Filipinas: Cindy

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Author’s notes.

My stories are based on my personal experiences. They are NOT fiction or fantasy. Each story is as close to accurate to what actually happened as I can remember, and I have a pretty good memory (even many years later).

Nobody in this story was underage.

Hi. I’m Pete. I had tried to start several relationships with Filipinas, but nothing ever seemed to work out. I was transiting through Clark Air Force Base on my way back to the US when I met Cindy. I was getting gun-shy about starting something serious because that seemed like a bad idea now. So, when I met Cindy, I decided to keep the relationship simple. I would make no promises about the future, since the future wasn’t something I could control.

I met Cindy while walking around Angeles City. I had decided to go back to the church where I had met Peaches … just in case … but she wasn’t there. As I was leaving, I almost ran over a small, beautiful Filipinas who was entering the church.

I stopped dead in my tracks and apologized for running into her. I was holding her shoulders to keep her from being knocked off her feet. I was impressed by her face and the clothes she wore. She obviously cared about how she looked, and she filled her dress out nicely.

I decided to take a chance. “I’m Pete and I’m sorry for almost knocking you over. Might I know your name?”

She blushed and looked down at her feet and said softly, “My name is Cindy. Do you go to this church?”

“I come here to pray sometimes,” I replied. I never expected to meet such a beautiful girl though.”

She looked up at me and smiled. “Thank you. You are very handsome yourself. Are you stationed at Clark?”

“No,” I replied, “but I am here often. Could I buy you a drink of some sort? Fruit juice or coke?”

“I was on my way to Mass, but I would like to get to know you better,” she replied.

We left the church grounds, and she led me to a small café a couple of blocks away. We both ordered drinks and started talking. It is amazing how much you can learn in a short time.

I found out that Cindy was working here in Angeles city as a cashier at a grocery store. She had been in-town about a month and didn’t really know anybody other than the people she worked with. Cindy said she was very lonely and was getting homesick. She was starting to second-guess her decision to come here. Cindy had originally thought to find work in Manila, but that hadn’t worked out, so she continued north to Angeles City. She was originally from a small town near Legaspi at the southern tip of Luzon.

Her dream was to met a good man who would marry her and give her lots of children (very typical for a young Filipina), but I was the first man who even wanted to talk with her besides her boss (who was already married). “I think that God put you in my path today,” she said. “How else would we have met?”

“I’m glad that you think I was sent by God. That makes me feel pretty special,” I replied. “Here I was thinking that it was my clumsiness that had brought me to you.”

She laughed. “Sometimes what we think is an accident is just God making things happen.”

“I suppose that could be true. Other times, I think it is just God getting out of the way so we can do stupid things and learn from them,” I offered.

“And did you learn anything today, Pete?” Cindy asked.

“Yes. I learned that I like you a lot,” I replied, “but I only have five or six more days here before I leave, so we need to get to know each other a lot faster than normal. I would hate to lose you before we even know each other well.”

“So, what would you suggest?” Cindy asked.

“When do you work and when are you off?” I asked.

She replied, “I am only part-time right now, so I am only able to work in the mornings. I am off in the afternoons and evenings.”

“Perfect,” I said. “I also have duties on-base in the mornings. I suppose that also means that you have this afternoon and evening off.”

“Yes,” she replied. “What did you have in mind?”

“I thought I would show you where I am staying and then I could take you to dinner. Would that be OK?” I asked.

“We could do that if you want,” she answered. “Do you want to go now?”

“If that is OK with you, yes,” I said. We got up and walked over to where several tricycles were parked. We both managed to squeeze in, but it was tight. I told the driver the name of my hotel and we were off. There was little talking on our way there because we were so cramped in the trike.

When we arrived, I stopped at the bar for some ice, and then we headed for my room. Once there, we had the usual mini-tour and I had her sit on the bed while I mixed juice drinks for us. I gave her one of the drinks, and she said it was good. Orange juice and Everclear on ice seemed to be a winner with the girls.

We sat on the bed drinking juice and talking for quite a while. After Cindy had finished a few drinks, I leaned over and asked if I could kiss her. She simply Sincan Escort closed her eyes and puckered her lips. It was the cutest thing ever. I leaned over and softly kissed her. I think it lasted longer than she had expected because her eyes opened. “You taste sweet,” I said.

“It’s probably just the orange juice,” she replied.

“No,” I said, “it is you that I am tasting and I want more.” That made her smile. I leaned in for another kiss, but this time pulled her toward me. I let my tongue play at her lips until she opened them enough for my tongue to slip into her mouth. She was moaning.

“That was the first time I have ever been really kissed,” she said. “I liked it. Can we do it more?”

I smiled. “Of course, we can do it more, as much as you want. I am at your service.” With that, I leaned in for another deep kiss. This time, there was no hesitation, and our tongues were immediately dancing together.

By now, Cindy was laying back against my pillows as I kissed her, and my hands were exploring her body, but I stayed away from her nipples and pussy. I could feel, however, that she was quickly heating up. After several minutes of this, I paused and asked her, “Do you really think that God brought us together?”

“Yes,” she replied softly.

“Then, anything we do from now on is blessed by God. Do you agree?” I asked.

“Yes, Pete, I was blessed to find you, and we are blessed to be together,” she said.

I kissed her deeply again, but this time my hands found her breasts and kneaded them softly. She was practically humming with pleasure. I reached around behind her and slowly pulled the zipper down on her dress. She didn’t even protest. When my fingers found the hooks on her bra and swiftly unhooked them, she gasped, but didn’t struggle.

She was wearing a modest church dress, but soon it and her bra were down around her waist and her breasts were exposed to my lips. I kissed and suckled each in turn until she was moaning constantly. I slipped my shirt off, so I could press my chest against her hard nipples as I kissed her again. Cindy had completely surrendered herself to me.

“Oh my God, that feels so good,” she moaned as I suckled her nipples again. “What are you doing to me?”

“I am just making a beautiful woman feel good,” I answered. I pulled her bra away and continued to slide her dress down over her hips and down her legs. Eventually, it was down around her ankles, and she kicked it off.

After I had kissed her breasts all over, and planted a few hickeys on her tender flesh, I moved south again, kissing her tummy and then moving to kiss her through her panties. That drew more gasps and a desperate comment, “I don’t know what you are doing, but I hope you know that I’m a virgin.”

“I didn’t,” I replied, “but I will be gentle with you and only do what you want me to.” That seemed to satisfy her, and she allowed me to pull her panties down far enough that I could kiss her pussy. She was already very wet, and by now, her body was more in charge than her mind. I slipped her panties down her legs to her ankles, and once again she kicked them off.

Now I could devote my full attention to her vulva, licking and sucking her labia, clit and vaginal entrance. Her juices were running freely out of her and her legs were spread as far as she could get them. The scent and taste of her were heady, warm and sweet. I couldn’t get enough, and I was obsessed by her pussy.

I managed to remove my pants and boxer while I feasted at her pussy, and when she went into meltdown from her orgasm crashing down on her, it was simple to slide up far enough to quickly push my cock deep into he pussy. She was so caught up in her climax that she barely noticed whatever pain it caused her.

I was already stroking in and out of her when she said something. “I didn’t realize that we were going to do this. I thought you were going to ask.”

I replied, “You were enjoying yourself so much that I was sure you would want to go the rest of the way with me. I hope it is OK.”

“I guess it will have to be. You’re already deep inside of me. This feels so much different than I thought it would. Everybody said it would hurt really bad, but it doesn’t,” she said.

I started thrusting away, creating a rhythm that she could follow. At first, she just lay there, but after several strokes, her hips were rising to meet mine. Pretty soon, my cock was thrusting full length into her, pressing against her cervix with every thrust. She was heating up again, and soon there was a chorus of ‘Ooo’s and ‘Aaah’s coming from her. I continued like that for some time, and then I flipped her over onto her elbows and knees to slide in again from behind.

My cock was driving into her even deeper from this angle, a fact that she seemed to enjoy. Soon, her vaginal muscles were contracting around my cock as it drove into her. Her orgasm overcame her senses, and I soon joined her, spilling Etlik Escort large quantities of sperm into her womb as we jerked and spasmed together. Against all odds, I had found paradise again.

“I had no idea,” she said. “Now I know why God brought us together.”

“We do fit together well, don’t we?” I replied. “Maybe you are right about God.”

We collapsed side-by-side on the bed, and I snuggled against her warm body as we fell asleep. So much for my resolution to not create any more relationships with Filipinas. Maybe this one could work out, if God really wanted us to be together.

We woke in the early evening, and I suggested that we get a shower and go grab something to eat. The shower was fun (as they always are with a Filipina who has never had a real shower before. At first, she was shy to be in the shower with me. Then, she thought we were using too much water. Finally, she was hesitant when I asked her to wash my body (even though I had already washed hers). Showers with Filipinas are always an adventure. You never know what you will get.

We went down the street to a small café for some dinner, and then I asked if she would like to go back to my room. She said that she had to be to work early in the morning. I said, “OK, but come back here tomorrow afternoon at one.”

She leaned up and kissed me on the cheek and said, “OK.” I gave her money for a trike, and put her in one before returning to my room.

I had a hard time sleeping that night. I think I had anticipated having her sleep next to me, and when that didn’t happen, I woke up with my usual nightmares a few times during the night. Somehow, the NVA was always able to find me when I was sleeping alone in a room. I was just glad they hadn’t caught me in the jungle. The nightmares seldom visited when I had a Filipina sleeping in my arms.

The next day was my normal routine at Clark. I checked in, ran ten miles, had breakfast, visited the armory and the range, did my exercises at the gym, had lunch and checked out. I was back at my hotel when Cindy came rolling up in a trike. I had decided to wait for her in the lobby, so she wouldn’t be alone on Fields Avenue. There were just too many guys wandering around looking for women.

I took her up to my room, and we lay down together on my bed. She snuggled her butt back against me, and I turned her head to kiss her. That got her to roll over to face me, and she said, “I love you, Pete. I hope you love me too.”

“I might fall in love, but it might take some time. I hope that’s OK,” I replied.

That disappointed her, but she bounced back. “I have committed everything to you, so I hope there is a future for us.”

“I wish I had the luxury of seeing into the future,” I said, “but experience has taught me that nothing is certain in this life, especially not with my job.”

“What is your job, Pete?” she asked.

“I can’t tell you that,” I said, “but I can tell you that it is in Indochina and it is dangerous. Many have already died doing what I do.”

“God will protect you for me,” she said, as if we had a special lock on God’s protection.

All I could say was, “I hope so.” I had seen too much to still believe that God would protect anybody in a war zone.

With that, she was all over me. Today, I didn’t even have to undress her. She stripped off her clothes and helped me with mine. I wasn’t sure what got into Filipinas when they committed to a man, but it seemed like all or nothing for them. If they had claimed you as theirs, there was nothing they wouldn’t do for you. If you were just an acquaintance, then you were on your own.

When all of our clothes were draped over the chair, Cindy straddled my hips and kissed me as she ground her pussy into my cock. I was rock hard almost immediately. She tried to roll us over, so I would be on top, but I said, “Why don’t we try it with you on top?”

“I don’t know how,” was her reply.

“Well, what you were doing was pretty close to what you need to do. Just adjust so that my cock will slide into your pussy. You can use your hand,” I said.

She looked down between us and reached to pull my cock to where it needed to be. Then, she slowly slid onto my cock, fully sheathing it in seconds. “Oh my God,” she said. “It is so big in me. I love how this feels.”

It started slow, with her rocking back and forth on my cock, but then she squatted over me and started rapidly sliding up and down on my shaft. Cindy was going so high that I almost slipped out, but she kept enough control that my cock remained encased. I was thrusting up into her at the same time, and my cock was so deep in her that it felt like it would come out of her throat.

I couldn’t take that for long, and when my climax came, I pulled her down tight on my cock and held her there, so all of my seed would be sprayed into her womb. That set her off, and she collapsed on top of me quivering.

“Wow,” she moaned. Çankaya Escort “I could get used to this. I had no idea that making love felt so good. Everybody just says that it hurts.”

“I know what you mean. If the couple isn’t a good fit, or if the guy isn’t a good lover, it could be quite painful. We are lucky,” I said.

“Not luck,” she replied, “blessed by God.” There it was again. It appeared that Cindy was a true believer.

I needed some rest, so we both fell asleep cuddled up. We woke later in the afternoon, and we showered together again before going to dinner. At the café, we talked some more about life, dreams and ambitions. Her dreams and ambitions were small. Myself, I wasn’t looking too far ahead at all. In my line of work, it just didn’t make too much sense. Too many of my friends had gone missing. The official term would have been “missing in action” (presumed dead) if they had actually been reporting our casualties honestly in Laos, but they never did.

While we were at the café, I asked her if she would spend the night. I told her about my nightmares, and how they mostly came when I slept alone. She said she hadn’t realized how serious my job was (even though she didn’t really know what it was), and if it was bad enough that it would cause nightmares, she would stay with me.

Cindy asked if we could go to her room, so she could pick up some clothes. That way, she wouldn’t have to stop by her room every morning before going to work. I agreed, and we took a trike to her place. She went up alone because she shared the room with other girls, so she didn’t want them stealing her man (plus she said the room was always messy). Then, it was back to my room, where she stashed her clothes in my armoire.

It was just about dark, so we decided we had already had enough time out on the town for one day. She wanted to make love again instead, and who was I to argue? I undressed sitting on the edge of the bed, but she said she wanted to strip in front of me to make me want her more. I didn’t really need any extra incentive. My cock was already hard enough to cut stone.

She did her little strip tease, and it was cute. She was so innocent that she didn’t have much of a clue how to dance seductively. Nevertheless, I was already turned on, so her striptease was still appreciated. There isn’t much that is sexier than an innocent girl who wants to give herself to you.

When she finally slid her panties off her feet, she came over to the bed and leaned over me. The result was me falling back on the bed and her straddling me again. Then, she leaned down to kiss me. Her breasts hung down to my chest and her nipples rubbed against me. If I wasn’t hard before, that would have done it.

I reached between us and aimed my cock at her vaginal entrance. Then, I pushed my cock all the way into her. She squealed in delight. I immediately started thrusting up into her pussy, taking her by surprise. Cindy leaned down and kissed me deeply while I was thrusting into her. I rolled us over, so she was on her back, and drew her legs up to fully expose her pussy to my cock. She gasped every time my cock pressed against her cervix and almost fainted every time I pulled almost all the way out.

It was obvious that she was enjoying our lovemaking. She kept trying to kiss me and pull me in further. She was also urging me on, “Please, give me your seed. I need it in my belly.”

Finally, I could take no more. I felt my climax coming, and I drove as deep into her as I could before shooting spurt after forceful spurt of my seed into her womb. After I was spent, I collapsed onto my side, but leaving my cock still solidly plugging her pussy. That was how I fell asleep … in paradise.

When I woke during the night, Cindy’s body was wrapped around me, hugging me from my front. She was totally entangled with my body. My cock was still close to her pussy, but no longer in it. I needed to go pee, but first I needed to get untangled. When I moved, she woke immediately, and I told her I needed to use the bathroom, so she released me.

When I returned, she wrapped her arms and legs around me again. My hard-on had returned, so when her pussy got close to mine, I shifted a little and slid it into her again. I went slowly. But soon she was bucking against me, obviously awake. That coupling only lasted ten minutes or so, and I was once again filling her with my sperm.

I was used to being awake at night and sleeping during the middle of the day. That was how I operated in Laos. Midday was the only semi-safe time to sleep for more than a few minutes. Therefore, being awake in the middle of the night was common for me. It was when I traveled through the jungle, over the mountains and across the valleys. I did go back to sleep quickly after I emptied my balls, though, and I enjoyed the comfort of a woman wrapped around me. No nightmares.

When my alarm went off the next morning, we got into the shower, but this time, after we had soaped up, I faced her to the wall and entered her pussy from behind. “That feels wonderful,” she squealed. I rammed her relentlessly until I was once again filling her with sperm. She washed herself once more before getting out of the shower while I put on my clothes to enter the base. Cindy quickly dried off and threw on her work clothes.

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