Field Trip

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I’ve never had such an exciting time at a third-grade field trip. I was feeling sorry for myself having to chaperone, but now I’m glad I went. We were at the new Georgia Aquarium. Amazing place, of course, but not just for the reasons that made the news.

I was going around with my group of five kids and another mom, looking at fish and other creatures, when I noticed this really cute young woman staring at me. Petite, like me, short curly hair, young and pretty, conservatively dressed. She was wearing a little badge over her breast, “Miss Smith”, so I assumed she was a teacher, and I didn’t think I knew her, so it was a little surprising. She got this sheepish look on her face the first time I caught her at it, but kept stealing glances at me whenever she could. Finally, she came up to me.

“Are you Janet’s friend from college?” Real friendly smile. I couldn’t see how she knew about Janet and me, but there it was.

I swallowed hard. “Ummm, yes. Do I know you?”

“No, well, sort of, I was her babysitter that time you came to stay with her about 10 years taksim escort ago. I’m Bonnie.”

I blushed all over, and was glad my loose-fitting top hid my hardening nipples. Did she know Janet and I had spent that entire visit making love? We scheduled that visit for the week her husband was out of town, and had told Bonnie we were going to the movies, but actually we had gone out to the beach and kissed in the moonlight.

“Nice to meet you again, Bonnie. Where is your class? That’s my daughter over there with her friends and my chaperone buddy.”

“Oh, they’re on a scavenger hunt in little groups. We’ll get back together during lunch.” She took my hand and gave it a little squeeze. “I’ve always been sorry I didn’t get to make friends with you that weekend.” I tried to slow my breathing down and not stare back at her. “Maybe we can sit together at lunch?”

“Um, OK,” I mumbled. What I was thinking was, I’ve got to get away from her before I start to kiss her right here in front of the fish tank and all the little kids.

Maybe thirty minutes later we’re heading for the lunch area, and wouldn’t you know it, my kids have decided to sit at Miss Smith’s table, etiler escort and I wound up sitting right beside her. We’re chatting away with our respective third-graders and each other, and it was starting to be a little easier to breathe, when suddenly I felt her hand tracing a line on the inside of my thigh. Then, she knocked over her water glass and it started dripping onto my lap.

“I’m so sorry, come on, let’s get you dried up.”

She took me by the hand to the family restroom and locked the door behind us. Taking my face into her hands, she started kissing me gently, all the while staring into my eyes. “I watched you and Janet,” she whispers between kisses. “Every night I stood outside her window with my hand in my panties, watching you two kiss and make love.”

“I thought so. I think I heard you a couple of times. I don’t think Janet did.”

She laughed her sparkly laugh. “She didn’t. She was surprised how much I wanted her when she finally seduced me after I graduated, before I went to college. She said if she had known I was there she would have invited me in. Janet said you two had been lovers in college.”

“Well, sort of, we spent a couple of beşiktaş escort lonely nights making out when we were between boyfriends. We were too shy to do much before that week I came to visit.”

“After I got my teaching certificate I came back to town, but she had moved away.” Her hand moved down to my breast, took my hardening nipple in her fingers and squeezed. My breath stole away from me, and I got an electric jolt all the way to my toes. Stopping twice at my clit.

“I’m staying with my class at the Marriott. It’s almost five hours on the bus back to town, so we’re going to leave after the Braves game tomorrow. Can you come meet me after they’re asleep tonight?”

I took her fingers to my mouth and kissed the tips gently, and caressed her face and her neck. “I think so. I’ll just tell my husband I ran into an old friend at the aquarium and we’re going to meet for drinks. He can put the girls to bed by himself.”

She gently nudged me toward the sink, lowered herself between my legs and raised my skirt. “You smell delicious.” She nibbled through my panties and my clit exploded.

“Oh my god, stop, we’ll be in here all day.” I tried to pull her head in closer.

“Hee, hee, just a lick and a promise. I wanted to make sure you’d be with me tonight.” As she was talking, she slipped my panties off and into her pocket.

I pulled her up and kissed her deeply. Her nipple jumped under my fingers as I pinched it gently, and I could smell her arousal. “Wild horses won’t keep me away.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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