First Times the Charm

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The beech and maple trees stretched out overhead blocking out large portions of the sun and providing a nice amount of shade on this rather warm summer day. Below the canopy, Oona and Marie walked side by side down the trail exchanging laughter over a joke Marie had brought into their conversation. Above, a cardinal sang out and Oona’s eyes searched above for the birds red plumage. Before she could locate the bird, Oona tripped over a branch and stumbled to the leaf littered path below.

Marie held back a giggle and bent down to help her friend to her feet. On the way back up, Marie caught a familiar scent and her emerald eyes searched for the source. A couple feet away, Marie approached a bush and snapped off a leaf holding up to Oona’s nose. Nose scrunching, Oona at first refused to smell the leaf but after some encouragement found it to be a delightful smell.

“What is it?” Oona inquired taking the leaf from Marie’s hand.

“Spicebush.” Marie smiled.

Oona twirled the leaf in her fingers for a moment then tucked it into her jean pocket then started walking down the trail. Following behind, Marie’s muddy eyes watched as Oona’s boots crunched at the fallen twigs on the path. Without entirely meaning to, her eyes followed up her friends legs and steadied on Oona’s ass. Watching the swooping lines move with every step, Marie found herself feeling aroused but tried to push the thoughts from her mind moving her eyes to the back of Oona’s head.

A few leaves had managed to tangle themselves into Oona’s long hair and Marie found herself speeding up ever so slightly to match her pace. Now next to her, Marie plucked out the stray leaves and Oona stopped and looked at her to figure out what was going on.

“Leaves and sticks from the fall.” Marie giggled a little and looked over the rest of Oona’s hair picking out other stray objects.

The act of being groomed was an intimate feeling and Oona was not sure what to do about it. As Marie’s hand grazed the side of her face to pick away a dead maple seed, Oona reached up quickly and grabbed Marie’s hand. Holding the hand in place, Oona’s green eyes captured the murky depths of Marie’s and half a million thoughts passed through her mind. One thought rose above the others and screamed, ‘kiss her.’ Without any hesitation, Oona tilted her head down and kissed her friend on the lips.

Marie was stunned but managed to kiss back rather quickly. A first for them both, she imagined. As Oona pulled away, Marie blushed and looked away. There was not a trace of shame, but she couldn’t imagine how that kiss was for Oona. Oona, sensing her friend’s lack of confidence released Maries hand and tilted her face up to look back into her eyes.

“It was… magical.” Oona whispered and she kissed her again.

This Ankara bayan escort time she didn’t hold back. Marie’s glossed lips pushed deeper into the plumpness that were Oona’s. In response, Oona smiled into the kiss and sent her tongue out to part Marie’s lips. Feeling her lips being parted, Marie slowly moved her tongue forward to meet Oona’s. Together their tongues swam against each other for a few moments before departing.

“Wow.” a mesmerized Marie spoke breathlessly.

“Agreed.” Oona laughed. “Shall we… explore this a little more? That was thrilling.”

Nodding with a new sense of exhilaration, Marie noted the beech tree behind Oona. Gently, Marie placed both hands on Oona’s shoulders and pushed her against the tree. Soon thereafter, her lips found Oona’s and another tongue play started within their mouths. Oona moved one arm around Marie’s waist and another around her shoulders to pull her closer. As their bodies collided, a hushed moan crept out Marie’s mouth.

Marie’s hands entwined themselves in Oona’s brunette locks, encouraging her to push the kiss even deeper. The tongue play, once mild was now a war. Oona found her hands teasing at the bottom edge of Marie’s shirt her mind pondering what to do next.

“Please…” the world slipped out of Marie’s mouth into the kiss that they had briefly parted.

Having been given permission and wanting to explore, Oona trailed her hands up Marie’s shirt and fondled her breasts gently over her bra. Soon the fondling became full on groping. Marie’s moans slipped out at regular intervals, begging for more. Oona let her other hand fall from her Marie’s shoulders to assist in the unclasping of her bra.

Having her breasts free from containment, a rush swept over Marie’s body giving her goose bumps and erecting her nipples to a glass cutting point. Oona noted this as she moved her hands back up to play with the newly released mounds. Her fingers tenderly roamed around the nipples for a few rotations before finally targeting and teasing the pink nubs themselves.

Marie, now growing more excited by the moment, found her hands moving from Oona’s head down the bottom her shirt. Breaking the kiss briefly she looked up at Oona.

“May I remove this… obstruction?” Marie tugged the shirt gently upwards.

Oona smirked and nodded. Marie took a step back, a bit sad that the breast play was over for the moment and slipped Oona’s shirt over her head revealing a green lacy bra the same color as her eyes. However, that was not what Marie noticed first. Porcelain colored mounds practically glowed against the dark green fabric and called out for Marie to play with them.

Dropping Oona’s shirt to the ground she began massaging the newly exposed flesh, her mouth suddenly Escort bayan Ankara growing a bit moister as some new thoughts filled her mind.

“Shall we move to the ground?” Oona whispered reading her intentions.

Without needing a response, Oona laid on the ground and Marie, without a second thought, laid on top of her. Oona’s hand reached up and removed Marie’s shirt and bra, discarding them to the side. They were a beautiful almond color and just the perfect size to handle, Oona noted to herself while squeezing Marie gently.

Marie’s fingers trailed the lace of her friend’s bra and found themselves behind to unclasp it. Grabbing hold of the straps, she removed the bra and set it in the pile with the other clothing. Scooting down just a bit, Marie found her mouth on Oona’s neck, kissing her ever so tenderly. Flowering her body with kisses, she made her way down to her breasts and kissed around the hard nipples. Quickly her tongue darted out to tease a nipple then her lips enclosed around. While still in her mouth, Marie let her tongue flick over the nipple rapidly and watched as Oona’s body arched just the slightest beneath her.

While playing with the one nipple, she used her other hand to grope and massage Oona’s other breast for a bit. Oona’s newly formed goose bumps sent a shiver over her own body as she realized the pleasure she was causing. Lightly, Marie trailed her hand down her partner’s stomach and found their way to the button of her jeans. Brown eyes glanced up at Oona who was staring back at Marie, a mischievous look upon her face.

Marie bit her lip and blushed as she slipped the button out of its holding then unzipped Oona’s pants. Rolling off top, Marie turned and tugged Oona’s jeans off. After setting them aside, Marie crept up between Oona’s legs, trailing one arm behind her. Once again her mouth found one of Oona’s buds and latched on to pleasure. With one hand clasping one of Oona’s, the other hand found its way beneath the uncovered panties; a matching green lace. Slowly, Marie stroked the small bit of fur, twisted it between her fingers while deciding her next move.

A swell of wetness filled Oona as Maries fingers drifted between her lower lips and teased the areas around her clit. Never did she think she would experience this kind of feeling with a woman. Her body released a shudder and her lips parted to allow a moan of encouragement to escape. But before Marie could get too far, Oona rolled over on top of Marie and slid of her jeans as well.

Now on top of the action, she also managed to remove Marie’s thong and finish her boob groping session that she had started earlier. Squeezing first gently then a bit harder, she pushed and pulled her boobs apart creating and uncreating cleavage. Her lips too Bayan escort Ankara found their way around a nipple. Licking, sucking, lapping and causing Marie’s hands to pull lightly at Oona’s hair.

Marie let out another cry of pleasure as teeth softly nibbled at her nubs. The pleasure was not too much, but she wanted to be the bringer of it was well. With a playful maneuver, Marie was back on top. Her lips planted kisses down Oona’s stomach and along her inner thighs. The smell coming from beneath her panties was intoxicating. With a quick gesture, Oona’s panties were now gone and her nose was nuzzling the soft fur of her neither regions. Before she knew it herself, she was taking long laps of her friend’s pussy planting kisses as she went along.

Every time she passed over the sweet nub, Oona’s stomach tightened and she shuddered. Marie knew her obvious goal and started in on the clit. Slow tip of the tongue flicks followed by circles around it. Every motion of Marie’s tongue sent her into another dimension. How can she be this good? Isn’t it her first time? Moan after moan escaped through Oona’s lips and her hips bucked up burying her mound into Marie’s face. Marie gently probed the entrance to Oona with a couple fingers and soon after buried them deep inside. Oona swooned with pleasure and a surge of juices crept out to coat Marie’s fingers just as they had found the sweet spot.

Doing come here motions with her finger and using a firmer tongue rotation move, Marie, not a few minutes later had caused her friend to collapse under waves of pleasure. Marie withdrew her fingers and smiled up at Oona.

Oona grinned down at her friend and rolled over her taking her spot on top.

“No one does that to me without getting something in return.” She smirked and yanked off Marie’s panties which had been moist from the recent activity. “Already moist? Let us see what I can do to make you more so.”

Going straight for the gold, Oona placed her tongue between Marie’s shaved lips and began licking vertically, slowing down as she passed over the swollen clit. Moving her tongue side to side, she took on a horizontal approach and raised quite a reaction of Marie who was arching her back off the ground in ecstasy. Moans came one after the other as Oona used the circle around the clit motion that she had enjoyed just moments ago. Using her fingers, she spread Marie apart and enclosed her lips around her clit, sucking gently. This new sensation sent Marie into a series of shudders and her cries of pleasure rang out louder, echoing through what they hoped was an empty woods.

Sensing that Marie was close, Oona narrowed sped up her tongue motions using a nice mixture of soft and firm tongue. Marie’s hands found their way back to Oona’s hair and pulled. Another swell of pleasure, this time more intense caused her hips to rise off the ground. A trickle of juices floated down Oona’s chin and she smiled into Marie’s cunt, sliding on top of her body.

Their eyes locked and they both grinned like idiots.

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