Fantasies Made Reality

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Author’s Note:

This story was requested by a friend of mine who wanted a sexual fantasy about a woman that I didn’t know, and me. The woman in the story exists, though I seriously doubt her name is “Peggy.” She looks, to me, like her name should be Peggy, which is why I chose the name. There is some reality woven in with the fantasy as required by the original request (the first scene with the young man actually happened, and some of the details are true.) While the story involves two women, neither are necessarily lesbian or bisexual. With that in mind, the story is listed under “Erotic Couplings” rather than “Lesbian Sex,” though it could easily go under either category.


“Watch where you’re going in that fucking cart, dumbass!”

“I’m sorry,” I apologized profusely. “I can’t see without my glasses, and I can’t wear them—”

“Yeah, whatever. Just stay away from me, you cow.” The obnoxious young man, ironically wearing a “Coexist” shirt, gave me the finger and stomped away. His outburst, heard by everyone in the immediate vicinity, was the single most hurtful thing someone had said to me in a long time, and I couldn’t hold back the flood of tears.

“Coexist my ass,” I heard from behind me. A woman, who appeared to be in her early to mid-forties, stood behind me. “I saw the whole thing. He stopped short, it wasn’t your fault.” She placed a comforting hand on my shoulder. “I’m Peggy, but you can call me Peg,” she said.

I sniffled and wiped my teary eyes on my sleeve. “Thanks. I’m Madison, but friends call me Maddy,” I replied. “It’s the mask. It fogs my glasses, so I’m screwed either way.”

She chuckled, her spectacled, masked face looked at mine. “I understand, believe me.” Peggy looked to be a bit shorter than me with a similar, stocky build. “You look like you could use a shopping companion today. Do you mind if I walk with you?”

I smiled, relieved to have found a friendly face. The relentless stares from the lingering crowd made me feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. I hate needing to use electric carts anyway, and an incident like that one chipped away at my confidence.

“I would love some company,” I replied. “I don’t need much, but I do like to just ride around and get away from the house for an hour or two here and there when I can.”

“Oh, me too!” she agreed. “This stupid virus has everyone on edge. I hope this is NOT our new normal!”

“Me too,” I wholeheartedly concurred.

We left the deli section and headed down the first aisle. I rode slowly, and she strolled beside my cart, reaching for things I would have normally needed help with, and we chatted as we shopped. In the candy aisle, I sheepishly reached for a bag of peanut butter M&Ms and plopped them into my cart. “They’re for my husband,” I said. “I don’t even like M&Ms—”

“You don’t have to justify a thing to me,” she laughed. “What woman doesn’t love chocolate? Although I am surprised to hear you say you’re married.” She looked at my left hand and wiggled her ring finger. “I don’t see a ring.”

“The prong on the diamond is weak and needs to be fixed,” I explained. “I haven’t worn it in years.” My wedding set was the last symbol of normalcy in our relationship. When it came off, it was almost as though the marriage had finally died.

“I detect some sadness in that statement,” she observed.

I folded my hands over the controls of the cart and sighed. “Our marriage hasn’t been happy for at least the past eleven years. Sex and intimacy are a thing of the past. He has MS.”

She cringed, an elongated, “Oooh,” left her mouth. “You have my sympathy,” she said. “It’s a brutal disease.”

I nodded. “I know. I’ve been in caretaker mode with him for so long, I can’t remember what it feels like to be his wife anymore.”

She stopped reading the label on a soup can she had in her hand and looked at me. “Well, who takes care of Maddy?”

“I do,” I said. “I take care of me and everyone around me. I’m all cared out.”

“May I ask why you use the cart? I can tell you hate it.”

How much time do you have? I thought and smiled. “I have a chronic pain disorder called Fibromyalgia.”

“Wow,” she exclaimed. “You two have drawn the short stick in life. Multiple sclerosis? Fibro? Neither of those two diseases is easy to handle. You have my admiration.”

I cocked my head and looked at her. “Admiration?”

“Honey, you are a strong woman. Shoot, you’d have to be to deal with what you live with every day of your life.” She reached for my hand to hold it, and a shiver of electricity shot through my body. “Someone needs to take care of you.”

I was admittedly flustered. “I’m okay,” I stammered. But, I knew my new friend could see right through me.

Peggy blushed madly. “I’m so sorry,” she apologized. “I didn’t want to make things awkward. But, I want to be open and honest with you, Maddy.” Her smile put me at ease. “I think you’re a beautiful woman, one moon knight izle with needs, and wants, and desires. You need to be cared for, and I would like to be the one, if you would allow me, to take care of you.” She took my hand and patted it again. “Would you let me?”

I sat back in the seat, truly amazed. This woman—this beautiful, lovely soul—had propositioned me! Yes, I had experimented with my childhood best friend when we were kids, but it was nothing like this.

“Um…” I stuttered. “Wow, I am so flattered, but I’ve never—”

“Shh,” she put her finger to her lips. “I’m not asking for a single thing in return. All I would like is to show you what you’re worth. That you’re worth being cared for and loved.” She nodded her head. “I don’t live that far from here.”

A million things ran through my mind, but I kept coming back to my husband. “I appreciate the thought,” I answered. “But, I can’t get involved with someone physically.”

“I’m not asking for a relationship, Maddy. I just want to show you the pleasure that you sorely lack. Honey, I know that look. I wore the same one when I was married. It was the most miserable eighteen years of my life. Please,” her eyes begged with mine. “Let me do this for you.”

I shook my head. “Peg, I really can’t…” My head said no. But my heart was telling me something completely different. The internal struggle was real.

“Can I tell you something?” She began to walk toward the front of the store to the checkout area. “A few years ago, I was in your shoes. Trapped in a dead-end marriage to a man I no longer loved. Miserable. One of us was having sex in the marriage, but it certainly wasn’t me. And I happened across a woman who took me under her wing, and she showed me what it was like to be appreciated. To be cared for. To be loved and pleasured.” We both stopped in the line, keeping our six feet from the shopper ahead of us. “I took her up on her offer, and I’ve never looked back. When I saw you come into the store, I followed you because I saw myself in you.”

I was running out of reasons to say no to this woman. Against my best judgment, I nodded. “Okay. I will go with you.” I swallowed hard. I could have just signed my death warrant.


She gave me the address to her home in case we were separated in traffic. She was correct—her condo was a stone’s throw from the grocery store. Having my car with me made me feel better, and when we got out of our vehicles at her place, I was only a little nervous.

She opened her front door and allowed me entrance first. The decor was decidedly tropical—wicker tables with glass tops sat in her living room. Brightly colored, tropical art hung on the walls, and white, leather furniture completed the look. In the center of the three-seat sofa laid the most beautiful black cat with banana-yellow eyes.

“Make yourself at home,” Peggy said. “Can I get you something? Water? Coffee?”

A valium or a nice, stiff drink would be great, I thought to myself and chuckled under my breath. “Water is good, thank you.”

She saw me settle next to the cat and smiled. “I see you’ve met Luna. She’s my baby!”

“I have two kitties myself,” I said and slipped my shoes off my feet, at ease in her beautiful home. I ran my fingers across Luna’s luxurious fur—it was like silk, and when her yellow eyes met mine, I melted. I always was a sucker for a beautiful cat.

Peggy came from her kitchen, two glasses of water in her hand, and set them down on her coffee table. She looked at me, sized me up, then cocked her head. “I think I have something perfect for you.” She went to a room just off a hallway, and I could hear her rummaging around. She came back holding a black nightie with a matching g-string, tags still attached. She handed me the outfit. “I’ll eat those panties myself if this doesn’t fit you.”

I burst out laughing. “I won’t make you do that!” I looked at the outfit in my hands and held it out to observe. “It’s very pretty, I will admit. But why?”

“Maddy, a woman is at her sexiest when she feels sexy. What better way to bring that out in you than with a pretty nightie? The master bedroom is that way,” she pointed toward the front door. It was only then I saw the open bedroom door to the right. “There is a bathroom in there. You can change and wait for me. I’ll be in shortly.”

Suddenly, I was very nervous. I wiped my sweaty hands on my pants, placed my car keys into my purse, and retrieved my cell from it. If nothing else, I’ll have a way to call for help, I thought. At the same time, I could feel the heat radiating from between my thighs. It felt scrumptious.

I walked through her bedroom across the plush carpeting in my bare feet. The room had a queen-sized bed, a white lacquer dresser, and matching nightstands. The bed itself was beautiful, a light stained, four-poster wooden bed frame, what looked to be a pricey, luxury mattress clothed with mrs fletcher izle elegant bedding sat atop the frame.

In the bathroom, I stripped from my regular clothing and stood there naked in a strange woman’s home. If I let myself think of it too much, I’d have backed out and left, so I took the black nightie into my hands and wiggled into it—a perfect fit. It was made from black satin and trimmed with purple ribbons, almost as though it was crafted just for me and this moment. The g-string had elastic and hugged my hips. When I was ready, I took a deep breath and exited the bathroom, the light shut off behind me.

Peggy was already in the bedroom in her own pretty nightie, though hers was a soft pink with white trim. She sat on the end of her bed, and though we had the same body type, I thought her outfit looked nicer than mine. She saw right through my discomfort and immediately set out to put me at ease.

“Aren’t you beautiful and sexy in that!” It was more a statement than a question. “Come here, love,” she said and patted the spot on the bed near her. I felt very self-conscious but I went to where she sat anyway. Once my butt hit the bed, she made her first move. “That’s it,” she spoke softly. She pressed her lips to mine in a delicate kiss, the sensation of her hands on my skin was like electric shocks. My eyes closed and I returned the kiss with passion, and when we pulled away, we were both breathless.

“Damn, you’re a good kisser,” she panted. “That’s hotter than hell.” Whether I trembled from nerves or excitement I couldn’t tell you, but that I was shaking was very apparent. “Just follow my lead, lay back, and relax,” she said. “Enjoy your afternoon.”

She coaxed me to lay down in her bed, my head on her pillow, and she scooted next to me. The bed linens were soft and smooth on my skin, and the pillow was filled with down. My body sunk into the memory foam mattress, and I sighed—it was very comfortable. She kissed me again, her lips soft and warm. Her hands explored my body as she kissed me, my whimpers of pleasure filled her bedroom. The nightie came off over my head, and I moaned lightly.

“See?” she whispered in my ear. “You need this pleasure. See how quickly you aroused at my touch?” She instinctively knew each erogenous zone, each hot spot, and she took her time to kiss and lick each one. She kissed her way down my neck, my throat, to my collarbones and traced my breasts with her tongue. Her hands caressed every inch of my body, and I couldn’t remember being this aroused in a very long time.

“Here, let’s get rid of this,” she said and hooked her fingers around the waistband of the g-string. She took her time shimmying them down my hips, my legs, touching every inch of skin on the way down. “Oh, honey,” she whispered. “These are soaked already. But that isn’t quite good enough. I want you so sopping wet that you make a giant spot on my bed. Tell me, Maddy. Tell me what will get you that wet. What is your greatest fantasy?”

What I wanted and what I thought I’d be willing to do with a stranger were drastically opposed. Still, I felt comfortable enough to surrender to this point. What is one more leap of faith? I thought. “There are two things,” I whispered, lightly panting. “One is to be tied, teased, and edged until I beg for release.” I saw her bite her lip, then she nodded her head.

“What’s the second one, sweetie?” she asked softly.

“If I had a paintbrush, what would you do with it?” I asked her in return.

She got up from the bed and walked to her dresser, pulled out eight specific items, and placed them softly on the bed. Four were double-ended pink leather restraints, one for each limb, two were paintbrushes, one with long, soft bristles and one with shorter, firmer bristles. Each one was wrapped in new packaging, ready for playtime. The last two were toys—one, a rabbit vibrator, and the other, an average-sized dildo.

“How about we make some of your fantasies come true?” Peggy asked me.

My voice was shaky when I answered her, though I couldn’t say why. “I would love that.”

Peggy wasted no time fastening the leather cuffs to my body. One for each wrist, one for each ankle. These, she attached to the post in each corner of the bed. I never felt more vulnerable and aroused at the same time, splayed out naked on this woman’s bed.

“Are you comfortable, Maddy?” she asked me, and I said that I was. She looked at her watch, set the timer, and settled down beside me, the implements of pleasure at her fingertips. What she would do first, I could not have guessed. But before she began, she smiled at me with a sheepish grin. “I forgot to ask you for a safe word. I normally wouldn’t get this far without that detail. What word stops all this?”

I thought. The word was apropos, the name of my older cat. “Mercy,” I squeaked out.

“Mercy it is,” she affirmed. “If I hear Mercy, this is done and I will undo your murder in big horn izle bonds. Deal?” I nodded one last time.

She ran her hands down my body, kissing me while she hovered her body over mine. “Oh sweetie,” she moaned. “You’re so beautiful, and you’re worthy of all the love I can lavish on you today.” Peggy didn’t get the pronounced reaction she had hoped for on my breasts, so she reached for the brush with the shorter, firmer bristles. With light strokes, she worked the brush over my nipples, teasing and arousing me. Not normally one for breast play, I was pleasantly surprised at the sensations she stirred up, and I whimpered with pleasure. “That’s better,” she whispered into my ear and nibbled my lobe while she was there. My breath hitched, and a moan left my lips on the exhale.

I sighed and panted at the feel of her lips on my inner thighs, her fingertips on the inside of my knee. “Your honey smells amazing,” she growled, her face near the heart of my femininity. And though it had been a very long time since anyone had touched or kissed me in that area, I couldn’t remember it ever feeling like that. Her tongue licked the length of my slit from my ass to my clit, and I moaned so loudly, I surprised myself. “You like that?” she asked. I nodded and moaned while she flicked my clit with her tongue in short, quick licks. The sensation was pure bliss.

She went back to licking with long, slow licks, barely touching my clit each time her tongue passed over it. And each time she did, my hips tried to meet her mouth, my needy pussy hot for her touch. She did this until she had me at the edge of orgasm, then she pulled away.

She heard my frustrated whimper come from the top of the bed. “That’s my good girl!” she praised me. “No cumming, not yet.” Next, she reached for the paintbrush with the longer, soft bristles. Her hand on my mound, her thumb and forefinger held my lips open to expose my pink pearl. The first soft touch was divine and I about screamed. “Wow, you’re very sensitive,” she said, stroking the tender folds around my clit with slow, long brushstrokes. It felt so amazing, I nearly crawled out of my skin.

Alternating with her tongue, her kisses, the paintbrushes, and the occasional tease with the dildo, Peggy kept me mercilessly on the edge for well over two hours. I was wild and almost delirious with passion, praying for sweet release, begging Peggy for more than she would give me.

She flicked and sucked my pussy to near bliss one last time, and when she pulled away, I began to sob. She kissed my swollen, inflamed clit and lips again, and she crawled up to my face to kiss me. The scent of my nectar on her face, on her breath, turned me on even more.

“Are you ready for the best orgasm you’ve ever had in your life?” Peggy asked me, a devious grin on her face. I was sweaty and tired, but damn, I needed to cum.

“I need to be fucked hard,” I cried, and I meant it. My pussy throbbed for some relief—something, anything that would get close enough I swore would disappear into the black hole of my sex. But then I heard the heavenly sound of vibrations—the rabbit vibe! “Oh god yes,” I groaned. “Oh please… please Peg… I need to cum so bad.”

“How bad do you want it?” she teased me. She had the vibe on and touched it to my clit, and I yelped in sweet, pleasurable agony.

“So fucking bad,” I moaned. “Please… I’m begging you… please…”

“Have you ever experienced one of these before, sweetie?” she asked, the toy in her hand.

“No,” I panted. “I don’t have one.”

“Well, then, you’re in for a beautiful treat,” she replied. She turned it back on and approached my aching sex with it gently and pulled away. She knew going right in would be uncomfortable, so she worked her way into my pussy gently, slowly. I continued to cry—the stimulation was not enough. “You’re going to cum, sweetie, I promise,” she whispered into my ear.

The vibe pushed in a little further, and she pulled the rabbit ears away from the toy gently, allowing it to fully penetrate me before letting the vibe do its magic. When she let the ears back down, the first time it touched my clit, I came instantly, and I came hard.

“Oh yes, Maddy, cum for me!” she squealed with excitement.

“Fuck…” I groaned in long, drawn-out syllables, pulling against the restraints. “Oh god.” My breathing was quick, the moaning uncontrollable. I’d never been in a situation where I couldn’t move as I wanted during an orgasm, and I realized I was truly at a disadvantage. When I finished, instead of removing the vibe, she held it firmly in place. I bucked, trying to squirm away from the toy, panting, yelping in extreme discomfort until it suddenly faded away. Then, the pleasure ramped up twice as fast, and four times as intense.

“Cum for me again, baby!” she said, holding me tight in her arms. “You are gorgeous, and you deserve it. Let it all go and cum for me, sweetie.” I couldn’t hold it—the teasing and delicious torture from the past two hours welled up inside of me, and I screamed as long as the orgasm lasted, which felt like an eternity. Peggy held the rabbit in place, and she kissed me.

“You have one more in there, love?” she asked, but before I could answer her, my body shook, convulsing, shrieking louder than I did before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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