Fire Emblem (Fat)es Pt. 09

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Agricultural Center’s Meeting Room, 2 days later

The wide, octagonal shaped room seated Takumi and his vassals comfortably, as well as the leaders of the city counsel with room to spare, some fifty feet at its apex width and length. A fortunate thing, as the curse has spread more rapidly than anticipated, and the royalty and their vassals are no exception to this unfortunate turn of events. The lightest of them were sitting almost two-hundred pounds, while the heavier folk are in the mid two-hundreds. Thanks to Oboro’s quick thinking and sealing properties, the royal ensemble in the room were thankful to be on the lighter end of the scales, though still the heaviest any of them have ever been.

The ten-foot wide, octagonal-shaped table seats a wide spread of salty and sweet treats galore. Whether strictly foreign in nature, Yoshoku, or Hoshidan in nature, the spread for an average citizen would deem a feast, is perfectly natural to present when royalty would arrive, and no curse was changing the minds of the more conservative members that will stick to formality. The leader of the Agricultural Center of Hoshido, (ACH), Kazami Hoshiyoma, fall into the conservative crowd, much to the chagrin of those trying to resist indulgences and official warnings from the city state to refrain from eating outside of designated times until a cure is found.

A shame, as the food is exquisite, something Takumi could recall an Anna or Jakob concocting back in his war days. Takumi’s, comparatively, lighter frame is from his personal restraint. Even when it was his turn to make the meals back in war times for the camp, he would make practical meals that would provide what they needed, but never anything beyond ‘bland’ or ‘standard’ as other soldiers would say behind his back in hushed voices. So, while his self-restraint is mighty, even his rock-solid demeanor is merely a façade his stubborn nature is desperately holding onto, proving a point only to himself in not indulging what the curse has eroded and revealed to him. To spot the perfectly flaky Deep-Fried Pork Cutlets or Deep-Fried Oysters fresh from the fryer, the beautiful Steak practically sparkling with the Chutney glaze its covered in, the alluring vinegar and spiced smells of the Pickled Daikon, all are strobing Takumi’s brain with flaring impulse control checks that are getting more and more difficult to ignore.

The large man bows, sheepishly letting out a pleasantry, “P-please enjoy, your majesty! I tried to serve the best we can and hope it will show how we need these wonderful items out to the public again.”

Taking only a cup of rice, Takumi takes a bite before responding, even the rice without any curry sparks joy in the young prince’s mouth, slightly stirring the start of a second chin of his less angular face before replying,

“As much as I can agree that the food is wonderful, though sullied with getting straight into business,” Takumi lies, as he is savoring the buttery, salty and peppered taste of even this perfectly cooked side that is residing on his tongue, trying to repress the yearning for another bite, he reluctantly places the bowl down with force,


clacking audibly on the table, “we must keep order in line. If we are to let the citizens indulge mindlessly, we will not have an economy, let alone mobile citizens.”

“Yet, my prince, we are having an influx of citizens traveling because of these very rules, heading to cities and towns more… lax of your fair ruling. I understand what you must do,” Kazami take a large bite of cabbage rolls, eating two whole rolls with a voracious chomp, “but our citizens will make towns elsewhere and leave our capital with nothing.”

Another sheep of the flock, Kuzui Homada, the treasurer nods and adds, “We cannot afford to turn away our hard-working citizens without compromising on certain expenditures,” he notes by tipping a half-eaten berry tart he takes another bite of, “if we are turning away the potential funds this could be adding. Farmers leaving because they cannot sell their food will mean long term disaster for us.”

Kazami nods in agreement, “Nohr has yet to proclaim a fasting order for their citizens, and because of that, provision and agriculture bursa escort exports are through the roof. We cannot keep up with their demand if we lose those of us to make the product to the competitors. We are even having our fishing liaison quitting!”

This causes Takumi to pause in mid-bite for barely a moment, more akin to a muscle spasm to those unfamiliar with the prince. Processing this, he finishes another bite of the wonderful rice, “Morota? Why? His family has served Hoshido for… For generations? Why would he quit?”

Kazami dour demeanor nods, “yes, it seemed certain affluent individuals from Norh has offered him something spectacular. At least, its assumed that due to my brother Kozomu getting work permits to transport Morota’s estate across borders to Norh.”

Takumi was stunned, taken aback from the flux of information. He muscles through another urge to take more rice and eat his fill. His retainers, on the other hand, can only refrain their actions so much, as the curse has done more numbers on them then their master. Hinata would whisper something about the food being daring as he scarfs down a healthy helping of prickly daikon and succulent steaks, further adding more pounds to his already bulky frame, this fusion of muscle and fat that has changed him from a muscly mite to a practical weightlifter body type, reaching closer to the higher end of the room’s range of weight indulging on the vices of the curse. Not much has changed in Hinata’s demeanor, who is more focused on the meal than the politics his master must engage with at the table. Keeping focused more on the earthy tones of the curry he is shoveling down than the economic state of freezing food stall and restaurant sales. If anything, recent evens has drawn the attention of more interesting prospects, has his shape has yet to tail dive into the more globular physic many of the males have succumbed to.

Oboro gravitated to the sweets and would not relent on the consumption of Candied Peaches and Soufflé Pancakes. The enchanting tings and notes that play with every bite leaves her in a sweet release of the stresses that have been building up in here. While the indulgences of the sweets have done little to her upper part of her frame, only losing definition to her arms and face, what was stalwart has become more homely and welcoming to the wondering eye. Her chest band has gone up to a mere thirty-five, (35″), only three inches from prior the settling of the curse, coinciding with her chest has only crawled to a C-cup. Her core has only garnered a slight pouch, drooped into a slight ‘w’ shape if staring long enough to her sitting without being caught.

Where much of the weight of the now two-hundred-and-fifteen-pound warrior has gone to, have found their way to her hips and rear, the size of which exploding up twelve inches, going from a modest thirty-four inches, (34″), to an astounding forty-six-inches, (45″), of which can hardly be contained with even the recent alterations to her orange and white with blue accented ensemble. Her stretched out blue leggings can be seen when her hips dip out with ever other step, at capacity for the engorged thighs, stretching out the revealing diamond shaped bubble of flesh trying to strain out the confiding leggings.

Accenting the size of her round, jutting buttocks. Two massive, basketball-size soft mounds of flesh keep her back heavy, causing her to maintain more of a forward lean when trying to keep momentum in her gaited movements, while creating a jutting shelf with enough length for her robe to rest on, risking having onlookers peak at her engorged calves, sagging enough to threaten her to go from ankles to cankles. When training would reveal more of her appearance, her wide stance with a naginata would reveal much of the still-touching thighs and heavy rear, the scorn of having other’s prying eyes upon her withdrew the desire to fight off what she could.

Compounded with the work on making the enchanted symbols to place upon clothing, has left her ironically succumb to the magical effects of the curse. If not for the very seal she created and tested herself has caused her to just hit over the over two-hundred-pound milestone. But something bursa escort bayan Oboro fears is the limitations her seals have and wondering how much more the curse is going to test said limitations before she can improve upon it. The very though causes her to consume an entire peach in one bite. Whether the effects of the curse itself, or a by-product of such, the once confident Oboro has found the fortitude of her emotions to constantly be at its limits.

Out of the two, Takumi loathed asking Oboro away from her station, and her consumption of the food presented to them is all but evident of this. Wether to call her to fulfill her duties and stress her out or keep her making seals and toiling into the long hours to meet with demand. A lose-lose situation for the poor girl.

“So, Prince Takumi, what say you? May we renegotiate present orders?”

“Y-yes, I’ll bring it up in the next council meeting. I’ve spent too much time here and must make another appointment. Oboro, Hinata, let’s go.”

With some effort, the three of them come to their feet. Sauce still dripples from the corner of Hinata’s sly-curled lips, letting an audible grunt of disappointment as he rolls from his cousin and jumps with a loud


Back to his feet, causing the table to shake. He lets out a few follow-up, “Sorry, sorry!” as he reaches to a standing position. Meanwhile, Oboro painfully maneuvers her feet underneath the girth of her bottom to her thighs to get some grip with her toes to push herself up. With much grip on the table, she pushes herself up to her weighted feet, her lower half releasing a relentless storm of jiggling thighs and quaking cheeks underneath her robes that the onlooking politicians can peak from the split of her robe. She maintains a slight forward tilt as she careful moves herself to a standing position, remaining neutral from the gawking old men.

The retainers follow the full gait of their master as he makes way for the exit, still movements as elegant as Hoshidan cranes. Hinata slides open the doors before his master, while Oboro covers the rear. Not that she can afford the potential embarrassment to walk side-by-side with her master in these hallways, as the combined girth of everyone would threaten a stopgap and getting stuck, a feat none of them wish to achieve. Upon finally reach the outdoors, as a menagerie of city commerce finally reach their ears. The plump people of Hoshido carry about their business as best as they can, albeit a slow-down of pace with an increase of heavy breathing for those still attempting to fulfill the physical demands of work.

“Hinata,” Takumi calls, startling the retainer’s attention back to his lord from the wide stretching he was performing after being able to, (relatively), safely move about. Relatively being haphazard a term, as the startling nearly causes the rotund samurai to deck a farmer pulling a cartful of harvest with one of Hinata’s outstretched arm.

“S-sorry mister!” Hinata cries as he stands attention, emphasizing his protruding gut as he faces his lord, “yes, Master Takumi!?”

“Send a message to my brother to establish a meeting with ACH, their arguments and their data they sent are sound and we must address it when we can. Send a report back to my quarters on scheduling with brother.”

With multiple bows, Hinata makes his way back to the castle in a heavy hurry, audible huffs as he moves his mass with haste. Takumi and Oboro can here the excuses and apologies as he bulldozes himself down the road as the gluttonous citizens are unable to move out of his way.

Takumi reaches and grabs Oboro’s hand, shocking her to meet his nervous, beautiful, brown-eyed gaze. Its always like watching someone stir melted caramel, the smooth and ease of the tightly wound sugars mixing down into an edible consistency. “I think we need to address something of importance, Oboro

She cocks an eyebrow, the return of the strong-willed blue beauty returning to surface of her demeanor, “Oh, and what would that be, master?”

He rolls his eyes, “Oboro, I told you, no more of the formalities!”

She lets out a relieving chuckle of the tension she found wound up inside of her, as she pulls herself escort bursa as close to the prince as she could, resting her head on his shoulder while rapping her arms around his one,

“I know, but I love messing with you, my plump peach!”

He snow-white complexion melts away, revealing flush pick cheeks akin to the nickname she just uttered,

“See! My wonderful peach!” She nuzzles into his soft arm, “mmmm, seems like this peach is getting ripe!”

Takumi attempts to pull the arm away from such a remark, causing her to laugh even more as the poor prince is no match for his wife’s grasp. He retorts with,

“As are you, my fine pear!” As he lunges his free arm at her stomach, wiggling his fingers underneath the slit of her robes, to find ample flesh to tickle. Oboro screams in laughter, tightening up her grasp of Takumi while paradoxically moving away, causing them to twist around in circles. No one dared look, as the menacing glance of either is enough to kill lesser mortals, let alone to appear rude to royalty or the scorn of Oboro.

After a moment of this, Takumi clears his throat and removes his had from Oboro, clearing his throat while placing the free hand, clenched, in front of his face,

“Now, Oboro,” he emphasizes, now dropping the play and pet name, “I wanted to see if I could steal you for a moment for an… Evaluation.”

“Evaluation?” Oboro repeats, pretending to be taken aback, her outstretched hand upon her chest to emphasize the sarcasm, “My lord, I did not think my actions would warrant that, but anything for my liege, I will do.”

“No, not that kind of evaluation,” Takumi sheepishly responds, trying to clear the thoughts of such implications of past ‘evaluations’ before clearing his throat again, attempting to the best of his might to be serious with her, “I mean,” He reaches his free hand over hers, “a check in with you.”

Oboro returns a slight blush, still cocking an eyebrow,

“Oh, you mean it? Sheesh, why didn’t you just say that? *P’shhhh*, I though we were gunna get some action tonight!”

She emphasizes with a well-timed grope of the softened princes’ bottom, still maintaining hold of his arm to prevent his escape. The poor prince lets out an audible squeak he was not ready to hear come from his own mouth, after overcompensating with a forced deeper voice,

“I mean it! You’ve been over working yourself! I can feel how much you are holding onto my arm, and you need a break!”

Though she will never say it aloud, he was right, just coming to a simple meeting has exhausted her, and feasting upon the meal presented to her in the meeting. She nervously bites the right corner of her bottom lip while taking in how tired she really is.

“Now,” Takumi continues, “I order you not as a prince, but as your husband to take a break with me!” He gestures over to a carriage nearby, with the rider waving towards them as Takumi gestures over to him.

She rolls her eyes she before rubbing her head on Takumi’s soft upper arms, “Gods how did you become such a softy hun, and I don’t mean here,” She pokes as his protruding stomach for emphasis.

*Tck* Takumi exclaims, “I don’t know, when did you?”

He starts tickling Oboro again as they make their way to the carriage, ready to whisk them away to a small nearby vista a few miles out of town to open, rolling fields with a lone tree to rest under, the first place they went on a date after the war. Oboro remembers how they worked so hard on tailoring and outfitting soldiers on the field of battle, but when returning home, they wanted to go and do the things they thought they never could, with them being in a retainer and master position prior to the war. Before they would never admit their feelings towards one another. It was a surprise that either of them broke and admitted it, something Takumi loves to bring up to the chagrin of Oboro.

But in spite of it all, she would never take any of it back. The wonderful places Takumi has taken Oboro to, the shows in Nohr to show off her line of battle garbs, the vacations in the mountains and beaches and hidden vistas. But it all started with a simple outing to get out of Castle Shirasagi after their return from the war and being swarmed by happy citizens. The lovely thoughts ease her into a cuddled slumber in the carriage not ten minutes into the ride, still not letting go of her soft peach of a husband. Takumi does not mind, placing a gentle kiss atop her head just as he himself falls asleep.

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