First Explorations

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I was still in college, senior year. I was 5’9″ tall, a bit soft from spending six months typing up papers instead of hiking, without a girlfriend for about a year. Now, at that point I had been curious about guys for a while. I had joined a couple of BB systems and chat rooms since I had no clue how else to go about it. Since I ended up chickening out more often than not, the added anonymity helped by giving me the handy “oh, sorry, I lost connection” excuse. Eventually, though, I did end up meeting up with a couple of guys at last. My first time was not quite what I expected:

After chatting to this guy for a while, we agreed to meet at his place. It was nearby, in a good neighborhood and seemed safe enough to meet up and see what happened. I drove up in the late afternoon. It was fall- just cool enough for me to be in jeans, T-shirt and a loose sweater. I walked to his front door- it was a modern home, square and white with what looked like a loft and big windows overlooking the beach. It was very nice, and I had a minute to admire the location while I listened to someone coming down the stairs.

He opened the door wearing a bathrobe and sandals. He was about my height, with round features and a jovial expression with short cropped brown hair and blue eyes. I believe he was in his mid 30’s, about ten or twelve years older than me and single. When I got over the surprise at the robe, we said our hellos and I stepped inside. His house was warm and filled with the scent of plants- it’s hard to describe, but distinctive. He had plants filling every corner of the house, it seemed; I was looking around during that first lull in the conversation where you have no idea what to say when he reached over and squeezed my ass.

That broke the ice a bit.

I laughed nervously and he stepped around to wrap his arms around my waist. Instinctively, I put my arms around him as he leaned in to nuzzle my neck. I was a bit scared but could feel myself getting hard. He must have felt it, too… he stepped back just enough to tug at my sweater. I helped him slip it off, then my t-shirt. He ran his warm, soft hands over my chest as my breathing quickened a bit. Looking into my eyes the whole time, he unfastened my pants, then. As I stood there shivering with adrenaline, he pulled them and my briefs down to my ankles, then held my hand again as I pushed my shoes off and stepped clear of the last of my clothes.

With another smile he reached down and wrapped his hand around my cock. I gasped or moaned as he turned and led me up the stairs to the loft, tugging on me gently but insistently.

The loft was filled with a tall, king size mattress. There were white sheets and pillows; the setting sun hued everything red. A big screen TV and entertainment center dominated a wall next to the big windows.

He lay down and pulled me down next to him. The terrycloth of his robe felt soft against me as he cradled me in one arm. It had opened enough as we lay down for me to know he was wearing nothing underneath- he had very hairy legs and chest, his skin was paler than mine. We had been talking all this while- about how nervous I was, how it was my first time doing anything at all with a guy. When we lay down I shut up without him having to do more than smile. He asked if he should put on a movie to help me get in the mood and I agreed.

He switched on the TV to a movie already running. It was gay porn, of course… two lean and muscular guys in some indistinct bedroom. The first thing that struck me was that they were wearing socks; the second was that they had huge tools. He had been stroking my shoulder and I could see his robe stir as he watched the screen. Taking my cue, I gathered up the courage to reach down and untie his robe, then parted it slowly open.

He must have been ten inches long and very, very thick. Not quite as thick as a forearm- though it seemed that way to my very inexperienced self- but big enough that his shaft looked like a bat: a good sized head tipping a shaft that expanded and then tapered a bit again where it met his curling blonde-brown pubic hair. He was Eyüp Escort not fully erect, stirring as he watched me looking at his length where it rested against his stomach and up to his navel. Even with my head on his chest it was impressive.

I laid my hand on his shaft and he murmured his approval as he moved under my fingers. It felt smooth, almost slick as he grew harder… hot, velvety and heavy. I just lay there for a while, ignoring the movie and just watching his cock as I stroked him slowly, running my palm over his length and around the head, then trailing my fingertips down to run over his growing balls. They were fair sized, smooth… but looked small next to his thick meat. When I felt his hand on the back of my head, pushing me down toward him, I did not resist.

He smelled clean, like soap. My hand stroked and cupped his sack as I opened my mouth to get my first taste. I could hear him encouraging me as I kissed the ridge of his tip. I kissed his entire length, my dry lips slowly moistening as I went down his shaft from tip to root and back. Then I grew a bit bolder, my tongue darting out to taste his skin; he was so hot, jumping a little and growing even larger. I could taste the faintest trace of soap, but mostly tasted him… not quite sweet, not unpleasant.

As I licked him with longer strokes of my tongue, bathing him in my saliva, he tasted… muskier, more salty. I lapped and licked him more hungrily, my hand wrapping around the base of his shaft. He was so thick my fingers did not quite meet; I jerked him off slowly as best I could, moving my hand up and down to stroke his wet flesh with the ridges of my fingers as I concentrated on the bright red head.

When he shifted his hips a little and guided me with his hand, I opened my mouth and took in his head and as much of the shaft as I could manage… which was not much. He stretched the sides of my mouth painfully, and I knew right off that I would not be able to take more of him in. So I kept stroking him, jacking him off as I sucked lightly on his head, licked and lapped around the ridge and down his shaft to keep him well lubed for my hand.

My mouth and hand were full of his meat, I was breathing quick and shallow as I tried to please him. I was hard, pressed against his warm sheets and thrusting my hips in unison to the movement of my mouth, horny and starting to sweat from the effort of making him happy. He stroked the back of my head and arched his hips to meet my mouth, urging me to go faster, to lick him more, and to take more of him in. I licked and sucked him for maybe ten, twenty minutes- I lost track of time. My mouth was beginning to ache and my arm was getting tired when I heard him groan.

I pulled him out of my mouth and jacked him off faster, opening my mouth wide and swirling my tongue against the bottom of his shaft just under the head. He pressed down hard on my head and arched up as he moaned and shot his load. A pearly white, thick stream sprayed his stomach and chest; it spattered the sheet and pillow by his head. His cock pulsed and jumped in and against my mouth, bucking wildly in my hand as I kept on pulling and stroking, emptying him out until he moved his hand to rest on mine, signaling me to stop. He was panting as he pulled me back up and into his arm; he was sticky and warm where he was covered in cum. I could smell it on his chest and against my cheek where he held me, strong and almost sweet.

When he went to take another shower I got dressed and left, his drying residue warm and slightly tacky on my cheek, chest and arm.

The second time was more… rushed, than anything. A few days after that first time, I was back on the boards. I had enjoyed things as far as they’d gone, but I wanted more. My curiosity had been, piqued further. So when I got a private text message from someone saying that they wanted to get together right then and there, I only hesitated briefly. He was nearby, maybe ten minutes away, and was on his way as soon as I responded with my standard disclaimer that warned I was no hunk and made no attempt to hide the fact.

He Eyüp Escort Bayan was thirty-something, married and looking mostly for a quick fix before work, so looks did not matter much to him. He was knocking at my apartment door before I had even managed to fully close down the chat program and turn off the computer.

My apartment at the time had a half loft, just a low bed and some furniture for whenever someone would want to crash with us for the night. My roommate for the semester was away for the semester, and so I had the place to myself.

Up we went.

He was taller than me; easily 6’2″ or so, and with that long and lean runners build. Graying hair… and he did not smile much. He was there for one thing and we both knew it, so we did not pretend otherwise. Once we got upstairs he sat on the bed. Reclined back, leaning on his elbows and thrusting his hips up as he opened his legs slightly- clearly showing the bulge in his pants.

As I stood in front of him hesitating a moment, he said “get undressed. I want you naked when you go down on me.” I could feel myself hardening a bit at that. I kicked off my shoes, pulled my shirt over my head. He watched me as I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them out, leaving me in a pair of dark briefs… he grunted or said something unintelligible, and I hooked my thumbs on the waistband and pulled them down. It almost hurt as the elastic slipped past my hard cock. I straightened again- pale skinned, not much hair except for the thick dark nest at the base of my shaft. I was hard already, my blood-dark 7″ angling up and slightly to the left.

He did not stir except to thrust his hips up at me… it took me a moment before I stepped forward and knelt between his legs. I had been curious, and I had my chance… my hands trembled a little as I unbuttoned his 501s and pulled them open. I could clearly see his erection through the straining, tented white briefs he had on. He arched his back and lifted his hips off the bed for me to pull his pants down over his legs. My mouth felt dry as I folded his pants and laid them to the side before running my hand up his hairy thighs. I heard him hiss as I ran my palm over the bulge of his cock, felt him grow a little harder. I pulled down the briefs, my eyes not straying from him as he sprang free- literally, his hard shaft jumping to stand almost straight up before me. Moderately thick and veined, he was circumcised and must have been around 7″ long, cradled in a mat of black and gray hair. I could smell him, too: sweat and a musky aroma that I’ve come to associate with sex.

His legs were warm from the jeans and the California sun, but his groin felt much warmer: I could feel the waves of warmth against my cheeks as I rested my arms on his thighs and looked at his cock for what seemed like minutes… but must have been seconds, just long enough for him to get impatient. I felt his hand on the side of my head, then, slipping into my hair and behind my head to pull me down and closer.

The smell got stronger that much closer. I felt the warm, soft tip of his cock touch my lips and I instinctively tried to pull back a bit- but he would not let me, his hand firm as he muttered some protest I could not make out.

I parted my lips and slowly enveloped the head. He groaned and shifted. My fingers were curling and straightening against his thighs as I took more of him into my mouth… I could taste his sweat and his flesh, slightly bitter and hard to describe. I took as much of him as I could into my mouth, maybe half his length- then pulled back again, keeping just the head of his shaft inside before sliding forward again. I licked the underside- felt the ridges and felt him shiver a bit at the sensation, so I kept my tongue moving from side to side as best I could as I tried to swallow him.

I had to stop when he hit the back of my throat and I felt the gag reflex threaten; I pulled back again, and I took as much of him as I could yet again. His fingers were wrapped in my hair and I was breathing heavily through my nose, each hurried breath full of the strong Escort Eyüp musk and taste of him in my mouth. He was growing stiffer, harder: I could feel the hard center of his cock through the silken, pliable layer of damp, skin. I settled into a steady rhythm, engulfing as much of him as I could take and then pulling back until only his head rested in my mouth.

I’d swirl my tongue around, suck a little… and slide my head forward again, cheeks puffing as I took a little bit more of him into my mouth until I could take no more; he was bumping the back of my throat at the end of each stroke, I had more than half of his length inside my mouth. I cupped his balls, fingertips caressing and gently kneading them as my other hand kept stroking his leg.

He started rocking on the bed, pushing his ass against the mattress and then rising to thrust into my mouth. I was moaning around him as he filled my mouth, sending vibrations along his nerves that made him shiver and moan. I had pushed closer as I started sucking on him, my own hard cock rubbing against the mattress as I rocked on my heels, between his knees.

I quickened my pace a bit, panting around his shaft and sucking harder at the end of each movement of my head as I squeezed his balls a bit tighter. I could hear him groaning and taking labored breaths… and I tasted his pre-cum, saltier and slightly bitterer than his sweat and flesh as he started leaking into my mouth. I was so engrossed in the new taste that I did not feel him shift and move until he was literally pushing me off him.

Surprised and confused I looked up at him as he stood up- rumpled polo shirt, pants and briefs around his ankles. He was breathing heavily and looked as flushed as I was. His dripping, red cock brushed against me as he pulled at me to get up.

As soon as I did so, he turned me around and pushed me down and against the half wall that separated the half loft from the living room below. It was only then that I figured out what he wanted. I moaned as he put one hand on the center of my back to keep me down while he guided his shaft with the other. He pressed me down harder, the hard edge of the railing pressing against my hips as he pushed his tip between my cheeks and along my crack. I felt him slide against me, slick with my spit as he finally found my virgin, puckered entrance. As soon as he did so he grunted and pushed, hard.

I hissed and gasped, tensing and arching as he pressed on, pushing me against the railing until I had to hold on with both hands. He shifted his grip to my shoulder to give himself some leverage, rocking and grunting hard as he tried to push harder against my tense, resisting muscles. I was breathing raggedly in pain, now, whimpering a bit as he thrust again and again… finally managing to barely push the tip of his cock in me. Another thrust and he got the head almost inside before pulling out- leaving me feeling battered, my ass burning from the rough attempt and him frustrated and still hard.

I pushed from the railing and went down to my knees before him, knowing I had to finish him… he grabbed my head with both hands, pushing his cock- sharp with the smell of pre-cum, sweat and my own bitter scent- toward my face. I half closed my eyes and opened my mouth, and he thrust in hard and fast.

He fucked my mouth, roughly, grunting as he hit the back of my throat. I licked and sucked at him, swirled my tongue around his head and shaft. I placed my hands on his hips to keep him from trying to push all the way down my throat and let him take me… thrust after thrust, he pulled and pushed my head around as he took his pleasure. Until at last I felt him tense and jump in my mouth as he hissed and pulled out to finish: one hand held onto my head as he jacked himself off with the other, flesh glistening brightly with saliva and the sound of his pants mixing with the slap of his hand as he stroked his length… and shot his load on my face.

I closed my eyes and mouth as he came, feeling the hot, viscous fluid hit my eye and lips and run down my cheek in thick drops.

He released my head and pulled up his pants without a word, his breathing still rapid and deep while I wiped at my face with the back of one hand. He was gone a minute later, as I picked up my scattered clothing, limping slightly from the pain in my abused, still mostly virgin, ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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