First Position

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It was a lunch date for business. Considering whom I was meeting, I should have expected something. Just gullible I guess. Besides, not that many people are willing to try me. Chuck always did have more balls than brains.

After the soup had been served an attractive woman in a conservative suit stopped by the table and greeted Chuck. I could see him nod in my direction. She turned to me and introduced herself. We shook and she handed me her card. “Cynthia” in 16 point Arial bold, and “Executive Performance Training” in 10 point standard. The address was close to my business. I thanked her and she went to be seated.

Chuck was desperately trying to look unconcerned. I decided to let him have his joke. “What kind of training?”

“Mostly in the area of focus and concentration. Its amazing how she can get you to remember the slightest little detail.”

At that Chuck looked decidedly pleased with himself, so I let it drop. He coughed up the signature I needed, and that was the point of the lunch after all. It wasn’t till late that afternoon that I wondered what he could have considered amusing. I dialed the number and made an appointment.

* * * * *

The appointment was for 4:00 PM, so I closed early. I found a small and sterile waiting area, so it was just as well that I didn’t have to wait. I was on time. It was an agreeably surprise that she was also. She came right to the point. “Good afternoon Mr. Richards. Did Charles tell you much about our business?”

“Almost nothing. He mentioned that you were good at getting him to remember details.”

She laughed. “That IS Charles. A number of my clients need help in that area. I have some sharp methods when required.”

She handed me a contract and fee schedule. “This first interview is gratis. All I need is a waiver, and we can begin.”


It was for unspecified mental and physical distress and not for medical or defamation. Waiving those would be illegal anyway. “Some of my methods can be um… uncomfortable. The waiver says that you agree in advance not to hold it against me. As with any waiver the real intent is to never use to it.”

I didn’t know what to think. I still had not agreed, or for that matter figured out exactly what she intended to do. But, it was clear she expected me to sign up and I could not help but notice her physically. She was about 5′ 6″, but seemed taller. He heels were high, but not unreasonably so. The appearance of height came from her very erect posture and confident bearing. Brown hair, long but done up. Brown eyes. BIG brown eyes. Like a basset hound. Trim. Obviously fit and healthy. Sharply if conservatively dressed. Attentive.

Actually, when I thought of it, I realized that she had been subtly coming on to me the entire time. Her suit was conservative, but her shirt was silk and you could make out the lace of the bra. Except for the handshake we had not touched, but her distance was intimate rather than formal. Her perfume was discrete, but definitely in the air. She scratched her leg with a foot, which brought attention to her well turned calves and high heeled pumps. Those were NOT your usual business suit kind of shoe. I had a client who would be trying to kiss that black leather as we spoke.

I was impressed. I deal with a lot of salespeople–my own and vendors. She was doing a first rate selling job. This was not a fitness trainer obviously. Especially not at these rates. Antep Bayan Escort What exactly she was, was elusive.

“Could we have a tour first?”

Smiling, “Of course.”

Was that a bit of the sharks grin? She led me to the changing rooms. I would be expected to arrive early enough to change before the appointment time. There were two doors. Behind one she showed me a spotlessly clean sense deep tank. This could be rented only Tuesdays and Saturdays, and she would not personally monitor the sessions, just the in and out points. Finally, she paused dramatically and laid her hand on my elbow, then she opened the other door.

It was a gym of sorts. Latex and leather sorts. There was a vaulting horse with manacles dangling. An entire wall was given over to hooks and rings. Up to 12 feet up. There were benches and blocks, armed chairs and sofas, and everywhere were convenient restraints. I shook my head. I didn’t have a clear idea of what to expect, but this was not it. I walked up to an equipment cart and picked up a pair of handcuffs. Looked real police issue to me.

“Want to give it a try?”

I was jolted back to reality. Many things were suddenly clear. I took the cuffs and clapped one ring onto her left wrist.

“I surely do.”

She was surprised of course. But the next reaction was telling. She blushed. Cynthia clearly played both sides of the street. The flush stood out against the sober colors of her suit, and I suddenly wanted to see if she blushed all the way down.

“But I didn’t… I mean..”

“Come. Come. You offered me the use of the room. And your services. Were you serious, or being rude?”

“Serious of course. But…”

“Very well. We may begin. Now, lets choose a place.”

I pulled her by the wrist over to the wall of rings. “Facing toward I think.” I fed the loose cuff through a leather strap and motioned for her to turn around. I clipped the other wrist and took up the slack in the strap. Then I stepped back and took a good look. The transformation was amazing.

She was breathing rapidly, almost panting. To say her breasts were heaving would be a stretch, but not much of one. Having her arms behind her displayed her proud breasts to advantage. A few strands of her dark hair had come loose. More importantly, her natural scent filled the air. I stepped close and inhaled deeply. She blushed even more fully.

“We cant have you perspiring all over that fine silk shirt.”

I stepped forward and opened her jacket. She trembled, but did not move or speak. As I pushed the sleeves down to her bound wrists I touched her body to body for the first time. She pressed against me. I stepped back and loosened her tie and then slowly the buttons of the shirt. Before I was finished the silk shirt was becoming spotted with telltale dots.

“Ah well. I suppose we must have it off to get it cleaned.”

While I looked for the key—it was exactly where I had picked up the cuffs—I was able to look at her to better advantage. She wore a strapless corset rather than a bra. The cups were black lace, but the body was smooth flesh tone. I was dying to see if it was hooked or zippered. My money was on lots of little hooks. But to business.

I walked over to her holding the key aloft. “We will have to get this suit off before it wrinkles, my dear. Hold still.” Redundant. See had been almost a statue for almost five minutes now. I was rather proud for her. Rather than release one hand and pull the coat over the cuffs, I decided to test her. With both hands free, “Step forward. Remove your arms. Step back.” Off came the shirt and jacket. I recuffed her at the elbow and she let out her first sound. “Tsk, tsk my dear. And you were doing so well. We will have see about that in a minute.”

I carefully removed the sleeves of the shirt from the jacket and laid them on a handle bar. Odd. Like something out of a dance studio. Later.

“Lets get the rest of this.”

The skirt was a simple wrap around. The corset was another matter. Lovely. Stepthrough design with integral cotton panties. Clear of the arms and shoulders, with a generous expanse of back. It could be worn with a strapless formal. Manylayered silk and some kind of quilting. At first glance it had appeared natural skin. Now I could see that it was stiffened. Natural, and illegal, whalebone would be my guess. Yet it was surprisingly pliant. She could get downright athletic without giving up any range of motion. Marvelous work. As I expected, tiny little hooks.

I stood close in front of her and reached around with both hands to undo the fasteners. Not quite taking her in my arms. She was necessarily getting full access to my scent. She took advantage. I smiled. Access to my odor is one thing I would permit freely. I paused halfway and squatted to undo the stocking stays. Her pungent sex only inches from my nose. Definitely wet, but not showing. I had to get the name of the corsetmaker. I could personally sell a dozen of these within a block of my office, although a fit this perfect had to be made to order. You could add too much weight for this piece at lunch.

Standing again, I noticed tension in her shoulders. Understandable with her elbows held inches apart. “My dear, such tension. We must see to that.”

If I say so myself, I am a gifted masseur. I worked my way down her back, pausing to loosen a hook only as it impeded my hands. Soon it was hanging from her breasts not supporting them. As I worked her muscles I also spread the corset. With as little warning as possible I pulled it forward and down. She gasped. “Dear, dear, that’s twice now.” I lowered the corset to her ankles. “Step. And the other. Thank you my dear. Your foot.” I removed her right pump. I give her this, the shoe was in total keeping with the corset and the rest of the ensemble.

“I need to know where to hang these. You may speak.”

“My locker is my office. That door.”

“Thank you my dear. That will be all for the moment.”


“Oh my. Three times. This will not wait.”

Regretfully, I put down the clothes. A world of possibilities was setting in plain sight. I could grow to like this place. Well organized. I chose a lipstick red gag ball. Her eyes widened, but she did not react otherwise. “Open.” In it went.

While I had my hands behind her neck, I decided I would like to see her hair. But that could be a problem for her later. “I would like to see your hair, but I realize that it may be inconvenient for your next appointment. Nod if you would like to have it down. She did. “Excellent.”

No clips. Bone and ivory pins, many with hand painted laquer. Class all the way.

I brought the hair down over her right shoulder. It hung down almost to her navel. And smelled of rosemary. So many scents on a woman.

I stroked it, and the breast beneath, for an absent moment. “Lovely. You must let me play with it sometime.” I picked up a lock and tickled her nose with it. Suddenly, there it was. The full body blush. I stepped back to gaze appreciatively. Her blush deepened. “My dear, you must show this side to me more often. It is really most becoming. Well, I shall return shortly.”

I returned to the clothes and took them into her office. It was as spare as the entrance hall. I suspected more hidden treasure, but it would be rude to pry. I hung the suit on a heavy wooden suit hanger I found in the closet. There was a lint brush, which I used. The shirt went on a disposable plastic hanger, which I hung on the door. There were three other silk shirts in the closet. I selected one and a matching tie and returned with it and the suit and the pump to the gym.

I glanced at my watch. As I expected, she had stood on tiptoe to keep level. It was a little over 5 minutes. She should be about ready.

I squatted in front of her a second time, and again received a full whiff of feminine sex. I could get drunk this way. I blew on her dripping cleft. Gooseflesh. I indulged myself with one slow lap. She stiffened like throbbing erection.

Chuckling I reached down. “Foot.” I received her right. My mistake. I should have specified the left. But this would work. I kneaded the pianowire tight small muscles in her arch. Then down to the toes. Back over the arch, the heel, the ankle, and up the calf. Not a sound. Excellent. Even with the gag, I would have heard something.

Reaching down once more. “Other foot.” Off came the pump, and I repeated the process on the left foot. “Stand.”

As she stood on both clearly grateful feet, I looked her top down for the first time. Trim. Leggy. Full breasted. Suddenly it was obvious.

“You were a dancer. A good one, but you overdeveloped.”

She did not so much as twitch, but one big brown eye welled a tear.

“Well you shall dance for me. You have one punishment remaining. When I release you, you will go to the bar and place one ankle over. Grasp the bar with both hands and stretch out fully while I administer the discipline.”

I released the cuffs.

She flowed over to the bar. Up came the leg and out over the bar. Out went the hands to grasp the bar. Down came the torso till her breasts hid her knee, her hair hung to the floor and her leg was straight as taught line.

“We will call this first position. Practice it daily, alternating legs. Now to business.”

I had chosen a short lash. “One. For hating your body.” I laid it across her left cheek.

“Two. For despising your talents.” This across the right cheek.

“Three. For despising your left breast, which is beautiful.” Backhand across the teat.

“Four. For despising your right breast, which is equally beautiful.” Across the other teat.

“Five. For believing you are as small as a single art.” Full on the pubis.

“Six through ten. Because you think you deserve it and because I am unable to tear such foolishness from you physically. Criss cross up the back.

“And finally, because I wish to.” I took her ass in both hands and carefully bit her left ham.

“You may stand and dress. This session is complete.”

She stood erect and slowly removed the gag. “You really think they are beautiful?”

Hear me Gods. “Yes. As does everyone.” She said nothing, but her expression said enough.

“Same time next week.”

“Not if you expect to pay me.”

How sweet. “send me the bill for the dry cleaning.”

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