Flea Market of Lust: The Denim Queens Ch. 02

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Sheila was still giving me the cold shoulder, and her hot ass to other guys. She was being less circumspect about it as well. I thought it was just me noticing the tell-tale signs of her amorous activities, until Francis approached me about it. She was one of the Denim Queens who ran an all-denim clothes and accessories stall at the Nimitz Road Flea Market.

“I don’t know what is going on with her.” Francis said sweetly and with perfect diction, like a Television Housewife, that turned me on big time. She was about 55 or so, slender as a reed, but not bony. Her dyed black hair was done up like Lady Bird Johnson (President Johnson’s First Lady) and she wore a tight denim one piece dress with a shiny bronze zipper traveling all the way down to the hem. The retro hair in contrast to the ( what was then in mid 80’s ) modern dress, was an extra turn on. Francis was looking at Sheila’s closed stall, the one I was trying not to look at, at frowning as much as her perpetually happy face could. Thuds and bumps were coming from Sheila’s stall, and occasionally a muffled moan or piercing grunt would leak out. Someone was fucking, and it wasn’t me, and . . .

“It sure looks like she wants us to know it.” Francis and I said together. We did a Marx Bothers take to each other and laughed, and then hugged in a gentle embrace of easy friendship and the innocent pleasure of a shared moment. “You are such a sweet person, John.” Francis said beaming up at me. “Can I do something nice for you?”

My eyebrows shot up. We had spent some time together recently, most of it with my cock in her mouth, preparing me as a fuck partner for her fellow Denim Queen, Miss Jennie. Francis and I had not had sex, and I wondered if . .

“No, I don’t want to have sex with you or anything . . .” , she said, finishing my thought and taking my arm in her while leading me away from Sheila’s trailer. “But I am genuinely fond of fellatio. I am a very oral person, as Jennie never stops saying. SO, if you can stand it, if you can take it. . .” She sopped near the entrance of her trailer just behind her stall, and looked deeply into me with her emerald green eyes. ” I’d like to suck on your cock all day. That is, for a certain amount of time, at various times all day, from now, until about 5pm, when Jennie arrives. Then you may have sex with her.” She stopped talking, and bit her lip an anxious-little girl way that surprised me, and thrilled me as well. “Now, you won’t be able to come, at all, no matter what I do to your cock, no matter how I suck on it. This may be . . .difficult.”

“Francis, there’s only one way to find out.” I said, gulping like Archie on a big date with Veronica. She smiled and pulled me into the trailer, and laid me down on the small twin bed, pulled down my pants and shorts and swallowed my still soft cock into her mouth.

“Yummy.” She mumbled, her mouth full of my dick. “I love getting them hard!” She swished the tip of my dick around in her mouth, her tongue furiously working the head of my cock, flicking and teasing it then alternatively sucking on it with a steady ferocity that made me sit up gasping.

“Holy shit!” I burst out.

“Shush.” she mumbled again, never letting my cock out of her mouth. As I got hard, she began to softly stroke my shaft, and caress the tip of my cock with her lips. My dick stretched into it’s full 8 inch length and as her sweet red lips wrapped themselves around the full girth of my young dick and pulled it all the way into her mouth. “Mmmmmmmmmm” She breathed out, and her whole body seemed to melt into the mattress and her face relaxed and softened into a relieved expression like a smoker taking a drag after a long flight.

“Oh hell, there’s nothing like sucking a dick.” Francis said matter of factly, just like Donna Reed in the middle of the kitchen explaining something to Bud. It was almost completely asexual, if not for my big dick in her petite hands. Her wet mouth once again lowering itself onto me, and up again, beginning a gentle rhythm like a piston; up and down on my cock, taking about three quarters of the entire thing into her mouth before coming back up, and then down again, relentless avrupa yakası escort and perfect in her timing. One minute, Two minutes, five minutes went by with not a single deviation in her pace. Her tongue would stay busy with each stroke as well, letting itself be known on my shaft and glans.

It was the strangest thing! I could tell she was sucking my dick totally and completely for her own pleasure. My opinion about what she was doing did not matter at all. And that was okay, I didn’t . . .have to cum, right? Half of my Nineteen year old brain rebelled against this heretical thought! But then it looked down at this retro goddess gulping down our dick, and it realized that this could be happening all day. At that moment, Francis stopped for a second and kissed the head of my cock wetly and tenderly, looking deep into my eyes. Her lips danced and played around my glans, and then she clamped her mouth down hard on the head of my cock and sucked hard while both of her hands grasped the shaft and gently massaged it. The feeling was….I started making noises I never had before, it was a little embarrassing, but I didn’t cum. It felt like it does just before you cum, but the particular intensity of Francis’ mouth was, well, too intense. . to allow me to cum…I don’t know. . . Hey, I’m only nineteen here, I’m figuring this stuff out for the first time, okay?

Francis stopped pleasuring-torturing my dick just long enough to tell me, “John, I’m going to stop sucking your cock in about a minute or so. Then you will go about your business, and I’ll find you later and suck your dick again. So, let’s cool you down.” She softened the ferocity of the the vacuum her lips had been forming around my the head of my cock, bit by bit. Her hands began to massage my cock, softer and softer, and then slowly her mouth left my dick. Her hands moved softer and softer my my shaft, until they almost imperceptibly just stopped being there.

“Take a deep breath.” Francis told me. I did. “Let it out.” I did that too. “Now put on your pants, and I’ll see you later.” She straightened herself out and left, while I did as commanded.

As I browsed around the largest Flea Market in the Southwest, my penis was feeling very peculiar. So peculiar, I had to call it a penis and not a cock. To have been so stimulated without release, and willingly so, left me feeling turned on, bold. Careless of small conventions. While looking through some old Elfquests I started hitting on the sales lady, Heloise. She was another older woman, a Latina from Nuevo Leon with red hair and a full figure. We were talking about the Spanish language adventure comics when Francis found me and pulled me away.

She took me to a stall down a few rows that sold coats and dresses, but only on the weekends. Francis opened the door with a key, but looked guilty while she did it. “This is a bit naughty, but the mouth needs what it needs, and the folks who own it wouldn’t mind.” She paused and batted her eyelashes at me. “Much.” We went in to the room which was packed wall to wall with racks of floor length coats and dresses. She flicked on the fluorescent lights and fell to her knees without any ceremony, unzipping my pants and using her petite, eager fingers to take out my cock, which practically sprung to life in her hands. She looked up at me, her mouth hanging open, her lips wet. Her shoulders rising and falling with each deep breath. Her green eyes were huge and shining.

“Don’t take this personally, but I’ve been thinking about this since you left.” My cocked twitched at her words. While on her knees, our heights placed her mouth exactly in front of my cock . . .

“. . . like I was born to suck it.” We both said out loud. We laughed again, and it almost ruined the moment but our passion was strong enough to chase the giggles away, and she began a different kind of pace than before; a slower, more gentle back and forth on my dick, only going about half way, though she kept that metronome like style, back and forth, back and forth. One of her hands hands reached down and caressed my balls, cradling them in her small fingers. Her other istanbul escort hand wrapped itself around my dick, and gripped it tightly. The pace was so sweet and slow, like a Miles Davis solo. I watched her beautiful face, slight wrinkles around her eyes and mouth, a happy Jackie-Kennedy pink lips smile around my dick, that retro hairstyle making it all seem even more exotic, more other worldly. After a few minutes, she began to get carried away. She lost her pace and began to randomly slurp the whole length into her mouth and gag on my dick. Her eyes were closed and a low growl seemed to come from her throat as she put her hands on my hips, and began to fuck my cock with her mouth, twisting her head from side to side as she did, more and more spit and drool covering my cock and beginning to drip down on the floor and on her dress.

Francis pulled back from my cock, except for the very tip which still rested between her pink lips, and pulled the shiny zipper on her dress down, down, and then all the way down, and then simply by spreading her arms wide sent it falling to the floor. My eyes popped out of my skull! She was wearing a sixties’ style white bikini, that gleamed against her tanned skin. Francis smile wide at my reaction. “Fuck my face, John.” She put her hands on her hips, and opened her mouth. I placed my cock between her lips and pushed, and pushed deeper and she eagerly pulled me in with her mouth, while her body remained totally still. I began to pull in and out, never with a hard thrust or a shove, but I slid it in deep and I slide it in shallow and she kept sucking it without a choke or a tremor. I have no idea how long she let me go on, delighting my self in her sweet mouth. Finally she put her hands on my cock and pulled me out.

“I’ll have to stop in about a minute, time to cool you down.” She reached down and pulled her dress back on and had it zipped up in an elegant flash. Back at my cock, she started de-accelerating as before with softer sucking and a gentler massaging of the shaft and balls. I began breathing deeply right away, bringing myself back from the brink. As she stopped, I fastened my fly and helped her up.

“So far so good.” She said, smiling wickedly.

Throughout the day she found me three more times, and dragged me to various out of the way spots all over the Flea Market. The supply closet for the concession stand. In the back of Lonely Pete’s ’57 GMC pick up truck. Inside a shipping container half full of Chinese Hoodies. Each time she went down on me in a different way. By the fifth time in the shipping container, I was starting to get to a state of mind that could be best described as Fuck Mean. My cock almost hurt with wanting, with need, and it practically throbbed with ripples of pleasure every time I took a step. I couldn’t focus on anything. I walked around like a zombie until Francis found me again. I almost flinched when she touched me, I was so worked up.

“Goodness, John. You seem a little tense.” Francis teased me.

“Yeah.” I growled out.

For some reason, the growl made Francis grip my arm tighter. “Oh..” was all she said. She steered me to her trailer and led me inside. Jennie was there, naked on the bed, her curvy, slightly chubby body was a fuck fest I had attended before. She had short red hair, sprayed down flat, and wicked brown eyes that smoldered as much as her New Orleans accent did. She was caressing her own 36-C tits, softly pinching her nipples and slowly undulating her hips.

“Francis told me what she has been doing to you all day. It got me so damn turned on, son . . . Boy, you got a look in your eye something fierce.” Francis stepped aside and tried to walk past to leave us in the bedroom. I refused to move, easily blocking the tiny hall with my body. I gently moved her to the foot of the bed and made her get to her knees. “One more time.” Was all I said as I struggled to pull my rock hard cock from my pants. “Get it good and wet for Jennie.” Francine darted a look at Jennie, who nodded back, and then she devoured my cock, as if she hadn’t been sucking it all damn day. This time however, her eyes kept sliding over to watch Jennie, who mecidiyeköy escort had started fingering her clit while, of course, she watched Francis lick and caress my cock. I reached down and zipped open Francis’ dress, and begin to caress her tits. She barely noticed, as by now her eyes were locked on Jennie, and a look of hard lust was in her eyes.

I pulled Francis to her feet, and disrobed her completely and then laid her on the bed next to Jennie. I climbed between Jennie’s legs and slid my cock easily into her sopping wet pussy. She almost screamed out in pleasure as I pushed every inch of my cock into her. I pulled out slowly, so slowly that Jennie swore at me and swatted at me for being a tease. I acquiesced and began to give her a slow deep fuck, and Jennie moaned and groaned with every little stroke. Francine was lying next to Jennie, staring at her, agog. I gently took her head and guided her to Jennie’s pink nipple, that was hard like a eraser. Hesitatingly, she kissed it once, twice and then once again. Jennie sucked in her breath and held it. Then Francis pulled the whole nipple in her mouth and began to suck on it proper. Jennie breathed out slowly, and with a shudder came hard. Francis kept licking and sucking, slurping away, lost in the same kind of bliss she evinced when going down my my dick.

It was all I could take, I started fucking her like an animal, and that set Jennie to screaming, until Francis leaped to her mouth to kiss her. Jennie’s arms embraced her, pulling her close, her muffled orgasmic scream rippling through hers and Francis’ body. I came hard inside Jennie at the same time, both of our hips buckling and twitching with the after shocks.

“You two. .. you two. . .” I was having trouble catching my breath. “You two act like you’ve never done that before.” Their silent shyness told me it was true. “How is that possible? You are openly sexually…open…” I was a little fuck-headed, so forgive my poor choice of verbiage.

“We went to Catholic school.” Jennie said softly, and Francis nodded in agreement, as if that explained everything.

I laughed. “That’s amazing! Oh, and I’m not done with you two. Lie down Francis. Jennie, get up here.” I pulled Jennie up to a doggy style position, and then made her straddle Francis, so there were facing each other, mouth to mouth. They instantly started kissing and caressing each other.

“Thaaaat’s what I want.” I quipped. As I was nineteen and had been teased all day, and I had two hot retro chicks going at each other right in front of me, I had no trouble getting hard again. I started fucking Jennie from behind as she and Francis played with each other, licking and sucking each other’s tits and nipples like starved men at a steak buffet.

“You like John fucking you like that, Jennie?” Francis hissed between her teeth.

“Oh yes I do, Oh god I do.”

“Are you glad I got him all warmed up for you?”

“Yes, yes, yes, thank you Miss Francis, thank you so much!”

I kept fucking Jennie, massaging her generous ass and listening to all the nasty talk between the two Denim Queens. They kept going, and so did I. After a few minutes, Francis slid up and put Jennie’s face right into her crotch. Jennie leapt at the pussy and began to eat her box out with a fury. Francis grabbed Jennies’ head and held her firm to her cunt, and then came hard. Somehow Jennie managed to keep licking away at Francis’ while I pounding her pussy from behind. It was impressive as hell. Francis came again, and then one more time. I felt my balls tighten and I knew I was going to cum soon. Apparently, Jennie could sense it too.

“Come in her mouth. Come in her filthy mouth, John.”

“Oh fuck fuck fuck, yes please!” Francis whimpered. Jennie rolled off my cock and to the side as Francis scootched down to take my cock in her mouth. She deep- throated me with one lunge and in three seconds I came while she took every drop and miked me dry, even licking my cock clean before we both fell back into the bed with satisfaction. Jennie and Francis curled up together and looked into each other’s eyes for a while, saying nothing. It was kinda beautiful to watch. They didn’t acknowledge me at all as I got dressed and left. I’m not sure if they’ll need my Gentlemanly services every again, now that they figured each other out. I sure so hope so. It was nice being around people who felt things so deeply as they did. I’d miss their company.

And the cock sucking, of course.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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