Fiona and Ariel Ch. 01-03

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This is the story of a lesbian love affair between two bisexual women, enjoy…

Chapter 1

The emotion was building inside Fiona as her husband Allen thrust into her from behind, she could feel his manhood filling her up, the delicious feel of him inside her never failed to make her thankful that he was in her life. For Fiona it was not just about the physical sensations it was about their sexual and sensual intimacy as an extension of the human bond that existed between them.

Allen was thrusting harder now as Fiona felt her orgasm approaching it felt so damn good the feeling of his dick inside her completely filling her. She felt him angling to hit her G spot as she reached climax, he was so good at that, damn.

And then the crashing waves of her orgasm began to hit her like tidal waves emanating deep inside her passage and washing throughout her body in glorious release, she was aware of her pussy clinging to his dick and pulsating with pleasure, god this was so good.

Just as her orgasm was beginning to subside another came to take its place taking her to another place as if she was removed from herself, and in this condition of ecstasy, unbidden Ariel came into her mind.

Ariel was an on-line friend who Fiona had met recently on line, they had never met in person but the moment they met on-line Fiona had realized that there was something special between them. Ariel like herself, was a wife and mother but was 37 years old as opposed to Fiona’s 25. Fiona remembered clearly their ultimate online chat.

They had so many life experiences in common it was amazing and the human bonding that had occurred between them was nothing like anything else that Fiona had ever experienced it was like Ariel knew what she would say next almost like they merged together in their on-line experience it was almost like a spiritually orgasmic experience the intensity of the closeness between them, even though physically they were several miles apart.

They had agreed to meet the following day at her house, Ariel would be driving the 40 miles to see her, suddenly her orgasm started coming to an end. It had been so good this time, the best she had ever had. Fiona realized that she had almost fainted due to the intensity of her orgasms, she was also aware that the experience had been heightened by the thought of her new friend.

She felt so blessed to have her husband, Allen in her life, she also felt blessed to have her new friend Arial. Gradually she began to come down from the high of her orgasms, feeling the homely feeling of Allan’s embrace, his hand lightly cupped around her breast, she would fall asleep in his arms and she would sleep peacefully tonight. She loved her husband so much she really did and perhaps she felt a little guilty because the last person she had on her mind before she fell asleep was Arial.

Chapter 2

Ariel lay awake in bed, held in the embrace of her sleeping husband John. Ariel loved her husband very much and had tender memories of the start of their intimate relationship before they were married. Ariel Casibom had made it clear to John that if their intimate relationship was to continue, John would have to learn to give her oral sex and would have to learn to do it well. John had been embarrassed about this as he had never tried it before and came from a family very conservative about what permitted sexual practices should include, basically the missionary position, you could forget foreplay of any type.

Thus it was that in severe embarrassment John had been coaxed to become used to the idea of licking her pussy with his tongue. She loved him that he was prepared to do this and would never forget the process of him moving from an almost frightened exploration of her vagina with his tongue to the point where he was rewarded by the sounds of her orgasmic joy. What John would never know of course was that she would always have accepted him even if he had not been prepared to perform this service for her but she was so glad that she had pushed him to do it and he now admitted that he was pleased as well.

While John had become expert at giving head this had not dampened Ariel’s desire to also give this and receive it from other women. The reverse in fact the very fact that of his skill in doing it had served make her desire to do this with other women stronger. She had gone through a string of single women, single and either lesbian or bi. It had never lasted long one week maybe two, all they were after were fuck bubbies somebody to give them some sexual release when they wanted it. She had had some fun definitely but she felt she wanted more in her relationships.

She had only ever met Fiona on line but she instinctively knew, that Fiona was different, Fiona like herself, although more than 10 years younger, was married like her and had many things in common. Fiona was a person she just liked being in the company of she knew that already even though she had only contacted her on-line so far. She would take Fiona under any circumstances and would have her just as a friend if that is what Fiona wanted, despite the closeness she felt but she really hoped that something more could develop.

Ariel slowly started kissing her husband all over with the intention of bringing him to consciousness she lightly held his dick in her hand feeling it begin to harden. She offered John one of her breasts which he lightly suckled, that felt so good. She felt her nipple harden and then suddenly cool air on it as John switched to the other breast. Over time John became more ardent in sucking her breasts and Ariel felt her excitement building she leaned over then and whispered lightly in his ear, “go down on me, I really need it.”

Ariel’s pussy was already wet when John started to lick, first he started licking around her thighs and then moved to her vagina itself with long slow strokes up the lips. Gradually the movements of his tongue became faster and more ardent, it felt incredible to Arial as the lay basking in the pleasures coming from her pussy, this was so fucking good. Now John was switching to Casibom Giriş her clit licking it with fast strong strokes, Ariel felt her orgasm building it was incredible she was going to cum. Suddenly John started to suck her clit, sucking hard and Ariel came hard “ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ,aaaah she screamed her body shaking uncontrollably as the orgasm tore through her body filling her whole being. Now John started probing deep into her vagina with his tongue, it felt incredible, she felt so loved, so cared for, so attended to, fuck she thought I am cuming again and this time her hands went to John’s head as if she were trying to force him into her vagina.

Ariel felt as if he were floating loosing herself in the sensations, what John did not know was that she was fantasizing that it was Fiona giving her head, Fiona who she had felt such a close connection to when they had been on-line last night, Fiona had e-mailed Ariel her photograph. She was young and beautiful with long black hair and Ariel was imagining this long black hair fanned out over her as she ate her out.

With one orgasm after another, Ariel now felt a need to have John’s dick inside her and as he came up for a breath, she pushed him onto his back. Quickly she knelt above him assuming position and inserting his now very hard, throbbing dick into her pussy, engulfing him completely she felt completely filled the sensation was exquisite. Now John’s hands moved to her breasts as Ariel slowly fucked him, she loved it when he did that. It would not be long before John came, faster and faster she went screaming in ecstasy. As John finally came in long steady convulsions, Ariel said “that was incredible, thank you, I love you.” John said in reply I, “you are incredible, I love you and I am so lucky to have you”. Ariel thought to herself, yes he is but I am luckier. John would be late to work but what was the priority here? What it should be, satisfying her needs.

As John got ready and left her Arial thought to herself I will have to get ready myself, I want to look my best when I meet Fiona.

Chapter 3

Fiona realized that she was waiting with anticipation for Ariel to arrive nervous, exited, she had never felt like this. Ariel had told her she had just left her house 50 minutes ago, Fiona expected her to arrive any minute.

At that moment there was a ring at the door, it took all he effort for Fiona not to run to the door, instead she walked slowly over and opened the door. She was met be a confident blond woman of about medium height and in good physical shape. Taking in Ariel’s appearance Fiona noticed that she had tight jeans and an expensive belted cashmere top the belt had large links Ariel was also wearing expensive leather boots with 2 inch heels. Arial was immaculately turned out and Fiona’s acutely tuned nose could detect that she was wearing channel No.5.

At the same time as Fiona was appraising her, Ariel was appraising Fiona. Fiona was wearing a black leather skirt black tights short velvet boots with a 1 ½ inch heel and a thin black top that accented a nice Casibom Güncel Giriş pair of breasts. Fiona’s long silky black hair was accented by her black clothes. Fiona was about the same height as Ariel and had a slender yet well proportioned physique and an air of relaxed anticipation. Ariel thought to herself, oh god how I want to fuck this woman, but instead said, “hi Fiona so nice to meet you at last, give me a hug”, after a light kiss on the cheek Fiona slid into her arms eager to accept the comfort offered. Arial felt strangely protective of Fiona, yes this one was definitely different.

As Fiona broke from the hug she felt a tingling all over her body, wow she thought, it is like my body yearns for Ariel. Fiona motioned Ariel to sit on the couch and asked “do you like cappuccinos Ariel”, Ariel replied yes please I love them. Fiona went off to prepare the cappuccinos and returned a minute later.

The two chatted about their lives their husbands their kids and found they did indeed have many things in common suddenly Fiona said out of the blue, “I love you Ariel”. To which Ariel replied “honey the feeling is mutual”. “I want you to try something for me, sit absolutely still close your eyes and try to feel my presence here, I will do the same.”

Fiona relaxed closed her eyes and as Ariel had said, tried to feel Ariel’s presence and as she did was aware of a warm sensation through her whole body, she felt so much love, so accepted, she almost felt like she was floating. Ariel with her eyes closed definitely felt Fiona’s presence it was a warm feeling that they were meant to be together, Ariel had never felt this feeling with anybody before the feeling seemed to go on forever.

Finally both women slowly began to open their eyes, then suddenly Fiona leaned over and kissed Ariel directly on the lips. Ariel, although initially surprised was not slow to capitalize on the opportunity responding by cooperating in deepening the kiss. Fiona’s lips against Ariel felt so soft and sumptuous. As the kiss progressed it became increasingly more ardent.

Fiona thought to herself this is incredible. And then why did I do it so suddenly impetuously it is like I am another person with Ariel more forthright more direct. At the same time however Fiona had self doubts, is what I am doing correct, am I a lesbian, she was apprehensive. In this mood their first meeting wound up.

That night Fiona was in bed with her husband, he was on top inside her, fucking her slowly and gently. She loved how Alan’s dick filled her completely. She was glad that he was taking it at a leisurely pace allowing her to feel the sensations for a prolonged period. In and out pulling back and then filling her completely with his manhood Fiona felt so loved so cared for so attended to.

Gradually Fiona began to approach orgasm and small noises escaped he mouth, “ahh, ahhh, ahhhh”, and at that point Alan began to kiss her through the orgasm, it felt so good his lips on her like that while he was deep inside her she felt a warmth emanating from her pussy, the had her eyes closed savoring the lips of her husband kissing her ardently as he fucked her. Suddenly Fiona became aware that she was thinking of Ariel and their kiss earlier in the day….


So I hope you liked the first 3 chapters, do you want to see more?

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