Fleshy Femme Fatale

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She hated it.

She admitted to it freely. She hated his fleshlight. That disgusting “toy”. That thing he put his penis in to feel good. Was she not enough? Why did he feel he needed it, that replacement for her vagina?

It was just sitting there on his side of the bed, he’d used it last night and just left it sitting on the bed side table. It was all she could do to look at it, and yet she couldn’t look away. How could something so dirty make him so happy?

Her curiosity piqued, she reaches out and picks it up. The hard plastic outer shell hiding the soft plastic flesh within. Twisting off the lid she reveals the perfectly formed lips of the perfectly formed vulva. “Disgusting” she thinks, looking at this replacement for her own body. Looking at it, trying to imagine her boyfriend looking at it, she begins to imagine it as a real vulva, a real pussy, waiting to be touched. Running a finger along the plastic lips she pulls back quickly, it feels different to her expectations. More real than she expected but different to the way her own womanhood feels.

The plastic feeling, it is almost sticky to the touch. How could any man find this more pleasurable than the hot, wetness of a woman? She remembers the lubricant, perhaps Bahçelievler escort bayan that is what she should apply to complete this experiment. Reaching over to the bedside table draw she extracts a tube of lube. Popping the top, she squeezes a healthy dollop of the slippery material on to the fake pussy. Rubbing it in, she finds it feels a lot different, a lot more like a real pussy. Perhaps even more like her own pussy.

With curiosity she feels a tingle in her lower regions, as she continues manoeuvring her fingers over the soft, slippery lips. She imagines how it would feel if her hand was lower. Suddenly the tingle becomes a more noticeable throb. While she tries to control her own body and shake the feeling, she adjusts the way she’s sitting and can’t help but realise her own lips becoming moist.

Abandoning all pretense she lowers one hand into her pants, slipping under the elastic of her underwear, feeling the heat from her sex as she draws closer to herself. Her other hand still stroking the fleshlight’s lips, she runs a finger along her moist slit to compare the sensations. They feel similar and yet different, one hot to the touch, the other more synthetic and yet, so Escort Bahçeşehir life like. It is no wonder her boyfriend enjoys using it.

She needs better access though. Removing her pants, her underwear comes off quickly. The cool air hits her exposed lips drawing a shiver from her body. She pulls her top off, her nipples already hard with excitement tighten further with the temperature change. She is now naked and alone in bed with the fleshlight.

With desire pumping through her body she starts masturbating herself and the fleshlight. One finger teasing her hardened clit, the other rubbing the fleshy folds of her impromptu partner. Pushing lower she enters herself and the fleshlight at the same time. The feeling coursing through her body from her fingers catches her breath, it is exquisite. Pulling out of the fleshlight, she brings it to her face so that she can look at it. She masturbates as she imagines it is real, that another woman is lowering herself towards her face. She’s never felt this urge, this attraction to someone of the same sex before but now as she looks at it, she wants it to be real, she wants to taste it.

Flicking her tongue out she makes contact. The taste of the Bakırköy escort lubricant is unpleasant but the thought of eating real pussy drives her on. Remembering her own taste from past experience she has an idea. Spreading her legs she moves the fleshlight over her own sex. Rubbing it against herself she coats it in her own scent, her own flavour. It is driving her crazy, the feeling of her pussy against another. Her lips against lips. She feels her arousal building to breaking point.

But she refrains, she wants to taste her first pussy. Bringing it back to her face she can smell herself on it. Reaching forth with her tongue again she licks along the folds, savouring the taste of herself while picturing it is anothers. She plunges her fingers in deeper, her arousal to the point where she is wet. Not moist but wet, soaking wet. Her body is urging her onwards as she licks and sucks on her new pussy pal.

Pushing her tongue in deeply she inserts two fingers in her own quivering hole, squeezing her legs together she feels it happen. Her orgasm boils out of her nether regions, crashing through her body, racking her with pleasure. Legs twitching, pussy pulsing her, breasts heaving, the hand holding the fleshlight pushes it over her face, down her body, over her breasts, and down, towards her own ravaged pussy. She rubs it over herself, coaching a few last tremors of orgasm before her body loses the ability to hold anything. This is how her boyfriend finds her hours later, nude with the fleshlight between her legs.

She hated it.

She loved it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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