First Night

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Darkness. That was all he could perceive once he started to regain his senses, a little bit at a time. Nothing but murky, thick darkness for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, a pin prick of light formed directly in front of his gaze. The beam shone intensely, as if it would drill through his skull and pierce his fuzzy brain, but it didn’t stay small for long. He seemed to be rapidly approaching what he could only describe as a white hole in a black screen, until finally the darkness was pushed to the edges of his vision, and deep azure eyes opened for the first time in what seemed forever. The bright light spilled into the bedroom from a window on his right, the blinds muting the sun just a little.

The next of his senses to wake from what could only be described as what felt like a hibernation was Touch. The feel of the cotton sheets on olive-dark skin, bare as usual from a night’s rest, soothed him but for the briefest of moments before several aches rocked his body like getting hit by a big rig. His arms and shoulders felt as if they were on fire, like he had been lifting something the entire time he slept. In fact, his entire body felt just like that; every muscle tight, every tendon taut.

Next came his hearing, and this was where things became very confusing for a few seconds. The first sound to fill his head was someone breathing next to himself. Quickly he tried to rack his brain as to whom might be lying there, but to no avail. With a bit of trepidation, he slowly let his view drift left, his head tilting in the same direction. She drifted into view; a tall beauty, from the length of her profile created by the desert red fabric of the sheets that was draped over her sleeping form. Blonde tresses spilled out over the pillow, framing the angelic features of her face.

It was as if a floodgate opened when his gaze fell upon her. His memory suddenly kicking into high gear from the point where it had stopped the night before. She had risen from the couch, where she had been leaning against him, the movie they had been watching finally ending. She stretched her 6’2 frame to it’s limit and then some, arms reaching to the ceiling, then falling back to her side. He stood, making his way towards the kitchen when she stopped him in what was a small office area of the one bedroom apartment he called home. He bent close, placing a gentle touch of his lips to hers. He broke the contact and tried to step away, but she caught him tight in her arms. The next words from her sent him reeling… “You ready for istanbul rus escort bed baby?”. His eyes must have been the size of saucers, because she laughed lightly, then leaned in herself, her lips parting just before making contact, her tongue licking across tight tiers before finally sealing the kiss, her hands pressed firmly to his lower back, pulling him in closer. His eyes closed as he let the wave of passion wash over himself, dropping the two plates to the floor, wrapping his own arms about her, pulling her as close to him as he could.

A slight whimper vibrated against his mouth, her own eyes closing as she seemed to melt into him, the kiss taking a very passionate turn. Slowly she backed up,careful to not break the embrace, guiding him towards the door to the bedroom, and the queen size bed that awaited them within. He couldn’t help himself, he took the lead, quickening the pace until finally her legs hit the bed. He kept her from falling onto the mattress, his hands now starting to wander from just above the swell of her ass to the top of her shoulders. Her own hands slipped down over his chest, taking hold of the bottom of his shirt and lifting slowly, her manicured nails raking lightly over the sensitive flesh, instantly pebbling both of his now exposed nipples. A wicked grin crossed her face, which he wasn’t abe to see as she had stopped removing the shirt as it covered his face. She lowered her head to his chest, catching one of those nipples between her teeth and giving it a gentle squeeze. He took a quick breath, inhaling, then letting it slip out slowly. His head tilting back as she moved from one to the other. Her tongue slipping out, caressing the hard flesh, teasing it even harder. A moan slipped from within the shirt, his hands making their way down, both palms slapping hard and squeezing her bottom tightly. The shirt started it’s way once more off of his arms and shoulders, those azure orbs catching hers as she continued to tease his flesh.

A wicked grin crossed his features as his own hands moved from her bottom to the waist band of her jeans, slipping around to the front, making quick work of the button and zipper that held them in place. Her hips gave a few sexy wiggles, and the jeans were pooled at her feet, kicking it to the side. Her fingers danced lightly over his chest and stomach, teasing at the edge of his own shorts, her eyes looking up into his, the passion and hunger as evident as if she simply made the same statement. His hands went kadıköy escort to the top of her panties, pushing them down over sexy hips, and letting them fall to where the Jeans had just been, they were just as quickly added to the now growing pile of clothes to the side, his shirt finally added a few seconds before. He couldn’t hold back his own hunger, his hands working the few buttons of her blouse, letting it fall open. She pushed him back a foot or two, that wicked grin still in place as she shrugged out of the sleek fabric, His fingers making quick work of his own shorts and underwear, dropping them to the ground and disposing of them onto the pile.Two sets of eyes wandered wantingly over the other’s body, once more the two of them came together, the kiss hard, passionate, and deep. The last piece of clothing, her bra, was removed by both of them, dropping it onto the pile of clothes like a cherry on top of a sundae, completing the whole project rather expeditiously.

As one, they moved to the bed, her slipping back and laying down, him slipping down on top of her, legs parting to allow him onto her. The kiss was never broken, her hands tracing light lines down his sides, palms pressed flat to his hips, pulling him closer, the tip of his turgid member making slight contact with her already moist mound. Both of them moaned and cooed as he lowered himself more onto her, rubbing the head of his cock against her, teasing her hardening clit with every move he made. Her legs wrapped around his waist, hips lifting lasciviously up, grinding her slick lips against him, covering his shaft in her sweet juice.

He couldn’t resist her any more, one hand slipping down between them, taking hold of the engorged member, and placing the tip at the edge of her tight entrance. She spoke one word and one word only, the power of it being all that needed to be said… “please…”. With as much care as he could muster, his hips pressed down and forward, she opened for him, taking him into her hot depths with a longing that he could almost feel. His eyes closing, a deep growl escaping his lips at the same time she took in a deep breath, a moan accompanied the sharp inhalation. Slowly he pressed deeper, filling her before finally stopping, looking down into the sea of hunger and lust that was her eyes. Finger nails dug into the flesh of his lower back, then raked hard up, leaving bright red marks from ass to his shoulder blades. Another growl exploded from his mouth, his hips instinctively thrust hard kartal escort down, finally slamming himself fully into her. She took all of him, wanting to take all of him, wanting to feel satisfied, sated, completed.

His hips started back, and within a few seconds, he had set a slow, yet strong rhythm, arms corded as he held his torso up off of her, both hands placed to the sides of her chest. At first, only his hips moved, but he would vary, at times his whole body was in motion, as if waves rolled from his feet to his shoulders. Then he would go back to just letting his hips move, thrusting that hard cock into her, the pace quickening, teasing her to the edge of an orgasm, before letting up, and denying her release.

In one swift move, she tucked her feet behind his waist, locking them, and tilted to the right, rolling him from on top to underneath, her hips picking up the rhythm and pace where he had left off. Blonde strands of hair plastered themselves to her sweat-slicked form, her legs tucked under her as she rode him hard and fast, the sounds of their love-making filling the room as an audible beat to the rhythm they both were setting, his own hips lifting to counter thrust against her as she would slam herself down, as if impaling herself upon his shaft. Groans and moans turned to grunts and growls, his hands reaching up, at first caressing, then squeezing her breasts, nipples pinched, then slightly twisted before releasing them.

Her face was a window into her heart, into her passion. She leaned forward, placing her hands to his chest, her hips and pelvis the only part moving as she started her buildup, eyes closing, her head thrown back. His hands reached down, gripping her hips tightly, and added an extra power to her down-thrust, both of them now moving as if one being. Almost at the exact same time, her moans turned to shrill cries, his name shouted at the top of her lungs, intermingling with unbridled, savage roars. She collapsed onto him, panting, slick with sweat, and smiling in a way he had never seen from her. He kissed her forehead, a gentle touch of lips, then tilted her head to look down into her eyes.

The rest of the night was filled with long periods of gentle love-making, or downright feral fucking, broken up with a few minutes of respite, and the occasional drink break. He snapped out of his dream once again, looking to the woman who had literally fucked him senseless, and smiled. She had been just what he had hoped, and lot more, a lady in public, and a hell-cat in the sack. But better yet, he knew, this was just the beginning of something that they both knew was going to be something special. Carefully he rolled onto his side, wrapping his arms around her, and closed his eyes, sleep once more taking him to that first night, and the memories that would stay with him for an eternity.

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