First Injections Pt. 02

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**This is a story about Injection fetish. If you’ve never read those two words in that sequence and don’t know what it is, this is going to be boring for you. You’ve been warned.**

+Thanks for the feedback on the first part everyone.

+I’d appreciate the same feedback and suggestions for this one.

+Appreciate all feedback. Better if it’s direct.

+All characters are 18+.


“So you liked the pain huh?” I asked.

“Yeah, I loved the little sting.” Her.

“Okay so how about increasing it just a bit, if you want to of course.” I suggested.

She thought for a second and responded with a firm yes.

“Okay so I’m going to make this one slow then. The needle will enter your muscle a bit slowly so you can enjoy the sensation okay? The increment in pain won’t be a lot, but it’ll be noticeable. Okay?”

She nodded.

“Good girl.” I said as I placed the steel tray to the right side of her ass.

I placed my hand on her right buttcheek and gently caressed it to relax her. Her butt felt smooth and very soft. I traced her whole cheek with my palm and felt her relax under my gentle touch.

“Ready for the second one then?” I asked after a minute.

“Umm hmm.” Her.

I grabbed the alcohol wipe from the tray and started cleaning the site of injection. The upper right part of her naked right buttcheek. Slowly and gently I cleaned her skin for a good 30 seconds. Then I tossed the wipe back into the tray and grabbed the second full syringe. Pin drop silence in room amplified the sound when I took the cover off the needle. She moved her butt a little. With anticipation and a bit of fear maybe.

Placing my hand on her right cheek I brought the needle close to her skin. Standing at a 90° angle the needle waited. A gap of 15 millimetres between the sharp point to the cold stainless steel needle and her naked brown skin remained.

“Be ready baby.” I told her.

My left hand resting on her soft buttcheek and my eyes focused on the tip of the needle and the site of injection. The gap between her soft skin and çankaya escort the sharp tip of the injection reducing steadily.

12 mm.

10 mm.

7 mm.

3 mm.

1 mm.


First the tip of the steel needle touched her skin, pushing it a bit inside creative a small valley. Then came the penetration. I gently and slowly pushed on the syringe. The bevel inside her skin and then the first half centimeter of the needle entered her soft butt. The valley disappeared and her skin engulfed the steel shaft of the needle.

That’s when the first “Aaaaah” escaped her mouth. Her soft little scream was extended as the next half centimeter of the needle entered her body and induced gentle pain inside her soft flesh. Then I steadily pushed in the next centimeter of the needle inside her body and another “Aaaah” came from her mouth.

Half the length of the needle was in her flesh when I felt tension in under my left hand that was resting on her ass. I immediately stopped pushing. Holding the injection in place I stopped.

“Baby, you need to relax. If you don’t relax your muscles it’ll hurt more than we want it to. You need to relax your butt, we can just stop if you want.” I told her.

“No. Keep going. I’m enjoying this. How much of it is in me?” She asked in a low voice.

“Halfway in.” I answered.

“Okay. Push it inside me.” She.

I moved my hand to her left buttcheek and gently caressed it. My right hand still holding the injection in place.

“Relax..Okay. Relax. It’s fine.” I whispered as I caressed her butt tenderly.

I felt her buttocks relax under my hand. And then I resumed the penetration by my needle. As I restarted another small “Umhhh” came from her mouth. Slowly and steadily I pushed the entire needle in her butt. The entire shaft entered her flesh and the white connector of the hub touched her bare skin pushing her skin in creating another small valley on her butt.

“It’s all inside you darling.” I informed her.

“I can feel it.” Her.

“I’m gonna push çankırı escort in the medicine now.” I told her.

I pulled the plunger back just a bit to check in case I had hit a vain. But no sign of blood appeared in the barrel of the syringe. The needle had perfectly snuggled up inside her Ventrogluteal muscle.

Then I placed my thumb on the plunger and applied a little force on it. I heard her whisper “Oh God” in the distance as the solution was being injected in her rear and she started feeling the burning sensation. Her mouth made a “Sssssss-aaaahhh” sound as I pushed on the plunger. It took us the next thirty seconds to inject the whole medicine in her ass. Finally the base of the plunger touched the base of the barrel and the whole solution was injected.

I pulled back on the syringe. The needle slowly started exiting her butt. Her skin gripping the steel, pulling it in, sticking to the steel. Once again, millimetre by millimetre the needle traveled out of her naked butt. A small drop of blood appeared on the place where my needle had penetrated her skin. I grabbed a alcohol wipe and placed it on the site. I tossed the empty injection in the tray. I rubbed the alcohol wipe on the injection spot and tossed it in the tray as well. I ran my fingers on the site of injection and gently rubbed her stinging butt. While slowly massaging her ass I asked her –

“Does it still hurt?”

“Yeah, a bit.” Her.

“These usually hurt for a day of two.”

I rubbed with my fingers on her sore spot for another minute. Relaxing her. Another small dot of blood had appeared on the injection spot so I took out a small circular plaster out of my pouch and applied it on the site.

“Okay I think you’re all done for today.” I said as I grabbed the hems of her panties and pushed them up in their place. Even through the panties I could feel the heat her vagina was radiating. A gave her a playful little slap on her left buttcheek as I finished adjusting her panties properly.

“Ouch that hurts.” She said in a fake angry voice.

“You can stand up now.” çayyolu escort I told her.

She stood up from the table and properly adjusted her panties. I stood behind her admiring her beautiful body. I pulled the steel tray towards me and showed it to her. Two empty syringes.

I placed my hand on her back and I asked her –

“You know where those injections went?”

“In my butt.” She said with a chuckle and almost blushed. Her hands went back on her ass to touch the places where the injections where given to her.

“Still stinging a bit.” She said.

“But I like it. A lot.” She continued.

She went to the bed and threw herself on it. Lying on her belly with a tiny circular bandage on naked butt. A smile on her face. She looked beautiful. I went and sat on the edge of a bed.

“So did you like it?” I asked.

“I loved it. It feels amazing.” She said.

“Hurt much?” I.

“A lot, to be honest, specially the second one, but I loved it.” Her.

“You’re my brave girl.” I said as I ran my hand over her legs.

“Let’s do it again soon.”

“Of course. You’re my favorite patient.”

Smiles everywhere.

After that we talked for another few minutes. Planned out next sessions. Shared fantasies. Then talked about each other’s lives. Jobs and whatnot. There was some sexual tension in the air but nobody broke the ice on that.

“I should leave now, it’s almost 1 am.” I said standing up.

She watched me stand up. Gather the injections and the other things and carefully put them in my bag, then she said –

“Or maybe you can just sleep here?”

I looked at her and shook my head but had smile on my face. I just had to leave. My mind just wanted to wait for something.

“Maybe later.” I thought to myself.

I picked my bag and walked to the door. She got up from the bed and walked to me.

“I’ll wait for you tomorrow.” She said with a smile on her face and excitement in her eyes.

“Can’t wait to see my favourite patient.” I said to her.

I moved and kissed her cheeks.



Thanks for reading.

This part is sort of small and sorry about that, but the next one will be longer with the story of the next whole day.

Let me know what you think of it. Direct feedback is much appreciated. Thanks.

Okay. G’day.

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