Forced into being a lesbian

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Gloria Winters had finally graduated from college four years before and she was very glad to be out on her own. Her parents, who were pretty well off and who paid her entire way through school, also gave her a lucrative sum of money as a graduation gift. Dad had a very good paying job in pharmaceuticals and Gloria grew up needing nothing. As would be expected, she was a bit spoiled.

The Winters applied for and received admission to the best college in the area where their daughter would study foreign affairs. It’s not that she was really interested in that line but she wanted to do something. She didn’t really even want to go to college but she was told she had to or she wouldn’t receive her monetary gift.

As an incoming freshman she was roomed with a young lady one year her elder. Gloria was a petite woman of 5’1″ and about 105 pounds. She had small tits and a thin rear end. Her legs were okay at best and her face was plain looking. She reminded someone of Chelsea Clinton but smaller. In the back of her mind she was happy to become friends with Nancy Chang, an oriental woman who was a bit bigger than she, standing at 5’10” and weighing about 160 pounds. Ms. Chang didn’t look overweight at all, with all the curves and muscles in the right places.

Nancy was very pretty but not too thin. She was instead a large woman with great features. Perhaps her best features were her lovely, sexy legs. Nancy had thighs that were soft, supple, and very smooth and could smother someone with little problem. Her calves were slightly big but very shapely. She could be considered an oriental look alike of Plus Model Ashley Graham but with a prettier face.

Gloria and Nancy became very good friends but because of school studies they didn’t spend much time together outside their dorm room. After the midterm break Gloria started became intrigued because she never saw Nancy with young men despite her being knockout gorgeous. Could she be a lesbian, she thought. She wondered what it would be like to have sex with another female. She thought Nancy was very pretty and often caught herself glancing at those sexy, smooth legs of her roommate.

When the new semester began and one evening after classes, the two women were sitting in their living room spending idle time. They had both just come back from the campus cafeteria tire escort and were relaxing getting ready for bed.

“Gloria, honey, we’ve been roomies for a long time now. How do you like it here?” asked the oriental beauty.

“Nancy, I love it! You’re a very good roommate and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for being so kind to me and helping me adjust,” said the petite brunette.

“You’re welcome. It’s been my pleasure,” she replied.

“Gloria”, she continued, “I have noticed many times while I sit here reading or whatever that you have been sneaking glances at my legs. Do you think I have nice legs?”

“They’re gorgeous! I’m sorry but I didn’t think you noticed or that you minded. I hope it’s not offensive to you but when you sit on that sofa and cross those lovely legs I can’t help but notice.”

“That’s okay. Would you like to come over here and feel them?” said Nancy.

“Nancy, I’m not a lesbian, so I will have to pass,” Gloria nervously replied.

“That doesn’t mean you’re a lesbian, just getting next to me and touching my legs. I just figured that since you like to look at them you would also like to feel them, to see how smooth and supple they are. Now come over here and be more friendly,” the big Asian beauty said.

“Nancy, I would love to see them and touch them. Are you sure you don’t mind?” Gloria asked her.

“No, I don’t mind,” Nancy said to her. “Come on and sit next to me.”

Gloria got up off the chair and started to go to Nancy but Nancy stopped her in her tracks. “I don’t want you to WALK over to me. I want you to get on your hands and knees and CRAWL over to me!”

“CRAWL?” Gloria asked in surprise.

“YES!” Nancy exclaimed, “And I want you to do it now!”

Gloria felt very intimidated by the big beautiful Asian so she got on her hands and knees and crawled over to her ‘friend’.

“Oh my goodness!” she exclaimed as she touched the gorgeous gams of her roommate. “They are so soft and smooth! I wish I had legs like that. How do you do it?”

“It’s a little secret that I haven’t shared with anyone else. I bring with me a special lotion that I make myself back in my hometown in Thailand. It’s made of coconut oil only found near my area and it not only makes my skin so sexy but there’s another ingredient torbalı escort that makes it hypnotic.”

“Hypnotic?” Gloria asked.

“Yes, and to show you place your face right here between my thighs,” she said as she slightly opened her upper thighs and grabbed her friend’s head and forced her in between her legs. She kept her there for a while so Gloria had to breathe in the scent to intoxicate her. Nancy then knew Gloria was hers!

When she let go of Gloria’s head she asked how she liked it. “Tell me you loved it, Gloria.”

“I loved it!” she said.

“Call me Mistress Nancy,” she said to her.

“Yes, Mistress Nancy,” Gloria said back to her.

“Gloria, I want you now to lick my knees very softly, tasting my skin and the lotion that’s on them,” Nancy said knowing that doing it would make her smallish friend more submissive to her.

“Yes, Mistress,” she said as she licked the gorgeous knees right in front of her.

“Gloria, now I want you to kiss my panties. Kiss them and smell them for me.”

Gloria slid her face into Nancy’s honeypot and licked and smelled her panties. She loved that those big smooth thighs were against the sides of her face but she wasn’t sure if she like the smell of the panties, which smelled of dried pee.

“Do you like the smell?” Nancy asked.

“I don’t know, Mistress.”

“Well, get used to it because you will learn to like it. It’s a custom in my village that we don’t change underwear every day. We normally change them every third day and they get kind of ripe from the pee that drips on them. Don’t worry, you’ll learn to like it.”

“Yes, Mistress. Whatever you say. Perhaps I will get used to the smell,” Gloria said. “But I cannot get over how smooth your thighs feel to my face.”

“Yes, dear, it’s that special lotion I use. And I’m glad you’re not completely turned off by the smell of my panties. The more you smell them and the more you go under my power the less you will feel bothered by it all.”

“Thank you, Mistress.” Gloria said to her captor, “it’s already beginning to be better for me.”

The taste and the smell of the beautiful Nancy Chang’s pussy area was indeed becoming more of a turn on for Gloria. She found herself wishing that Nancy would allow her to stay üçyol escort in that position for a long time. She also knew Nancy had other business she must attend to so she knew her time between those gorgeous thighs would come to an end soon.

“Gloria,” Nancy said as she looked down between her legs at her new submissive, “I think it’s about time for you to learn to lick my pussy. Have you ever had someone lick yours?”

“Oh, no, I haven’t, but if you tell me how to do it I will gladly lick yours if that’s what you want, Mistress,” Gloria said.

Nancy knew for sure that Gloria would now do whatever she was told. But she wanted to do it right and to her advantage. She had Gloria go into the bedroom and lie on her back on the bed. Nancy stripped down to just her smelly, pee stained underwear and climbed on top of her sub. She carefully and slowly placed her big, beautiful, smooth thighs next to Gloria’s face as she straddled her, keeping her panties on as she humiliated her even more.

“Move my panties off to the side with your tongue,” she told her. “Then when you have that done start licking my pussy slowly.”

Gloria was told to like Nancy’s legs and pussy so even if she wanted to stop she couldn’t. But also Nancy was a big girl and she could easily keep her sub trapped between her smooth thighs and under her as well. As Gloria began to lick her captor’s pussy she continued to smell the dried piss that was at her nose. She also felt she was beginning to almost enjoy that scent and her position as sex slave under her gorgeous Asian owner.

Nancy came several times while sitting on Gloria’s face and finally slowly got off. “Gloria,” she said, “with a little practice you are going to become a fine cuntlapper. And the more you smell my panties and lick the lotion on my skin the deeper into submission you will become. Isn’t that nice knowing you are under my power?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Gloria replied, “there is no one on this planet who I would rather be under, literally, than you. I never, ever thought I would be so turned on by another woman’s legs and now pussy. Please, Nancy, don’t ever stop being my friend.”

“Don’t worry, my little slave girl,” Nancy said as she lay next to the petite brunette, “why would I ever want to give you up? You are exactly what I’ve been looking for most of my life. Why do you think I didn’t date guys?”

Nancy then moved her one big, beautiful, smooth, supple thigh across Gloria’s prone body as she snuggled up, put her one arm around Gloria’s body, and together they fell asleep, both smiling broadly with pleasure.

(to be continued)

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