Fantasy Out Of Control

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I’m a divorced man living in Las Vegas. Recently retired, live alone and live a relatively normal life. I’m in decent shape for my age, 5’8″, 180, and stocky build. I have been straight for the majority of my life. For the last few years, I have started to think more about getting together with another man. It goes beyond just this, as I want to be submissive to that man. I fantasize about it often and have had a few, like four, encounters with men for real.

These encounters were with men that said they were dominant and I tried to explain what I was hoping for. One of the men was rather dominant and I met with him three times. The other men were not as much dominant, as just men that wanted to have me suck their cocks. I was looking for more than that. I wanted a man, that when he stood in front of me, I couldn’t keep eye contact and could only lower my eyes. What would he want of me? The man I met several times was into spanking, loved being sucked, like working my ass with a dildo and butt plugs. I always disappointed him by using my safe word too soon. I fantasize about hard spankings a lot but when it starts to hurt too bad, I always wimp out. I discussed after our last encounter that I didn’t want a safe word next time, that I trusted him to know when I had had enough. I don’t want him to stop till he has me crying like a little sissy. We haven’t had a chance to get together since, he’s married.

What I want? I would like to find a man that likes smoking a little pot or at least don’t mind if I do. Makes it more intense and makes me feel more submissive. My ideal man would be very vocal and enjoy verbally abusing his boy. Maybe we would be sitting there getting high and he would surprise me by telling me that even if you didn’t know anything about me, he would think I was gay. He would talk to me about how I try to be masculine and straight acting but that I didn’t pull it off very well. He would tell me that it’s not that hard to see and that there were probably a lot of other guys who saw me the same way. It was rather humiliating but made me wonder if he was right, did others see me that way? I know I told him that I wanted verbal abuse but when you actually hear another man talk to me like that it’s rather intimidating.

He would start by explaining that we will be meeting bi monthly for training sessions. He would explain how I’m going to become his fag bitch. He said it was his job to beat the masculinity out of me. When finished, anytime the boy was with him, he would behave as a faggot. His training to get me to this point would involve a lot of discipline and verbal abuse to get me acting properly. It would be so humiliating to the boy to have to behave like such a fag.

The man explains to the boy that once trained, the man will expect the boy to serve other men or women if ordered. The encounters will never be in public places. He may be punished in front of the man’s friends if the man desires to do so. Disobediance will not be tolerated. Limits will be agreed on earlier. He will learn to deep throat cock and will be fucked, safely of course, the boy must learn his place.

How far might this man take things and will the boy be able to measure up? I have been spanked pretty hard, have sucked cock and swallowed and two different guys tried to fuck me but had trouble keeping it up. Sometime I want to find out what it feels like to be fucked, really fucked.

Saying all that, fantasy is fantasy and I am hesitant to meet men for real. Have talked to a few men online and have found not a large demand for older submissive men. Also most ads just looking for more of just a fuck/suck thing and I desire more of a kinky scene. Worry a lot about stds and also jealous wives, don’t want to get into the middle of a bad scene. That is my problem, too much thinking, probably why I need a man to take control when we are together. Not looking for any life changes, just a few hours a month to live out some fantasies.

The man would enjoy lording over the boy. Have the boy groveling at his feet, promising to do better and know that he means it. He would enjoy punishing his boy. The boy’s tears always make his cock so hard. He visualizes the helpless boys tied up tightly and his to do with as he desires. His lessons on begging would remain on a boy’s mind for a long time. He loves the look of a bright red ass. The boy must be taught his place. He fingers on the boy’s chin making him look at him then suddenly slapping him. Then repeating it several times, making the boy look at him all the time. He wants to see the submission in the boy’s eyes. He wants to watch him cry.

The man would train the boy to become a gifted cocksucker. He would spend a lot of time with a cock in his mouth. The boy will be face fucked, he will deep throat and he will swallow any cum not shot onto his faggot face. He will be kept in panties at all times when with real men, the less the boy thinks about being a man, the quicker he will accept the fact that he is a faggot cocksucker and needs to be used Başakşehir Escort by men. The boy will be taught to give his ass to real men. He will want their cocks so badly, to be a good fuck for them. He knows what a bad attitude will get him, and realizes he must let other men see what a pussy boy he is.

Enough of that. A man can fantasize can’t he? Never know that man might be right up the street just looking to take a straight man and turn him into a wimpy faggot. If only there were as many doms looking in the ads as there are ads by submissives. Would you like to read one of my fantasies? If so, keep reading.


I was just finishing getting dressed. I have thought about doing this for a long time but figured I would just be wasting my time but was tired of staying home every night. I had decided to go hang out at a strip casino bar and see if I could meet someone interesting. Figured probably get hassled by some hookers there but not hard to get rid of them. Would enjoy their company but they want too much and besides, that isn’t what I’m there for.

Put on grey slacks, dress shoes and a silky white shirt. It was as brave as I could get wearing that shirt. I knew it wasn’t the most masculine shirt. I did have a pair of lacy pink bikini panties on but have worn panties out before. I was going for the look that would maybe make a man wonder if I was gay. I hope that I can change my mannerisms, and hopefully my voice, not shouting fag but if you were near me, it would start you thinking. I hope I can pull it off, have never tried it before and might chicken out. My normal voice and behavior not at all gay. I put a couple condoms in my pocket along with a small tube of lube, will add to the fantasy.

Smoke a big joint on the way to the casino. Pot always makes me feel more submissive. Wander through the casino, weaving through the people, checking out several hot looking women. Wonder what they would think if they knew I was wearing panties too. Get to the bar and take a stool in an area with no one too close. Order a manhatten, often have heard women order that drink, voice normal with the bartender. Get my drink and check out the others sitting up at the bar. Mainly businessmen, mostly in groups of two to four. Know that nothing can come of them, only chance would be meeting a man there by himself.

A band starts playing on a small stage and I watch as a few couple get up to dance. Looking around the bar seeing if there is anyone interesting sitting at a table. As I look around I make eye contact with a man standing behind the railing surrounding the bar. A good looking businessman, nice suit, looks to be around 50, tall, at least six foot two and looks in good shape. Realizing that I’m staring, I blame the pot, and look away quickly. I turn back around leaning my elbows on the bar as I watch the band.

I notice movement behind me and when I turn the man I saw on the railing is standing right there. He sits down on the stool beside mine.

‘Hello,’ he says extending his hand.

I’m kind of in shock and don’t really react, then meekly get out a hello.

‘It’s best you shake my hand and act like you were waiting for me. You don’t want anyone to think you are here hoping someone will pick you up, do you?’

Shocked when he said that but take his hand and shake it as he sits down. ‘I’m Mike but I prefer you call me Sir, is that going to be a problem?’

‘No, I guess not,’ I say softly. I can’t believe what is happening. Why does he think he can talk to me like that?

‘I guess not Sir,’ he says leaning forward, his eyes never leave mine.

It takes me a minute to understand what he said. I think about my fantasies and what is happening and realize what I must do. ‘I guess not Sir,’ I reply trying to sound more gay.

‘Order me a scotch and get yourself another drink boy.’

The bartender comes over and I order the drinks and I pay for them when they come. He just sits there beside me watching me interact with the bartender. The man can see how nervous I feel about the situation.

He leans closer, ‘You looking for a man boy?’

‘I don’t know Sir, I did come out looking to…’

‘I don’t want any fucking stories boy, you here looking for a real man? Yes or No.’

Looking down, ‘Yes Sir.’ He leans closer and I hope no one is watching as he is really in my space.

‘You a good cocksucker boy?’

Don’t really know if I am or not, ‘I will try to be good Sir.’

‘Look up at me and tell me you are a good cocksucker boy.’

I look up at him, can feel my face getting red. I softly reply, ‘I’m a good cocksucker Sir.’

‘I can’t hear you boy.’

I want to look around to make sure no one is close but feel he will be upset if I do, so I reply again, louder this time. ‘I’m a good cocksucker Sir.’

He leans back a little. ‘I bet you are. You faggots are so easy to spot. Sitting there in your pretty shirt. Looking Başakşehir Escort around letting men see what a fag you are. You are such a bad boy aren’t you?

Looking down again as he berates me. The bartender walks by and I think he might have heard some of that. I catch him looking at me a couple times later.

‘I asked you a question boy. Look at you, hanging at the bar like some faggot whore. You must be a bad boy.’

I can’t believe how aggressive this guy is, the way he talks to me, calling me a faggot and everything. I know I should be upset but realize everything he has said is true. How can I do something like this? ‘Yes Sir, I guess I’m a bad boy.’

‘You guess?’

‘I’m a bad boy Sir.’

‘Yes you are and you know what happens to bad boys don’t you. I know you read all those nasty stories and watch those fag videos. What happens to bad boys?’

Head still down, ‘They get punished Sir.’

‘We are going to my room now faggot. Your ass will be spanked for being a bad boy and then I’m going to make you my bitch. But before we go, you have to do something for me to show me that you are an obedient boy.’

Can’t believe this but I do want it to happen. It excites me the way he talks to me and acts like he doesn’t give a shit whether I like it or not. “What do you want me to do Sir?’

‘I want you to go to the men’s room and take a piss, when you come back you will have a wet spot at least 2″ wide in your crotch. You will not cover it with your hands as you make your way to the bar.’

‘Please Sir, please don’t make me do that. With these slacks, it would really be obvious.’

‘You just earned ten swats with my strap, want to try for another ten or are you going to do as told. Hand me your driver’s license so I know you will be back boy. If your next move isn’t handing me your license, I will make a scene and I am pretty sure by the time I finish, you will be arrested for solicitation.’

I look up at the guy and his face leaves no doubt about the seriousness of the threat. I lower my eyes again and then slowly take wallet out and hand him my license and then I head to the men’s room. I go into a stall and sit down on the commode. What the fuck just happened? This stranger has my license. He’s going to take me to his room and spank my ass and make me suck him and he’s going to fuck me. What if this guy is a freak? Will he seriously beat me up? I think maybe this is more than what I want.

My immediate problem then comes to mind. He wants to make it look like I peed a little in my pants. How humiliating. How much piss would it take to make a spot that big? I start peeing into the commode and when I’m about done I pull my slacks up enough to squirt a little piss onto the slacks. I panic as I see the spot grow as I pull my panties and the slacks up. When I look in the mirror, there’s a dark spot over 3″ diameter right on right side of zipper. It’s so obvious. I finally work up my courage and leave the men’s room and hurry back to you at the bar.

The man looks down and smiles, ‘Good boy.’

‘Please Sir, can we go now?’

‘You that anxious for your spanking boy? I bet you have a nice white ass. I think you got those guy’s attention boy.’

When I look over I see two cute guys leaning over talking to each other then glancing over at me. I feel Mike grab me and turn me and point like he is showing me something but I know he just did it so he could turn me that direction so they could see the wet spot easier.

‘Smile at them boy.’

I force myself to smile at them, wishing I could turn back around but you don’t allow it.

‘I wonder if they would like to watch me slide my big cock up your ass boy? Just imagine that cock slowly opening your pussy up.’

‘Please, can we just go Sir?’

Mike takes out a business card, writes his room number on the back, ‘Take this over to those guys, it’s 11 now. Tell them that if they want they may call this room at one oclock.’

I walk over to them, can see the lot of their faces. I hand them the card and give them the message. I start to leave but they tell me to wait a minute. One of them motions for me to lean over closer to him. ‘You sure you can handle all these cocks faggot?’

God, is it that obvious. ‘I will try Sir.’

They smile at each other. ‘Did you get so excited with your john over there that you peed your pants faggot.’

I just walk away. Can’t believe how demeaning some of the comments have been tonight. Don’t feel that I really come across as a fag. Am I wrong about that? I get back over to the bar.

‘They will call faggot, I guarantee it. Now your choices are, one, walk out of here holding my hand with it looking like I’m leading you or 10 more swats with my strap. I don’t want you to think I’m not fair.’

God, I can’t walk out of here holding his hand. I know what everyone would think if they saw this. I would look like such a fag. ‘Ten more swats Sir.’

‘You might regret that decision. Afraid Escort Başakşehir to show all these men what a faggot you are, well sweetie, they already know. Let’s go.’

I follow him to the elevator and we get on and are joined by an older couple. They looked like they had been around some and were feeling no pain. As the elevator started up, Mike pushed me back towards the back of the elevator car, his hand moves to the back of my neck and he pulls me to him and kisses me. I struggle to move away but he holds my neck tightly, squeezing harder if I struggle too hard and he forces his tongue into my mouth. I look over his shoulder and right into the eyes of both of them as they stand there watching. The kiss doesn’t end till the elevator stopped and they get off.

‘Damn, wonder if that couple will think you are gay boy?’ he says smiling them slaps my face lightly. ‘You kiss like a girl.’

He takes my hand and leads me from the elevator and into his room. After locking the door, he grabs me by the back of my neck and swings me around and pushing me up against the door. He is gripping the back of my neck tightly.

‘You going to be a good little faggot?’ he asks. The way he is in my face is so intimidating and I wonder what I got myself into.

‘Yes Sir, I’ll be a good faggot, please don’t hurt me.’

‘Of course I’m going to hurt you faggot. Not going to damage you but I will make sure you understand your place before you leave this room. I know, you are a scared little fucking wimp and wondering what the fuck. Faggot, you are going to get your ass whipped, your face fucked and my big cock up your ass. When I am done with you, you will be kneeling on the floor, cum all over your face, your lips swelled from all the cocks you have sucked and your ass full of cum.’

‘Please Sir, I think I made a mistake. Please just let me leave, please.’

‘Leave? You will be kneeling like that and the only thing I will hear from you is, “I need more cock. I know your type, thinking about it all the time but too much of a wimp to do anything. Well, bitch tonight you will experience those fantasies.”

He pulls me to him and kisses me aggressively, his tongue taking my mouth, him sucking the breath out of me. I can’t keep myself from responding and I start sucking his tongue. He breaks the kiss and slaps my cheek, not that hard but the surprise of it startles me.

‘Ya, you a fucking fag cunt alright. You even kiss like a girl,’ he says pushing me into the center of the room. ‘Strip.’

The look on his face says it all. I reach down and take my shoes and socks off. Dreading what is coming when I think about the pink panties I have on.

‘Hurry up cunt.’

I start unbuttoning my shirt, then take it off and hang it over a chair. The moment is there as I start taking my slacks off. I push them down and hear a chuckle from the guy. My pink panties on display and making it worse they were wet from the pee in the bathroom early.

‘I should have fucking known it. Can I pick the fags or not? A fucking sissy boy wearing panties like a real little whore. Is that what you are sissy boy? You a fucking whore? Maybe you are expecting me to pay to be with you. IS THAT IT FAGGOT???’

‘No Sir, I just like wearing panties sometimes,’ I admit to him. ‘I really didn’t think I would actually meet someone tonight. I just wanted to get out for a while.’

‘You’re getting out tonight bitch, getting put out. It’s time to show real men what a pussy faggot you are. I won’t be the only cock you get tonight either bitch and any fucking shit from you, I march you to the security office in just your panties. You understand cunt?’

‘Yes Sir,’ I answer realizing I’m about to lose it. A tear runs down my cheek.

‘Perfect, a fucking crybaby too. You’re such a fucking wimp. Get your ass over the side of the bed, feet on the floor, face into the bedspread. NOW!!’

I do as he says. Oh fuck. I hear him open a drawer and when I look over he’s taking a leather strap out of the drawer. It has a wooden handle and a leather strap about 2″ wide and a foot and a half long.

‘Get your face back into the bedspread faggot. Arch your back, straighten your legs, stick that ass out. It belongs to me now. Now how many swats did you earn. Oh yes, ten for disobedience and another ten for not wanting to show the other men that you belong to me. You do belong to me don’t you faggot?’

I’m so scared of what is going to happen but I see no way out. ‘Yes Sir, I belong to you,’ I answer trying to give him the answer he wants and avoid angering him any further.

‘Good, count,’ he says.

My ass explodes as the strap lands across both ass cheeks. I cry out loudly. Oh god, oh god, that hurt. Wanting to reach back and rub it but know that might make things worse. Still struggling with the pain when the strap lands again. As it lands, he pushes my head into the bedspread smothering my cries. Finally, he pulls my head back to where I can get a breath.

‘Count bitch.’

‘One, two Sir.’ I can’t imagine twenty sways like that those. I couldn’t take it. Then my head is pushed back into the bed and four quick swats cover my ass. I’m screaming into the bed. It hurts so badly. I did manage to count them out but now I was sobbing loudly and the tears were flowing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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