Fantasy Princess Ch. 02

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Author’s note:

Welcome to the second of three chapters about a relationship between consenting adult women. I should mention that this is a fictional story about a fictional approach to a very real problem. Also, there’s a pronounced ‘domination/submission’ element to the story, so if that’s not your thing I encourage you to find something more to your taste. Thank you to all my readers, and especially for the comments and emails that keep me going when things are tough.


Princess sat on the living room couch, legs crossed at the knee, bobbing one foot, arms folded over her chest. Nattie was hurrying around the kitchen to put together a tall glass of ice water for her mistress. Although her ‘Princess’ facade projected only aloof impatience, underneath it Trish welcomed the delay as a chance to gather her thoughts.

She had good reason to believe Nathalie was in a dark place – a self-destructive, suicidal mindset. Desperate to help, she’d used Princess’ make-believe authority over the older woman to barge back into her house. Incredibly, Nathalie had accepted the invasion without question or complaint, and seemed content – eager, even – to resume the role-playing they’d ended only minutes ago. But there was no telling how long that would last. Sooner or later, real life would have to resume, for both of them.

Trish knew she was unqualified to address whatever issues were making Nathalie contemplate ending it all. She’d need professional help, and given that her family didn’t seem to be in the picture, it fell to Trish to convince the other woman to seek it.

It would be difficult to have those conversations as Princess, whose persona wasn’t overflowing with empathy even at the best of times. But somehow, she’d need to find a way. It HAD to be Princess – Trish lacked credibility, lacked any kind of intimate or emotional connection to Nathalie.

But she had no plan – nothing in her life experience or her time as a ‘fantasy escort’ had prepared her for a situation like this. Normally her visits were scripted, the limits and expectations clearly communicated and meticulously adhered to. But this? This was a voyage into un-charted and dangerous waters.

Until she could devise an approach that would work, her immediate goals were to make sure Nathalie wasn’t left alone for any length of time, and to try to separate her from the SleepRx pills and rum that could be combined into a lethal cocktail. If things got out of hand she could always call 911, but Trish was hoping that Princess could convince Nattie to seek help voluntarily. Surely the outcomes would be better that way?

“I’m sorry that took so long,” Nattie said, handing the water to her mistress. “I wasn’t expecting you back. What happened to the engagement you had tonight?”

“Canceled,” Princess said. “So I’ve decided to bring you out with me instead.”

“You mean tonight?”

“Once we’ve made you presentable, yes.”

“Really?” Nattie’s tone hovered between disbelief and uncertainty.

“How many times should I repeat myself?” Princess snapped.

“I’m sorry, ma’am.”

“Do you have other plans?”

“Well…no…nothing I couldn’t postpone.”

“Then why are you standing around? Get in the shower, silly girl!”

“Yes, ma’am. I’m sorry.”

“I expect you finished by the time I empty my glass.”

“I’ll hurry as much as I can.”

“And leave the door open,” Princess said as an afterthought. “If I come in, I’d better not see you dawdling.” The last thing Trish wanted was Nathalie on the other side of a locked door.

“No, ma’am, I’ll be very quick.” Nattie hurried to the bathroom but didn’t shut the door. A moment later Trish heard the water running. Another ten minutes to think of a plan!

She pulled out her cell phone and did a quick internet search for advice. There was SO much of it, from hundreds of different sources. She skimmed as much as she could, across several different sites. With so much bad information floating around online, she didn’t want to draw too heavily from any single source. Some sites confirmed what she already knew, but there seemed to be no ‘silver bullet’ or one-size-fits-all strategy.

Trish needed more time, better advice, and a fool-proof plan. For now she’d keep the fantasy going for Nathalie. After all, Princess and Nattie had a relationship that was familiar and intimate. There was power in that, and perhaps Nattie would find some comfort in it. Some strength.

Too soon the water stopped, the shower curtain was swept aside and she could hear the other woman frantically toweling herself. Princess got up and walked to the bathroom, where Nattie was wrapping herself in the damp towel.

“Hang that up and come along. Hurry now!” Princess said, gesturing to the towel, then turned and walked to Nathalie’s bedroom. After a quick apology, Nattie followed, naked.

“We need to dress you,” Princess said. “A skirt and blouse.”

“Where are we going?” Nattie asked.

Princess gave a loud sigh of exasperation. “Could you move it along, casino siteleri please? I don’t want to stand here all night.” In truth, Trish was still working that out herself. Flying by the seat of her pants wasn’t easy!

“I’m sorry.”

“Pick a skirt. Above the knee, and nothing hideous.”

Nattie opened her closet and quickly pulled out a navy blue, pleated skirt. “How’s this?”

“How do I know when it’s still on the hanger? Put it on for me,” Princess said.

“Yes ma’am.” Nattie quickly stepped into it and zipped it at the side, then turned a slow circle for Princess.

She looked…hot! Topless, with Princess’ signature on her right breast, and her shapely legs bared to mid-thigh. Trish felt the faint stirrings of interest deep inside her, then a pang of shame for feeling that way when there was so much on the line. She rarely allowed herself intimate feelings during client visits. How could she be having sexy thoughts at a time like this?

“Acceptable,” Princess said. “I assume you have a black top?”

“Yes ma’am.” She fished it out of the closet, pulled it on and started to button it up.

“Your bra first, Nattie! Have you ever dressed yourself before?”

“Oh! I’m sorry. I thought you wanted-“

“Are you trying to exhaust my patience?”

“No ma’am. Let me get the bra on.” She fumbled the buttons in her haste to remove the blouse, then quickly pulled a black, lacy bra from a dresser drawer and put it on. A minute later she was in her blouse, turning another slow circle for her mistress.

Princess gave a brief nod. “Quite nice,” she said.

“Oh thank you! I’m glad you’re pleased.”

“Yes, yes. Come along, let’s pick some shoes to go with it.” She turned towards the door.

“Ma’am? What about…panties?”

Princess faced her subject. “Can you keep them clean and dry for a change?” She knew that even under optimal conditions, keeping white panties pristine for an entire evening would be a challenge. But Princess was rarely reasonable – that was part of her “charm”.

Nattie flushed. “I’ll try my best.”

“I’ll be checking.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Princess gestured her consent, then left the room and headed for the front door, picking up her handbag along the way. Nattie was beside her a minute later and Princess had her try on three pair of heels before deciding she liked the first pair the best.

She led Nattie out the front door, pausing while the other woman locked it behind her, then gestured to her old-model blue sedan. Hardly the car of a true princess, but the fantasy extended only so far. At least it was clean.

“Get my door,” Princess said.

“Of course.” Nattie hurried ahead of her and opened the driver’s side door, waited while Princess got in, and gently closed it before rushing to get into the passenger side.

Trish was impressed by how easily Nathalie adapted her role-playing to suit unexpected circumstances, never breaking character even though the scene was far outside of anything they’d discussed, fantasy-wise. It made her wonder again how much of it was an act and how much was an expression of Nathalie’s true self. In any case, the fact that the older woman was submissive and compliant only made Trish’s job easier, at least in the short term.

Trish started the engine and pulled out of the driveway, still not entirely sure where she wanted to go even though her bearing remained composed and commanding. Someplace beautiful and relaxing might be a good idea. Someplace quiet and safe. She started to drive.

There was silence in the car. Nattie had already been reprimanded once for asking about their destination so she wouldn’t ask a second time. Trish didn’t know what kind of conversation Princess would initiate in the situation they were in. She realized she wasn’t quite as adept as Nathalie at going off-script. Still, as the silence stretched to two minutes, then three, Trish felt Princess needed to say something.

“I opened your gift,” she said in an even tone. The money order for seventeen thousand dollars was tucked safely into her hand bag. She didn’t want to lose it before she had a chance to return it to Nathalie.

Nattie hesitated. “Yes ma’am.”

“It was exceedingly generous.”

“I wanted you to know what you meant to me.”

“Why don’t you tell me, then? Let’s hear it.” Princess was always hungry for compliments, and Trish figured it would help to understand Nathalie a little better as a person – to gain a deeper understanding of her motivations.

Nattie paused, perhaps shy, perhaps unsure of how much to reveal. She looked down at her lap and fidgeted with her fingers.

“It’s hard to put into words. I really look forward to your visit. You always know what to say and what to do. And as soon as you leave, I can’t wait for the next time.”

Princess reached over and patted Nattie’s thigh, then left her hand there as Trish processed her words, sifting through them for any deeper meaning.

“I’m pleased to know I haven’t worn out my welcome,” Princess said, canlı casino allowing a little tease into her tone.

“Oh, no ma’am. Never!”

“That’s good. I know how troublesome you can be. I plan to keep my eye on you.”

“Really?” Nattie’s voice sounded confused and hopeful.

“And it will be over my knee again if I’m not pleased with you.”

“I’ll try hard, I promise.”

“I expect so.”

Princess left her hand on Nattie’s upper thigh, stroking gently. They drove another few minutes, then pulled into the parking lot of a sandwich shop. Princess parked the car, then looked at Nattie.

“I’ll expect you well-behaved. No back-talk,” she admonished.

“Yes ma’am.”

They sat in silence for a few moments.

“Well? Get out and open my door!” Princess said.

“Oh! I’m sorry.” Nattie got out of the car and scurried around to open the driver’s side door.

Princess stepped out and led the way to the sandwich shop, pausing long enough for Nattie to pull the door open for her so she could step inside. It was the supper hour, and there were four people in line ahead of them.

“Any food allergies?” Princess asked as she cast an eye over the menu hanging over the counter.

“No,” Nattie said in a quiet voice.

“Pardon me?”

“No…ma’am,” she said, blushing and glancing around to see if she’d been overheard.

They’d never discussed doing scenes in public, so it was new ground for both of them. Trish was wary of pushing too hard – it was vital to keep Nathalie engaged in the fantasy. If Princess hit the wrong buttons, Nathalie would withdraw from her and Trish would lose her influence over the other woman and be unable to keep her safe from herself.

“I bring you out and the very first thing you do is misbehave,” Princess muttered quietly, shaking her head. She wasn’t keen on being overheard, either.

“I’m sorry.”

They waited in line until it was their turn. Princess ordered for both her and Nattie; a turkey sandwich and a vegetarian wrap, fruit drinks and half a dozen soft cookies. She didn’t know Nathalie’s dietary preferences and Princess would never deign to ask.

They waited while the sandwiches were made, then it was back to the car and back on the road. Trish knew a scenic park where they could eat surrounded by trees and the beauty of nature. She sometimes brought lunch there when she studied for exams or needed to do some thinking. It never failed to relax her and put her in a positive state of mind. Hopefully it would do the same for Nathalie.

“Thank you for buying dinner,” Nattie said.

Princess nodded, then rested her palm on the other woman’s thigh again.

She pulled the car into the small parking area at the wooded park.

“We’ll eat at that picnic table,” Princess said, nodding out the windshield at a wooden table near the treeline. Nattie quickly hopped out of the car and hurried to open her mistress’ door. She was a fast learner. Princess got out and headed for the table, leaving Nattie to collect the sandwiches, drinks and cookies from the front seat.

It was a lovely late afternoon – plenty of sun, a gentle breeze and – best of all – no one else around. She and Nathalie would have the small glade to themselves, at least for a while. They unpacked the sandwiches and ate in silence for a while as Trish tried to decide how to approach the subject of professional help for the other woman. It was a daunting task.

“It’s lovely here,” Nattie said.

Princess nodded. “I come here when I need to think…or just breathe for a while.”

“I’ve lived here for years and never knew this place existed.”

“It’s a closely-guarded secret,” Princess said. “So don’t go telling anyone else.”

“No ma’am, I certainly won’t.”

“Good. You’re the only one I’ve ever brought here.”


“I did say you’re my favourite. Or have you forgotten?”

“No ma’am, I remember. And thank you…that means a lot.”

There was another prolonged silence as they finished their sandwiches. The eating was a useful diversion, and gave Trish much-needed time to think of a strategy. She needed to keep Nathalie busy…keep her engaged.

“My feet have been sore lately. Come and rub them.”

“You mean…here?”

“Isn’t that what I just said?”

“Yes ma’am. I just…”

“Do I have to repeat myself?”

“No…I’m sorry,” Nattie stood and came around the picnic table. Princess turned and sat with the table at her back, heels resting on a soft patch of green grass.

“Don’t kneel on your skirt. You’ll put grass stains on it.”

“No ma’am, I won’t.” Nattie took a self-conscious look around to confirm they were alone, then lowered herself to her knees on the grass. Probably not a comfortable position, but softer than the hardwood floor of her living room, no doubt. “May I remove your heels?”

Princess nodded and Nattie carefully unbuckled them and set them neatly aside, then took Princess’ left foot in her warm hands and began gently kneading the sole with her thumbs.

“You’re kaçak casino doing well career-wise, I suppose, given how expensive your gift was.”

There was a long pause, and Trish wondered if the out-of-character personal question had been badly received. But Princess had to start somewhere; had to at least begin down the road to meaningful, heart-to-heart discussions while at the same time staying inside the fantasy that kept Nattie receptive and manageable. It was a fine line. Trish wondered how long she could walk it successfully.

“Actually, I…quit that job.”


Nattie nodded, looking down at Princess’ feet as she continued the massage. “It was time. Time to…move on.”

“I see. So, what’s next?”

Nattie shrugged. “I don’t know,” she mumbled.

“You don’t know?”

“No, ma’am.”

“I don’t believe this! I leave you on your own for a few days, and look at the trouble you get into.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“I can’t take my eyes off you for a moment.”

“I’m sorry.”

Princess sighed and shook her head in disbelief. She looked down at her subject kneeling on the grass at her feet, eyes downcast, completely focused on the bare foot in her hands.

And then Trish became aware of it again. Arousal. A mild but growing sexual hunger within her, and again it brought with it confusion and shame. She shouldn’t be thinking about sex at a time like this. Her focus should be on her client, like always, especially given the life-or-death stakes. What happened to the emotional distance she’d always maintained from her clients?

Was it the “off-script” nature of the interaction, fooling her mind into believing it wasn’t a business call, but rather some kind of…date? Or maybe being outside Nattie’s house was causing it – maybe it was easier to stay ‘in character’ in her client’s home? Perhaps it was just a disgraceful lack of self-discipline, allowing the thrill of holding power over an attractive older woman to go to her head.

Trish took a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to clear her mind, but the feelings refused to be so easily dislodged. Princess was being stubborn.

With her right foot she nudged Nattie’s knee. “Wider,” she commanded.

“Yes ma’am.” Nattie shuffled her knees apart a full eighteen inches, continuing the foot rub all the while. The navy skirt had ridden up to mid-thigh, a delightful tease. She wondered if Nattie’s panties were soaked through yet. She reminded herself to inspect them later.

She rummaged through the take out bags until she found a soft-baked cookie.

“Time for dessert, Nattie?” she teased.

“Okay.” Nattie set Princess’ foot down and started to rise.

“Did I say to stop? You’re not even half done!”

“Oh, sorry.” She quickly settled back onto her wide-spread knees and gathered Princess’ left foot into her warm hands again.

Princess broke off a piece of cookie and held it out to Nattie. “What do we say?”

Nattie flushed pink and her eyes darted left and right, checking for witnesses. “Please?”

Princess smiled and slowly lowered the morsel into Nattie’s mouth.

“Thank you,” she said, then started chewing.

Princess took a bite herself and enjoyed it as she watched her submissive girl continue the massage. After a few moments she broke off another piece and waited. Nattie looked up and Princess could read in her eyes a hunger for more than just dessert.

“Please, ma’am?” Nattie didn’t even glanced around this time, although her blush hadn’t receded.

Princess balanced the cookie piece on her right knee, then met Nattie’s eyes. Nattie looked down at the treat, then slowly leaned forward and pressed her lips to Princess’ skin, plucking the cookie off and mumbling a mouth-full thank you.

This was a new game. An exciting one. Princess loved games.

Princess enjoyed another bite as Nattie looked up at her, focused and eager for whatever would happen next.

Finally Princess held the final bit of cookie in her hand. Nattie licked her lips. Princess gazed into the older woman’s brown eyes and very deliberately bent forward and rested the cookie on her bare left foot, near the base of her toes, then sat back and looked down at Nattie.

Nattie went a darker shade of red as she glanced down at the foot she held in her hand, at the cookie balanced there. She slowly lifted the foot towards her mouth.

“What do we say, Nattie?” Princess said. She was surprised at how lust-thickened her own voice had become, and how unlike her it was to be so consumed by such erotic feelings.

Nattie looked up at her Princess. “Please…” Her voice was a needful whisper.

Princess gave a brief nod. Nattie brought the foot to her lips and gave it a slow, wet kiss, claiming the cookie with a quick swipe of her tongue.

“Good girl,” Princess said in a soft voice.

“Thank you, ma’am.”

“Right foot now.”

Nattie gently set down the left foot and began a massage of the right one.

Princess took another deep breath and let out a barely audible, contented sigh. Her eyes came to rest on Nattie’s half-bared legs, and on a whim she slid her left foot between Nattie’s knees, up under her skirt, stroking her inner thigh with her big toe.

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