Fat Mike 1

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My sitter had been called in to work the night shift. That left me there with her husband – “Fat Mike”. He is about 5’-8” tall and weighs about 250 lbs. Although not a flattering nick name, he has been called fat mike since he was a kid.

I was awoken by voices. I lie there trying to go to back to sleep but heard them in the living room. I was on a twin bed and the doorway to the bedroom was off the living room. There was no door, just the framed opening for one. Light from the living room spilled into the bedroom and partially lit it. There was enough of a glow in the room to make everything distinguishable – not enough to read by, but enough to see fairly well.

The TV was on and drowning out most of the voices but I knew someone else was in there besides just Fat Mike. I got out of bed and crept to the doorway. I was shocked by what I witnessed! The scene before me clarified what I had heard them saying before I arose. The voices were not, as I thought, coming from the TV, but it was actually them speaking…….

“Want another beer Jim?” Fat Mike inquired.

“Yeah I’ll take one” Jim replied. “Like I was saying, she has not gave me any pussy for almost 7 months. I don’t know what the fuck is up her ass. I know one thing though; I am damn tired of jacking off. But, I don’t want to fuck around on her”.

“A stiff dick has no conscience” Fat Mike said.

“That sounds about right, but what if I like the other woman more than her. That would be a hell of a mess.”

“Who said it has to be another woman? Hells bells Jim, there are all kinds of ways to get off. You don’t have to fuck another woman. There are all kinds of things you can do to make jacking off a lot more fun also”.

“Like what?” Jim asked.

“Well, for instance, you could jack off with someone else.” Mike replied.

“What do you mean – jack off another guy!!” Jim disgustedly replied.

“No, no, no. What I mean is jack of while another guy jacks off at the same time. You know, just watching the other guy adds a little heat to the situation. Anytime someone cums it excites a little something in you also. Watching someone else cum makes it a little hotter when you cum. See what I mean”

“Well, maybe.” Jim hesitantly replied.

“I haven’t got laid for a month myself, so you wanna’ give it a try?” Mike leered at him as he began to rub his cock through his jeans.

“Um, well,….I”

This is the point in their conversation that I peered through the doorway.

“Remember what I said, a stiff dick has no conscience” Mike added as he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his thickening cock. It was not very long, about 4”, but it was very fat, and uncircumcised. It looked to be about the width of Pepsi can, a little smaller, but fat none the less.

Mike wrapped his thumb and fist two fingers of his right hand around his cock and began to stroke up and down. As his fingers reached the tip they pulled the foreskin up over the crown, completely covering it, then back down to his balls, exposing the purple head and pulling the skin taut. Jim shifted uncomfortably in the recliner across from the couch Mike was setting on. He stared, transfixed, as did I, as Mike continued antalya escort bayan to stroke his cock. Jim took a long drink of the beer, exclaimed “What the hell” and proceeded to unzip his jeans also. He hauled his cock out of his jeans which turned out to be a long, skinny one. It was about 6” long with the diameter being about the same as that of a quarter. He began to stroke his cock also.
“Come over here and set beside me” Mike whispered as he quickly stroked his cock “so we can see better” he added. Jim moved over to the couch beside Mike, his stiff cock waving in front of him.
As they sat there jacking off Mike reached over and started stroking Jim’s cock. Jim sucked in a surprised gasp of air and started to protest. Mike said “remember, a stiff dick has no conscience”. Jim reluctantly relaxed and let Mike jack him off. Precum started to leak from Jim’s cock. Mike quickly bent over and sucked the head of Jim’s cock between his lips and cleaned off the precum. Jim’s body jerked as Mike’s tongue cleaned the sensitive tip of his cock. Mike sat back up, continuing to stroke Jim’s cock he said “You like that?”

Jim just stammered, trying to reply, but to no avail. Mike said “Don’t worry – it does not mean you are gay or anything, just that you like to be stimulated, just that you want to cum. How you cum makes no difference. A stiff dick has no conscience.”

“Yeah, that was kind of nice.” Jim finally stated.

“Want some more?”


Mike bent over again and this time he took Jim’s skinny cock all the way into his throat. “Ssssssssssss” came from Jim’s clinched teeth as he sucked in a deep breath as Mike’s tongue worked his cock. Jim rose up off the couch a little as Mike continued to suck his cock and began to tug on his balls. Just as Mike sensed Jim was about to shoot his load he stopped. Jim was pretty much fully committed at this point, not to mention the effect the beer had on relaxing him and releases his inhibitions.

“Oh man, why did you stop” Jim asked.

“Because it’s your turn” Mike grinned at him.

“Oh, I don’t know about that” Jim stammered. “Hey, I did it and am OK. I did not turn gay, nothing bad happened” Mike growled as he caressed the slick head of Jim’s cock with his thumb. “Well, maybe….OK” Jim replied. He bent over and took Mikes short, fat cock between his lips. Mike lay his head back on the couch and waited patiently as Jim got the hang of giving a blow job. Jim’s lips were stretched paper thin as he went down on Mike’s fat cock. Eventually he got the entire shaft coated with saliva and began to give Mike a pretty good blow job. Good enough that after about two minutes Mike grunted, his body tensed, then he placed his hands on the back of Jim’s head as his ass rose off the couch and his cock erupted. Jim gagged but could not get Mike’s cock out of his mouth because of Mike’s hands on the back of his head. Mike sank back into the couch as a huge breath of air burst from his lungs. His hands fell off the back of Jim’s head. Jim rose up, gagged a little, coughed and then hacked up a mouthful of phlegm along with the remnants of Mike’s cum which he spat into a nearby ash tray.

“Why the hell did you escort bayan do that?” Jim demanded. “I’ll show you” Mike replied as he bent over and took Jim’s softening cock into his mouth. His cock rapidly hardened as Mike expertly sucked it. Before long Jim was panting heavily and about to cum. Mike did not let up. He continued to suck Jim’s cock until it began to pump streams of warm cum down his throat. Jim’s body shook and twitched as he blew his load. With one final tug on Jim’s balls and a lick to the bottom of his cock head, Mike sat upright on the couch. “See, that is why I did that. Felt pretty damn good, huh?”

“I think I better be going now” Jim stated as he rose off the couch, placing his soft cock back inside his jeans.

“Remember, a stiff dick has no conscience” Mike said as Jim went out the front door.

At this point I crept back to bed and tried to go to sleep.

I heard the clicking and whirring sounds of a tape being loaded into the VCR. Soon after I heard “fuck sounds” coming from the living room. After about ten minutes I heard Mike mumble to himself about need to fuck something. I sensed movement and saw a shadow fall across my bed as Mike stood in the doorway. I lay face down, pretending to be asleep. Mike entered the room and stood beside the head of the bed. In the dim light I could see that he had removed his jeans and underwear but not his dingy white t-shirt. He was also stroking his semi-rigid cock. He bent down to take a closer look at me; I suppose to make sure I was asleep. I could smell the beer on his breath. He stood upright, placed his right knee on the bed beside me then leaned over and dangled his cock in my face. I felt the warm head of it as he drug it across my face letting it rest against my lips. The odor was overpowering – a sweaty, thick, pungent man smell.

He began to two finger stroke his cock as I had seen him do earlier on the couch. His cock stiffened and was soon bouncing roughly against my lips as he jacked off. After a little while his cock started to emit precum which got all over my lips making them very slick. Now the head of his cock was brushing my teeth as he stroked it. I continued to feign sleep.

He stopped. “I gotta’ do it” he whispered. He put his hands on the mattress behind me and hiked his leg up over me and crawled into the twin bed with me. He pushed me over and rolled me onto my side, my back toward his front. He shoved my underwear down to my knees. Then I felt a wet finger being shoved up my little asshole. I flinched at this intrusion but continued to feign sleep. Mike was breathing heavily now. He wormed his finger around inside my asshole for a couple minutes then removed it and replaced it with the precum slicked head of his fat cock. I heard him spit on his fingers then felt his cock move around as he coated it with saliva.

He slid his left arm under my neck, bent it at the elbow so that his meaty forearm clamped over my mouth. His right hand aimed his stiff cock between my ass cheeks as he shoved forward. The precum slick tip of it slid up and down between my ass cheeks, desperately seeking my hole. Suddenly it found the mark and popped into my ass. The suddenness of this intrusion antalya escort accompanied by the painful stretching of my little asshole made me flinch uncontrollably and try to gasp around his arm. “I know you are awake”. “Just relax, be quiet and this will not hurt as much and not take as long”.

He continued to push into me. His hot cock stretched my asshole to its physical limit. The pain was virtually unbearable. Just as I thought he was all the way in he wrapped his right arm around my waist and roughly pulled me back against him as his hips forcefully drove his cock forward. I felt the last inch of it slide into my ass. Mercifully he stopped there, letting me have a chance to get used to his cock inside me.
When it started there was no slowing down, no pause. He jack hammered his hips, sawing his cock in and out of my shit hole. His right arm pulled my waist in unison with the pumping of his hips. His cock was short enough that even when it was pulled out to the crown his stomach was still firmly pressed against my ass cheeks. This furious fucking went on for about seven or eight minutes. He was grunting, panting, and cursing. Suddenly he stopped, muttering “I can’t cum like this.”

“Get on your hands and knees” Mike ordered. I complied.

“Spread your ass open” he ordered as he got on his knees behind me. I complied.

I felt his left hand on the small of my back. He pushed down, angling my ass up. His right hand guided the tip of his cock to my asshole. He roughly shoved forward and buried his cock balls deep in my ass with one powerful stroke. Surprisingly, fortunately, it did not hurt nearly as bad this time, almost no pain.
He began to pump his fat cock in and out of my ass, his sweaty flesh sticking to my skin. “Reach back between your legs and play with my balls” he ordered. I complied. I palmed his heavy balls and began to roll them around as he continued to pump my ass. “Harder” he panted. I did not know what he wanted so continued as I was. “Harder God damn it!” he snapped “pull on them balls, squeeze’em, fuck! Pull!” he yelled out. I frantically grasped a handful of his balls and nut sack and begin to gently squeeze and tug on them. “Harder!!” he yelled. I roughly pulled, I felt one of his nuts squirt between my fingers, like a bar of soap in the shower, as I squeezed and pulled down stretching his nut sack as far as I could. “Oh YEAH! Fuck YES!”he yelled as he continued to pump his hips while I kept his nut sack tightly stretched. Each short back stroke of his hips threatened to pull his remaining nut and scrotum flesh from between my squeezing fingers. His fingers painfully dug into the flesh of my hips as he fiercely pulled back each time he slammed his fat cock back up my asshole. “AAAAAGH” he yelled as his cock started to fill my ass with cum. I could feel each spurt as his big vein on the bottom of his cock filled with cum and spewed it into my asshole. His body quivered and he slammed into me one last time. He let go of my hips and collapsed onto my back forcing me flat onto the mattress. I could barely breathe. He lay there gasping for a minute then slowly got up. I felt his softening cock “plop” out of my asshole. He stood beside the bed looking at me. I said nothing. I knew to not ever say anything about this without any threats from him. “A stiff dick has no conscience” he muttered as he walked back into the living room.

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