Finally Meeting Ch. 04

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“Well, can I?” The stranger urged you.

“Great question! Would you like him to touch your cock before I do, boy…?” You toyed with me. I knew what you expected me to say. I quietly shook my head “no”.

“Ah, well everyone has their breaking points. Go ahead and give him some spanks until he breaks down and begs you to touch his cock…” You chuckle.

The man’s eyes lit up as he squeezed my ass and then rubbed it before slapping my ass hard. I yelped as he demanded an answer,

“Do you want me to touch your cock, boy??”

“No sir, I want daddy to touch my cock first!” I replied, remaining loyal to you.

Again, he slapped my ass, this time twice. I could feel his hand print starting to burn into my ass. This one hurt a little… He continued to slap my ass, I don’t know how long it went on, but I could still feel you pawing away at my body while he did. After what felt like hours but must have only been a few minutes, he slapped my ass again, much harder.

“Again, boy, do you want me to touch your cock??” He continued to interrogate me.

“N… no sir, I want daddy to touch… touch my cock first” I remained defiant.

You nodded, and he slapped my ass one final time. This one hurt. Bad.

“BOY” He shouted, “I asked you a question!”

“Ow, FUCK!” I cried out, “FUCK, that hurt. PLEASE touch my cock, just stop beating my ass, FUCK”

“Ha ha! Wow, boy… couldn’t even make it five minutes and you’re already breaking loyalty to me. Doesn’t matter, I see how beet red your ass is, must’ve been painful. I’ll let this one slide, but any more language like that from you and I’ll wash your mouth out with my cum.”

I nodded and whimpered, “yes sir”, but it took all that was in me not to grin. I kind of liked the sound of that last part. The man, however, finally receiving permission, gripped my cock tight. I would argue too tight, but he wanted to see my cock swell. I winced a bit as he applied pressure, however he soon released his death grip on my member and began stroking it gently.

“You like this, boy?” He asked, looking up at me.

“Yes sir, it feels… mmm, it feels rather nice,” I replied, smiling, squirming in place.

“Come here, boy” you interrupted, “place your hands on the nightstand and your feet on the beds. I want you elevated like a slutty little car that needs to be worked on.”

“Yes sir”

Again, the only Onwin words out of my mouth as I complied willingly.

“Stay here,” You commented as you got up from the bed. I was curious where you were going, but I remained obedient and held my position. The stranger was enjoying it, clearly, I could see his cock leaking pre-cum as he ran his hands all over me. Suddenly I heard the door open! I almost shrieked, but thankfully it was just you holding my clothes. Wait, my clothes!? Before I could say anything you tossed my clothes out into the motel parking lot and shut the door.

“That’s in case you think about running, boy. You’re mine now, understand?”

“Y-yes sir”

I was a little stunned, if I’m being entirely honest. I felt trapped, but also safe. Is that even possible? Oh who cares, I had already come this far, what’s something else I wasn’t expecting? I had no clothes now. So what? At least the stranger found it funny, he couldn’t stop chuckling as he must have kept replaying that moment over and over in his head.

“Mmm, good boy,” You growled, as you walked back over to the beds.

I faced the wall with my hands propped up against the sturdy nightstand and my legs spread apart, one on each bed. It almost felt natural, like I belonged on some sort of pervy pedestal in front of you two. There was a part of me that enjoyed being treated like this, like a piece of meat. It felt good to know that I was finally giving back to the world instead of just taking from it day after day. I was no longer working for someone else and answering easy questions for an easy paycheck, I was finally being used for something bigger and better. You two genuinely found me attractive, and I could tell how much pleasure this was giving you both.

Just touching my naked body set you two into a frenzy. The stranger seemed to have an obsession with my legs and my cock, he couldn’t leave them alone. You enjoyed my nipples and hair, you couldn’t stop playing with them. I had received many compliments on my longer hair, but you expressed your appreciation in different ways. You ran your fingers through my hair, every once in awhile gripping tight, like you were holding yourself back but you had to get something out of your system. You enjoyed the way I winced after you pinched my nipples sharply. The stranger enjoyed it as well, he would stare in wonder as my cock jumped with every twist. He Onwin giriş would occasionally rub my cock and wait for the pre-cum bead to form.

“So what now…?” The stranger asked you, “I’m SO loving what we’re doing now, but what’s the plan?”

“I think he needs a good fucking. What do you think about that, boy?”

I didn’t want to smile too wide, otherwise who knows what kind of treatment I might receive? I simply nodded my head, cracked a tiny grin, and replied “If you would like, sir. I’m now yours, remember?”

“That’s my boy… Come, lay across the corner of this bed. Now.”

I promptly obeyed, laying my body across the bed. I could feel you get into position behind me. Your cock split my ass cheeks, but you didn’t penetrate me. I could tell something else was going on when it finally clicked. You held your cock between my cheeks and began sliding up and down my crack. Oh God it felt so good. It was the perfect amount of lust and the perfect amount of tease. I wanted nothing more than for you to fuck me, but at the same time I wanted nothing more than for you to keep teasing my ass.

My head was spinning with conflict. This feeling was unlike anything I had known before. My eyes were shut tight as I grabbed a handful of the sheets. I couldn’t take it anymore! I let out a muffled moan into the bed sheets as I continued to let your cock fuck my ass cheeks like a hotdog. Maybe I had a degradation kink that was just beginning to be discovered? Or maybe you found a particularly stimulating part of me that managed to hit me in all the right places. None of that mattered to the stranger, however, all that mattered was that my face was buried in the mattress.

“Boy, I can’t feel your lips with my cock if I can’t see them… you know that, right?” He suggested.

“Oh, I’m sorry sir!” I replied, my hair falling in front of my face as I turned towards him.

“Mmm, it’s okay sweet thing,” He stroked his cock as he brushed the few hairs out of my face. “Just relax a little. I want to feel everything…”

I closed my eyes and did as I was told. He slowly rubbed his cock around my lips. Mmm! He didn’t taste bad at all! I was worried that with the airport, the bathroom, not knowing his take on personal hygiene, that I would be unpleasantly surprised with his cock. Not at ALL the case! The texture was warm and velvety, and the precum gathered at the tip of his cut cock was almost sweet. I could get used to this… He could tell, too, because a quiet moan of ecstasy slipped from my lips.

“I think he likes it, huh?” You said, daddy. The stranger nodded in agreement. “Wider boy, suck his cock good. The man’s had a rough day, his flight was cancelled. Treat him right!”

Before I could get out the words ‘yes sir’ his cock was deep in my mouth. Not too far, but too far to talk. He wrapped his fingers around my head and held me in place against the bed while he worked his cock around every surface of my mouth. Nothing went untouched, he wanted it all. He especially loved the back of my mouth (go figure) and kept pressing deeper. I wasn’t sure if I could keep from gagging, so I put a hand on his thigh, pushing back slightly.

“Whatever you have to say, boy, it can wait.” He informed.

All I could do was gargle and push back harder.

“It can WAIT, boy! Whatever it is.”

My mistake was trying to be obedient and let go at once, but since he was pulling my head down over his cock… well, I think you get the idea. His cock went in as far deep as it could possibly go. I knew because I felt his sack slap my chin and his recently shaved pube stubble poked at my jaw. I don’t know how long I coughed or how long he laughed, but I’ll admit it was *slightly* humorous. If it wasn’t happening to me I’d be rolling laughing, probably! The reality was, however, that it *was* happening to me and I couldn’t stop gagging on his cock. Oh, but it felt so good to know he was enjoying himself. I honestly couldn’t tell if I was getting off more to the blowjob I was giving or to the fact that he was using me to get off.

“Hold him still, will you?” You asked as you stopped fucking my cheeks. I could feel you realign your cock at my asshole. I knew what was coming and I was so excited and ready. Before I could think about much more – OH! There it was… well, there *you* were, slipping inside of me for the second time. I can’t believe I had already forgotten what you felt like. Your cock had a unique shape to it, the upper half of the shaft expanded ever so slightly more than the base, and I could feel every inch of it fighting to get inside me. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted nothing more than for you to be inside of me, but I wasn’t used to it. I had only been fucked once before, by you! Maybe in the past hour or so. I was still a little tender but I couldn’t care less. I was getting what I needed and, as weird as it sounds, not even comfort could persuade me to ask you to stop!

[To be continued…]

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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