory smile on their face.

After dinner all the four of us went back to the room. We queued up in front of the bathroom. Then we all went to bed. To get some sleep. Mom and dad were cuddling in their bed, sis and I in ours. But no more fucking. At least not until the next day.

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