Feline and the Mongrels Ch. 04

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Last we knew, Fe and D had quietly suffered thru summer privately apart as they worked together in teams. We had suffered too as she tried to regain her pride, wanting to return to a life similar to what we had before all this. My problem was I never wanted to go back to that, so we struggled.

Fe was feeling a calm from the lack of pursuit and knew in her heart of hearts all was over between she and D.

I was not so calm or confident. My readers to date had informed me I was a nut and sick and should divorce, and couldn’t write to boot. I found it odd people seeking to read smut like I was writing, were so good at giving sound moral advice. You never know where you’ll find it. So I started doubting the direction I was taking and doubting our possible success in survival.

I was thinking of that old saying, “If you love someone let them go. If they return they are yours. But if they don’t they were never yours in the first place.” I remember another ending that said, “If they don’t, hunt them down and kill them. LOL” This seams to be the view of my critics to date.

All was about to change for all of us as summer was ending and along with it the dreaded day shift. School too was about to start. So all the conditions were about to repeat themselves that opened the door to all this love triangle between these two dirty dogs and that darn cat.

Want to see what came next?

Hello all you mangy dogs and cool cats following my tail wagging. They say if your not the lead dog the view never changes! Butt… if that view is of a good looking piece of tail, who could ask for anything more? LOL

I had just come home from an easy night at work to find Fe up and Adam prepping for a new day. She seamed to be back in her element, bubbly and happy. Day shift just didn’t agree with her. I can understand that, what with the politics and the rat race. She was my Fe once again.

I knew the kids were off to school so I stripped and slid into bed. If she wanted to play now was our time.

I asked her how last night went and you could see a shadow pass over her. Her face dropped and her shoulders slumped. I didn’t have to ask again. She spit out the mouthwash and stepped into the room with only her bra and panties on.

Her eyes looked into mine and then quickly away as she said, “I’m so sorry daddy. It happened again.”

I had the blanket pulled over me so she didn’t notice how fast my buto inflated. I said, “What happened Fe?”

She turned to hide her face as she spoke, “D came to me again last night.”

I couldn’t hear her because she was speaking into her hands, so I asked her to repeat.

She faced me, “D came to me again… last night.”

I asked, “Is there something you feel you should be punished for?”

She looked at me as if this had never occurred to her. I had always been supportive, even encouraging. Now I was talking about punishment?

I asked, “Didn’t you want me to act more normal?”

She nodded her head.

“Do you want me to act like your daddy?”

She thought about this for a minute.

I went on, “If I spank you like a father then you will know I care, and you will feel chastised. Right? Is this what you want from me?” My voice was calm but firm.

She slowly began to nod her head as she whispered, “yes”.

I told her to take off her bra and panties. After a moment hesitation I said it louder and with more conviction. She jumped and did as I commanded. I sat up and pulled the cover off me. She could see how excited I was.

In a moment I had reasoned in my mind that if I go the rout of the cuckold husband it might end up like all those stories you cats and dogs have written where the cuck gets squashed and lost, as the wife after playing like she has no respect for her hubby finds for real she has none.

I’ve dreamt of coming home to find Fe moaning softly in her sleep as she dreams. Seeing her biting and sucking on her swollen lips, a soft cry of pain escapes from deep in her throat. Dreaming of her hugging her naked body writhing in pleasurable pain, I’ve imagined seeing hickies dark blood red surrounded by tender pink bite marks with duel red angry crescent teeth marks on her neck and breasts. I dreamt I Looked close to see her nipples sucked and chewed to a swollen tenderness.

I imagined she’d twitch as my subtle breath touched those tender cones of agonized flesh, as I breathed ever so gently on her in my dreams. I even imagined seeing those bite marks upon her belly and then more trailing into that fatty flesh of the insides of her thighs.

Then I breathed again in my dream and she felt it there between her thighs. It caused her to moan and spread her thighs butterfly wide. In there I see the hickies all around her clitoris and labia. They radiate out across her tender flesh mostly on that hard bonny area right next to either side of her cunt that extends out into the fatty tissue of the thigh. I see lots of them indicating a lot of sucking, biting, and growling took place here around her twat in my dreams.

I şahinbey escort breathed again and her crotch rose to my call. I hear in my dreams her hungry moan again. I lean close for a sniff, and smell sex, Fe’s and that Black Dog’s. Her pussy burps and a white foam coats her inner lips, a lot of viscous clear liquid like jelly oozes out of her vagina and seeps thru the crack of her ass to pool in the sheet below. Ho what dreams are made of.

I notice her knees drawing high and her pussy lifting up as if to greet me. I look up in my dreams to see her smiling down over her chest and lovely breasts at me. Her hands reach for my head in my dreams and with sleepy eyes she speaks.

Ever so lovingly her mouth forming the words, “Kiss my puki daddy. Kiss it. Kiss it for me. Please… It’s so hungry.” Even though I know she’d never do this or say this, with the condition I picture her in and me in here in my dreams she does, she does ask me, she asks me to lick her pie, her cream pie. I hear her soft airy whisper pleading, “Kiss my poki daddy. Please…” In my dreams I am pleased to please her with kisses and tonguing’s and sucking to drive her to our own wonderful orgasms.

As I said I know she’d never… ever… so I realize at this moment each time I dream this dream, all is but a dream, as I dream impossible dreams. And I realize this is just a silly dream, never to be.

Usually in all those cuckold stories, I’ve read here written by my fellow Authors in this dark realm of entertainment, the hubby is never to enjoy love and tenderness with his wife ever Ever EVER again. He’s doomed to humiliation, and probably in his state will find suicide his only escape. If I force Fe to this end what can I expect?

Nope, that’s not for me. Time to find a new dream to enjoy, one that brings us closer together.

On the other hand I love Fe and would love to hear her sexual exploits with this Black Dog and his big black buto that keeps nudging at her puki as they kiss uncontrollably. I imagine her thrill with the new ride, you know like the difference between the old up and down gravity fed woody rollercoaster’s verses the mod high tech all steel rocket coasters with mag lift and 360 loop-de-loops.

One’s not better than the other. They’re different rides both to be admired and enjoyed.

As my mind ponders the possible difference in sensations, I recall taking a dump not long ago. Sorry I won’t linger here long and I promise it won’t get too stinky. I recall having one of those movements where I had to push and push and little squishy turds worked out. I recall the sensation was less than satisfactory, like ‘was that a fart or a shit’ movement. You never?

Then another occasion recalled one of those that makes you stop because it feels like it’s about to rip you a new one. Had a movement like that?

You feel like you have a mountain of pooh inside you and it keeps poking like you are going to loose it if you don’t get to the pot ASAP. You walk funny kind of stiff as if to keep from springing a leek.

You sit and start and things feel like they are stuck so you twist and rotate your torso trying to break something loose now. You wonder how a minute ago you felt like you’d explode and now… nothing. A deep breath and a solid contraction along with squinting your eyes and biting your lip makes all the difference.

As that moment begins where earth starts to move, you stop and take a deep breath realizing it might be to big to handle, so you hold it… hold it… and well, then finally you relax and things do move and it’s too late to hold back now and for a moment there’s a searing pain that makes you want to scream in total agony.

Then its as if your guts fall out thru your ass hole and keeps flowing thru you as if a mile of this pile is flowing and never going to end and finally it does, it does end, it ends and all that is left is a twitching of your tingling dangling throbbing sex and flexing sphincter trying to close the volumous void.

This is when you realize what those old people are talking about when they say there’s nothing quite like taking a good healthy dump. LOL

I wondered if all those times Fe asked me if it was in, if it was like those little unsatisfactory squirts, and if maybe she ever felt a ride on a big buto it would be like having the world pass thru those loins. I love her enough to want her to know what GOOD SEX really is all about!

But how, and not loose my Fe forever in the process? I want her to want the old woody, even after enjoying the Wonder Dog coaster.

For now it looks like the best solution is to let her be submissive and apologetic. If only the truce had held. But If the kisses continue she will need a father figure.

I’ll do my best. All this seamed to just come to me in a flash as I told her to lie across my lap. She looked scared and I reassured her, “I love you. You want to feel you’ve received proper punishment. Say it. Say you want me to spank you for kissing D.”

She lay across my lap and said, “I’m sorry. Spank me daddy.”

I said, “First I must know what I am spanking you for.’

I softly patted her pretty round rump. Her fatty gluteus maximus was warm and ready.

She said, “We kissed again.”

I let the first whack land across the left cheek causing her to yelp.

I asked, “How long did you kiss D this time?”

She hesitated a second and then said, “About the same as before, maybe ten minutes. Not long.”

I let the second whack strike her cheek in the same place. My hand stung so I know her butt did too. Again she yelped and began to get up crying and complaining.

I held her and asked if she ever walked out of confession because the priest told her to do a lot of hail Marries? “Do you want to play like I care or do you want to really feel that I care? You don’t want me to encourage you to kiss D, do you? Do you want me to throw you out of the house or leave myself?”

She was really crying now. I hated myself for doing this to my precious Fe.

“You want this to hurt so you feel like you’ve paid for your crime against the family. You want it to be memorable the next time you are tempted. Take your punishment. You’ll feel a lot better for it.”

“So tell me the details beginning with how it happened.”

While she talked I softly soothed her hot tender bottom with gentle strokes.

D had sent her a text, a nasty joke, a ‘Dr Joke’ with a blond. He ended his text telling Fe he’d like to play Dr with her, LOL.

She said she took it as a joke. She sent him a reply, “LOL I’m not blond. Smile.”

She had finished cleaning up in her new assigned area and was taking out the trash, and there he was by the dumpster. She asked him what he was doing here. He said he had to take his trash out too.

He said, “I missed you. Did you miss me maybe a little?”

Fe said, “I told him I did but we shouldn’t do this.”

She explained that D took her trash and tossed it into the dumpster and asked, “Do what? This?”

Fe said, “No, we shouldn’t hug and kiss.”

She said she was out of control at that point, her mind not thinking, because next she said to D, “Come with me.”

She took his hand and led him into the building and into the room she had just finished cleaning, the art room. She said she pulled him to her and wrapped her arms around him and…

WHACK… I let the next paddling fall on her opposite cheek this time. Again she yelped and I held her still asking, “Did you bite his lips and did he bite yours this time?”

She nodded her head and thru sobs said, “We bit each others lips and sucked each others tongues.”

I let a hard pat smack loud but with little force so it wasn’t real painful. I really don’t want to do this but I know it is going to make her feel better later, so I drove on for both our sakes. Ever hear that old saying, “It hurts me more than it does you?” I’d rather it was me getting these smacks on the ass, but things are as they are.

Fe said he held her around the waist and they pulled tight to each other. As before she was reluctant to go into further details.

I ask a question, “Did you turn out the lights?”

When she said no I let two hard swats burn into her flesh. Her bottom was a rosy red now. I had to check something so I slid my fingers thru her pussy and yes she was getting wet.

I explained, “That’s for breaking your promise. You promised you’d turn out the lights if and when it ever happened again. Remember?”

She said yes.

“So next time you won’t forget, will you?” I said this as I stoked her now very hot tender bottom.

She said “No”.

I let a gentle swat emphasize my words, “No what?”

She said thru loud sobs and clenched teeth, “No. I won’t forget to turn out the lights next time. But there is not going to be a next…”

I cut her off with another gentle blow to the opposite cheek to get the story back on track. “So you felt that magnetism?”

She nodded.

“Did you feel your titties pressed tightly against his chest?”

She seamed to know where I was going with my line of questioning and started to complain… WHACK.

I asked, “Did you feel his buto again?”

She remembered the last whack and decided not to complain, just answer my question, “Yes.”

I wish she would just tell me, but no, she has to make me fish for the answers so… whack.

“Yes, but it didn’t get hard it was just…” Whack, I didn’t believe this.

“Come on Fe. You haven’t kissed in over two months and are thrown into a lip biting tongue sucking body hugging passionate romantic kiss and you expect me to believe he didn’t get hard?” I let another pat on the ass sting a little sense into her.

“I bet he was hard before you led him into that room. I’d be!”

If my baby wasn’t crying so much this might actually be fun.

I resolved to continue for the both of us. “Tell me the truth.”

She sobbed some more and started again, “I felt it nudging me down there but I didn’t feel it.” she cried.

“I told you you didn’t have to keep that promise, didn’t I?”

She nodded as she formed the words thru her clinched teeth, “Yes.”

I told her I let her out of that one because I wanted her to not feel I was pushing her into this. I also said I felt that the promises I did have her make I expected her to keep. I concluded by making her promise to keep her promises… or else!

She hesitated till she felt me draw back. Then quickly said, “Yes, I promised.”

This was a key moment for us as I pushed, “So IF there is a next time you will remember your promises and not break them. Right? They only apply if there is a next time, and you keep saying there is not, so unless it does you are off the hook.”

She agreed.

I said I wanted her to tell me exactly what she was promising to do should this happen again.

I slid my hand down between her thighs and cupped her labia as she said, “I promise to turn out the lights if he kisses me, if we kiss again.”

I slid a finger deep to stroke her clit as she said these last words. I kept stroking it as I said, “Repeat.”

She did and we were both pleased with her response.

I told her her pussy was very wet and asked if she needed to get fucked?

She said “yes”.

I decided to stop the role playing for a while and let her have me White Dog the good guy without the thought of Black Dog the villain. But first I wanted to establish a new pattern. I said I wanted her to stand up and look at her bottom in the mirror.

As she stood I knelt beside her. Her cheeks were red and very hot. I gently kissed each several times and told her I love her. She held my head as if to say she needed this, in the worst way.

I rose to stand beside her and said, “You have to make me a new promise each time you two kiss. I insist or I will have to quit and go sleep in the basement. You can have him to please your every sexual desire. I will be your kid’s dad but not your husband if you refuse this.

This made her shudder, “What do you want daddy?”

I looked into her eyes and said, “First all my promises I ask you to keep are only pending on you kissing him again, so it is not my forcing you to do something you don’t really want to do. If you do it and are willing to keep your promises they were things you really felt you wanted or at least were willing to do for that kiss. Right?”

She said it would not happen again.

I said, “Good, than you won’t have to keep these promises to me. But if you choose to do what you want, as my wife you must do what I want too, okay?”

She said, “Yes daddy”.

I had this figured out in my minds eye for a long time only never knew how to get to it, “If and when you two kiss again I want you to turn your back to him like this, and put your arms like this.” I turned her so she was standing before me with her back to me. I pulled her arms up over her head and placed them around my neck. She looked lovely in the mirror.

I put my head beside hers and turned toward her. Over her shoulder I kissed her lips hard as my hands slid down over her rib cage, down to her waist, and around to her belly. I pulled her tight to me and nudged my rock hard dog bone into her hot and very tender rump.

“Do you like that?” I asked.

She nodded as she bit my lip.

I walked us over to the door and asked, “What is your promise?”

She started to answer.

I bit her lip and pointed to the switch on the wall. She turned out the light as I said, “Will you promise to kiss him in this position next time you two kiss if you ever kiss him again?”

She started to balk and I drew my hand back like I was about to spank her again. She grabbed my wrist and said, “Yes daddy, yes. I promise.”

I slid my hand back to her belly and nudged my buto into her derrière again feeling it slide thru her gap and clear to her clitoris.

“Feel that?” I asked.

She nodded her head and said, “Mmm Hmmm!” in the language of love as she sucked on my tongue. My lips were tingling from her bites and felt fat from swelling.

I pulled my mouth free and said, “That’s the two promises. I let you out of the third, but not with me. Feel my buto Fe.” I felt her hand leave my neck before I said the last word.

I waited for it. I drew back and let my buto slide up the crack of her ass so it was sandwiched between us. A moment later I felt it. Her fingers slid between us and wrapped firmly around my cock.

“This is only for you! Now fuck me daddy. PLEASE.”

I climbed into bed, dug in, then bounced up from under the covers. I rolled over with my dick in hand to find… she was gone. Fe was not in the bed, not in the bedroom. My hard-on was aching for relief and I could not figure out where she had gotten off to. Where was my Fe?

I jolted upright and remembered… Fe goes to swing shift next week.

Was this real?

Not a bit of it.

It sure felt real. My hand ached from the paddling’s and my cock pulsed with expectations. Maybe it is real, just not yet. Yes, this was a mental dog-run in my own little corner of the twilight zone. I took a piss and my passions went down the drain.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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