Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 25

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Sally hitched her mini skirt up and bent over Richard’s desk. She knew the position well enough, and she baited Richard, swaying her hips luridly, her naked ass almost steaming in the cool head office.

Dressed in a smart dark business suit, Richard slowly moved behind her.. She closed her eyes and felt his presence. He began sliding his large hands up her legs and over her tight, naked arse. Sally relished his body against hers, like so many other girls had – his abs and arms, strong, solid and massive.

“Jesus Christ,” she said, her eyes rolling back. “I missed you, stud.”

She groaned as she heard his zip go down behind her.

While Richard nestled behind the wanton ass of his slutty slave, outside, cruising down the street in a polished Mercedes, sat Richard’s wife, Marjorie. She had just picked up a pair of new investors, a seemingly happy married couple that had contacted her the previous weekend – Keith Wilson, and his wife Lisa.

Lisa had initially suggested contacting Richard’s office for a tour. She hadn’t met Richard before, only heard about him – delicious rumours about his dark magnetism, his sexual prowess, and most intriguingly to her, his evil desire for risky, devious adulterous fucks. Now, sitting silently in the backseat of Marjorie’s Mercedes, Lisa was secretly plotting a way to corner the big cocked bastard, to finally meet someone who matched her, who could unleash within her the hot, evil bitch she always knew she was. She shifted her legs beneath her tight white mini-skirt, giddy with naughty secret excitement.

Her husband put his hand on her bare leg. “Anything wrong sweetheart?” he asked. Lisa casually moved his hand from her leg. “No, nothing,” she said.

She opened her purse, took out her sunglasses and put them on. She stared out the window as Marjorie yammered from behind the wheel: “I’m sure you will both be impressed. The investment possibilities, especially in such a frigid market right now, are unparalleled. Our balance sheets are solid, as you will see, and our,” blah blah, blah . . .”

Lisa wasn’t listening to Marjorie. In fact, she didn’t like the cow one bit. Lisa didn’t understand it. How could a man with such a reputation end up with such a boring, sagging plain jane? While Marjorie was ordinary and dull, Lisa was the exact opposite – a firm, shapely and tan sexpot (or so she liked to think), attributes she prided herself on after years sculpting herself at the gym, honing her body through her lean diet. On top of her work ethic and dedication to her body, she was naturally blessed with a pair of supple, soft 34D tits and a timeless beauty – rolling black hair, pouting lips and brown eyes – traits that had always gotten esenyurt escort her what she wanted. Ever since she was a calender girl back in college to being pursued by prominent swimsuit and fashion photographers, Lisa Wilson knew she was gorgeous. And she knew she deserved more than Keith, the slub sitting next to her.

“Just wait, Richard,” she thought.

Back in the head office, Richard was in full rhythm. Sally was wailing mindlessly, her shirt coming undone as the sex god pummelled into her mercilessly.

“Fuck! Fuck me, Richard! I love you!”

Richard roared down at her, almost angry: “Take it Sally, fucking take it!” Even with her slender frame, Sally had always been able to take Richard’s cock like no other girl – twelve-plus inches completely to the root. Richard knew that her every orifice was his – her tight pussy, her luscious ass, her wet throat. He grabbed her tight toned smooth tanned arse and changed his angle as he thrust into her. She reached back and grabbed his neck. Richard felt his balls tingle and swell as Sally pushed back into him. Her pussy was literally milking him.

“God, you’re so hot,” she said, her nails raking over his neck, his chin. “I can’t wait to eat your cum.”

Richard grabbed her hair, powering into her. He yanked her head back, whispering into her ear: “You want it, slut? You want my cum?”

“More than anything. I wanna eat a meal from your DICK!”

Suddenly, from his desk, the intercom buzzed. Sally didn’t hear it. She was busy moaning and groaning, impaled around Richard’s huge, throbbing, ready-to-burst weapon. The intercom buzzed again and again, both Richard and Sally lost in the throes of passion, cursing wickedly at the top of their lungs.

And as Richard felt his balls swell, about to burst, the door to his office suddenly flew open. Richard turned to see Claire, his fresh-from-college, platnium blonde secretary. Her face flushed at the site before her. Her hunk-boss was buried to the hilt inside a leggy blonde not half his age, probably only a few years older than her. As Richard began to pull out, Claire watched the blonde claw back at him, desperate to yank him back inside her.

Sally whimpered, “Don’t stop baby. Please, don’t stop!” The pleading slut didn’t even seem to notice Claire was in the room.

“Shut up,” Richard said, and smacked Sally’s ass hard. He turned to Claire, his cock raging between them, dripping with Sally’s many wet orgasms. “Fucking bitch,” he said finally. “You knew Sally was here.”

Claire tried to keep her eyes off his sinful, monstrous meat, the sheer magnitude of it. She stammered, “I’m s-sorry, boss, but it’s your wife.” istanbul escort

“My wife?”

Sally pouted, “What the hell is that bitch doing here?”

“She c-called, sir. She was pulling into the garage. S-surely she’s on her way up right now.”

Sally groaned, “God, I hate your fucking wife.”

“Shuttup and get dressed,” Richard snapped. Like an obedient slut, Sally stood up and hitched her skirt over her ass. Began fixing her tousled hair.

“She could use the back exit?” Claire suggested.

Richard stared at Claire a moment as he slipped his huge erection in his pants. He grinned at her – a handsome million dollar grin. “Good thinking, Claire,” he said, his voice deep and gruff. “Some evening I’ll have to thank you. Properly.”

Claire’s breath quickened as Richard’s eyes bore into her.. She suddenly felt hot. Devious. Vulnerable.

“Maybe a big fat juicy raise?” he asked.

Claire narrowed her eyes. “Or something else big, fat and juicy?”

Meanwhile, Keith and Lisa were busy following Marjorie down the hall toward Richard’s office. Seeing a mirror on the wall, Lisa lagged briefly behind to fix her hair. She took off her mini-jacket, revealing a skin tight black sheer push up bodice, cut away at the sides to show the luscious sides of her tanned tits. She pushed her cleavage up even more. She wanted to look perfect for Richard, in secret, sinful hope she would be enjoying his thorough attention the rest of the afternoon. She smiled at her reflection. “I’m so fucking hot,” she thought.

Keith called after her. “Lisa, dear! Come on.”

“I’m coming,” she answered. “Christ.” She quickly caught up to Keith and Marjorie. Keith whispered to her. “Shouldn’t you maybe keep your jacket on?”


Keith nodded shyly at her almost vulgar, explosive cleavage. “Well, I don’t know how appropriate it is.”

Lisa rolled her eyes. “Oh Keith, don’t be so insecure.”

“I’m not being anything, but –”

As her husband jawed in her ear, Lisa rounded a corner, joining Marjorie in the head office at the end of the hall.

And she saw him.

Her heart almost stopped.

Delicious knots formed in her stomach.

He was tall, dark and gorgeous. Fit and debonair. Classy with an rough, masculine edge to him. He moved with supreme confidence, his shoulders back, walking out from behind his desk to greet them, his voice commanding yet smooth, powerful yet tender.

Richard barely looked at his wife, his eyes glued on the exotic bombshell that had just made her way into his office. “Marjorie, what are you doing here? You know how busy I get.” He felt his still-hard beylikdüzü escort dick bulge in his trouser. His balls pulsing with a need to empty. As he stared unabashedly at Lisa, her dark almond eyes returning his flirtatious gaze, almost inviting it, he imagined her beautiful face, her flawless complexion – a complexion she no doubt works days to keep clean – soaked beneath him in his thick, pungent cum. Lisa licked her lips – or did Richard imagine it? The air was electric between them, almost burning.

Marjorie was saying something in the background: “Richard, honey, you remember that American gentleman I was telling you about? Well he just so happens to be here for a private tour of our business.”

Keith offered his hand. “Keith Wilson. How do you do?”

Richard shook Keith’s hand absently, leering the entire time at the man’s stunning wife. Her hazelnut eyes and gorgeous shiny black hair. She was pure sex on legs. Her confident eyes pierced him, as if to say, “Yes, I am sooo much hotter than your wife ever was.” He moved toward her, passing Keith without even acknowledging him.

As Lisa stood there, her hand on her hip, her tits thrust out for Richard’s viewing pleasure, she thought the powerful man’s gaze might devour her at any second. Her breath was sharp and fast as he approached. She suddenly felt helpless, as if her body were about to come undone, only to accommodate this new unbelievably sexy presence. “What is it about him?” she wondered.

Keith offered an introduction: “And this is my wife, Lisa.”

Lisa reached her hand out. “Pleased to meet you. I’ve heard about your large business, sir.”

Richard almost whispered, “All good I hope, Mrs Wilson.”

Lisa glanced at his dick, an enormous bulge in his trousers. “So far,” she answered. “But I might need to take a closer look.”

Richard took her hand and kissed her cheek, smelling her – her intoxicating perfume, her voluptuous curves irresistible, smooth, soft firm skin, flawlessly tanned. He was under her spell. And his dick felt like it would punch a hole in his trousers at any moment.

Richard’s wife butted in: “I was wondering if Claire could perhaps give them a tour of the facilities?”

Lisa arched her eyebrow at Richard. He smiled. Then turned to his wife. “Well, since you’re here already Marjorie, perhaps you could show Mr. Wilson around, while I give his wife my undivided attention.”

Marjorie frowned, slightly confused by the suggestion. Keith suddenly laughed:

“Seems Richard here knows the way into my wallet.”

“It is agreed then,” Richard said. He ushered Keith and Marjorie out of the door.

“Perhaps you could show him the workstations on the first floor and work your way up.” He watched as they disappeared down the corridor. He glanced at Claire, who had resumed her position at her desk outside his office. “No interruptions, Claire.”

Claire nodded, a devilish, knowing glint in her eye.

Richard closed the door. Lisa heard him turn the lock.

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