Fantasies Awakened

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I love my girlfriend, that’s why I didn’t understand why my body needed more. I can not begin to describe how ashamed I was for wanting something more out of our fulfilling and satisfying relationship. We enjoyed each others company still, after 7 years of “marriage.” We had a healthy sex life still. At least once a week, I would feel her mouth kissing the back of my neck and her hand creeping down my pants. Likewise, I would often see her and want nothing more than to rip off her pants, bend her over a chair and finger fuck her from behind. We made love frequently and passionately. It wasn’t until last September I found out what was missing.

Laura had to work late on night so I had gone to the movies with some friends. The movie was a suspense thriller, I can’t even remember the name of it now but I can vividly remember a scene. There was a sex scene in it that struck a chord with me. It was in a regular movie theater so it wasn’t too obscene but the gist was the female character had upset the male character in some way while they were getting it on. Then some crazy ‘can’t show the audience this’ effects followed by a loud smack. It didn’t show clearly what was happening but the implication was it was palm on ass. I expected a scream or some act of protest from the female lead but to my surprise she liked it! I had never witnessed this before. I stole a glance at my friends and in the small amount of light I had I could tell they were not aghast by this situation. I was fascinated and decided I wanted to try it.

I couldn’t ask Laura to do that for me. I couldn’t ask her for anymore than she was giving me. It would be selfish and almost hurtful in my mind to ask her to and imply that she was not giving me what I needed. She most certainly was, I just wanted more. Especially this. I know this would have a drastic affect on her and bring up ugly memories of her past. So I tried to inflict myself with sharp slaps while I was masturbating, I liked it but it was too difficult to do while losing myself in the sensations.

I was able to keep this fantasy in the back of my mind for the most part. Even so, sometimes when we made love, I imagined her doing things she wasn’t and foolishly thought it would be unnoticed. In early February we were in bed. She had me on my knees with my hands tied to the headboard. She was wearing a rather large strap-on and was drilling the thick blue cock into me. I was ramming my body back into hers so ensure I could get the cock as far into me as possible on each thrust. And so my ass would have firm contact with her hips. For in my mind she was not only fucking me but I was also receiving a spanking. Every time my ass slammed against her skin I focused on the sensation and envisioned her hand falling on that spot. I hear her say in my head ” look at how your cunt swallows my cock, fucking slut” with that I pushed my ass higher in the air, wanting to meet the next blow, I was so close to coming when suddenly it all vanished.

I felt her slowly pull out of me and I turned to looked at her but all was black, I was blindfolded. I heard “baby look at me,” and I opened my eyes, I was only blindfolded in my fantasy. “Where are you?” she asked looking concerningly in my eyes.

“I’m right here baby,” I stammered, unable to meet her eyes.

She lay down beside me, leaving me tied. “No you’re not. Please tell me what is going on.”

I looked up at her and felt a tear roll down my cheek, and her kiss it away. “I was imagining you were doing something to me,” I finally said.

“But I was doing something to you,” she said with a grin.

“Doing something in addition to what you were doing to me,” I said letting my gaze fall again in shame.

“Please tell me. I can’t do it unless I know what you want me to do sweetie,” she told me.

“No I could never ever ask you to do anything like it. I’m so sorry baby” beginning to cry harder I struggle against the fuzzy handcuffs holding me in place. “Let me out of these please,” I begged her through my tears. She released me from the restraints and I quickly left the room without another word.

I climbed into the big comfy chair in our living room. Pressing my eyes into my hands I try and calm myself down using the technique my mother taught me. I recited the alphabet aloud over and over again until I stop crying. Then I reach down and collect a composition book I had stashed in between the arm and the cushion of the chair. I had been writing down one of my fantasies when Laura had come home unexpectedly and I scrambled to hide the book. I opened it to the fantasy I had been writing and read through it again

I walked in the door to a dark, seemingly empty house. I kicked off my shoes at the door, dropped my bag next to them and reached for the light switch when a voice enveloped the room “Leave it alone,” it said. The unexpected sound started me and I jumped. The entry way was large and incorporated the living room and kitchen so I had no way of determining where the voice had come from. It wasn’t long before I found out. I heard the distinct tapping of high heeled shoes on the wood paneled floor. I sensed a hand reaching behind me and heard bursa evi olan escort the door I just walked through being locked. Before I could move away I felt a strong hand on my wrist and I was being pulled into the living room. “Where have you been you little slut,” my assailant demanded. “You will have to be taught a lesson, no one leaves me sitting at home alone and horny,” rasped the voice. It was then I realized it was Laura and instantly felt the effect between my legs. The roughness in which she was treating me, the authority she was demanding, and the promise of a lesson to be taught was sending my imagination into overdrive and I could feel the wetness pooling in my panties. I was dragged to the large cushy chair and forced over it so that I was bent over the back of the chair with my ass hanging out in the air. I felt my belt being ripped off and my pants being tugged down around my ankles. “Do you think this flimsy little thing is going to stop me from giving you what you deserve,” Laura asked in a mocking voice while she toyed with my thong. She chuckled to herself and them grabbed my thong and yanked! Ripping it straight off. I gasped as I felt the thin piece of fabric cut into me before giving way. Not a second later I heard a loud crack and a sharp warm stinging on my left ass cheek. Fuck that was painful and oh fuck how I wanted more! “How dare you leave me sitting at home pining for you!” she said as another blow landing on my skin. I felt blow after blow until my ass was burning; I jumped as a large object was shoved into my dripping cunt. It filled me up completely and I heard Laura grunt as she pulled out and slammed into me again. She soon got into a rhythm of thrusting and spanking, over and over

I stopped reading and took a moment to catch my breath. I had been writing that when Laura came home from work a few hours earlier and obviously it was still in my mind. I couldn’t believe I had let the fantasy creep into our sex session like that. I put the book back into the crevice in the chair and vowing not to think about my little fantasy again, I would throw that away in the morning. I got up and walked back to the bedroom. Laura had gone to sleep so I crawled into bed with her, not bothering to put any cloths on. I was trying to get comfortable and my foot accidentally brushed her leg. She groaned in her sleep, rolled over and put her arms around me, never actually waking up. I took comfort in her sleeping embrace and soon followed her to dreamland.

When I woke up the next morning Laura had already left for work. I glanced at the clock. 10:07 stared back at me in bold red glowing lights. I had the day off and after a quick calculation I gathered I had about 8 hours before Laura came back and I would be forced to explain yesterday. I stretched in bed and decided I’d go for a ride. Pulling on some workout clothes and sneakers I hoped on my bike and started peddling. Going nowhere in particular I started heading to town. I’d gone about 6 miles when I decided to turn back, half entertaining the idea of pulling a Forest Gump and just keeping going. It seemed like a more appealing option than explaining yesterday to Laura. I reached the house and was dismayed at the amount of time that had passed I’d only been gone an hour. That means I had 7 hours left to stew. I went into the bathroom and turning the bath dials on hot and took a long shower. With still over 6 hours of solitude I decided to clean. Hardcore clean. What my mom would call ‘Grandma clean’. After 4 hours of that the house was spotless, not a mote of dust could be found; new sheets were on the beds, all the laundry was done. I even took out the coffee stain in the carpet of the computer room. Having exhausted that means of distraction I decided to make a special dinner for Laura, in hopes I may combine spices in a way to erase her memory of the last 24 hours. After taking a quick stock on the kitchen I decided on one of her favorites, corn chowder and salad. Not really a dish that takes 5 hours to prepare so I decided to make some fresh bread first and brownies. I made up the batter for my extra fudge chocolate chip brownies and put it in the fridge for the time. I’ll pop them in the oven when we sit down to eat, I thought. Then I made two French bread loafs and the house smelled wonderful. Damnit, it was still too early to start the main course so I decided I may to a little online shopping.

I soon found myself at a lingerie site. I ran across a gorgeous little negligee that I knew Laura would do a double take if she saw me wearing. I quickly added that to my cart and was about to purchase it when I spied a ‘Fetish’ tab. I clicked on it, just to see what would be in there. Big mistake. The first object on the screen was a tall black woman in a leather teddy with tall leather boots holding a riding crop. I could feel my nipples strain against my shirt and my pussy tightens around an object I wished was there. I quickly left that page before my body reacted anymore. I went to the checkout and bought the negligee and went back into the kitchen completely distracted. I know the goal of the afternoon was to stay distracted so I wouldn’t altıparmak escort think about tonight’s encounter with Laura but this was bad.

That’s it I told myself. I’m going to have to come clean to Laura today when she gets home. It’s going to be hard for her. When Laura was much younger she had a situation with her step father. He had raped her and beaten her. I had no idea how I was going to tell her my fantasy involved the roughness of rape and being beaten and whipped and spanked. The concept will be hurtful and probably unfathomable to her. And the last thing I wanted to do is bring those horrible memories back to the front of her mind. I don’t want her to think every time we make love that I want her to do the same thing her step father did to her. My knees felt weak and I let myself fall to the floor. In agony over what I had to do.

With the resolution to tell her I then started thinking about different ways to explain it to her. I was rejecting the ideas just about as fast as I was conjuring them up. I glanced at the clock and it was already 5:30. Yeah great, I think to myself, now the time just flies on by. What the hell is up with that? I scramble up from the floor where I let myself fall hours earlier and head to the kitchen to make the chowder. It was just about done when Laura came through the door.

“Hi honey,” I called out to her “how was your day.”

She didn’t reply but I heard her go back into the bedroom. Fuck, I think to myself, she’s pissed. The table was already set with the salad and I pulled two bowls out from the cabinet and filled them with the ladle. I heard her come into the kitchen but couldn’t bring myself to turn around and face her. She walked up till she was right behind me. I felt her place her hands on my shoulders and give them a quick squeeze. “My day was good, sorry I didn’t answer I had to run to the bathroom I had to pee sooo bad,” she said in a goofy voice. I felt myself expel the air I didn’t realize I was holding in. She must have sensed my relief “Are you OK baby?” she asked nuzzling the back of my neck.

“Yeah, of course,” I said finally gathering the courage to turn around and face her. My face went completely slack as I looked at her. She was totally naked.

“What?” she asked nonchalantly “I noticed how incredible the house looks and I could smell this amazing corn chowder before I even opened the door. I thought I’d dine comfortably and make your night just as good,” giggling at my expression throughout her explanation.

I opened my mouth to speak but just closed it again. I was utterly speechless. I finally just picked up the two full bowls and carried them to the table. I came back to retrieve a loaf of the fresh bread and Laura “M’lady,” I said to her and lead her to the table. I put the bread on the table and quickly retrieved one of the pillows off the couch and pulled her chair out for her and placing the pillow on it, so her bare ass would be more comfortable than sitting on the hard wooden chairs. “Thank you sweetie,” she said smiling at me, stealing a kiss before I made my way across the table to my chair. I remembered the brownies before I sat down and popped them in the oven before starting the meal. We enjoyed the meal and had good conversation and the oven started beeping just as we finished. I got up to pull them out of the oven and I thought to myself ‘how lucky is this! My evil plan is working. Maybe I will get out of explaining yesterday completely.’

She took my hand and led me to the couch. I sat down in the corner and she cuddled her naked body up next to me, her fingers toying with the top button of my shirt. “I have a confession,” she said softly “I was worried about you last night so I followed you out here and watched you pull that book out of the chair. I waited a bit before I came back in here and when you came to bed I was only pretending to be asleep. I came out here before I went to work and read what you had written in the book.”

My body was completely stiff listening to the words she was saying. Every inch of me I could feel filling up with shame.

“I understand now why you were so reluctant to tell me what your fantasy was,” she continued “and I want to thank you for being so concerned for me. I don’t think I could ever do something like that, I’m sure you know that, I’m sure that was another reason you tried to keep it from me.”

My head was hanging low and she gently grabbed my chin and lifted my face towards hers. She leaned in and kissed my lips so gently I could barely tell she had. “Since I know your fantasy I think it is only fair that you know my deepest fantasy too,” she whispered to me not even an inch away from my mouth. I looked into her eyes and saw them smiling. She was okay with my fantasy! It didn’t make her relive her terrifying experience, and I didn’t even have to say a word.

Swallowing hard I asked her “Wh- what is your fantasy?”

She smiled wide at me and climbed on top of me. Now straddling my lap she leaned into me with her mouth brushing my ear. “You’ve seen how big my desk is in my office.” I nodded, unable to speak. “I often envision gemlik escort you under my desk while I’m meeting with a client. Teasing me, licking me, fucking me while I conduct a meeting. Actually I masturbate in my office to that scene often,” I’m squirming underneath her as she delivered this news to my ear.

“There, now we’re even on the fantasy subject,” she said leaning back again laughing, “Now I have a challenge for you.”

I swallowed hard, knowing it will be a doozy. “I challenge you to sit here and not touch me.” She said grinning, “But, I can touch you… and I can touch me.” She gives me a wicked look “What do you say?” she asked releasing the first couple buttons on my shirt. “You think you can handle it?”

“Oh yeah I can,” I replied confidently. “Or I’ll die trying,” I added with a grin.

With that she ripped my shirt open sending at least one button flying. I know that because I heard it land across the room, I let out a giggle but it was quickly transformed into a gasp as Laura’s mouth encompassed my nipple. She pulled the hard pebble into her mouth before squeezing it gently with her teeth. I heard a loud moan escape my lips and willed my hands not to move. She looked up at me with fake innocence, and then I saw her hand trail between her legs. I closed my eyes, hoping it would be easier to take on the challenge void of sight. I felt her hand on my check and a finger beckoning me to open my mouth. I did and to my delight her finger was coated in her nectar. I greedily sucked on her finger trying to get ever last droplet of it.

“Open your eyes,” she told me.

‘What!’ I thought ‘That wasn’t in the challenge!’

“Open them or I’ll be so loud I’ll not only wake the neighbors, but half the city may hear me,” she said interrupting my thought.

Damn. Though the thought of waking up half the city with sex was exciting it was not worth the hassle we’d receive from fellow tenants. I slowly opened my eyes.

“That’s better,” she purred and she started unbuttoning my pants. I was anticipating her pulling them off but she didn’t. Instead, she put her skinny hand down them and found my wetness. I gasped as one long finger made a passing sweep of my saturated pussy. She removed her hand, and I whimpered my dismay.

“Now comes the fun part,” she said grinning wickedly at me. She reached back down to her own pussy and thrust a few fingers into it. I instantly felt the change in her body. She tensed and arched her back slightly, pushing her taught nipples to within my mouths range. It took every ounce of will power not to pull them between my lips. She repositioned her self so she could sit with her fingers inside her and not hurt her hand. Then, she began grinding herself on her fingers, on my lap. She was moaning loud and all I could do was offer her whimpers of encouragement. I felt the stirrings of my own orgasm starting, seemingly unknown to her she had her knee up to my crotch, and each movement she made, I felt.

Before long, though it felt like an eternity, I heard the familiar sound of her orgasm nearing, her loud moans grew louder and higher pitched. She brought her other hand; the one covered in my juices up to her mouth and engulfed it, sucking and licking all my juices off it. That sent me over the edge and my hands tightened around the couch cushions. I felt myself leak a thick rope of juice and began wriggling beneath her. She grabbed my neck with her now juice-free hand and pulled me toward her to meet a fierce kiss. I heard her raspy breathing as our mouths assaulted each other and knew she was coming.

She collapsed on top of me and I held her close as tremors of her orgasm shot through her. I pulled the blanket we keep on the couch over us. “I love you so much,” I told her. She smiled up at me weakly and mouthed “I love you too,” and promptly fell asleep in my arms. Before following her, I realized that just because my fantasy wouldn’t come true doesn’t mean I couldn’t make Laura’s.

The next morning I began concocting my plan. I knew Laura had two business outfits that were very similar. Similar enough her coworkers wouldn’t be able to tell if she switched from one to another in the middle of the day. It was a light grey skirt/blazer outfit. I patiently went about as usual, trying to hold in my excitement waiting for her to wear one of the suits. Thursday of the next week she finally wore one of the two suits to work. It was perfect timing too, for it was Valentine’s Day and I hadn’t really planned anything for her. I had been rummaging through her date book every night while she slept, taking note of when her appointments were the next day, in case she wore the suit. I looked at my scribbling and saw she had appointments at 8, 11, 1, and 4 that day. I reasoned my best shot at getting in to her office unnoticed would be for the 1:00 appointment, hoping most of the office workers would be at lunch. As soon as she left the house I phoned my work and told them I’d come down with the flu. She sounded like she didn’t believe me, seriously who else would possibly call sick into work on Valentine’s day, it’s unheard of, but thankfully she let it go and wished me well. My negligee I ordered had arrived a few days before and I packed that as well as Laura’s look-a-like suit in a large over the shoulder bag. I stopped at the door and decided to bring something else. “Better safe than sorry,” I said to myself as I added our strap on to the bag before heading out to her office.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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