Femme Fatale Dominante

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Hold on to your hat, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Yes I have to admit that mostly, I like to be the dominant partner under the sheets. So, you can imagine the exertion of retaining control when you get involved with, and live with, a partner that shares the same sexual drive and proclivities. On any one particular night; morning; afternoon; quickie before leaving for work; who was going to retain control? “Mmm, tis a beguiling sensual mystery!”

Never-the-less, that particular circumstance is another story. The saga that I am about to unfold brought out in me a hitherto unknown aspect of my sexuality. Although, I had on occasion fantasised about what it must be like to be the “Femme Fatal Dominante,” it is nothing that I had ever given serious thought to. I am most certainly into a little spank, scratch and bite action on occasion, actually on most occasion, but I am most certainly not, nor could I ever be into BDSM; but, to have my very own “On Demand Pussy Pet,” now that is the essence of a fabulously wet, orgasmic pussy dream. A dream that was, quite unexpectedly, to come about.

A couple of years ago, I and three of my closest friends became members of a local Golf, Tennis and Fitness Club. Not a great golfer but I love the sport and it’s always a fun time with the girls. Having the availability of a gym has helped me maintain my fitness and when I added Tennis into the mix it not only added to my stamina, it didn’t do my libido any harm either! I found that I really enjoyed it, so to improve my game I started taking Tennis lessons. Have to say, my female Tennis coach; yummy! Unfortunately married with a kid, so no doubt straight… Damn it! Anyway, this has nothing to do with her either, so by my count you’re down stories to a score of either ‘A bogie two, or, thirty love, depending on your choice of game.

The club was originally only a Golf Club, so the structure of the committee has retained the old titles of ‘Chairman, Vice Chairman, Green’s Superintendent etc. In our club the chairman is always referred to as ‘Captain,’ a throwback title going back to the days of yore! Actually his name is Sinjon, whose surname is double barreled and hyphenated, a really nice chap in his sixties, married to his bimbo toy bride Lucy who is forty-one, twenty-two years Captain Sinj’s junior.

Lucy S-fucking-B, is a self-effaced bitch of the first order. A snooty nosed “must I really mingle with those people” upper class hopeful who came from the lowest form of garden worm feline prowlers of her era. A conniving wench who, at age twenty-seven, moved in on a very happily married Sinjon, reeled him in with her feminine wiles, bedded him and brought about his divorce all in order to marry into his lifestyle and money. It is indicative of their present relationship that ‘Captain’ now spends most of his time at the club… Enough said!

Shame of it is, Lucy has a body on her that men, and a lot of women, would love to get their hands all over! Myself included when I first met her two years ago. It didn’t take long for my pals and me to realize why everyone here gave her a wide birth. Lucy S-fucking-B, with her fake silver-spoon accent, which frequently lapses into Hackney Carriage cockney, lets everyone know she is the Captain’s wife, and as such, she has the same command over the membership as he… That misguided fact is of course: According to her!

My philosophy of this situation: “NO FUCKING WAY!”

Lucy S-fucking-B and I have had the odd skirmish here and there, nothing drastic, and certainly nothing worth getting one’s knickers in a twist over. However, this situation was to change a few weeks back:

It’s a snobby old rule of the club that members wearing golf spikes, coming in off the course, do not use the main front door access to the club. All perfectly reasonable, but on this particular Friday afternoon I was running late. Linda my partner in life, who does not play golf, had come to pick me up and in my haste, being the quickest route to the changing rooms, I snuck in through the main entrance…

Well; you would have thought Mount Vesuvius had just erupted!

This bellowing, fanatical screaming bitch let loose at me in the lobby:

“Aimie P______, just where do YOU think you’re going, just what do you think you’re doing coming in this way with spikes on! Kindly, go out and come back through the Pro Shop, as you know you are meant to!”

OK… I’m a nurse, in fact I’m a nurse manager; I know all about rules and such like, and yes, I know I was in breach of the “Snobby Rule,” but it’s not as if the bright, shiny parquet flooring was not protectively covered with deep pile carpet, it is!


It was none of these things that gave me cause to stop in mid stride..!

It was none of these things that made me take in a sharp, deep breath of fine English country air.!!

It was none of these things that made the fingers of both of my hands, coil inward to tightly form into a pair of very firm fists!!

It was none of these casino siteleri things that caused my spine to t-i-n-g-l-e, commencing from my now tightly; puckered; arsehole; sending a shimmering sensation in a northerly direction throughout the entirety of my vertebral column; up and through the raised hackles of my neck; thence to traverse across my scalp, and down through my now furrowed brow giving cause to my eyes, nose and lips to tightly squeeze together in a grimace of absolute blood, toil, sweat and ANGER!!

NO: Twas none of these… It was the audacity of a screaming bitch, no body of consequence, daring to talk to me in that impolite, supercilious, washer woman (no offense to washer women intended) manner and tone!

Having paused long enough in this posture of crawling venom rising within me I slowly turned on my heels and glared at this bitch of a bitches bitch! A bitch now silent, and to my great inner satisfaction, a bitch with a look on her face that, I felt, was now expressing a growing realisation of inner turmoil; a recognition of the fact that was telling her: “Urg fucking oh! Maybe I should not have spoken!”

Walking slowly and very purposefully toward her, my eyes glared into her’s, my mouth opened to express the depths of veracity toward this fucking whore of a bitch! As I moved to form my lips into the consonants and vowels of my opening word I suddenly felt a firm grasp to my right wrist in company with Linda’s hand across my mouth… Pulling me to turn toward her, a calm and reflective Linda quietly spoke:

“Honey, let it go! She’s not worth it, and even if she was, this is neither the time nor the place… OK?”

I went to say something: Linda, the one person who knows me so well, interjected again to repeat herself: “OK… A-i-m-i-e..? OK?”

She was right, at least for now, in this moment she was right and holding my hand we walked to the changing room.

I was very quiet on the drive home, in fact I was very quiet as we showered and dressed for our planned dinner evening out with friends. As I sat beside her at the dressing table I looked into her eyes through the reflection of the mirror, it was only now that Linda took me in her arms and kissed me. It was only now that, at least for now, I let it go. I was not going to allow this to spoil our Friday evening. Never-the-less, in the back of my mind was the underlying thought that:

Tomorrow, was another day!

During a somewhat restless night, a night where at one point I even considered letting it go for keeps; but I knew that was not going to happen! Instead, my restless and still very angry mind, kept pondering over how I was going to approach her, and when I did, what was I going to say, and say whilst doing my level best not to take her by that scrawny neck and shake the living crap out of her! Scrawny neck! Whew, that was bitchy, because even now, when I closed my eyes and saw her image in my mind, the truth was, she is far from scrawny, that woman has a body…! Damn it… No fucking way was that going to happen… I was out for blood, but how was I going to handle her on Saturday morning when the inevitable was going to happen.

At breakfast, I was still in a turmoil of angry thought. Linda looked at me, finally asking: “What’s on your mind lover?”

It was no surprise when I told her I was going to tackle the bitch head on! Linda counselled me against it, but understood when I explained that this was something I had to get off my chest: “If I don’t tackle this now, then either it, or something like it is going to happen again. You know me well enough to know that I rarely do anything from a position of anger, but this was insulting and I need to contain the situation.”

The bit was now between my teeth and I was determined to have my say. I wanted her on her own, and the only place I could think of where that could possibly be the case, would be at her home. To ensure that she was home, and with luck home alone, I first called the club to ask if I could speak with the Captain, or his wife? “Sorry Aimie, he just teed off the first tee and Mrs S…-B… is not here”

Thanking the club secretary, I hung up…

This was everything I needed to know: Sinjon would be out on the course for at least four hours and would probably then have lunch and a couple of drinks before returning home. If she was at home, this was my opportunity. I had more than enough time to have words with the bitch and leave her in no doubt as to my opinion of her! However, even as I drove to her house I was still uncertain as to exactly what I was going to say, all I knew was, I was going to have my say and I was going to let her know that she was never going to talk to me in that fashion ever again! Pulling into her driveway around 09:45 a.m., my mind was made up. I was ready for her when I purposely parked my car in front of the garage doors. If she wanted to leave she was going to have to wait for me to move my car and I had no intention of doing so until this, no doubt, canlı casino door step confrontation was concluded. If she tried to close the door on me, I was prepared to block her from closing the it by putting my foot in the door jamb.. Nothing was going to stop me now!

Walking to the front door I caught a glimpse of her as she passed an upstairs window; she must have also seen me because as I approached the front door it opened, and much to my surprise, she actually asked me in… Closing the door, she said “I suppose you want to talk to about yesterday?”

Standing in the hallway, my anger palpable to us both, I moved so close to her we were almost tit to tit! Looking fixedly into her eyes the words that came out of my mouth were nothing like any of the scenarios that I had even remotely considered. Words the like of which took even me by surprise:

“Look here bitch, just because you want to be fucked by a woman, and I think, fucked by me in particular, doesn’t mean you need to cover it up with angry protestations of misplaced bravado, so why don’t you just get on your knees and eat my pussy!”

The look on her gob-smacked face was incredible! To my utter astonishment, she fell totally silent; her mouth wide open as she stared right back at me…

For an instant there, I really thought she was about to hit me and believe me; had she have done so, I was ready to bitch-slap her right back, but NO: she placed her hands on my waist, then slid them down to my hips, got on her knees, lifted my skirt, moved my G-string to one side and moved to kiss my pussy lips, a move that I stopped her from achieving as I demanded:

“Don’t you think you should ask permission before taking it for granted that you can do that to your MISTRESS?”

She looked quite startled as her face turned sharply up to look at me. Her mouth opened as though she was going to say something; her lips were dry, nothing came!

The thought flashed through my mind that it was now of never, either she was going to totally submit or we were enemies for life. Pushing the envelope I pursued my goal: “Well bitch, what have you to say to me?”

Licking her lips and swallowing, her absolutely unexpected response echoed into the portals of my brain: “Yes Mistress, may I please kiss your pussy lips”

“Fete accompli” Total submission; this bitch was mine!

Having given her permission, I allowed her just a moment to do as she has asked before telling her to stand up. Sending her to her bedroom, I told her she was not to get undressed until I came to her. She was to stand and wait by her bed, and when I returned I would watch her strip! In total submission, responding with another “Yes Mistress.” Lucy turned and walked to the stairs. I watched as she went up, not only to admire the way that beautiful arse moved, but also to note the direction in which she went when she got to the top. I needed to not only be confident, but also to look confident when I went up myself.

A couple of days prior to this event Linda and I had gone shopping at ‘Adam and Eve’s Emporium’ for some birthday gift toys to be given to a friend at her party this coming evening. We had left the bag in the car, so why not use a couple of them now, after all, I could replace them on my way back home… So, taking my time I went out and selected a vibe, a bottle of erotic lube, and the Pièce de résistance, the ‘Fetish Elite Vibrating Strap and a selection of detachable Dildos.’ Once removed from their packaging I carefully secluding them in a separate bag before returning to my quarry!

At the top of the stairs I followed in the direction that Lucy had gone; seeing an open door at the end of the corridor, I entered to find my Fuck Bitch standing dutifully at the foot of her bed, hands held submissively together where I had told her to wait.

Standing in the doorway I glanced around the room: Oh yes, my bitch had most certainly married into money. Plush carpeting, canopied four poster bed in a matching environment of chests of drawers and separate vanity. Two well-placed armchairs, large wall mounted television, master bath ensuite and a walk in purpose built closet, the carpentry matching the bedroom suite. Without commenting, I walked across the room making myself comfortable in an armchair…

“Come closer, let me decide if you have anything to offer!”

Whew, the glow that I felt as she moved toward me was empowering… I now knew what I was about and I was going to enjoy the whole experience!

As she approached to within about six feet of me, I held up my hand:

“Stop there, turn around; slowly”

I had admired her body from afar many times, but this time the allure of her was mine to control:

“Stop, turn and face me and undress… Slowly… I’ll tell you when to stop!

Lucy began by moving to remove her high heels: “No, keep them on!”

Response was immediate as I indicated to remove the skirt. Releasing the waist band she leant forward to push it down over kaçak casino her hips and in the process exposed her cleavage to my view: “Stop there, don’t stand up… No, don’t look at me, hold that pose” I took the moment to enjoy the view of her cleavage, those firm tits hanging there, waiting for me to later enjoy!

“Yes, quite nice, OK remove your skirt”

As her skirt fell away I thought she was wearing a petticoat beneath, but said nothing. Now as she unbuttoned her top, I realised it was not a petticoat but a chemise. With her top off, I had her stop again in order to absorb the sexiness of this very feminine of garment’s. I liked the view and gave a small smile of approval before I once again had her slowly perform another twirl. Turning back to face me I had discarded the smile, but I stood; walked toward her; placed a hand on her waist and slowly walked around her, my hand slipping smoothly over the silky softness of the chemise, the heat of her body emanating from beneath… This bitch of mine had an amazing body and as I walked behind her I felt an urge to slap her arse, I stifled the urge, preferring instead to save that pleasure for later. For now, the dominant humiliation of my prize remained my preeminent goal. I walked away and took my seat: “Continue”

Inside I was smiling to myself as it was becoming evident that her breathing was getting a little deeper and faster… Was it frustration; guilt as to what she had got herself into; or maybe, anticipation as to what was next? Whatever it was she continued in her compliance.

Reaching to the straps of her chemise, she hooked her fingers and moved to slip them over her shoulders but before she managed to pull them down I told her to turn and face away from me. As I watched from behind, Lucy slipped the loops; her arms moved to her sides and the silken material slipped down her lithe body, exposing!! I had to stifle a lustful desire to fully express my awe as to what I saw as the chemise dropped away! I was glad now that my demeanour had been one of a careless ‘what ever’ appearance and I was even more glad that she could not see my face… Swallowing hard I managed to retain my hitherto composure and control… It was not easy with the picture that now stood before me!

As the chemise had dropped away this bitches gorgeous bodily shape came into full view, but it was not just the body: As the garment fell over her hips the view of her G-stringed arse was superbly framed by tight buttocks and naked upper thighs; her hips supporting a suspender belt, which in turn supported her mid thigh nylon stockings! Damn it to hell, this was one sexy looking woman, a body that under more routine circumstances I would now have been all over… I was proud of myself in the realisation that I had contained my naturally instinct and desire to touch and to kiss!

“Open your legs and bend forward, let me see your arse” Compliantly, Lucy did as she was told. Reaching behind herself her hands took hold of her butt cheeks, spreading them apart, exposing the cute light brown ring of her anus and the cleanly shaved, full lips of her G-stringed pussy… I licked my lips!

Sitting back in the armchair, I told her to turn again: As she did so I admired the magnificent red coloured half cup brassiere which was so wonderfully showing off two amazing hemispheres of well shaped, evidently natural breasts, a small glimpse of light brown areolar glimpsing over the cups which hid her nipples from my view, at least for now, from the touch of my hands and my mouth. This was no cheap ensemble: The chemise, bra, suspender belt and G-string all of the same material, each adorning a body which was a sexy, gorgeously curvaceous, sight to behold!

Granting her another slight smile of approval, Lucy was now reduced to bra, G-string, suspender belt, nylons and high heels… Mmm, I had to have a picture of this. Yes, she looked somewhat shocked as I pulled out my I-phone, but using my best Nursing voice of reassurance I told her: “Don’t be concerned, no one but me will ever see this.” Lucy smiled but said nothing as I and took her picture…

The intimidation factor was all mine, now she knew for a certainty that I was in command here:

“Thank you Mistress!”

It was now that I chose to tell her to “get on all fours and come closer!”

The responding “Yes Mistress” caused my thighs to lightly squeeze together, and as she looked down to get on her hands and knees I surreptitiously snapped another frame, her amazing shape and stunning cleavage now well recorded…

Internally I gloated a “Whew!” I could have fucked her right there and then, but, that was for later!!

As she moved toward me she momentarily paused, placing a hand into her crotch, evidently releasing a G-string wedgie… I shouted at her: “Hey, what the fuck do you think your doing, touching yourself!?”

“Mistress, my G-string!”

“Be quiet, I’ll tell you when you can touch bitch… Now get over here, turn around and face the bed”

On all fours, sideways before me. I placed a hand on her back and with the other I gave her arse two swift and hard slaps, one to each cheek. Lucy inhaled sharply, an audible hiss coming from her lips… “Mistress, I’m sorry, I won’t do it again!”

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