Fiona and Janice Find Desire

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They first met at a fetish shop and had both the same thought about each other, when they saw a latex garment they seemed to find interesting, one of them said, “It would look good on you.”

She laughed, “I thought the same thing for you.”

“Hi I’m Fiona.”

“Janice, pleased to meet you.”

“First time here?” Fiona asked.

“Second time, you?” Janice asked.

“A number of times, I find it entertaining and some clothing has gone home with me.” Fiona said.

“Does your husband like it?” Janice asked.

“He passed away in an accident two years ago, and nothing steady for the time being.” Fiona said.

“Sorry about that, and hope you find someone that comforts you. In my case I`m seeking something that could make life a little more interesting with my hubby when he is around, which is not often.” Janice said.

“That’s a shame and so common now a days.” Fiona said.

“Yes you are right, although I still love him, sometimes it is difficult as you know.” Janice added.

“Good luck with that. I have to leave you, maybe we meet again here.” Fiona added.

“Yes that would be nice if it happens, maybe you could tell me more about the outfits. Nice meeting you, bye.” Janice said and kissed her on the cheek, touching her hand adding, “Beautiful skin.”

“Thank you Janice I can say the same about yours, we seem to have taste and skin that match our likes, that is a very good start.” Fiona said and laughed.

They went their own way. Months later they met at a party not knowing they would find each other there, it is a very pleasant surprise for both of them, they seemed to click better than last time, drinks helped them to further open up, they passed their addresses and phone numbers. Dancing music playing and many women were dancing, they joined them in the dance floor enjoying themselves, looking at each other often smiling and laughing. Later Janice’s hubby came over when they had stopped dancing, recovering with drinks, he introduced himself, “Hi, I’m Joshua, pleased to meet you.”

“Likewise, I’m Fiona.”

“You two seem to be having fun.” Joshua said.

“Yes we are.” Janice confirmed.

“Love, I hate to spoil, but I’ve got a long day tomorrow.”

“If you want I can drop you at your place Janice.” Fiona offered.

“Thank you Fiona, it’s your call Jan.” Joshua said.

“I’ll stay on if you don’t mind love.” Janice said.

“Not at all, see you later.” Joshua said and kissed her, “Thank you Fiona and good night.” Joshua said.

“Good night to you Joshua.” Fiona said and kissed him good bye.

“Is he always like that?” Fiona asked.

“If you had not offered I would have had to go, no way he’d let me get a cab, unless he is familiar with most of the people at a given place, which is not often.” Janice said.

“Overprotective?” Fiona asked.

“Hmm maybe, not sure, it could be education.” Janice said.

“Are you submissive to him?” Fiona asked.

“No, I’m not.” Janice said.

“What happens when you get annoyed?” Fiona asked.

“Not too many times have I had the chance to get annoyed with him, his career has made us grow apart, so when we are together we share nice moments but they are becoming hard to get.” Janice said, thoughtful and kind of sad face as she mentioned those words.

“Sorry Janice, it was not my intention to get my nose into your affairs.” Fiona said.

“Nothing to worry about, it’s good to be able to talk about it and you seem to have an understanding in these matters.” Janice said.

“Then I’ll be there for you whenever you need to talk.” Fiona said.

“Thank you Fiona, I’m becoming very fond of you in a very quick way, which is uncommon in me.” Janice said.

“It’s good to have someone.” Fiona said.

“Yes it is, maybe you are that someone. You who are free to do what you want, is there a lucky one to share you?” Janice asked with interest.

“No I don’t have that someone to share, but I do like the way you just said that, it felt as you just flirted with me.” Fiona said.

Janice blushed and said, “If I did, it was unintentional.”

“Janice, I liked it. Feel free to say whatever you want to me, speak your mind out, please.” Fiona said and smiled to her and Janice smiled back. Fiona wondered if it was her natural way with everybody or a sign of interest, hoping to have the second. Janice not sure about what she feels for Fiona, which she only became aware of now, is it what she thinks it is? They glanced at each other a little longer than normal, they both blushed not telling the other they had, but knowing they had themselves.

Fiona quickly jumped on to a subject to distract and remain in the momentum at the same time, “You should play games with your hubby maybe that gets his attention towards you.”

“By that you mean?” Janice said as in a game.

“Well if he happens to be submissive and you are sure of it, you can play a world of games.” Fiona said.

“Maybe he is, I’d have to test him.” Janice said.

“You are so sensual and sexual, merter escort you need to share your body and fulfill your fantasies Janice.” Fiona said, complimenting her.

“Finding you has made me open a door which I want to keep open. Yes, I do have fantasies and would love to have a go at them.” Janice said, feeling free as she had not felt in a long time.

“Janice, it’s getting late, do you mind if we get going?” Fiona said.

“No, not at all, let’s go.” Janice said.

They thanked the host, some other guests were also leaving. Fiona drove Janice to her place and stopped by her house.

“Janice here we are.” Fiona said.

“Fiona thank you again, I’ll call next week and we can get together.” Janice said touching her hand lightly.

“I look forward to it Jan.” Fiona said not moving her hand away. They kissed as friends do and Janice got off the car, they waved good bye.

The week started and Fiona got no call from Janice and she had her hopes up. Now Thursday and no call. Fiona now annoyed not having any news from Janice. What went wrong, it had been so nice so different, it had some magic that last time they met, frustration seemed inevitable. Friday morning nearing midday Fiona got a text, “Fiona I had a hectic week, I’ll give you a call at about 2 p.m. if you are available. Janice”

Fiona texted back, “Yes give me a call if you want, or come home directly.”

“I’ll go over then and your address would be?” Janice texted.

“I did give it to you, just the same, 543 Chestnut Rd., see you then.” Fiona texted.

Janice arrived at Fiona’s house just after 2 p.m., got off her car slightly nervous and not sure if she would feel the same about Fiona as the other night, she will know now as she gets to the door and rings the bell.

Fiona opened the door, “Hello Janice, so nice to see you and how your look, sexy elegant.” Janice has a leather overcoat, dark grey skirt with an opening split, matching boots and a red silk blouse, make up and pony tail.

“You look so beatifully dressed also. I had to drop Joshua at the airport. ” Janice said, having not only dressed for Joshua and herself..

“I had a busy morning and had to go the bank and lawyer to get papers signed.” Fiona dressed with a leather pants white silk blouse, high heel strappie sandals. After flattering each other they kissed hello and embraced.

“Come give me the overcoat let’s have a coffee.” Fiona said.

“I’m sorry could not call you earlier in the week, Joshua’s company on occasions has meetings and when possible they want the wife’s around, that kept me quite busy it was mostly on short notice.” Janice said explaining.

“I thought it strange not having any news from you. We had a good time the other night and wondered, but here you are.” Fiona smiled in a happy way.

“Yes finally I’m here and happy about it. Fiona so what is it that you do?” Janice said and asked.

“As a living I have a trustful person who runs my late husband’s business, we like and respect each other very much and he is happily married. When I do not have a board meeting or other matters concerning business, I go here and there, exercise, friends, etc.” Fiona said.

“A beautiful woman as you cannot be alone for long, it should not be like that unless you want to.” Janice said.

“I do have dates which last mostly a day, I meet them and say good bye. Once it lasted a week.” Fiona said, making a face that shows they were not suited for her.

“Is it luck or you want a special one?” Janice asked trying to dig a little deeper.

“What about white wine instead of coffee?” Fiona said changing subject.

“Yes I like the offer, it makes us drop inhibitions.” Janice said.

“Good choice of words Jan.” Fiona said.

“Well then, tell me.” Janice said.

“Tell you what?” Fiona said, and handed the sweet flavored white wine to Jan.

“Thank you, delicious wine.” Janice said.

“Yes it is, I found it last year and have made it a favorite of mine.” Fiona added.

“You have a lovely house.” Janice said.

“Thank you and please stop flattering me, one way or the other, I might end up thanking you with a kiss, if I have too much wine on me.” Fiona said.

“I have not been kissed by a woman and if I had to, I guess you would be a good choice.” Jan said blushing as Fiona did, “You have not answered me yet.” quickly changing subject.

“About?” Fiona asked.

“Dating someone.” Janice said.

“Oh, yes it’s true, I have become choosy. If I decide to share my body with anybody, I need that person to click with me.” Fiona said.

“In a small way I think I can understand you, those hands of yours should only touch who you feel are worthy of them.” Janice said.

“Just the same as yours.” Fiona complimented.

“Are we flirting?” Janice asked not quite sure.

“I believe we are and I agree having that vibration that even scared at the beginning will let yourself go with a deep hunch that the other side is in the same wave length.” zeytinburnu escort Fiona said.

“You are so sensual; it is incredible you do not have a load of people calling you constantly.” Janice said.

“Jan do you open up with everybody, say as we are talking now?” Fiona asked.

“No, I don’t, with you I’ve found a kindred spirit.” Janice said.

“I admit that with you I feel and say what I would not say to other women and I do have life long friends that know me far more than you do now and even know some of my kinks.” Fiona said.

“This is getting interesting by the minute, since we are opening up, what kinks get you off the most?” Janice asked, now with a sexual interest.

“If I tell you one, you are to tell me one of yours, yes?” Fiona added.

“It’s fair.” Janice said.

“Ok then, come with me now and I’ll show you some garments. I hope you are open minded.” Fiona said.

“I think I am, I do know that some things get me going and others are a turn off. We did meet the first time in a fetish shop, that by itself shows that I like kink and open minded.” Janice said.

“You are right, now look at this.” Fiona showed Jan as she got it out of the cupboard.

“Latex, and you have all of it, skirts, shorts, cat suit, bra, panties, stockings, gloves, wow, you are a true fetishist and I love it.” Janice said.

“I like and have items of pvc, vinyl, leather, nylon, pantyhose, etc.” Fiona said.

“Fiona you are getting me wet.” Janice said blushing, “Oh, god, I should have never said that, please excuse me.” Janice added lowering her eyes.

“I hope I do, because you get me wet, you are beautiful and so open with me.” Fiona said.

“Is this going where I think it’s going Fiona?” Janice asked, nervous and excited.

“We are adults and free, sorry I’m free, don’t know how free you feel you are.” Fiona said trying to get Janice into the a sexual loop, but respecting her at the same time.

“That is a tough one for me, I love Joshua and have never been with a woman and with anyone else for that matter, since I married, although I have had fantasies with women occasionally, meeting you has made me very aware of it.” Janice said.

“I like how you flirt with me Jan, I won’t deny that I like you and you turn me on. It is your call and understand if you turn away, no one can take that step for you.” Fiona said looking sensually at her.

“How you tell me that, makes it even worse.” Jan said and touched Fiona’s shoulder.

“It’s your call or choice, do you fell free to let yourself go?” Fiona asked.

‘I…” Janice said and remained silent.

“I know for a fact that we would be deep kissing by now.” Fiona said hoping.

“I may need to think about it, I think I’m going to cry.” Janice said.

“Do what you need love.” Fiona said. They embraced and kept that way for a couple of minutes, heads on shoulders. Fiona could not help herself and got her leg nearer to Jan’s crotch.

Jan felt her, waited a second, and said, “You are naughty Fi.”

“Yes I am, and I do not excuse myself for it, I want you.” Fiona said.

“I know, as much as I want you, this has got me emotionally exhausted. please give me something to drink.” Janice said.

“Come let’s go back to the living.” Fiona said.

Fiona poured more wine, “Here Jan.”

“What happens if we go ahead?” Janice asked.

“Lots of things happen, you will have to feel if you are bisexual or not, if it’s a one-night stand or it could be far more.” Fiona said.

“Yes it’s a lot to handle and not.” Janice said.

“It is, by the way I’m bisexual for the time being and if it happens between us, I might get dominant, just letting you know a little more about me. You have triggered a lot of emotions in me.” Fiona said.

“I somehow gathered that, even your posture shows you like to control.” Janice said.

“Do you mind that?” Fiona asked.

“No, if every now and then I can do what I want, if it happens as you said.” Janice said.

“Maybe we are going too far ahead, first you have to decide if you want me.” Fiona said.

“You know I do, stop pushing me Fiona.” Janice said.

“Sorry, just that you seem to be the one I’ve been waiting for and cannot know until we are together, until you let me kiss those beautiful lips.” Fiona said.

Jan started to cry, “No, I have to leave.” She got up immediately got her overcoat and ran out.

“Jan please.” Fiona said in a loud voice as Jan went to her car, got the engine started and left. Fiona went back to the house and started crying herself.

Half an hour later Janice still in her car, having cried for long, decided that she had to go for it, she had not felt like that in her life. Her feelings could not be compared to the day she married Joshua, they are far more intense, Fiona made her sigh. Not being with Fiona would make her yearn for her and get her nowhere. She started the engine, the car rolled with a different Janice in it, she was prepared to go for it no güneşli escort matter what. She drove carefully and stopped the car back at Fiona’s place, the lights of the house were on, she got off and with a firm walk headed to the door and rang the bell. Fiona opened, Janice noticed she had been crying.

“Fiona, I’m sorry for running away, I’m a fool, forgive me, please.” Janice said.

“Come on in Jan and you are not a fool.” Fiona said.

“You are so understanding.” Janice said.

“We need to clear a couple of issues.” Fiona said.

“What issues?” Janice asked.

“Yours mostly, you do understand that taking this step could ruin your marriage, not saying it will. If after we are together we happen to understand our needs in a deeper sense, you will be in turmoil.” Fiona said, in order not to take advantage of the situation.

“I am already there and that is why I came back; I’d never forgive myself if I do not try it out with you. All week I’ve been thinking about you, even your smell incites me, please Fiona.” Janice said.

“Jan I’ve been all week waiting your call and so happy when I received your text and seeing you when you came over made warm all over.” Fiona said, “Coffee or?”

“Whatever or is, I’ll take.” Janice said.

“Here, it’s a sparkly wine.” and handed the wine touching intentionally her hand and keeping it against her tender skin.

“Interesting, thank you.” Janice said.

“What is interesting?” Fiona asked smiling at her.

“The wine…your skin is even more so. I’m glad to be feel free to say it.” Janice said.

“To say what?” Fiona asked.

“You know, but I’ll say it, you my love and the skin that your body has surrounding your beautiful soul.” Janice said.

They looked at each other intensely, Fiona started towards Janice they are both standing. Janice put her glass down on the table by her side and waited for Fiona to reach her, turned on, thrilled, nervous. Fiona left her glass on the table and touched her lips with her finger, Janice opened slowly her mouth and sucked the tip of it. With one hand Fiona started embracing her waist, now dropping her hand from her mouth and tenderly making her lips feel her lover’s for the first time. They part for an instant and touched again slowly feeling each other, opening their lips to get the tongues brushing and then intruding into their mouths giving them passion. Legs intertwined. Just female pheromones dancing all over. In silence Fiona got her lovers hand and took her to the bedroom after kissing and playing half an hour. Fiona turned the night table light on, got her blouse off and put it over the lamp shade to dim it. Janice followed and got her blouse off.

“Wait love, let me undress you.” Fiona said.

“Are you sure Fiona?” Janice said.

“Yes, as I get your clothes off, I want to admire the beauty of your body.” Fiona said and Janice felt a warm wave sweep her body.

“I want to see yours love.” Janice said.

“You will in minutes.” Fiona said, behind her back geting her bra off and kissed her back lightly, then extending her hand to feel her breasts her finger went to the nipple now erect. Janice got goose bumps.

“Oh, you are so cute Jan.” Fiona now at her front, kissed her deeply and Jan’s hands went onto Fiona. “Let me get you naked love.” and got her skirt off, “Sit on the bed, let me get the boots off.” and as she did her lips kissed her feet.

Janice moaned, “Mm, mm.”

“I’m going to get my clothes off.” and did on the quick side. Janice could not hold any more and quickly got rid of her stockings and panty.

“You could not wait could you?” Fiona said.

“No I’m desperate, please come over.” Janice said already lying on the bed.

Fiona now naked added, “I see we are both hairless, how beautiful.” and came over to onto Janice. Their bodies touched, hands going all over feeling the skin which is most of the time covered by clothing, soft, elastic with electric excitement as they felt each other, enjoying.

Fiona kissed Janice, then went onto her breasts touching and sucking, nibbling her nipples. now very erect and hard, Janice could not hold any longer her body twitched involuntarily, she no longer had control over it as her orgasm started flowing. Fiona loved the way she came and followed kissing under her breasts, lowering onto the stomach, kissing and licking her fingers now playing around her clit, going round and then touching it, and again Janice became stiff and another orgasm, Fiona’s lips now on her pussy licking eating her juices with Janice having a succession of orgasms and the last ones ending just with a hiss from her voice.

Janice looked at Fiona, reached out and kissed her, now fondling her, she was so hot and turned on that as soon as Janice played a little with her fingers she came, Janice went on and soon came again and again. Janice dived with her mouth tasting her juices and making her come again. Janice moved a hand onto her ass and a finger played around her anus, Fiona came again. Soon they were relaxed as their hands embraced.

Fiona looked at Janice, “I love the way you handled me Janice, difficult to believe you have no experience.”

“I tried to go more or less as you did and then I let myself do.” Janice said.

“Please don’t take this the wrong way, but you do know how to have sex with a woman.” Fiona said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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