Flight of Fantasy

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Another delayed flight, another last minute connection. I rush through the terminal building, the display screens showing ‘gate closing’ for my next flight. As always, I seem to have to travel the entire length of the concourse, and my way keeps being blocked by slow moving crowds.

“Why does this always happen to me?” I scream to myself.

I arrive at the gate as the last couple of people are passing through the final security check. Having done the obligatory ‘shoes off, belt off, do you want me to drop my pants too?’ routine I am through to the boarding area. I drop my bags, collapse breathless onto a seat and close my eyes.

After a couple of minutes I look around. There is the usual mixture of business suits and holiday casuals but the flight is obviously not going to be full. I am just about to close my eyes again when I see her. She is a couple of rows away, her face just showing over the top of a magazine, but what has caught my attention is that she is looking directly at me and laughing.

For a moment I am taken aback, and then I realise that my anger and frustration has been only too visibly displayed, and maybe I need to be mocked. Whatever the intent, the result is to make my stress evaporate.

I look across to her, smile and mouth the words, “Thank you.”

She smiles back and then drops her eyes back to her magazine. I look at her face as she reads and see that the smile has not left her lips.

The boarding announcement is made and immediately a long queue forms. I will never understand why people are so keen to get into a seat that they will be trapped in for the next eight hours, especially when the flight is only half full. Once the queue has diminished to just a couple of people I get up and collect my bags. She is still reading her magazine and as I pass I enquire whether she is going to wait for the next one. She laughs and gets up, following me down the air bridge. I thank her for helping me see the funny side of my situation.

She laughs and says, “You looked ready to burst – I could see you needed some relief.”

I look at her, trying to work out how much to read into that double meaning. Her sparkling blue eyes and cheeky grin tell me plenty.

I ask her name and she replies, “Emma.”

Typically the airline has crowded all the passengers into the front of the plane and the rear is almost empty. I have an aisle seat and Emma anadolu yakası escort is sitting a couple of rows behind. As soon as we are airborne I have a word with the flight attendant and then move further back. As I pass Emma I tell her I’m moving to find some more space and privacy. She raises her eyebrows and smiles. I offer to buy her a drink for what she has done. We both laugh, knowing that for the next few hours all the drinks will be free.

She looks me straight in the eye and whispers, “Maybe later.”

I find a few unoccupied rows and choose the central seats just in front of a bulkhead. Nice and peaceful, and room to lie down if I want to. But at the moment my thoughts are on other possibilities, and the tantalising thought of Emma joining me.

I start to do some work, but my mind keeps wandering down paths that make it difficult to concentrate. I notice Emma pass me on the way to the toilet and our eyes meet as she passes. I carry on reading and soon become engrossed in studying a particularly complex bit of technical argument. Suddenly something drops into my lap. I look up to see Emma’s back view as she moves back to her seat. Her skirt is close fitting and clings tightly to her neatly rounded backside.

I look down into my lap and gasp in surprise. There, in a tight little ball is a pair of silky red panties. I grab them quickly in my hand as a flight attendant passes, and as I hold them I feel that they are warm and damp. I look up and see Emma standing by her seat, looking back at me. Gazing into her eyes I lift my hand to my face and breath in the scent of her pussy, feeling my cock hardening as I do so. She smiles and licks her lips, then turns and sits down.

I feel incredibly turned on and at the same time very frustrated. I suddenly realise I have lost control of the situation. She has deliberately stimulated me and now I am at her mercy. Will she just leave me like this, or will she deliver what she has suggested? I can hardly sit still, and whatever I do fails to relax me. I try to continue with my work but cannot concentrate, I try to watch the film but get quickly bored. In my mind I keep seeing the vision of Emma rubbing her hands over her panties, stimulating herself through the silky material, before removing them. Did she bring herself to climax? I think not, so she is probably feeling as horny ataşehir escort as I am.

My eyes close and I try to drive the visions away. The next thing I know I open my eyes to find the cabin in darkness. A few passengers still have their reading lights on or are watching the film. I realise I have been sleeping, and also realise that something has woken me. I look up and see Emma looking down at me.

“I thought you would wait up for me,” she said, “I brought my blanket.”

I quickly move across to make room for her, pushing up the arm between the seats as I do so. She slides down into the seat and as she does so her skirt ride up so that her pussy is only just hidden.

“I brought you something to drink,” she whispers in my ear.

Taking my hand in hers she guides me between her legs, placing the blanket strategically. My finger runs along her lips to find she is already very wet. As soon as it is coated with her juice, I bring it to my mouth and my tongue reaches out to taste her. I gaze into her eyes as I lick the juice from my hand.

“Are you going to share?” she asks.

My finger returns between her legs finding more of her honey, and then comes up to her lips. I watch as she runs her tongue along its length, feeling her touch on my finger, and my mind imagining the same sensations along my hard cock. She moves close and our lips meet, their contact lubricated by her slippery sweetness. I pull her closer still and our tongues dance together, exploring each other.

My hand returns between her legs and slides back and forth along the length of her lips, as soft as a breeze. She sighs and lifts herself, trying to increase the pressure but I am ready and move with her. She groans in frustration. Still I keep up the rhythm and she starts to shake with desire. Then slowly I press more firmly, maintaining the back and forth movement. My finger slips between her lips and runs over her swollen clit. Her body jumps at the first touch and her breathing becomes ragged. She pushes against my finger and this time I return the pressure. My finger circles her clit and I kiss her deeply as I feel her body tensing. Her climax comes in long shuddering spasms and I hold her tight as her body writhes in pleasure.

She collapses back in her seat breathing deeply, her eyes closed, her lips smiling in contentment. For a few moments I wonder if ümraniye escort she is asleep, whether even at this late stage she is going to deny the throbbing hardness in my pants.

Then she opens her eyes, takes my hand and whispers, “Come with me.”

Uncertain of what she has in mind I stand awkwardly, my erection uncomfortable and very obvious in its constrained space.

She looks at me and laughs, “Don’t worry, you will soon be a lot more comfortable.”

She leads me back past the toilets and through a curtain to the rear galley. Clearly the flight attendants have decided to only use the front galley and this one is not being used.

Emma turns to face me and quickly frees my throbbing erection from my pants. She drops to her knees and immediately takes me into her mouth, her tongue lapping the precum from my head. Holding my balls in one hand she gently squeezes and tugs, whilst her tongue probes my slit. She can tell how desperate I am, as my cock jumps at every touch. Giving a final long suck, she releases me and stands up.

“Fuck me,” she moans.

She turns around and leans down, her hands gripping a low shelf, her arse towards me. I need no further invitation and lifting her short skirt, slide my cock along the length of her lips. She groans loudly and grabs my cock, thrusting it towards her pussy, desperate for penetration, but I hold back, only allowing her to press me against her entrance. My hands reach round her body, one sliding between her legs from the front to find her clit, the other pinching a nipple through the thin material of her blouse. My busy fingers rub and squeeze, flick and roll and her body shakes with desire. Only then do I satisfy her longing. My cock pushes against her entrance, her pussy flowing around my head and shaft as I penetrate her fully in one deep thrust.

Hours of sexual frustration are focussed into the moment, and the intensity of that thrust drives us to the limit. My cock pounds in and out as I feel her pussy tightening around me. My hands grab her hips, pulling her hard against me, plunging so deep, feeling my head press against her cervix. She lets out a cry as her orgasm explodes, thundering through her body in overpowering waves. I climax deep inside, thrusting again and again as I fill her. Her pussy pulses and sucks, milking me dry. We cling together, shaking and gasping, my cock twitching in the echoes of its ecstasy.

I hold her tightly as we slowly recover, my cock still inside her. Then I slowly withdraw. She stands and turns. Our mouths meet in a gentle, thankful kiss. As we straighten our clothes we here the announcement of our imminent arrival and the request to return to our seats.

“Goodbye,” she whispers, and is gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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