Foreign Affair

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“God this is boring.” Amanda McIntyre thought to herself as she reached for another drink.

For the hundredth time, she cursed Jim Peterson for getting sick two days before the trade delegation was to leave for Osaka. Then she cursed her boss, Bill O’Hare who had volunteered her to take Jim’s place. Nine days in Japan and she hadn’t been included in any discussion of importance. Every day they’d hold meeting after meeting where nothing was really accomplished. Then at night, the men on both sides would go out and survey Osaka’s night life. And of course she wasn’t included in this male-bonding ritual. Never mind that it was during this hedonistic forays that the real deals were made.

She had considered telling Bill to go to hell, but then she’d be looking for a new job by now. Ever since she had come out last year, Bill O’Hare had made no secret that he didn’t want that “dyke”, as he always referred to her in private, in his department. He never said or did anything in public that Amanda could prove, but the signs were always there.

Looking at her watch, the 24 year old blonde decided she’d done her bit for the company and started to make for the door. The cocktail party was already gearing down and she knew she wouldn’t be missed. Besides, the men were probably already gearing up for their next pornographic excursion.

As she neared the door, she ran into Pete Wilson, the head of their delegation. Her luck was really running in the red today, Pete’s view of her was only slightly less antagonistic than Bill O’Hara’s.

“Leaving already?” The tall gray bearded man said.

“I have a little headache, I was going to lay down.” She lied.

“I see,” Wilson said in a disapproving tone. “Well I’m not surprised. It’s not like you’ve been much of a team player on this trip. When we go home tomorrow without the trade agreement, I’m sure your lack of cooperation will be noted.”

“Lack of cooperation…?” She asked.

“That’s what I said.” He replied. “There’s not a man on our delegation that wouldn’t put it all on the line to get the Japs to sign. Yet when Hitanuma asked you out for drinks, you insulted him by refusing. He’s not the type of man who forgives or forgets.”

“Wait a second ,buster.” Amanda shot back. “No way you’re going to pin this one on me. You’ve never even looked at all the position papers I’ve submitted. If you did and followed some of their advice, the people here at Hiraizumi Industries might’ve been more willing to deal. If this agreement falls through it’s become of your hard nose non-cooperative negotiation stand. Not because I wouldn’t roll over for Mr. Hitanuma. If you wanted a corporate whore, you should’ve brought your secretary.”

With that she turned and walked away. She could feel his eyes burning into her back. Of course Wilson and the others had already agreed to put the blame on her. They’d report that if only she’d have been a little friendlier to the Japs, they’d have gotten the agreement.

“I’ve been set up.” Amanda noted. “It had all been a set up.” Jim Peterson had never been sick. It had all been arraigned beforehand. If the mission went sore, it was all that dyke’s fault.

Her face flushed with anger as she reached the elevator. “Well fuck them all.” She said out loud as she hit the call button. “I’m better off leaving this lousy job anyway.”

Amanda took the elevator to the rooftop gardens instead of her room. She needed the night air to clear her head. After about a half hour, she began to regret her earlier outburst. She should’ve quit this job months ago, at least then it would’ve been on her own terms. Now as a fired employee, one which was blamed for the failure of a important trade deal, her future prospects would be few.

Lost in thought, she hadn’t heard the soft footsteps behind her. When the new arrival finally spoke, Amanda nearly jumped five feet.

“Konbanwa, Amanda san.” A soft fluid voice said.

Amanda whirled about to find herself facing a rather attractive Japanese woman. She stood a few inches shorted than Amanda’s own five foot six. Her short black hair showed the slightest touches of gray and Amanda guessed her age to be about mid- forties. Of course it was always hard to tell with some oriental women. They looked pretty much the same from thirty to sixty. She wore a bright green cocktail dress which accented her small breasts.

Searching her temporarily hazy memory, Amanda tried to place where she had seen the woman before. She had to have been some executive or other’s wife. How else could she have known her name. Try as she could, the young woman just couldn’t place her.

The older woman just smiled for a moment, then made a hand motion leading to a large glass door off to the left of the garden.

“Yokoso oide kudasareta, Amanda san.” She said as she made an inviting gesture with her hand.

Now seeing that there was an apartment beyond the glass doors, Amanda realized that she had just been invited in. The Ankara escort woman must be married to one of the corporate big wheels to rate a home like this. Reaching the door, she stopped and gasped in amazement at the decor. It was totally western. It could’ve been a Penthouse on Park Avenue.

“Dozo.” The woman said as she again motioned for Amanda to enter.

Once inside, Amanda took a moment to take in her surroundings. Most apartments in Japan were tiny affairs yet just this living room could house an entire family. A large screen TV occupied the far wall, surrounded by a state of the art stereo system. On the nearby piano was a photograph of a younger version of the woman standing next to a much older Japanese man. She didn’t recognize the man, he hadn’t taken part in any of the trade talks.

The woman said something else that Amanda didn’t quite catch. She felt a little foolish not being able to understand. Yet it wasn’t her fault that she didn’t speak Japanese. Searching her memory for what she hoped were the right words, Amanda said the only Japanese phrase she had been able to memorize.

“Gomen nasai nihon goa hanase masen” She said, hoping that she’d just said she didn’t speak Japanese and not some other ridicules remark.

The woman just smiled again and pointed to herself.

“Mariko.” She said simply.

Amanda breathed a sign of relief. At least she hadn’t insulted her.

“Amanda.” She replied. “Then I guess you already knew that.”

Mariko moved over to a small wet bar and asked with her hands if Amanda wanted a drink.

“Why not,” Amanda said as she indicated acceptance with a motion of her hand.

Silence reigned for a few minutes as both women tasted their drinks. Amanda kept asking herself, what did she do now. There was only so much she and Mariko could do with hand gestures.

“This is good.” She noted out loud as she sipped more of her drink.

“Hai!” Her host agreed.

“Well, thank you for the drink, but I guess I really should be going.” Amanda finally said as she placed the glass on a small table.

Mariko seemed agitated as the American woman started to turn in the direction of the door. She reached out and took hold of Amanda’s hand. The smaller woman’s grip was quite strong and surprisingly warm. Amanda looked into her dark eyes and smiled.

“If only we spoke the same language,” Amanda mused as she enjoyed the touch of Mariko’s hand in hers. “Then I’d be able to tell you what an attractive woman you are. Back home I might even try to entice you back into my bed.”

She paused a moment then went on, knowing that the Japanese woman didn’t understand a word she was saying.

“I don’t even know if they have such a thing as lesbians in Japan.” She concluded.

Mariko’s eyes suddenly lit up at the word lesbian. Her grip grew stronger and she seemed to pull Amanda closer.

“Les-bins.” She repeated, again looking deep into Amanda’s blue eyes.

A confused look covered Amanda’s face. Was Mariko asking if she was a lesbian? Had some member of the delegation made a remark identifying her as one? Or was Mariko trying to say that she too was a lesbian?

The tall blonde didn’t have a lot of time to ponder the questions as Mariko took her hand and pressed it firmly against her small breasts. As the naked palm pressed against the exposed flesh at the top of her dress, the Japanese woman let out a soft sigh.

If she wasn’t a lesbian, Amanda said to herself, she was at least curious enough about girl sex to have brought her here. However she had heard about Amanda, she must have decided to take advantage of her sudden appearance on the roof. If only to satisfy her curiosity.

To respond was very tempting. Amanda had always been very careful to keep her business and personal lives very separate. Back home, a husband might head straight for the divorce court if he found his wife with another woman. Over here there was no telling what could happen. From what she’d seen of Japanese husbands, they were so conservative that they made Jesse Helms look like a bleeding heart liberal.

Then again, there wasn’t much more she could do to screw up her career. Mariko was very beautiful, and it had been so very long since she’d broken up with her last girlfriend. Maybe it was time to throw caution to the wind.

Mariko then took the decision out of Amanda’s hands. Pulling the American closer, she leaned forward and kissed her. So fluid had been her motion, Amanda was surprised by the sudden touch of her lips. She opened her mouth to respond and felt a soft touch as Mariko’s tongue entered her mouth.

“It seems like you’ve done this before.” Amanda said as their tongues caressed each other.

Finally the kiss ended and the two women separated, each stepping back about a foot. Mariko reached out and placed her outstretched hand on Amanda’s large breast. Running it across the blonde’s blue dress, she stopped when she reached the large nipple. Her Ankara escort bayan smile grew with wider as she found it already hard.

“I guess they’re a little larger than you’re use to.” Amanda grinned.

Cupping both of Amanda’s breasts, Mariko stepped closer and kissed the exposed flesh of each one. Then she lifted her head higher and kissed Amanda’s lips again.

This time, Amanda was ready and returned the kiss with all of the passion she could. She pulled the older woman against her, so that their breasts pressed against each other. As her tongue again explored the inner reaches of Mariko’s mouth, Amanda slid her hand down the Japanese woman’s back and then pulled up her dress. Then continuing downward, her hand slipped beneath the elastic of Mariko’s panties and finally came to a rest on her smooth buttocks. Amanda squeezed the soft flesh and was rewarded by a small sign from Mariko.

They stood there a few minutes, holding each other tightly. Then Mariko motioned for Amanda to follow her into another room. Taking hold of Mariko’s offered hand, Amanda willingly followed.

Entering one of the side room, Amanda found herself confronted by a bathroom of immense proportions. In the center of the room was a large tub, big enough to easily fit four people. Next to the wall length vanity stool a large glass enclosed shower, with water nozzles on all three of the interior walls. All in all, the bath was larger than Amanda’s bedroom back home.

Letting go of Amanda’s hand, the older woman began to disrobe. Her bright green dress soon draped a small stool against the wall, and her panties quickly followed.

Amanda couldn’t help but be impressed. Whatever her age, Mariko was in excellent shape. Her breasts, though small, were round and firm, capped by small brown nipples. Her skin was smooth and hairless, even the area around her womanhood was nearly bare.

Suddenly feeling a little awkward, Amanda quickly followed Mariko’s example and dropped her clothes onto another chair. She knew Mariko’s eyes were riveted on her as she reached behind and undid the latch of her bra. One hand held her 38d bra against her breasts as the straps came undone. Then with an erotic slowness, she let the heavy material also fall to the floor. The sudden freedom from constraint caused Amanda’s breasts to bounce, much to Mariko’s vocal delight.

Next came the thin white panties, revealing a hairy blonde bush. Amanda always preferred to let her hair grow wild in that region, as a mark of independence. From the reaction in Mariko’s eyes, she could tell that the Japanese woman also approved.

Standing naked on the smooth tile floor, Amanda rubbed her large breasts, bringing circulation back to them as well as causing the nipples to harden even more. She had always been proud of her breasts and spent at least an hour a day working out.

Mariko moved to Amanda and ran her hands all over the taller woman’s body. The immense smile on her face made words unnecessary. She stoked each breast with girlish joy. Then moved down to the curly mound of blonde hair. She was fascinated by it’s size. She looked down at her own sparse mound and looked a little disappointed.

“No, its beautiful.” Amanda said with a smile as she reached down and stroked the Oriental woman’s pearl.”

Mariko’s smile returned and she took Amanda’s hand and led her to the large shower on the far side of the room. Once inside, Mariko closed the glass doors and hit a bright green button on a wall panel. In response, all three shower heads came alive, sending a warm drizzle all over the two women. From a small shelf in the corner, Mariko produced a bar of soap and began to massage Amanda’s back with it.

Normally, Amanda preferred to be the aggressor in a situation, but this time she felt different. Mariko’s small hands felt so good as they moved up and down her back that she was content to just follow where ever the dark haired woman led. Finishing with Amanda’s back, Mariko reached around and began to cover her breasts with soap. Her laughter filled the small chamber as she played with the large globes. Then she slid her hands down to the hairy bush and covered that as well with a soapy lather. She slid her soapy finger inside Amanda, quickly following it with a second. Then she began to slowly pump the fingers in and out.

Amanda turned around to give Mariko better access to her charms. Now face to face, Mariko wasted no time in bringing her mouth to Amanda’s melon sized tits. Her tongue outlined the large nipples as her fingers reentered Amanda. Then she began to suck in earnest, bringing a small squeal of exuberance from Amanda. As her fingers glided faster and faster in and out of the American woman, Mariko tried to take more and more of Amanda’s breast into her mouth. The water from the overhead showers continued to cover their bodies, washing away the growing scent of girlsex.

Amanda braced herself against two poles build into the shower wall, wondering Escort Ankara if they had been installed there for exactly this purpose. The lithe Japanese woman continued to slide her fingers in and out of Amanda’s now dripping cunt. With each thrust of her hand, a new wave of delight swept through Amanda’s body. Finally, having had her fill of suckling at the American’s large breasts, Mariko moved her attention to between her legs, replacing her cum covered fingers with her soft probing tongue.

The soft touch of the woman’s tongue proved electric as Amanda spread her legs wider to give her greater access. If it weren’t for the handgrips on the wall she’d fall flat on her ass. Like a surgical instrument, Mariko’s tongue covered every inch of Amanda’s inner walls. The waves of delight now crested at more than twice the previous level as spasms racked Amanda’s body.

“God, this woman is fantastic!” Amanda thought to herself. “No way this is her first time.” She continued, remembering former lovers who had a lifetime of lesbian sex behind them, yet still had nothing near Mariko skill with her tongue.

Continuing her onslaught on Amanda’s sex, Mariko slid a soapy finger into the blonde’s anus. Lubricated by the soap and water, it slid in easily and it wasn’t long before she was finger-fucking Amanda’s ass as furiously as she had her pussy.

“Eat me!” Amanda yelled as yet another spasm roared through her. “Suck my pussy!”

She didn’t know if the Japanese woman comprehended a word she said, but the intent was certainly understood. Mariko doubled her efforts and it wasn’t long before Amanda felt herself on the threshold of an incredible orgasm.

Letting go of her handholds, she grabbed the back of the Japanese woman’s head and pulled her deeper within her. Just in time to receive an eruption of cum. Mariko scooped it up with her tongue as fast as she could, but so intense was Amanda’s climax that she couldn’t keep up.

Amanda meanwhile was totally lost in ecstasy, grinding her cunt into the Japanese woman’s face. She didn’t care if she suffocated, as long as she continued to delight her with that magic tongue for just a few more seconds.

Finally, she began to regain control of her shaking body and she eased off a little. Panting, she leaned against the tile wall. Mariko slowing removed herself from between Amanda’s legs. She also removed her fingers from both Amanda’s ass and her own pussy, which she had been masturbating as well.

Rising to her feet, she kissed Amanda hard. The American loved tasting her own cum on another woman’s tongue and sucked it deep within her. It had been one of the most dynamic climaxes of her life. She couldn’t wait to return the favor.

Surprisingly, Mariko hit another button on the panel and the torrid of water abruptly stopped. She slid the glass doors open and led Amanda out of the shower. Handing Amanda a towel. she quickly dried herself off. Then she motioned the blonde to follow her into yet another room.

The third room turned out to be a bedroom, as large and expensively furnished as the other rooms. In the center was a large oval bed, covered with red satin sheets. Mariko quickly moved to the center of the bed and invited Amanda to join her.

Sliding up to her, Amanda immediately began to kiss her small breasts, taking the tiny brown nipple into her mouth. As she worked on one breast, her nimble hand worked the other. Then she would switch. Mariko clearly enjoyed the attention, moaning softly with closed eyes. Amanda moved down the soft golden body, kissing her way to the small black triangle that covered Mariko’s still wet cunt. Parting the lips with her fingers, she kissed the small bump of her clitoris. Then she began to lick the dried cum off it, mixing it with her own saliva. She felt a little silly thinking that an Asian woman might’ve tasted different. Of course it would be different, not because she was Asian but because everyone’s body chemistry was different.

Long minutes passed as Amanda worked her own magic on Mariko’s garden. The older woman mimicked Amanda’s earlier actions as she held her by the back of the head and matched the white woman’s rhythm with each thrust of her pelvis. Every lurch forward was met by Amanda’s ready tongue.

Sweat covered Mariko’s body as she began to rock with a series of mini-orgasms. Amanda was determined to give as good as she had received. Mariko was shouting something in rapid fire Japanese. So rapid was her speech, burst of words between gasps, that Amanda would’ve been hard pressed to understand her if she knew the language.

Finally, with hand motions, she made Amanda understand that she wanted something in the night table. Rolling off her, Amanda slid open the draw and reached inside. Grasping a long slim object, the American lifted it into the light.

Crafted of a pure white ivory, it couldn’t simply be called a dildo. Ten inches long and two inches thick, it was a work of art, painstakingly crafted by an artist’s hand. Every line, every vein had been recreated. Amanda had seen a similar object d’art in a museum. If this was genuine, and there was no reason to believe it wasn’t, it had to be at least three hundred years old

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