For So Long I’ve Waited

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I sit close to you, watching you intently in everything you do. I listen to you breathe, I watch your eyes skim the web-page, all I can do is concentrate on all that is you.

After conversing online for over three years, I have finally come to see you and have not been disappointed. I’ve loved you for so long. If only you could know how my body aches for yours.

I ask you questions about what you are doing . . . lots of questions. I have learned that the more interested I am in what you do, the more interested you are in being around me and talking to me.

I lean in closer, completely absorbed in your movements. Everything you do is beautiful, magical. I ask another question, you turn to answer it and your face is a fraction of an inch from mine. The moment is a bit tense at first, but you answer the question and we laugh to lighten the mood.

I move from my seat beside you and stand behind you. I watch what you are doing as I put my hands on your shoulders then start rubbing your back. You stop typing quite as quickly and, fearing that I may distract you, I pick a book up off of the floor and carry it to the bed with me.

I start skimming the pages, but stop when you sit on the bed next to where I am laying. I stick my tongue out at you and start flipping through the book once again. I’m not paying much attention to what the headers of the pages say, because I am contemplating the current situation. As it is still technically our first meeting, even though I have spent the last week with you, things are still a little tense, but I am unsure of how to relieve the tension.

I lay my head on your lap as I skim through the book to see if I can find anything worthwhile. What I notice is that the growing bulge in your pants seems to be pretty worthwhile. I look up at you and your face is a mixture of embarrassment sarıyer escort and smiles.

I ask if you are comfortable and you nod unsurely. I rise up on my hands and face you at eye level. I scoot my body closer and take your shirt off and then gently push you down onto the bed.

I ask you if this is more comfortable, and you answer by pulling me down and pressing your lips softly against mine. It is an innocent kiss, just a brush of the lips practically, but the situation escalates when you reach and pull my shirt above my head.

We kiss again, more passionately this time, and it is apparent that I am hungry for your lips and body. I move my kisses down your chest and belly, all the while my bra-covered breasts are brushing against your bare skin. I reach the top of your pants and, as I unbutton them, you reach behind me and unclasp my bra, then tossing it across the room and onto the floor, somewhere near my shirt presumably.

As I pull your pants down, my now naked breasts brush against the elastic of your underwear, and my nipples harden with pleasure as the brush the bare skin above it. You unbutton my pants and I wiggle out of them, trying to keep my body as closely against yours as possible. As I remove your underwear, my large breasts brush against your largely growing erection, causing both my nipples and your penis to become even harder. You grab my breasts and roll my nipples in your fingers. I rub my panty-clad pussy on your knee, stimulating my clit even through the material. The more I grind against you, the more you tease my nipples.

I take your penis into my mouth and begin to lick and suck it gently. I start at the base and work my way up the shaft to the head of your penis. I take my time, licking around the head and teasing you gently. esenyurt escort I then lick the entire shaft and wrap my breasts around it as I lick the head once again. I move a bit more quickly as I begin to suck. I take as much into my mouth as possible and you run your fingers through my hair and gently guide my head where you want it. Before long, you are grinding your hips against my face and pump your penis in and out of my mouth.

I suck hard and fast, wanting so badly to taste your cum. I am growing wetter by the second and it turns me on to know that I will soon be tasting your cum. I hear you start to moan louder and I suck harder, but more slowly. Each time my mouth comes completely off of your penis, there is a distinctive popping sound where my mouth has created suction. I bob my head up and down quickly once again and you fuck my face hard. I feel the cum start to stream into my mouth. You pull away after I have had just a taste and you finish cumming on my face.

Before I know what is happening, you jerk my underwear from around my hips and pull them to the floor. Your hands roam freely over my body and as I feel your fingers slide inside me, I breathe in deeply and quickly as my body is filled with pleasure and passion. You kiss me down my stomach and down to my pussy. I can feel your tongue against my clit and just the thought of having you down there nearly sends me over the edge. You work your fingers inside me as your tongue works my clit. You put my legs over your shoulders and bury your face in my pussy. As you once again push your fingers deep inside me, my body is racked with orgasm. I cry out in pleasure as you finger me hard and fast.

Seeing me in such ecstasy has once again turned you on and you rub your penis against my clit, not entering, just to tease me and turn me avrupa yakası escort on more, as you are not quite as hard as you were before, at least not yet.

You suck hard on my right nipple and then bite at it softly. You switch to my left one as you rub against me even harder. I am begging you to slide inside me and the way you are sweetly torturing me is turning you on even more. You slide your fingers inside me once more and then spread my legs wide as you slowly enter me. I moan in pleasure at feeling you inside me and you begin to pump slowly. It doesn’t take long for either of us to realize that the passion is too strong to move slowly.

As you pump and slam into my pussy, I buck up against you, trying to take more of you inside of me. I push you up and over, straddling you as you lay on your back. I start to ride you hard. This way I can take more of you inside of me. I practically impale myself on your penis as I ride you hard and fast. I bounce up and down on your penis frantically, as my body is turned on more than ever. My breasts bounce as I do and you put your hands on my hips to guide me.

I am able to take you very deeply this way, and the slight pain it is causing is only turning me on even more. My clit rubs just right against you to send me over the edge once again, which makes me ride you even harder. You meet me with thrusts of your own as I can feel your penis tighten. The thought of you cumming inside me is making me cum even harder. I scream your name in pleasure. I beg you to cum inside me. You moan and tell me you are about to cum. I ride you as hard as I can, grinding against your body. You cum deep inside me and we collapse on the bed.

I roll off of you and lay my head on your chest. I look up at you and kiss you again. Our chests heave with ragged breath and our hearts beat quickly with both exhaustion and adrenaline. I look deeply into your eyes, and breathe you in.

“I’ve waited years for this day,” I say.

“Was it worth the wait?” You inquire.

“More than you’ll ever know . . .” I respond, “So what should we do tomorrow?”

You just smile at me and kiss me again as we fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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