Fred’s Shed

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I was at the allotment looking for Badger. I’d been away for six months on a Uni course and longed to see him again, he was not into modern gadgets so I could not keep in touch and I missed him dreadfully.

I could have had a brief affair with another student who like me was studying history but it was the age which deterred me, he was about twenty the same as I and just didn’t turn me on like someone old enough to be my dad.

Looking over his plot it seemed like it hadn’t been attended too of late and I began to worry, he was getting old although sexually he was very active and to be frank I have missed his fuck of me terribly – and all the other things in which we have indulged in the privacy of his allotment shed.

Could he be inside the shed but would he have locked himself in – unless he had found another in my absence! No, I could not think of such a thing he would surely not be with someone else. Anyway it was locked and no one replied.

Fred approached me, a guy I remembered roughly the same age as Badger about sixty, he had a plot further up the allotment and loved to show off his price cucumbers, I had often wondered about him, whether he was keen to show off that big bulge in his trousers – but at the time I was more than happy with Badger although I have to admit I have felt the hot’s for Fred on many an occasion, Now there he was standing next to me with a big smile and saying: “You won’t get anything out of Badger awhile, he’s in hospital with a severe bug.”

What did he mean about getting anything out of Badger, could it be that he knew about us and what we got up to in Badger’s shed?

But it turned out that he did, he’d only done a bit of spying through a concealed gap in the corner of the shed, he told me this quite openly when, cutting a along story short on discovering he knew about Badger and me, I challenged him.

“Sorry about that young Pete but he was getting all your best and I was bloody jealous I was.”

I actually felt sorry for Fred then would you believe even though my first thoughts were of him being a pervert, but missing Badger like hell the sensual sexual tendencies were with me, I guess because I had come to the allotment with so much expectation and my groin was well and ready for Badger’s special treatment.

All was quiet on the Western Front, we just stood there momentarily saying nothing, but the scan of his eyes were telling me everything and glancing down at that magnificent bulge I was thinking it could be nice to have a change.

“Badger isn’t much good to you in hospital is he Pete?” Fred said like he knew what was ain my mind.

“So you had better come see what my shed is like – I little more comfortable than Badger’s I would say and very nicely furnished, you’d think it was part of a house, with curtains Halkalı travesti and all”

I knew it was about twice the size of Badger’s, the shed that is but come to think of it and seeing that bulge again I wondered if he was bigger down under as well.

We stood chatting awhile, I realised he was sussing me out soon enough with some of the personal questions he was asking. I was flattered when he complimented me on my stance telling me how much he would like to be with me.

Well at least he was honest and I admired that. He was nice enough an being all sexed up with anticipation of seeing Badger I was fired up enough to go and visit Fred’ shed.

When we got there he was right about the inside, he even had wallpaper on the inside panels, cushions on a small settee and a nice bench just high enough to indulge in the most passive sex games, like those I did with Badger, how he loved me to bend over the bench and explore me.

“Look here, I have a flask of coffee, would you like some?” Fred asked as he quite openly rubbed himself in front of me, as if advertising his equipment. It worked too because I knew I was in a flush and Fred was quick to notice.

“Let’s have some refreshment first and then I will show you, Pete”

I could not wait as I sipped my coffee and, sat on the settee I felt a very sensual comfort in moving my hind over the edge of the cushion and I am sure Fred noticed because I saw that his bulge was growing, there was me thinking just how big was it? I knew I was about to find out as soon as Fred gulped his coffee down, planted the cup on the bench and unzipped him.

“Well there it is, Pete – whatderyer think?”

He stood there, pushing himself outwards and I was adorned with the sight of the most beautiful and well endowed cock I had ever seen.

He grunted saying: “bet that’s a bigger one then Badgers?”

It was. I sat there aghast feeling an ache in my ass that told me I would have to stretch some to take all of that inside.

“Just take your time Pete and enjoy. Feel it if you want, I’d like that.”

My mind was flashing back to that beautiful moment when I first saw Badger’s tackle. It didn’t take me long to take up Fred’s invitation.

I toyed with the idea of feeling it, my hand opened and whisking in the air. But Fred grasped it and guided it to the spot, and soon enough it was full of a good length of his warm and so wonderfully pliable cock. It was lovely, I sort of squeezed and stretched it back for a while, uncircumcised he had that certain scent of which I was familiar because Badger smelt much the same, a sort of pungent earthy smell, but a smell which perfectly encouraged me just to taste it for the first time, like I did with Badger and how he loved that. Now I would do likewise with Fred’s Levent travesti presentation but with a wider mouth, he was that big but the thrill of feeling that bulging my cheeks was really something and so I closed my eyes and went for it, sucked and licked it to my hearts content, me sat on the sofa and Fred standing there astride, trousers and briefs down now, giving me the full package of his beautifully spirited throbbing thick cock which was an utter delight.

Instinctively I moved my right hand beneath his crotch and get the first feel of beautifully firm balls as he grunted with sheer pleasure telling me how good it was.

As with Badger and that first time he accidentally came in my mouth I was thinking, as I continued to enjoy the taste of him, if he would cum the same, did he want to do it in my mouth, over my face or what? Depending on Badger’s mood it would sometimes be facial but most time he’d cum watershed stiff fucked my ass and I can still feel that first splurge of his cum dripping down between my fresh fucked asshole and down to my hanging balls, me perched over the bench for his favourite doggy fuck.

I felt I just didn’t mind one way or the other, I was so incensed in what I was doing that I would have done anything he would have wished of me, like Badger had me stretched over his knee a couple of times for a real sound spanking. It stung lime hell but the after treatment was fantastic and the fuck perfection.

Would Fred’s fuck reach that quality and more important will he want to go that far? But for now I simply enjoyed the feeling of his stiff cock throbbing ardently in my mouth, my tongue being busy enough wrapping it like a big parcel and hearing the joy in his moans and grunts.

“Wow! Lad now I know why Badger was forever talking about you, what have I been missing all this time, Badger was a lucky guy to have found you before I did. Wow Pete you know how to suck and ball. Tell you what let me have my turn now, so as to save the Waterloo for later?”

“Waterloo?” I asked naively

He smiled and asked if I wanted him to spell it out.

I guess the look on my face said yes and he explained that the waterloo would come when he fucked my beautiful ass, like old Badger use to. You won’t deny me of that lad will you?

I was relieved, to think that Fred wanted to go all the way, that he wanted to get it up my ass and I so looked forward to that. I had been so long without I ached like hell for the feel of stiff cock wedged up inside me.

But for now he was beginning to enjoy me the way I had enjoyed him, he said for me to plant myself on all fours so he could work his head beneath and take my cock comfortable upside down, his hand was going to and fro like he was milking the udders of a cow or something but the Şirinevler travesti feeling was really delightful being sucked and pulled like that, then his mouth diverted and I felt the sensation I remembered with Badger licking me up the ass without any reservations and I was in my element. This more than anything else was the way to really get me set for a perfect rough ass fuck and it was as if Fred knew it, or was it that he had watched us doing that through the peephole of Badger’s shed.

But his mode was different, for then he said for me to spread myself and stick my ass out just as much as I could. I did and for the next few minutes I was to enjoy the most wonderful sensations that even Badger could not give me. It wasn’t just the deep insertion of an anal vibrator he said he wanted to try for the first time, that he’d got it on the internet sex toys shopping channel with the idea that he could use it on himself, but it was much better to use it on an ass like mine.

He lubricated me well and when he slid the thing inside me I was surprised just how lovely it felt, and when he pressed the button to start the vibrating it was heaven on earth.

I was just happy to be all ass for him, for him to enjoy me as I enjoyed the things he was doing to me,. All that ass sucking and nudging, the playful slaps and the feeling of balls, and yes that inimitable wanking like it was a cows udder.

After a while he yelled was I ready for his cock that my ass was crying out for his fuck and I said to be my guest!

He removed the vibrator with a pop which was nice and I felt my hole closing up, but not for long because soon in place was the firm rigidness of his wonderful big hard and throbbing cock edging itself inside, he yelling at me to help it in by wiggling down side to side which I did with great gusto and it was skimpy magic.

Fred’s cock was a dream and it felt so good as he started to trust deep inside me and I felt him building up with heavy pants and compliments like I was a great fuck and how it felt so good inside my ass.

He’d put on a ribbed condom which I had never felt before and it was sort of different but wonderful and when he reached that Waterloo of his I really knew it, My asshole got the full works of his rapid thrusting and I felt the hotness of his cum spurt inside me, some leaking out over my ass as he gave me a final squeeze feeling me cum in his hand.

It was all so very perfect and more than substituted for Badger’s fuck… But that’s not to say I would deter Badger, how can I explain, although in many ways Fred’s fuck was perfection in itself, badger’s was unexplainably different and I guess that is how it should be.

In fact from now on I would be quite happy to have them both, not at the same time of course, although that thought may be well worth exploring!

After Fred I returned home still feeling him inside me, well fucked and gratified. Fred even thanked me and said it would be good to do it again, that he had lots of ideas and notions in lots of ways we could experiment.

The mind boggles!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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