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Bloo’s screams of horror fill the halls of Foster’s, and nearly draw everyone’s attention. They’re followed by the imaginary friend (now a blur) barreling down the hall, being chased by a much bigger yellow blur. The residents in the hall look on for a few seconds then go about their business. It’s been a daily occurrence, ever since Mr. Herriman brought in Foster’s newest resident…Pac.

“HE’S GONNA EAT MEEEEEE!!!!!!!” Bloo screams, fearing for his life.


The chase leads them into the left wing of Foster’s, where Bloo spots Eduardo playing with his stuffed pink elephant Paco. Immediately, Bloo runs to him for assistance. “ED, you gotta help me! You gotta hide me!”

“Si, Senor Bloo.” Eduardo says. “You can hide behind me.”

Bloo does exactly that, using Eduardo’s massive size as a hiding spot as Pac charges down the hall. “WONKA-WONKA-WONKA-WONKA!!!”


“What the…” Bloo hears Eduardo’s screams and opens his eyes; only to find that Eduardo’s fear has gotten the best of him, and now he’s is hiding behind Bloo. Letting out a groan, he darts off down the hall, fleeing for dear life again. The chase leads down the main stairs and into the lobby of Foster’s, where Bloo spots Coco standing by the kitchen entrance. With Pac still upstairs, he runs over to her.

“Coco, you gotta hide me!” Bloo pleads.

“CO-COCOCO-CO-COCOCO!!!” She responds, turning away.

“It was just a joke!” Bloo says, defending himself. “Are you still holding a grudge?”

“COCOCOCOCO?” She asks with angered sarcasm.

“WONKA-WONKA-WONKA!!!” Bloo hears Pac coming down the stairs and drops to his knees.

“PLEASE, COCO!!!” He begs. “I’M SORRY!!!”

Coco takes a moment to consider his apology, then accepts it. “CoCo-CoCoCoCo-CoCo.” She says, pointing to the open cupboard.

“Hide in the cupboard, that’s genius!” Bloo says. “Thanks, Coco!” He makes a mad dash for the cupboard and hops in, shutting the door behind him. A moment later, Pac appears beside her in the doorway.

“CoCo.” Coco tells him, pointing out Bloo’s hiding spot, which makes him reveal himself.

“I thought we had a deal! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”

The chase is on again. Bloo scrambles into the Main Lobby of Fosters just as Mac walks through the front door. “Hey, is anybody…Bloo?” Instinctively, Bloo begins to run circles around Mac, with Pac hot on his tail, still chomping. This lasts for 10 seconds before a loud voice of authority is heard.

“MR. PAC!!!”

The yellow imaginary friend stops in his tracks, as Bloo falls to the floor, panting for breath. He, Pac and Mac look up to see Mr. Herriman at the top of the stairs, with a displeased look. “I know that you are new here, Mr. Pac, but you have been informed of our rule against eating other imaginary friends.”

“I’m-I’m sorry, sir.” Pac says. “It’s just something about the little guy, you know. I just…get so worked up around him.”

“Yes, well be that as it may, I do not want to hear about this incident occurring again.” Herriman tells him as he hops down the stairs. “I have enough on my plate with the event I have to attend.”


Everyone’s attention turns back to the top of the stairs as Madame Foster hops onto the railing and slides down as if she were 8 again. Reaching the bottom, they see that she’s dressed differently than normal, wearing a t-shirt with the image of Big Foot the monster truck on the front over her normal attire. “We don’t want to be late for that Monster Truck Rally.”

Herriman groans with dread, loathing the position he’s in. But surprisingly, Mac’s wearing a huge grin. “You mean you won’t be here?” He asks excitedly, before calming down. “I mean, hope you have fun at the Rally.”

“We will, Mac.” Madame Foster tells him. “Come on Herriman, I wanna get as close to the dirt track as I can!”

“Oh, goody.” Herriman solemnly replies as Madame Foster pulls him out the door. As soon as they exit, the wide grin reappears on Mac’s face, which confuses Bloo.

“Uh, Mac?” he asks. “You got gas or something?”

Before an answer can be given, the two notice Frankie slowly descending the steps towards the Main Lobby. “Hey Mac, didn’t know you were showing up today.” She says. “I would stay & chat but I’m on my way to the Record Store. My favorite band just came out with a new album and…uh, what’s with the grin?”

“I don’t know, I think it’s just gas or something.” Bloo answers for Mac, who just keeps staring at Frankie’s stomach, wearing the grin. After a moment, Frankie finally figures it out.

“Oh! He must be looking at this.” She says, showing off her new belly piercing. “I had to literally drag Grandma out so she wouldn’t get her belly pierced. Maybe in a few years, your mom will let you get one of your ears done, Mac.”

Mac nods in agreement as Frankie heads for the door. “I’ll be back in about a half-hour. Wilt’s in charge till them, and no parties, Bloo!”

Bloo puts on an honest face and nods in agreement with Frankie’s orders. But once the front door shuts close, he turns to Mac with a devious grin. “Alright, here’s the plan I have for the party…”

“Actually, hold off on that.” Mac tells him, snapping out of it. “I gotta find Wilt.”

“Wilt? Why do…huh?” Bloo notices his best friend running up the stairs and chases after him, trying to keep up. As they reach the top, Mac makes a beeline towards Wilt, who’s just emerged from his room carrying a clipboard. On the way out, he almost steps on fellow housemate, Jackie Khones.

“Hey, watch it!” Jackie says.

Wilt stops himself and apologizes. “Oops, my bad.” He turns to go the other way and spots Mac & Bloo approaching. “Hey, Mac! Didn’t expect to see you over today.”

“Hey Wilt.” Mach replies. “So, Frankie left you in charge of the house while she’s gone, huh?”

“That’s right.” Wilt says. “I was just finishing up the room checks now. Gotta hurry and finish the other hall though, first game of the playoffs is coming on, and I don’t wanna miss a minute.”

Wilt’s about to attend to his task when Mac stops him. “You know what Wilt, you’ve been doing so much around here lately, you deserve a break. How about I finish up the room check, so you can go watch the entire playoff game?”

Wilt is taken aback by Mac’s sign of kindness. “You’d do that for me? I’m Sorry Mac, but you are just a great friend for doing this. Thanks!”

Wilt hands the clipboard over to Mac and quickly rushes down the stairs to catch his game, leaving the two alone. “Ya know, you’re really making it hard for us to throw an out-of-this-world, roof-burning party, Mac.” Bloo tells him. “Why even volunteer to do room check? It’s SO boring and…”

“I’m not doing room check, Bloo.” Mac tells his friend. “I just needed Wilt downstairs.”

That statement only confuses Bloo more. “Why do you need him downstairs? I swear Mac, it’s almost like you’re hiding a secret.” Mac’s eyes widen in horror as soon as those words leave Bloo’s lips. In the 15 years of his life, Mac’s never been able to keep a secret from Bloo. And the major ones have ended up public knowledge, which resulted in embarrassing disaster. This time though, he needed to keep this matter private.

“Uh, you’re right, Bloo.” Mac says, changing the subject. “We do need to throw a roof-burning house party. In fact, we need fireworks. Now where does Madame Foster keep her supply again?”

“Oh, I am all over that!” Bloo says with a wide grin. “Just let me pick the lock in the basement trunk downstairs, and we’ll be up to our armpits in firecrackers!”

Bloo quickly makes his leave, scurrying down the stairs and towards the basement door, on the other side of the house. With him gone, Mac gives himself a pat on the back. “Heh, still works.” He says to himself. Bloo’s always had a weakness for cool explosions, and Mac’s used it against him plenty of times before. Now alone in the halls, Mac travels down one that has the high number rooms. He passes by the doors reading the numbers on them: 79, 80, 81…and his choice of destination, Room 82. Calming himself, he puts a smile on his face and opens the door, when Bloo pops up behind him.

“Hey Mac, which smoke bombs should we go with, red or…blue?”

Mac drops his head in embarrassment, knowing his secret has been discovered as Bloo takes a peek inside the room. Nothing seems out of the ordinary, as the room appears to be up to Foster’s standards, and the only person inside is Frankie, who’s finishing up dusting the room, which looks spic & span. She seems to have made some subtle changes though. Her hair has more lift & curl, she’s wearing makeup along with earrings, and the hem of her purple skirt has some added ‘frilliness’.

“Oh, hey Frankie.” Bloo says. “Boy that sure was a quick trip to the Record Store.”

“OOH, we’re going shopping?” Frankie asks enthusiastically. “Because I know the cutest outfit that I can wear!”

Bloo begins to see that something is amiss. “Wait a minute…you’re not the real Frankie, she hates cleaning & shopping. You’re imaginary Frankie! YOU’VE COME BACK FOR ME! THANK—!!!!”

Mac quickly covers Bloo’s mouth with his hand, quieting him. “Keep it down, Bloo!” He whispers loudly. “I don’t want the house to know she’s here.”

Bloo removes Mac’s hand from his mouth. “But she can’t get into Foster’s without Herriman accepting her.” He says, before questioning Mac. “Wait…how did you find out about Imaginary Frankie?”

Mac nods his head in agreement, before taking a deep breath and explaining. “Look, a couple of months ago this girl in my class was talking about how she had to return an imaginary friend here, because she had too many real friends. When I talked to her about it, she escort bursa described her friend just like you would describe Frankie. I asked Madame Foster & Mr. Herriman about it, and they made me swear to secrecy! They don’t want Frankie to know her imaginary counterpart is here.”

“Why not?” Bloo asks. “It’s an upgrade if you ask me.”

“Bloo, remember the last time both Frankie’s ran around in Fosters?” Mac asks. Bloo does indeed remember. He tried to set up the real Frankie for adoption, much to her chagrin. Not to mention the constant “inquires” from men around town about imaginary Frankie.

“Ah yes…good times, good times.” Bloo says.

“No it wasn’t, Bloo.” Mac counters. “Look, just promise that you won’t tell anybody she’s here. Please!”

“OK, OK, I promise!” Bloo replies. He turns to walk away, when a something about this situation makes him stay. “Wait, I understand why she’s here…but why are you up here with her?”

“Uh…Heh-Heh…” Mac becomes nervous and starts scratching the back of his head, thinking of something to tell Bloo. Imaginary Frankie however, has just finished putting on her lipstick, and decides to explain for Mac.

“OOH! Is it time for us to practice kissing again, Mac?”

Those words are enough to make Bloo’s eyes nearly pop out of his head. “SAY WHAT???”

Mac immediately covers Bloo’s mouth again, silencing him. “Not so loud!” He whispers, slowly removing his hand. Unfortunately, Bloo didn’t hear the message.

“YOU’RE KISSING—!!!” His mouth is covered yet again, as Mac starts to explain.

“Yes…I’m practicing kissing with her.” He admits. “Look, Terrence has been making fun of me about not kissing a real girl yet, and with the School Dance coming up next week, I…I just needed some practice.”

Once again, he removes his hand from Bloo’s mouth. This time though, the volume of his voice remains low. “Mac, I can’t believe that you would do this.” Bloo says, shaking his head in shame.

“I know.” Mac agrees. “Using an Imaginary friend like this…it’s the lowest thing I’ve done.”

“I didn’t mean that!” Bloo tells him, correcting himself. “I mean, I can’t believe you would do this without telling me! Like I don’t need to get in some lip lock practice!”


“Is that cute little bunny muffin gonna practice with me, too?” Imaginary Frankie asks.

“Yes.” Bloo remarks seductively.

“No!” Mac corrects him.

“Mac, please!” Bloo tells him. “Remember, share & share alike.”

“NOT WHEN…Ugh! OK, alright…I’ll let you watch me practice.” Mac offers. “How’s that?”

Bloo mulls over the offer for a moment. “…Only if I get to have snacks and popcorn.”

Mac rolls his eyes. “OK, whatever. Just hurry up and get them.”

“On it!” Like a blue bullet, he speeds out of the room and makes his way towards the stairs to get some refreshments, as Mac sits down on the bed, looking stressed out from trying to handle Bloo. This doesn’t go unnoticed by imaginary Frankie, though.

“You OK, cutie?” She asks.

“Yeah.” Mac answers. “Just…kinda stressed and all.”

“Then I know something that’ll make you feel better.” She says in sing-song fashion, puckering her lipstick-covered lips. Mac does indeed start to feel better almost instantly and plants one right on her lips. It’s a simple kiss, no frills at all, but Mac does take this moment to cop a feel on her breasts, which he’s done many times before. Unfortunately, he’s picked the worst time to do this as they get an unexpected visitor.

“Did I leave the keys to the bus…in…here?”

Frankie, the real one, stands in the doorway, her eyes as wide as dinner plates over the scene that’s in front of her. Upon hearing her voice, Mac becomes frozen with fear. It takes imaginary Frankie to break the kiss as she waves to her real life counterpart.

“HIYEEEEEE! Long time no see!” She says, filled with pep.

Her counterpart though, is the exact opposite. “WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING HERE???”

“Wait, Frankie, I can explain!” Mac says, snapping out of his frozenness.

“I should hope so, Mac!” Frankie says, folding her arms and staring at him in anger.

Mac hops off the bed and starts to explain. “You see, the girl who adopted imaginary…you, she brought her back here. But Madame Foster didn’t want you getting upset that she was here, so she kept her secret from you until she was adopted again.”

Frankie’s anger begins to cool a little, as she thinks about Mac’s explanation. “Well, that does sound like Grandma.” She says. “Probably didn’t want me and Herriman arguing about it.”

“Well, the secret’s out. That’s a lot off my chest! WOW, it’s really late, gotta get going, see ya!” Mac tries to rush pass Frankie for an escape, but she grabs him by the collar of his shirt, stopping him.

“Hold on, Casanova.” She tells him. “That still doesn’t explain why you and she were kissing.”

“Mac, does this mean practice time is over?” Imaginary Frankie asks.

“Practice time?” Frankie inquires angrily.

“It’s not what you think.” Mac answers. “I…I just wanted a few…practices, so I’d be ready for the girls at my school.”

Frankie lets Mac’s collar go and leans against the doorway as he sits back down on the bed. “So, you’re using her, to practice for your first kiss?” Frankie asks. “Mac, normally you’re just supposed to let it happen.”

“I know.” Mac agrees. “It’s just that Terrence has been teasing…”

“Wait a minute, Terrance?” Frankie interrupts. “That explains a lot.”

“I was practicing so that when it happens it wouldn’t be embarrassing.” Mac tells her. “You know, so that she would like it, too.”

“Well, at least you’re being considerate about girls.” Frankie says. “But…with an imaginary friend?”

“Well…she’s almost just like you.” Mac says in his defense.

Frankie takes a look at her imaginary doppelganger, who grins widely and waves to her, and rolls her eyes. “If I ever get that peppy, take a shotgun to my head.” She thinks, before turning to Mac. “Well, Mac did have good intentions…if you can call it that.” It’s then when she thinks about Mac’s confession to her, and decides to step in.

“Mac, she’s not the real thing.” She tells him, shutting the door and locking it. “And I see I’ll just have to show you the difference.”

“Uh Frankie, what are you doing?” Mac asks confused.

She answers by seductively walking over to him and gently pushing him down on the bed. “About to give you a lesson in how a real woman likes to kiss.”

“Super!” Imaginary Frankie cheers. “It’ll be like a slumber party! I’ll go make us some sandwiches and…”

“You stay right there, sister.” Frankie tells her. “We’re about to play a game, and I need your help.”

“YAY!!!” She cheers. “I love games! Does it involve making boys happy?”

A devious & seductive grin appears on Frankie’s face as she turns to Mac. “Oh, we’ll be making one boy REAL happy.”

Meanwhile, outside the room and down the hall, a large, unstable tower of snacks & candy slowly makes its way towards the room, with Bloo at its base. “Man, Madame Foster needs to go grocery shopping more often. We’re low on the good stuff.” Once he reaches the door he tries to push his way through, only to be halted. “Hey, what’s going on? Why’s the door locked?” He moves the tower of snacks aside and peeks through the keyhole to investigate. “OK, nothing out of the usual. Room’s clean, the lights are on, and two Frankie’s are getting into bed with Mac…TWO FRANKIE’S ARE GETTING INTO BED WITH MAC????”

Freaking out, he drops everything (literally) and begins frantically yanking & turning the doorknob in a desperate attempt to join in. “MUST…JOIN…FRANKIE…SANDWICH!!!”

Realizing his current actions are useless, Bloo hops down and starts backing up, wanting a running start. Once far enough, he charges forward at full speed, ready to break the door down. Unfortunately, one of the items he dropped earlier included soda, and as he steps in the recently made puddle of it, he loses all control.


Bloo’s sliding comes to a stop…thanks to the wall beside the door. Slowly, he separates from the wall and falls to the floor in a state of unconsciousness.

Back in the room both Frankie’s, imaginary & real, have Mac “surrounded”. They lie on opposite sides of him, both huddled close. Their dual breasts rest against Mac’s chest, nearly smothering him, though he doesn’t mind. In fact, never has he been so happy to be so close to the Powerpuff Girls.

“Alright, Mac.” Frankie says. “Let’s see your technique on her.”

Mac lets out a nervous laugh. He’s kissed imaginary Frankie dozens of times before, but never with an audience. As she puckers up, Mac leans towards her and lands a simple kiss as he did before. He leaves his lips with hers for 5 seconds, before breaking away.

“Not bad, very gentleman-like.” Frankie says. “Now, let’s see how you French kiss.”

Mac takes a nervous gulp. “Fr-French…kiss?” He’s heard the term before, a couple of times from Euro-Trish, but has never experienced it…until now.

“Allow me…” Frankie says, bringing two fingers to Mac’s chin. She leans in and presses her lips to his, then inserts her tongue into his mouth. Mac’s eyes shoot wide open, but he does nothing to stop this moment. Her ruby red lips smother his as she lets out a low moan, satisfied with Mac’s progress. He wants to enhance this moment by grabbing a handful of her plump breasts, but resists the urge. After a full minute, Frankie breaks the kiss, leaving Mac almost a quivering lump of his former self, wearing a grin.

“N-n…n-nice…” Mac utters, falling back onto the gorukle escort bed. At this moment, he’s content with just that kiss, but glancing to his left, he sees imaginary Frankie grinning excitedly, wanting to join in.

“That looked like fun!” She says. “My turn!” In a flash, she grabs Mac by the cheeks and pulls him close. Their lips collide and as she closes her eyes, she launches her tongue into his mouth. She lets out a couple of enthusiastic moans, as Mac’s eyes nearly roll into the back of his head. Her tongue works corkscrews around in his mouth as their jaws move in unison. She sucks on his lips, and Mac is almost sent to overload. A raging hard-on develops in his pants, which doesn’t go unnoticed. Frankie, laying by as a witness, looks on with a displeased look as her imaginary double tries to show her up. Finally, she releases Mac from the hold of her lips and he falls back onto the bed, wearing a wider grin than he did with Frankie.

“So was I good?” Imaginary Frankie asks. Mac certainly thinks so, in fact he wants to tell her just how spectacular, phenomenal & outstanding her lips were. But all he can choke out is…


“That was alright.” Frankie comments, giving a so-so signal with her hand. “But really, it’s nothing compared to the original.”

Grabbing Mac much like her counterpart did, Frankie pulls him close and wraps her lips around his passionately. Her tongue invades his mouth again, but this time she holds him close to her, letting her breasts smash into his chest. She can feel the erection threatening to erupt from his pants, and decides to rub her thigh against it. That almost sends Mac into a seizure, as his tongue can barely keep up the fight against hers. Their mouths work up & down, almost synchronized with Frankie’s thigh movements, as she finishes the battle of tongues victorious. Two minutes pass before she breaks the kiss, leaving a line of glistening saliva connecting their mouths. Imaginary Frankie stares at them in awe.

“Wow, you’re really good!” She says, complementing Frankie.

“Don’t I know it.” Frankie responds, grinning in confidence. “So Mac, which one do you think was better?”

Mac, catching his breath, shifts his eyes back & forth between the both of them. Unable to choose one, he makes a decision wise among his years. “It’s…it’s a tie.”

The two Frankies stand quiet for a moment, before the Imaginary one cheers loudly. “YAY! WE BOTH WIN!!!”

“Nice save, Mac.” The real one utters with a grin, as she’s reminded of Mac’s erection. Whoa! Sporting tight pants are we? Maybe we should do something about that.”

“I think I’m thinking what you’re thinking!” Imaginary Frankie says cheerfully.

Back outside the room, Bloo has decided to enlist the help of a much more able-bodied imaginary friend, notably Eduardo. The two have backed away from the door as far as possible, and plan to charge it with full force.

“Senor Bloo, are you sure Senor Mac is trapped?” Eduardo asks.

“Yes, yes, bash down the door already!” Bloo orders, before changing his tone. “Uh, I mean…yes! He’s trapped, and you’re the only imaginary friend who can save him!”

With that statement of assurance, Eduardo lowers his horned head and prepares to charge. “I am coming, Senor Mac!” Dragging his right foot back two times, he storms forward at full speed, ready to use all his strength to break down the door. He barrels closer, and closer, and…


He turns on his brakes and starts skidding to a stop as he notices a large shadow looming from around the corner approaching. Breaking off his charge, he turns the other way and flees for his life, leaving a twin trail of tears behind. Bloo, confused, looks back at the shadow which continues to grow as it comes closer. The shadow’s owner then rounds the corner to reveal himself…as Jackie Khones.

“Hey, Bloo.” He says, waving as he walks by. Bloo just stands there, infuriated that he’ll have to find another method of crashing into the room.

Back inside the room, Mac is undergoing a dream double treatment as both Frankies have their tongues almost wrapped around his cock. The real Frankie sucks on the head and caresses his balls while the imaginary version licks up & down the shaft. As their breasts lie against Mac’s thighs, he can feel their erect nipples through their shirts. The look on his face resembles that of the sugar rushes he’s experienced in the past, though this is decidedly much sweeter.

“I’ve died and gone to heaven…” Mac thinks, as he continues to lie back and enjoy the experience. Things only get better for the young man as both Frankies find themselves at the head of his penis. Deciding to share, the two comes together for a kiss, covering his cock head in a swarm of ruby red lips and wet tongues. A Joker-like grin now resides on Mac’s face and a small drop of drool leaves his mouth. His heart-rate has doubled and threatens to still increase in speed. This is the best moment of his life and one he wishes would never end. Unfortunately, the oncoming orgasm he feels says different, and he’s unable to hold back.

“Gonna…cum…” He struggles out, just loud enough for Frankie to here.

Thinking fast, she backs away from his cock and allows her imaginary self to take it into her mouth. A moment later, her mouth his filled with hot semen spurting from Mac’s manhood. As Frankie smiles at her quick thinking, her counterpart removes Mac’s rod and swallows his load in one gulp, both shocking & disgusting the real one.

“Mmmm, Yummy!” She says, grinning happily. “I want more.”

She leans down to grab his cock and accidentally jerks it, making Mac shoot out a small stream of jizz that lands right in the middle of Frankie’s face.

“HEE-HEE!!! You look like there’s icing on your face!” Imaginary Frankies laughs.

“Heh…sorry Frankie…” Mac says.

“Just. Forget it.” Frankie replies, using her shirt to wipe her face. “It’s better than the alternative.”

“Actually…I think I’m starting to get a little horny.” Imaginary Frankie admits, a statement that almost instantly brings ‘little Mac’ back to attention.

Frankie takes one look at it and grins seductively. “Oh are you now?” She asks. “And I bet you’d like a nice, hard cock in you right now, huh?”

“Uh-huh!” she answers enthusiastically, with her head nodding to match.

Frankie then turns to Mac. “How bout it Mac, think you’re ‘up’ for the job.” Unable to conjure up words, Mac nods his head excitedly, just like imaginary Frankie, eager to continue this paradise.

“YAY!!!” As the real Frankie watches on, her imaginary self rolls over onto her back and pulls down her purple skirt to reveal a pink PPG embroidered thong. As she kicks her skirt off, she pulls off the thong, giving Mac & the real Frankie an eye-full. Surprisingly, she’s well-shaved ‘down there’, giving her one distinct difference from the original.

“Well, I see one thing we don’t have in common.” Frankie states while rolling onto her back herself. Instead of pulling off her skirt though, she hikes it up and pulls her thong down to her ankles, before taking one leg out of them. It’s then that Mac catches a sight that can cause instant nose bleeds, Frankie’s snatch. She has a small patch of “red carpet” left though, and that sends Mac to the maximum zone of arousal. His attention is turned back to imaginary Frankie though, as she rolls over besides him and onto her hands & knees. Slowly, Mac crawls over to the end of the bed and behind her. With his cock at peak hardness, he grabs onto her hips…and hesitates.

“Mac, something wrong?” Frankie asks, moving to the front of her double.

“I…I’ve never done…IT before.” He confesses in a mild panic. “I mean…what if I screw up? What if something gets broken?”

Understanding Mac’s problem, Frankie turns to her doppelganger and gives her a wink. She then winks back, knowing exactly what Frankie wants to do. Reaching out between her legs, she grabs hold of Mac’s firm manhood and backs up, guiding it through her wet pussy lips and inside of her. Mac quickly cuts himself off as his heart rate has just tripled. He’s unable to even put together any coherent thought other than two words…


“OOOH! He feels big!” Imaginary Frankie announces.

“I always said Mac was a special kid.” Frankie replies, before looking up at Mac with a smirk. “You can start moving your hips anytime now.”

That snaps Mac out of his pleasure-induced daze and puts him to work. He takes it slow to start off, working his hips in a steady motion, pulling out until only his head remains inside of her, then pushing forward.

“Mmmmmmmmmm…” A long moan is heard from imaginary Frankie, who bites down on her lower lip and enjoys Mac’s cock. But looking in front of her, she notices her real-life self spreading her legs wide open, ready for some fun of her own.

“Let’s see how good with that tongue you used on Mac.” She says, before grabbing her by the back of her head and burying her between her thighs. Frankie gets a surprise though when instead of complaining, her imaginary self welcomes the challenge and starts to lick like there’s no tomorrow.

“OHHH!!!” Frankie moans, loud enough for Mac to hear. He glances up and witnesses the sight before him, ‘Frankie’ giving Frankie head, and nearly pops his own top. Willpower comes in for the save though, and he goes on.

“Can’t come yet.” He chants to himself as a mantra.

“Man! I didn’t know her…my tongue, was able to do that!” Frankie thinks, as her imaginary self licks & flails inside of her soaked snatch. She locks her arms around Frankie’s legs and continues her sexual assault, sucking on her clit and licking various areas of her inner thighs as well. This makes Frankie more than hot & bothered, as she lifts up her shirt and bra to expose her breasts. As she rubs and fondles them, bursa sınırsız escort bayan Mac catches an eyeful and nearly shoots his eyes out of his head.

“I don’t think I can last much longer.” He thinks, still pumping into make-believe Frankie’s pussy. She starts talking excitedly, but her tongue is stifled by Frankie’s vagina, which lunges Frankie to the brink of her climax. She reaches down and pushes her head away, leaving a soaked mess between her legs.

“What…what did you say?” Frankie asks her double, breathing hard.

“I said I think I’m gonna cum!” She yells.

“Me too!” Mac adds.

One last pelvic thrust is enough for the two to reach their climax. Mac’s hips almost lock forward as he shoots a stream of hot jizz into her inner walls. He clenches her hips tightly as she nearly buries her head into the bed, letting out a loud scream of passion. A wave of orgasmic pleasure washes over her, and remains even after Mac pulls out. Drops of his semen seep out the lips of her snatch as she falls to the side. Mac nearly falls onto the bed, but catches himself with his hands.

“Wow! You really gave it to her, Mac.” Frankie remarks, as she watches her imaginary self beam in the glow of her huge climax. Her eyes then glance over to Mac, or more notably his divine rod, which is still hard as rock. Her eyes light up, and immediately she develops a craving for what her double just experienced.

“Man…that, was awesome…” Mac utters, wearing an exhausted grin.

“And it’s about to get even more awesome.” Mac slowly lifts his head to find Frankie now spread eagle in front of him, her awaiting snatch mere inches from his pulsing cock. “I’m about to take you for the ride of your life.”


“Why didn’t I think of this earlier?”

High above the ceiling of Foster’s, Bloo crawls through the maze-like air vents, determined to join in with Mac on the action. However, as he continues through the vents, he realizes the fatal flaw with this plan…no map to guide him in the right direction.

“Where the hell am I?” He asks, lost. “I know that room has to be around here somewhere.” He stops once he reaches the proverbial fork in the road. One vent leads to the right, one to the left, and both to private rooms. Conflicted about what path he should take, Bloo decided to settle the matter the most sophisticated way he knows how.

“Eenie, Meanie, Mynee, Moe! Catch Eduardo by the toe! If he cries, then let him go! Eenie, Meanie, Mynee, Moe!”

Choosing the left path, Bloo quickly scurries forward and dives through the vent cover. He plummets down to the floor of the room and, flipping in mid-air, lands on his feet while making a dramatic entrance.

“Your stud has arrived, ladies!” He announces, but upon looking around, he doesn’t see the Frankie sandwich with Mac he was hoping for. Instead he sees a poorly kept room which is currently resided in by the last person her wanted to see…Pac.

“Uh…I…have the wrong room, don’t I? If you’ll excuse me…” Calming turning towards the door, Bloo promptly crashes through it, fleeing for his life with Pac right on his heels.



The chase can be heard throughout the entire upper level of Foster’s, and as it comes across Frankie’s ears, a smug grin appears on her face. “Looks like Bloo’s plan just blew up.” She thinks, before turning back to Mac.

Fatigue slowly becomes a factor for Mac as it begins to wear on him, but with his youthful energy, he still he presses on. Grabbing hold of his manhood, he words his pelvis forward to the point where his cock head is engulfed by her labia…and that’s where he stands halted.

“Frankie…I…I don’t think…I can go on…” Mac confesses.

“Don’t worry, Mac.” Frankie tells him, reaching into her green hoody pocket. “I think I have something to help.”

As Mac watches on confused, Frankie pulls out a stick of chewing gum, unwraps it and tosses it in her mouth. As she chews on it, a baffled Mac asks her, “Uh Frankie, how is that gonna help MMMMMPPPPHHHHHHH!!!!”

Mac’s sentence comes to an abrupt end, courtesy of Frankie’s mouth. She invades his mouth with her tongue again, but this time she brings along luggage…her gum. As Mac feels it bouncing around in his mouth, a sudden jolt of energy arises in him and courses through his body. It’s then that he figures out Frankie’s intentions: the gum has sugar in it, just enough to give Mac the rush he needs to go on. Reinvigorated, he starts up a thrusting motion that’s not unlike a vintage locomotive’s wheels starting up on the track. Frankie uses her tongue to take the gum back, not wanting to give him too much sugar, and breaks the kiss.

“Heh, thanks Frankie.” Mac tells her.

“No problem, Mac” She replies, before spitting out the gum.

Getting into it, Mac leans closer to Frankie and puts both hands on each side of her on the bed, keeping his balance. Frankie responds by wrapping her legs around Mac, keeping him close and keeping his thrusts short. Her breasts almost sway back & forth, in a nearly hypnotic motion. Mac closes his eyes and begins to lose himself in this moment. He lets out a grunt before picking up the pace, increasing to a moderate speed as he starts to drill her deep, all the way to the base of his cock.

“OH, MAC!!!” Frankie moans. “Maybe we should (huh!) get you (huff!) sugar more…often! OH!!!”

“Fine…by me!” Mac responds, wearing a grin.

Beads of sweat start to form on his forehead, and they’re sent flying with every stroke he makes. Mac looks down and notices Frankie’s entire torso glistening in sweat, especially her tits. Opening his eyes again, Mac finds his luck on infinite high as he catches Frankie playing with her own breasts, squeezing & groping them like ripe melons. Her hands move from that location though, all the way down her body, with Mac’s eyes following them. They pass her belly-button piercing, then suddenly leaving her body and land on Mac’s, where she moves them behind him and clenches his buttocks.

“OH! Come on, Mac. I gave you that sugar for a reason.” Frankie moans, meeting him eye-to-eye. “I want you to fuck me with everything you got, baby!”

Not wanting to disappoint, especially at this point, Mac taps into his reserves and kicks into high gear. Sitting up, he wraps his arms around Frankie’s legs and proceeds to jackhammer her pussy, pounding it balls deep and making her scream out in passion.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHH! OH, FUCK!!!!” She screams. “Keep going Mac, (huff!) fuck me just like that!”

“So…good, Frankie!” Mac blurts out.

“So are you, baby!” She replies.

Her legs are now hanging in the air as Mac continues to punish her snatch mercilessly. The bedsprings can barely hold off the two as loud squeaking fills them room, coupled with Frankie’s moans & Mac’s grunts. Mac grits his teeth as he feels his climax on the horizon, threatening to bring this moment of ecstasy to a premature end. But he doesn’t stop, pumping in & out of her as fast as he can, and bringing her to an orgasm with him.

“Yeah Mac!” Frankie moans. “You’re making me cum!”

“Me too!” Mac grunts. “I…gotta pull out…”

“NO!” Frankie yells, locking her legs tighter around the young man. “Keep it in! Don’t pull out, Mac!”

Mac looks back at her in shock. The thought of him making her pregnant is not something he wants to entertain, but before he can debate the matter further…


His last line of resistance down, he unleashes a stream of jizz into Frankie’s inner walls, as she tosses her head back and welcomes her own orgasm. Her legs loosen their hold, and Mac pulls himself out of her, but not before making another deposit, spurting out another hot load in between her thighs. As it drips from her onto the bed, Mac falls onto the bed in-between both Frankies. He can barely keep his eyes open, and he wears a grin that spans from ear to ear. All he can see is the ceiling light and the random stars that appear in his vision. That is, until Frankie leans over to check on him.

She places a hand on his chest and grins softly. “Just to let you know, you passed the lesson on how to please a woman.”

“Awesome…” He utters weakly. They continue to stare at each other until loud banging noises are heard coming from the ceiling. Mac & Imaginary Frankie are too winded to recognize it, but Frankie isn’t.

“Humph! Late as usual…” She says with a smirk as she sits up on the edge of the bed. Rolling down her shirt and fixing her skirt, she gets her outfit back to its normal look just as a dirt-covered object falls down from the vent opening onto the floor. Frankie looks over at it to discover that it’s Bloo, just as she thought. He rises up to his feet and shakes the dirt off, before announcing his arrival.

“Ladies, the stud is here!”

“You’re too late, Bloo.” Frankie quips, still wearing her smirk.

Bloo looks over at the bed to see Mac & imaginary Frankie both dazed and resting. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” He yells, dropping to his knees. “I was so close! It’s not fair! You can’t be finished!”

“Who says we’re finished?” Frankie asks slyly, gaining Bloo’s attention. “Maybe if you get some ‘special’ supplies from my room, we’ll be ready when you come back.”

Understanding fully, Bloo rises up and backs out of the room into the hallway. “Oh, I am all over it! And when I get back, you and me can—AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”

Bloo is sent on yet another mad rush for his life, thanks to Pac. “WONKA-WONKA-WONKA-WONKA!!!” As they fly down the hall, Frankie walks over to the door and relocks it. She then goes to the open air vent and closes it back up, before putting it’s locks up.

“That should hold him out of here for a few hours.” She says.

“A few hours?” Mac wearily asks. “Why a few hours?”

Mac gets his answer as Frankie climbs back into bed with him, just as her imaginary self sits up, reenergized. “It’ll give us some more time for lessons.”

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