Filpina Discovers Her Bisexuality

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When I had graduated high school, I moved two hours north to the city where I would go to a local university I got accepted into. I was originally from a small town so I was excited when I moved out on my own into the big city.

But I was no noob to the wild lifestyles of youngins in the city. I was a sex fiend. A maniac, if you must. If you had a hard dick, I would fuck you. Just like that. I was the neighborhood smut and proud of it. I didn’t see anything wrong with safely pursuing my high sex drive.

When I got to the university, I met my roommate, a Vietnamese chick who went by the name of Trina. We were both 19 years old and from different small cities. Luckily for me, she was fun to hang out with and next thing you know, we’re best friends. We hung out every night, hit up all the parties and studied together. We even worked at a local retail store together in the evenings. She became my best friend.

One night we went out to Greek row for a string a parties going on since finals were Ankara escort over for the quarter. Being the wild ones (we always hooked up with guys after or during our parties), we jumped house party to house party, taking shots, playing rounds of beer pong and taking hits of blunts and joints. By the time the night was coming to an end, neither of us found a guy to fuck that night, surprisingly. So in our drunken and high stupor, we walked, or more like stumbled, our way back to our dorm room.

We giggled at ourselves and pushed the door open, spilling ourselves onto the living room couch. I was so high and drunk, the room was spinning.

“I can’t believe I didn’t get any dick tonight” complained Trina.

“I know! What the fuck is up with that? I am so horny still..” I replied

“Oh my gosh! Me too!…. I know what will help!!” said Trina, walking into her room.

Moments later she appeared back, just wearing a bra and her short shorts. She had a movie in her hand. She popped in the Ankara escort bayan DVD and “Muffia Wars” started playing. I was hypnotized by the young girls on the screen in 69 position eating each other cunts.

We watched in silence as the movie went on. A few minutes into it, I cuddle up against Trina, feeling the effects of all the drinks and drugs in my system. I felt her moving. Her hand was in her shorts!

I couldn’t believe what was happening and was going to leave but I was too incredibly turned on. The wet pussies on the TV combined with my masturbating roommate raised my horny meter through the roof.

I kissed her, asking her if it was okay. She said yes and kissed me back – her tongue breaking into my mouth. I moved my hand up to her bra and pushed my hand through, catching her hard nipple in between my fingers. I rolled her tit, now turning rock hard as she rubbed her pussy faster. She was moaning in my mouth now.

I moved my mouth lower to breast and took that hard nipple Escort Ankara in my mouth. I flicked it fast and sucked on it, nibbling once in a while. Trina now started moaning louder with lust. Finally, I couldn’t stand it either. I moved down to her pussy, smelling the aroma of what I’d be eating everyday til the end of college. I pulled her shorts off.

“Are you ready for me to eat your pussy?”

“Oh yeah, please, eat my pussy Jezebelle. Lick my cunt, bitch.”

I didn’t wait another second and dove right into the best pussy I ever have ate. I was so horny, and so was she. Her pussy was overflowing. I sucked on her labia and finally licked softly over her clit. She moaned and pinched her tits. I kept eating and finally stuck a finger into her tight pussy. She screamed in pleasure. I was fucking her hard and fast now and knew she was gonna cum soon.

“Are you gonna cum you little slut? You like how I fuck the pussy, huh?!” I yelled at her

“Ohhh yeaaaaaahhh fuck me, fuck! I’m your little slut, eat my cunt” Trina yelled – then she wrapped her legs around my head and came all over my face. I lapped up what I could with my tongue and ate her tired pussy til we both knocked out on the couch.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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