Forces of Nature

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Author’s notes:

Sorry it has taken so long to post this story. I have been overworked getting stuff ready for publication. I have a couple more stories in different genres to post and then it will be another long break. It sucks when the real world intrudes on what you really want to do. As always, my loving wife is the main editor on this story. If there are mistakes, and there always are; they are my fault and I apologize for them. I hope you enjoy this story and take a second to vote or a minute to comment or send me some feedback. Once again, this is a copywrited work of adult fiction and all legal disclaimers apply.


Cheryl Parks needed laid in the worst way. Her week at work had been a real bitch, along with the shriveled up goblin she had for a boss. She even contemplated offering her some private time with her favorite toy, if the old bat might use it and get off her ass.

Looking around the bar, hoping to find some fresh meat. She liked finding the new girls and introducing them into the delights of woman on woman sex in the right way. She knew she was great at licking pussy and a wizard with her double headed dildo. She had given so many girls their first real orgasms; she couldn’t remember them all if she tried.

She always made sure her partners knew it was just for the night though. She didn’t even want to think about any type of long term relationship. Relationships never worked anyway. So, she just did what she was good at. If nothing else, she knew she could call on Misty.

Misty was her friends with benefits, partner. Misty was sex on two lovely sticks. She would have it often with anyone willing. In this place, they called her the energizer bunny or just Bunny for short. Misty had been told on more than a few occasions that if they caught her having oral sex on the dance floor again, she would be removed from the welcome list.

Not that there were many alternatives. Other than the Pink Rose, there were only Impressions, which catered to the LGBT community. Cheryl had stopped going to Impressions because they started going into the whole Bi-sex, Poly-thing, which just freaked her out. She never even thought about anything other than straight Lesbianism anymore. That question had long been answered.

She growled and slammed her shot of Jaggermister. She didn’t want to think about that. She hated thinking about that. “Fuck-em all anyway…” She hissed and took a long drink of her beer chaser. “FUCK!” She rubbed her eyes, trying to stave off the vision in her head.

In an instant, if she wanted to or not, she was thrown back into her past to that day five years before. It was supposed to be her twenty first birthday party. It was supposed to be another step in getting her parents back together again. It was supposed to be a good thing.

They invited all of Cheryl’s friends. Cheryl even invited the guy she had been dating and her best friend since grade school. Susan and Paul spent the night to help with the decorations, since Cheryl had to go to work. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” She ranted at herself as the memories flooded her brain again. The flashback tore through her mind.

“Hi, I’m home.” Cheryl called out as she came around to the back yard, with the two big bags of ice. She turned the corner and couldn’t believe her eyes. Susan and her dad were in the pool. Susan didn’t have a suit on, while her dad was sucking her breasts and rubbing her crotch with his free hand. Susan moaned and writhed against his hard on, trying to get it inside of her as she leaned against the side of the pool. Cheryl dropped the ice and headed into the house. She had enough of this shit. She was going to tell her mother what was going on in the pool. If this was how her father acted, no wonder her mom kicked him out!

“Mom…!” She called out, thinking she would be in the kitchen. Searching the house, she flinched when she heard sounds from her bedroom. She wasn’t quiet as she walked to her door. She flung the door open and gasped in shock. Her mom was riding her boyfriend’s cock like a woman possessed. She was saying things like.

“Oh shit, don’t stop, I’m so close, don’t stop. Come on stud… fuck me with that big cock. Make me your slut. Fuck me harder. Damn I need your cock. Fill me with its juice. Make me cum baby, and I’ll give you my ass.” Her eyes were closed and Cheryl could see hickies on her tits as they bounced around on her chest. It was obvious that they had been going at it for awhile now. She wanted to vomit at the sight.

“YOU GUYS ARE JUST SICK…!” She screamed at them and ran out of the house. She got in her car and screeched out of her neighborhood like a scalded cat. If they ever stopped fucking, she didn’t know or care. It was like they all wanted to get caught.

From that day on, she went completely gay and single. She sold her car, and roomed with a friend, until she could get her own place. She never told anyone what she saw. She changed her number and left a note at her mother’s work telling them casino siteleri to put her stuff in storage and leave the key so she could get it. She never wanted to talk to any of them ever again.


“You’ll never get any pussy if you keep that look on your face.” A voice pulled her back to the present.

“What…? Oh, sorry Pat. Just a really bad week. What’s new?” She looked up at the tall butch.

“Oh, I was just wondering if you wanted a strap-on ride tonight?” She pushed her leg against Cheryl’s hip to show she was already wearing it.

“No… but thanks anyway.” She smiled and tweaked Pat’s nipple playfully. “If I change my mind, I’ll let you know.” She winked and grabbed her beer. She wanted to fuck someone, not get fucked. But if nothing else, Pat was good for some uninhibited fun. She knew if she wanted, half the chicks in the place would fuck her. Well at least the half she knew and already had sex with. The other half, she wasn’t interested in, or were attached.

They both looked at the door when the chimes sounded. In walked every lesbian’s dream. Well at least as far as Cheryl was concerned. She was five six and maybe one ten. Most of that was in her tits and ass. She had raven black hair that was short enough to be easy to take care of, but long enough to let everyone know she was all woman. Her bangs framed sooty lashed brownish-hazel eyes that held your attention. She was in a white blouse, with a jacket over her arm. Her ass was incased in a form fitting pinstriped skirt with real silk stockings and two inch business pumps.

“Who’s the new chick?” Pat asked, drool apparent in her voice.

“I don’t know, but I’m going to find out before tonights over.” Cheryl eyes followed every seductive step of the lady’s progress to the bar.

“Fifty bucks say’s I’ll get my dick into her, before you can lick that split.” Pat threw down a challenge.

“I’ll take that bet.” Cheryl watched the new chick turn down Misty’s first attempt. She knew the sharks would be circling the fresh meat. But Cheryl had been doing this for a long time. She knew when to wait and when to strike and score.

Across the room, Lynn Oleander was nervous. It was the first time she went to check out the possibilities in her new town, in her new state, while going home from her new job. Back in California, there were many places she could investigate her preferences. Here, there were only two. She went to the first place and wasn’t there for five minutes before she knew it wasn’t her scene. No matter which way she chose. She knew it wouldn’t be with multiples. She was a one on one girl and she knew it.

She ordered a strawberry daiquiri and was stunned when this woman, who looked like a porn star, started hitting on her before the bartender could even put the ice in the blender. She declined as nicely as she could, and tried not to be obvious while looking around The Pink Rose.

She mentally shook her head, as she watched a beautiful blonde with blue eyes, wearing a sexy dress that showed off her perfect 38 C breasts, and a mannish, flat chested, brunette; stood there looking at her. The brunette ground her crotch into the blonde’s hip as they talked. She wondered if she would ever be out enough to be comfortable with that type of display in public.

She wondered if she was even gay. All she knew that the few dates she had with men, did nothing for her on any level. Most of them couldn’t keep a thread of conversation without losing it somewhere in her blouse.

Then there was the show she got in high school and Julie Markson. Julie was her old supervisor. Julie could at least make her panties wet and her body respond just by bending over in the racks while putting books away. Lynn often wondered for whose benefit she did that the way she did. She also noticed many of the younger guys looking at the display as they were supposed to be reading.

She was almost tempted to ask, until she found Julie and a certain boy she knew in the back. Nothing they were doing was really wrong, but she could feel the desire in the air between the two. She knew if they hadn’t bumped pubes yet, they soon would.

So, when the new associate librarian positing came up a few states away, she took it. She wished Julie and her friend goodbye and good luck. She knew they were going to need it. Julie was over ten years older, divorced, and if she didn’t miss her guess, now pregnant. He was, a starving student, going to college, and her overly protective neighbor’s only son. Lynn hoped they figured it all out before their baby was born. A child needs both parents in their life.

She smiled at the cute bartender as she sipped her drink. She liked the library she now worked in. It was bright and airy. It was also round. She could see down most the isles just by taking a twenty step circle in the middle of the desk. The only real blind spot was behind the card catalog that she was in charge of updating into the new computer system.

She smiled at a canlı casino few of the patrons as the music played out of the fancy box in the corner of what was supposed to be a dance floor. She watched as the ladies mingled and talked. She studied her new surrounding like she had studied everything in her life. If she wanted to make a move, she wanted to be sure it was the right move to make.

It didn’t bother her at twenty five she was still a virgin. She knew the cost that was paid to keep herself that way. She still sent sympathy cards to James every month or so. She hoped that his testicles healed enough to have children some day. She just knew it wasn’t going to be with her and he was too drunk to understand ‘No’. So she did what a girl had to do to protect her virtue.

“Hi, you’re new here.” Pat said looking down at Lynn with unvarnished interest. “I’m Pat. I’m a top and don’t have time for the usual games. This isn’t a come on, but just to let you know. Whenever you feel like taking a ride on my strap-on, just give me a shout. If you get into trouble, you can call me. I hope you have a great time here.” Pat shook her hand and held it in her firm grip, before kissing the back of it and letting it drop.

“Sorry if that was blunt, but like I said, I don’t have time for any bullshit. So, I just put it out there upfront. Nice to meet you. You can tell me your name when you’re ready.” She walked away confident in the fact the sexy fem was intrigued and looking. It was all she could hope for on a first night.

“Don’t let Patricia frighten you away sweetie.” The bartender said from behind her. “It’s just the way she is. I’m Stella by the way.” She reached over the bar and shook Lynn’s hand.

“Lynn.” She answered over the music. “I have to say, you have an interesting place here Stella.” Lynn smiled.

“Yeah, it’s the only place like it in the state.” She wiped the bar and set the other half of her drink in front of Lynn. “Anyway, once the offer is made, Pat won’t do it again unless you go to her. If you’re ever in over your head, she’s great for helping out any of the girls. She’s a cop and everyone knows it.”

“Oh, okay. That’s good to know.” Lynn looked at the tall woman and wondered how she stood up to the pressure of being a lesbian on the job.

“Don’t mind Bunny either. She can’t help herself. Get a couple of drinks in her and she’s ready to go. Sometimes too ready, but it’s all in fun.”

“Who…?” Lynn asked.

“Misty…” she pointed out the first girl. “We just caller her bunny, as in energizer.” She smiled at the new comer. Stella thought, if her partner wasn’t waiting at home, she might even be tempted in hitting on this new girl. She was impressed that she didn’t go running out the door when the two most blatant customers hit her up with in the first ten minutes.

“So, what’s the crowd like on the weekends?” Lynn asked, not knowing what to say.

“Most nights are like tonight. Friday and Saturday, it’s a zoo. We get people from all over, since we are the only place like it on the map. Sunday is couples only night. You have to come in and leave as a couple and we close at midnight. We shutter the windows and as long as everyone respects a no, pretty much anything can happen. It gets pretty wild sometimes, but mostly it’s a safe place for couples to come and experiment. Twice a month, we have outside vendors bring in the stuff you can’t find in the local stores, if you know what I mean.” Stella thought it might be a good idea to give her the lay of the land before she heard the rumors.

“Interesting… I’ve never heard of a place like this before.” Lynn was shocked that a place like this existed outside the coastal areas like Miami or LA.

“Yeah it was a real bitch getting all the permits. But we’ve managed. The Mayor’s daughter, Judy, helped when she came out, and stared down the town council.” Stella sighed.

“I take it Judy is your partner?” Lynn saw the look and sigh.

“Yep, all mine.” Stella said. “Well, have a great time and don’t be a stranger.” She waved and headed to the other end of the bar to get Cheryl another round.

Down at the end of the bar, Cheryl was still watching the new girl. The more she looked, the more she liked. Now, all she had to do was offer a kind shoulder and ear, and within a week, maybe two tops, she would be muff diving her to multiple orgasms. She had made plans with Misty for tonight to take the edge off, but she was looking forward to showing the girl at the end of the bar a warm, wet, and exhausting welcome.

“Cheryl, wipe the drool off your chin. You look like a lion ready for a meal.” Stella told the sexy blonde patron.

“So, who is she?” Cheryl asked, knowing Stella would have the background already.

“Names Lynn, I think she’s the new librarian. She got guts but in only in the curious phase right now. Don’t get all predatory and scare her off. We need more like her around here.” Stella warned. “What’s with Pat? I’ve never seen her go after a girl kaçak casino that fast before. You two got a bet on or something?” She looked at Cheryl with knowing eyes.

“No… well, not really.” Cheryl flinched under Stella’s stare. “I wasn’t serious, but Pat put fifty on who could get sugar britches in bed first.” She shrugged indifferently

“You two keep your bets to yourself. Either one of you hurt her and you’re off the list!” She warned Cheryl, shaking a finger in her face. “She’s a bright intelligent new comer. Not a piece of meat in a market. Not in my place. So be warned.”

“Awe Stella, you know I wouldn’t hurt her. I’ll treat her like a Queen. I’ll teach her everything she doesn’t know and always wondered about. I never hurt any of them.” She defended herself.

“Bullshit…! You’ve broken more hearts than I could ever think to mend. Back off or so help me…. I’ll sick Judy on you.” She flicked her ever present rag at an invisible speck of dust on the counter.

“Damnit…! That’s not fair. It’s because of me, you two are together. She was in the dark and confused the night I picked her up.” Cheryl remembered the tears in the morning as she set Judy on her way.

“Yeah, and the first heart I had to put back together. She still carries the scars. So, if you know what’s good for you.” Stella warned her seriously.

“Yeah, okay…! I got it… give her space… hands off for now. I got it!” Cheryl promised, holding up two fingers and placing her other hand over her heart.

“And stop that stupid bet with Pat.” Stella ordered and set a fresh beer on the bar and walked away.

“God damn it, that’s not fair.” Cheryl griped to herself. “Stella and Judy would still be mooning over each other if I hadn’t showed Judy what good girl-girl loving was all about. I didn’t tell her to fall in love with me. Hell, she fell out of it fast enough and straight into Stella’s arms.” Cheryl bitched as she watched the sexy Lynn from afar. “Fuck this! Bunny, I’m going to wear you out.” She got up and started over to her fuck buddy.


“So, what do you think of our little town after your first month?” Bill, the postman asked as he leaned over the counter and ogled Lynn’s tits again. It was something that happened every day he delivered the mail and she was at the counter.

“It’s nice. Not too big, but not so small that there isn’t anything to do.” She ignored where his eyes wandered. She’d learned for all his looking, he was a happily married man to Mable, the head waitress at Murphy’s Diner. They had three growing kids, a dog, and a mortgage. He might look, but he would never think of touching.

“You go out and see any of the local sites yet?” He asked as he remembered to sort through the outgoing mail.

“Yeah, I went into this place called the Rose, or something like that. It was nice, not too loud and the service was okay.”

“You mean the lesbian bar down off fourth? I hear they have all girl orgies in there and stuff. The community leaders had a fit. But since Judy lives with the owner, they pasted their permits and inspections.” It was up to him to set things straight.

“Oh, I didn’t know. I must have gone down on an off night. All I saw were few patrons drinking and talking, just any other regular bar. I didn’t know it had a reputation.” She shrugged, realizing there is no such thing as anonymity in a small town.

“Yeah, there’s Chuck’s. It’s a CW bar, then Rory’s is more for the younger set, with that thumbity-bump music blaring so loud you can’t understand the words. Of course the steak house has the best food, but it’s a bit pricy. Then Mable’s place has the best breakfast….”

“I’ll remember that.” She smiled. “Have a nice day.” She waved at him as he shoved the mail in his bag and walked away to complete his appointed rounds.

“Don’t worry. Being the new person in town will wear off fairly fast. Just as soon as everyone thinks they know everything about you.” A pleasantly plump woman said from the other side of the counter.

“Oh, I’m sorry, can I help you?” Lynn went over and took the hold card from her. Looking at the title, she blushed. “Um, a bit of a mature request, for this library.” She hummed.

“Yeah, I know. That’s why I ordered it. I’m trying to drag this place into the twentieth century before it turns into the twenty first.” She smiled a bright smile. “I’m Judy, the town’s Militant Queer and the Mayor’s disappointment of a daughter.”

“Oh, okay… you um, don’t look that militant. I mean you still have your hair and stuff.” Lynn said, thinking about some of the girls she saw in California.

“Yeah, I know. But, that’s what everyone will tell you. Stella said you might be the new Librarian. She said to say hi, and ask you over for dinner some night.” Judy babbled happily.

“Oh, you’re that Judy. Hi, I’m Lynn.” She reached over. “I liked the Rose. It’s nice.”

“I’ll tell Stella you said that. I know she works hard enough at it. Just watch out. There are a few sharks in the pool too.” She warned helpfully.

“Everyone I met seemed nice. I mean the tall brunette was a bit abrupt, but other than her, they were okay.” Lynn scanned the racks, to make sure everything was still orderly in her realm.

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