First Time With Maid Lakshmi

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Hi Every Body. This is Kumar, from Hyderabad. I am regular visitor of this site from long back. Here I am to submit my experiences. This is the first time I am writing. So please bear me.

Now coming to the experience of mine. This incident happened to me when I was in my intermediate(17), with my maid. She is Lakshmi who used to work for us. She is 28 years old married lady. She is not attractive but good enough to have a relation with. Once when I was watching Television Lakshmi came there for her household work.

She was cleaning the floor with some cloth, for doing so she happened to bend. Then some thing struck to me eyes. Nothing but round boobs of Lakshmi over her blouse, as her Saree was parted a bit due to her work. I dint move my eyes of her globes. After this I tried to move to every room of the house which she has to clean.
I some how succeeded in having the same view of her boobs. In one of the rooms I even had a chance to view her sexy cleavage. As she was maid she doesn’t have a bra beneath her blouse. My cock jumped on seeing that and started to gain erection. After she left the room I had to goto the bathroom to relive myself ( thinking of Lakshmi). I released a lot amount of cum.

After that day I used to do stare at her boobs when ever I had a chance to. One day while in my room, she was cleaning my room. She had her Saree parted and escort kocaeli I was enjoying the cleavage of her. Suddenly she raised her head and saw me staring at her. She immediately went from that place. I was frightened as she would complain to my mom. But luckily she dint do that.

In the later days I was doing the same with out her noticing me. One day when my mother went out for some work, I was only there in the house. As no one was at home I started watching some porn on the internet. I was watching a video and was jacking my cock. In some sort of excitement I forgot to lock the door of my house!!!. Then came Lakshmi to do her household chores. She came to my room I dint notice her coming and she just was dumb found on seeing my condition. My
cock was at its full stretch. She started to move from that place. But I stopped her, but for pleading her not to tell this to anybody, fearing that she would tell my mother. She told me that she will not tell to any one and gave a instead gave a compliment that my cock was good. I in return told her that she was also beautiful (Just an on spot plan to get her).

She told thanks and asked what I was seeing on. I told her to come on in to my room and then I showed her the video of one girl sucking cock of her friend. She hesitated a bit to see the video and tried to move away. I asked her the reason and she said that she kocaeli anal yapan escort don’t like that. I said OK and asked her to stay back and i will closed the video. I asked her some personal details and then after some time asked whether she had done that to her husband. She said that she has not done that till that time because her husband has sex with her when he is drunk. And that is the reason she dint do that.

I then asked her directly if she is interested to do it with me. ( Strange that I asked so directly). She said no to that. I then told her that I will give what ever she wants if she does that. After so much asking she accepted to do that. I felt I was lucky for that. I then opened the zip of my pant and there came the snake out of my pant. After that I asked her to do that but she refused to do again. Then came an idea I stated the porn video again and restricted her to go out of the room.
moved in front of her with my cock in my hand. So took it in her hands and moved up and down. I was in seventh heaven. First touch of a lady for my cock. While doing so I kissed her lips and started chewing them and started to press her globes with my hands. ( Thanks to Porn Sites!!!!). She started moaning a bit like Ahhhh She became very hot. I pushed her head down to my cock. She moved her hand up and down on my cock. Then I pulled izmit yabancı escort her head to my cock. She opened her mouth and took my cock into her mouth. I was enjoying this moment. She started moving her head up and down. I cant tell if she was an expert or not because this is the first time I am experiencing. But now both of us started enjoying the situation. After 5 minutes I stated ejaculating directly into her mouth. She tried to leave my cock but I kept my hand on her head so that she can not move away. I cummed a lot into her mouth. Mostly my biggest ejaculation ever. She spilled some out onto the floor and started scolding me for doing it in her mouth. After that I asked her how was it. She told she liked it. I with more excitement asked her for a fuck which she rejected. Not because she is interested but because my mother may be any time her and we may get caught. She told that we shall do that later.

She later cleaned the floor. While doing her household works my mother came and asked her why she has delayed the work. She told that she was late to work. After that day we had a lot of sessions in the same way. She used to suck my cock when ever she gets a chance. I regularly press her boobs for a minute or so and we kissed a lot.

After a few days There came an excellent day of my life. We had a lovely fucking session. I will share that experience later. Thats all for now. Hope you liked the story. Comments on this experience accepted. You can mail your comments to if you want to. Next stories will be updated when I get some response.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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