Free Birds Ch. 04

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Amanda Lane

EMILY’S STORY – part 2

Hi, it’s me, Emily Sterling again. When you left me in the last chapter, I was explaining about the ‘close’ relationship between me and my twin sister Kira, and why I feel so miserable. Melody, one of my basketball teammates had just finished cumming on my face, and now apparently Sharon, another teammate was going to take a turn. As I mentioned in the last chapter, too, Sharon was a red head.

Now, I’m redheaded, but more of a coppery-brown shade, and my hair’s cut short, even back then in high school. Sharon’s was much longer, over her shoulders, straight and lustrous. Since her full name was Sharon Fitzgerald, you can probably picture her a little better. She had creamy, pale skin, with lots of freckles, some in places more interesting than just on her cheeks or nose. She had B cup breasts, very round and full, and like me, pink nipples, though quite long with wide areolas, a bright pink pussy and even her tight ass hole was pink inside, with a darker brown band around her anus.

She was 5′ 6″ tall, 110 pounds, and played guard for our team. She walked over to me as I sat on the locker room bench, and pushed me backwards so that I was lying on my back again. She leaned down to kiss me, and after a quick kiss on the lips, said, “Umm, you smell GOOD, girl!” I guess I did, as I was still covered with Melody’s cunt and ass juices. Sharon unbuttoned my blouse, which was somehow still on, unhooked my bra, and fondled my small breasts, but I guess my erect nipples gave away my readiness – that is, if my oozing muff didn’t already, LOL. Then Sharon reached down into her bag by my foot, and swiveled herself around so that her panty-clad bottom was in front of my face, with her facing my already soaked pussy. I couldn’t see what she was doing. I heard a click, then a buzzing and I became confused.

Now, this might sound funny to you, but, as experienced as I was with Kira’s, and now Melody’s fingers, tongue, and other cute girl body parts, I had never had any experience with vibrators or dildoes, or anything else inside my pussy, even a candle stick, other than a girl’s tongue or fingers. So when Sharon lightly touched my labia with the 7″ vibrator, then slowly ran it up towards my clit, she got my attention very rapidly!

She pushed her sweet white butt back into my face, so I started kissing her ass, which smelled heavenly to me. I’ve always loved the smell of another girl’s ass, starting with Kira and continuing through the present day. And if a girl’s had that ass all covered up for the whole day, or longer, building up that delicious feminine musk, especially if she’s been thinking about fucking the whole time, then it’s even better. Female ass rules! I love looking at it, I love smelling it, and I REALLY love eating it.

I pulled her panties down so that I could get to the really good parts, and that’s when I found out about Sharon’s pink hole. I had her panties pulled down to her mid thigh, her perfectly white ass cheeks looked perfectly firm and round, though they quivered nicely as she moved. Between those perfect globes was nestled her tight, puckered hole, peeking sweetly out at me in an inviting way. And then, below that perfect ass, was a perfect split peach, all juicy and dripping as though just plucked from the tree, ready for eating.

Sharon pressed her now uncovered bottom onto my face, literally sitting on my face, and so long as my nose was exposed enough so that I could continue to get air, I was fine with the rotation from pussy to ass to pussy again, and again. Her tiny puckered rosebud of her anus swallowed up my tongue, after I forced it through her tightly guarded opening. It seemed that she wanted her ass lover, me, to fight for her treasure there, but once achieved, she welcomed my tongue back inside her over and over. And I loved entering her.

Her pussy, on the other hand, was wet and dripping, and I had no problem slipping two fingers inside her wet, slick hole. I loved licking that little peach, and would have eaten her all day if that buzzing little toy of hers hadn’t hit my clit and set me off. “Shit!!! Fuck!!” I yelled from beneath her hot ass. I didn’t know what else to say, it was like hitting your thumb with a hammer, only it felt good. I didn’t know that jazzing my clit hard with a buzzing vibrator could make me explode inside, and cuss too, but then, 10 minutes before, I had never heard of a vibrator. I came at least 5 times, all in a row, and I think I even gushed. I’d never done that before, but then I’d never been ‘buzzed’ by another girl, either.

I’d have to ask Sharon if she’d sell me that vibrator. Things that felt that good must be illegal, ’cause it sure as hell wasn’t fattening!

Just after Sharon climbed down off me, she did something totally unexpected, that greatly casino siteleri excited me, and gave me something to think about, too. Sharon brought her hand around to her front, facing me, and cupped her hand below her hot pussy, looking me in the eyes as she concentrated. I heard a sizzling sound for a few seconds, and a few drops of some hot liquid splashed on my stomach. Sharon brought her hand over my face, and poured the contents of her cupped palm on my face, rubbing it into my skin. The hot, salty acrid taste and smell gave it away instantly. It was her piss! Sharon had peed into her cupped hand, and then splashed and rubbed it into my face, some of the salty liquid getting into my mouth. “There’s part two of your initiation, frosh,” she said, then leaned down and french kissed me, her tongue all over my pee-wetted face and mouth. I never encountered anything that exciting before. I knew I’d want to do something like that again.

We heard a couple of the other girls entering the locker room, so we hustled up to look like we were getting dressed. I didn’t have time to put my panties or bra on under my practice shorts and jersey, so I just went naked underneath, and I hoped that no one would smell my cummy cunt. There was no way I could get by with a cum, pee and ass covered face though (“What’s that on your face, Em? It looks like a girl’s cum?” “No, it’s a new facial cream I’m trying for zits, LOL.”), so I sprinted for the handwash sinks to splash water on my face, then wiped it as best I could. I could definitely smell Melody and Sharon’s cum and pee up inside my nose though, which kept my pussy wet. On the way out of the locker room, on the way to the girl’s gym, Cindy and Eve whispered to me, “We’re not through with you, newbie. Stick around after practice.”

I grinned, but didn’t say anything.

Coach Ledbetter, or ‘Maria,’ as she preferred to be called ran a hard practice, and we were sweating up a storm. I could feel sweat running down my stomach, then into my crotch and, with no cotton panties to wick it up, off my pussy lips, tickling me. Coach Ledbetter was about 30, and she looked a little butch, but very cute. She had medium length brown hair, brown eyes, 34A breasts, nice hips and ass, and she was 5’9″ tall. She was tough, but fair, and helped me to become a better player, in many senses of the word. After an hour and a half, she finally called off practice, and told us to hit the showers.

Then Cindy spoke up. “Coach Maria,” she said, in her lilting voice, “Young Emily here has asked that Eve and I help her with her moves. Would it be alright with you then, if we should continue to practice here, and make her better?”

Coach smiled, and said, “Sure thing, Cindy. I think you certainly could help Emily with her moves. I’ll lock the doors from the outside so that you’re not disturbed, and you can concentrate on the fundamentals.” Still smiling, she walked off, leaving me alone with Cindy, the Caribbean beauty, and Eve, the blonde with the bald pussy.

After everyone was gone, Cindy walked over to me, and put her index finger under my chin, lifting it up so that I was looking into her startling green eyes. She said, “Now, young girl, you will learn how we play in the islands. It is a GOOD thing that you have green eyes, we are both blessed, young girl!” She put her hands on the hem of my jersey, and quickly lifted it up, over my head. Since I wasn’t wearing a bra, that left me topless. I looked at her with astonishment.

“Oh yes, young lady, we ARE going to practice basketball, yes indeed, but no one said that we cannot have fun while doing it, now did they?” Her voice, and manner charmed me, and I grinned at her.

“Okay,” I said. “But how about you?”

“Oh yes, she said, as she stripped off her own top, and her sports bra, her enormous D cups spilling out. They looked so luscious and beautiful! She was definitely all woman. Eve stripped off her top, and I got to see her B cups, nice and full and round, with small brown nipples and areolas. I felt small by comparison, as I was barely developed there, and never would be as big as either of them.

I went to get a basketball, and Cindy said, “Not yet, young woman, we’re not in our practice uniforms yet.” She put her hands on my shorts, and yanked them down to the floor. I stepped out of them. “I thought that I smelled a fine young piece of pussy out there,” she laughed, then pulled down her own shorts, as Eve did the same. They were both wearing sweat-soaked panties.

“It’s not fair if you both have panties on and I don’t,” I said.

“Just what we were thinking,” Eve grinned as they both pulled their wet panties down their legs. Eve’s bald pussy was gleaming under the gym’s halogen lights, and Cindy’s brown bush was proud and prominent. I couldn’t take canlı casino my eyes off Eve’s pink pussy lips, or Cindy’s humongous tits. Now all each of us was wearing, were a pair of basketball shoes and white athletic socks. Other than that, we were completely naked, and dripping with sweat.

“Alright, young girl,” Cindy said, bouncing the ball out to me at the free throw line. “You can practice driving to the basket now.” I looked at her strangely. She really DID want to practice? I shrugged my thin shoulders, and, dribbling, drove at an angle for the basket to make a lay up. Just as I got to about 5′ from the hoop, both Eve and Cindy moved into and under me, and I found my naked sweaty girl body running into two other, equally sweaty girl bodies. Our naked bodies rubbing into each other, over and over as we practiced, and re-practiced my moves, put a normally mundane part of improving basketball skills into a whole new perspective.

Eve taught me some new defensive moves, when I dribbled into the lane in front of the basket backwards, letting my ass protect the ball from the defender. So Eve bellied me up, pushing her slick naked front against my full, round ass, and ‘swatting at the ball,’ and coincidentally touching my swollen clit a couple of dozen times while doing so. I guess I didn’t mind so much, as that led to a few orgasms. Unfortunately, every time I came, Eve or Cindy would steal the ball from me!

Cindy and Eve actually showed me different things that I could do to improve my moves, but we all seemed to keep banging into each other, Cindy’s sweet tits pressing against me, her nipples stiffly erect, her hairy bush rubbing into my ass, or Eve’s slick gash slipping on the outside of my thigh as she, quite literally, ‘rode my hip.’ Sweat was running down our bodies after a half hour of this, all of our nerve endings jangled with sexual tension as we could smell, and see each other’s soaking wet muffs, and could even taste pussy, as happened in the last play of this extemporaneous practice, as Cindy drove on me under the basket, trying to lay the ball in, and me trying to defend against her.

Cindy had a great vertical leap for a girl, 34″ at her best, which meant that she could get herself, and every part of her body, about 34″ higher after jumping than it would be otherwise. Well, she leapt up to finger roll the ball in while I was vainly trying to stop her, about a foot in front of the hoop. That put her pink, sloppy wet pussy, and my face, in the same place, and I got ‘teabagged,’ as the guys call it. You can imagine what that might be like, hee hee.

Cindy made the basket, then leaned down to pick me up off the floor, where her hips hitting my head had put me. “Are you alright, little girl?” She said, not unkindly. “Most other girls would have backed off,” she said.

“Most other girls are probably smarter than me,” I said, ruefully. Cindy hugged me, her hot, sweaty body rubbing against mine. I heard Eve say, “And we’ve got your initiation to take care of now, Emily. Then you’ll REALLY be a member of the team.” Eve took my hand and, followed by Cindy, we walked, still naked to the back of the gym. “We need some real privacy for this,” she said. I was curious what she meant.

The girls’ gym had those fold out bleachers, the old wooden kind, that slide out like one side of a Mayan pyramid, and that leave a big space underneath that can’t be seen from anywhere else in the gym. One section had been left folded out, and Eve led me by the hand under the bleachers about 20′ in, halfway to the end. It was like a cozy, little hideaway. She had me stand on a little wooden platform, making me about 4″ taller. I noticed that Cindy had brought a bag with her, but Eve distracted me by taking me in her arms and kissing me SO sweetly. I could feel her hot, wet body against me, her full, round breasts pressing against my smaller chest, her bald pussy rubbing against my slightly hairier one. Eve had a wonderful way of kissing, and I adored feeling her holding my naked, slippery bottom. I moaned into her mouth with pleasure, and my hands came up to caress her sweet breasts, slick against mine. Then Cindy took her place in my arms, and I thought, ‘Getting to kiss them is a pretty easy initiation.’

It was then that I felt the hard thing between Cindy’s legs bouncing against my thigh. “What the fuck….” I said, and looked down in horror to see that Cindy had this gigantic dick between her legs, and a strap around her waist securing the thing. “What the hell is that?” I squeaked, and Cindy took her hand and hefted what turned out to be a 14″, and thick, double headed dildo, 7″ of it sticking out in front of her, and 7″ buried in her tight Caribbean cooze.

“This would be half of your initiation, young girl,” she said, smiling. “If it is a place kaçak casino on the team you are desiring, that is.” I looked at the monster cock between her legs, and it looked as though it were the size of a baseball bat.

“You want to put that up inside me?” I said, doubtfully.

“That is the traditional place for it, yes,” she said.

I hid my face in her shoulder and mumbled something.

“What did you say, young one?” Cindy asked.

I looked up at her with tears in my eyes. “I said, ‘I’ve never been fucked’ – I’m afraid,” I said.

“We’ll be gentle with you, little one,” she said softly. “Would you like it to be some man who is your first?” I shook my head no.

“Just….please….go slow, please,” I pleaded. Cindy brought her face to mine, leaning down, her warm breath sweet on my face, her lips caressing mine, teasing me, exciting me, the rubber dildo between my thighs now. Cindy was a marvelous lover, teasing and making me wet, until I could feel the tip of the dildo pressing against my opening.

“Easy, let it slip in,” she whispered, her lips soft against my cheek, her warm breath in my ear. I lifted my hip up so that it could slip in and I experienced a marvelous feeling of fullness that took my breath away.

“Uhh, just let me catch my breath,” I said. I looked down, and the rubber dick was about half way inside me. “Yeah, okay, a little more,” I said, and Cindy entered me another inch deeper.

“Ohh, darling, your little pussy is so tight, and hot on my big dick. I want to fuck your sweet hole,” Cindy whispered, as she slid herself the rest of the way inside me. When a little bumpy thing at the middle part of the dildo hit my clit, I saw fireworks. I clutched Cindy like I never wanted to let her go, and I never did. I guess you never forget your first real fuck, I know I never will!

Then, the real excitement began. Cindy began slipping the cock out of me, and it felt like she was slipping away from me. “No, no,” I babbled, but soon quieted when I felt her filling my hungry pussy again. In and out, I think you all know how it works, she fucked me splendidly, ramming me home. I could see what the attraction in guys might be now, although I was just fine with another girl on the business end doing me.

We had a nice rhythm set up, her fucking in, me pushing my pussy further onto her, her pulling out, me pushing my pussy even further onto her, LOL, when Eve embraced me from behind. ‘What a nice, loving thing to do,’ I thought. She was hot against my ass. Then I noticed that she, too, had an unexpected addition to her sex, and she was intent on putting it up my poop chute.

Surprisingly, this went a little easier for me, because I had always enjoyed feeling Kira’s fingers up my ass, and I knew how to relax my sphincter, plus I knew now what they were up to. I only hoped that she didn’t have a dildo as big as Cindy’s, because I didn’t think I could take something that big up my ass! Eve was expert at slipping the, fortunately, smaller dildo into my ass, apparently this wasn’t the first time that she had fucked another girl’s ass hole. The two girls coordinated their pumping, so that they occasionally both filled me at the same time, and I could feel them rubbing against each other, with only the thin tissue of my vagina and rectum keeping them apart, and at other times pushing me backwards and forwards with the ferocity of their fucking.

Both girls were hugging and kissing me, Cindy kissing my lips, and frenching me SO sexily, her tongue fucking my warm little mouth, just as her big dick was fucking my little twat, and Eve was nipping at my neck and shoulders with her sharp little teeth, the pain of her love bites adding a piquant touch to the ecstasy that their mutual fucking of my ass and cunt were bringing to me.

Although I had made both Melody and Sharon cum dozens of times each earlier, before practice, I hadn’t had much opportunity to cum myself, and the tension and the pleasure had been building inside me, from having two hot girls sit on my face, covering me with their sexy cream, to having these two girls tease me with their naked bodies, until now, when they were openly filling me with their love, no teasing, just raw, thrusting sex. The sensations overwhelmed me until I moaned loudly, waves of sexual pleasure crashing over me, everything around me fading out, only the sensations of two hot, sweaty female bodies pressed against and inside of mine filling my perceptions.

I felt as though I were floating, the most exquisite sensations diffusing through my body, a new pleasure discovered, and new friends made. The two girls began to slow their pumping, as they concentrated on moving the dildos inside themselves more than inside me, until essentially they were fucking themselves against me, and I became the girl with two dicks, LOL. As they shook with the intensity of their own orgasms, we slowly collapsed into a heap of sated lesbian lust on the floor, and I knew that I was now a member of their team!

Except for one more thing.

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