First Glance

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My first story so hopefully you all will like it=]

My name’s Robert and I am a fifteen year old boy with about an eight inch cock. Now as a fifteen year old it’s my job to check out almost every girl, and my hormones go crazy. Meg is Melissa’s fourteen year old friend that I met at Melissa’s sweet sixteen. Meg is about 100lbs even and has size B cup tits with the most beautiful nipples I’ve ever seen. Her ass isn’t huge but u definitely notice it’s there.

The first time I ever laid eyes on her she was wearing this tight green top and a bra that only did so much to hold her tits up, it didn’t hide her nipples at all and when she got excited you could tell. She was also in these really tight light blue jeans and a pink and white thong that only popped out when she turned the right way. Believe me when you saw that sight it was like instant hard on.

It all started out at my friend, Mellissa’s, sweet sixteen. I met one of Melissa’s friends and just fell in love with her gorgeous figure. I knew that at that moment I had to have her. So finally I built up enough courage and asked her to dance. And as if I wasn’t embarrassed already, not two seconds after we hit the dance floor the song changed to a slow dance. I just looked at her and saw a smile creep up her face, so I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me. But she soon had to leave and like that she was gone.

I ended up getting her number from my friend Melissa, and was soon text messaging her at any chance I got. Then one day we decided to play a game of twenty-one questions. I asked her a few lame questions Üsküdar Escort like did she have any pets or whatever, but then the questions got more in dept until the sex questions started coming up.

“Have you ever had a hand job?” was one of the first she asked.

“Of course,” I replied. “Have you ever been eaten out?” was my turns question.

She said no, but I had a feeling she wanted to try. So then I asked her the big question, ”do you want to sleep with me?”. She again said no but I had a gut feeling telling me otherwise so I told her that we were going to go to a movie whether she liked it or not so we could get better acquainted.

The House Bunny is the biggest chick flick I’ve ever got sucked into watching. However, Meg liked it so anything to keep her happy. Afterward she told me she had to run to the little girls room so I waited at the snack bar while she did whatever girls do in there. Within two minutes my phone started vibrating. A picture message, I figured it would be of like a puppy or something from my friends. Not looking at who it was from I clicked read now and before my eyes were Meg’s beautiful tits and hard nipples, at the bottom read “cum and get it”.

Before I knew what was happening I was running toward the bathroom and knocking on the door. Then I heard the latch unhook and a hand pull me in. Meg rapped her arms around my head and pulled my lips to hers. Then her tongue wiggled into my mouth and was dancing with my own tongue.

Her hands went down to my belt. Struggling with the latch I just pulled my jeans down not aware Üsküdar Escort Bayan of how tight they were. And then my hands found the bottom of her skirt and my hands were soon met by dampness as I curled up the hem of her skirt. Her top was already off so I sucked one of her hard nipples into my mouth, savoring the taste.

By now I’m sure she noticed the raging hard on I had and quickly pulled down my boxers. Now she was toying with my erect cock and held it between both her hands. She told me to stop sucking her tits for a minute and got on her knees.

First she kissed the tip of my dick, and licked at my sack. But I was tired of waiting and grabbed the back of her head and thrust my cock into her mouth. She knew what to do from there and needed no help from my hands so I just relaxed. Her tongue was swirling the tip of my dick and it felt like heaven. If I didn’t jack off before the movie I’m sure I would have spent my load deep in her mouth right then and there. But she kept it up and when she started massaging my balls it was the last straw and I sent my seed deep down her throat.

She pulled a condom out of her skirt pocket and told me to put it on. I didn’t complain by now I knew this girl only came on this date for two things, a free movie and a fucking she wouldn’t soon forget.

She slid off her skirt and thong and kicked them to me and told me to make us a bed on the floor. So I laid out our clothes and laid on top of them with my back toward the floor. She climbed on top and grabbed my shaft. She told me to hold on cause she was going to ride the Escort Üsküdar cum out of me. So I listened and grabbed her tits. She started to grind on top of my cock as I twisted her tits with the tips of my fingers. Then she leaned down and shoved her tongue down my throat and I remembered I forgot to eat her out. I sank my cock deep into her pussy and then shot another one of my huge loads into the condom that I forgot I had on. I made her get off of me and I soon had her legs around my neck and my tongue deep in her pussy lapping up every juice I could find.

I put both my fingers into her pussy while licking at it and my pinky soon wandered into her asshole forming the “shocker” position with my other fingers. I kept pushing in deeper and then coming back out and she soon was fucking the shit out of my hand. I soon had her at orgasm (which I later found out was her third..i must’ve been too caught up in the moment to feel one and two).

When she calmed down from her orgasm she told me we should probably get going since we were still in a movie theatre. So we both dressed with my annoying her by shoving my fingers in her pussy when she bent down to retrieve her thong and skirt.

Soon we were both dressed and holding hands as we walked out of the movie theatre. She called her sister to come pick her up. And I called mine to do the same. When her sister got there she gave me a huge hug and as we kissed she reached down and just gently so her sister wouldn’t notice rubbed my cock. And then she got in the car and drove away.

As my sister pulled up my head was in a daze and I couldn’t comprehend what went on and was just wondering when the next time I would see her.

If you want to hear about how our second date went then just leave some comments! Thanks!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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