Free Use Ch. 07: Run of the Place

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The Run of the Place

I give a quick look up from my datapad as my two newest acquisitions emerge from the basement doorway, out into the lighter of the two living rooms in the house. Seeing both of you in towels, I figured that you two must have spent some time in the pool after I got done with you. It’s always good to have a little relaxation time in your day, and I like being able to give my lease girls a nice environment in which to enjoy themselves. After all, lease life can be a bit daunting for some girls. A smile escapes me as I note that you two are like the last two, and the two before them, in that you’re staying very close to one another at first.

“Jezy, you can go in your room and unpack your stuff. Angel already has hers out.” Before looking at you, looking almost innocent with your towel wrapped around your nude body “Denny isn’t quite out yet, so you’re going to have to wait on that.” Waving you over to me, pointing to the floor after you make it across the room. I am seated in a plush chair, with my feet on the floor in front of me. Spreading my right foot out and away from my left

“Kneel here with your cunt on my foot, dear.”

Waiting patiently while you kneel down in front of me, before lowering yourself until you can’t quite touch my foot, before spreading your knees a bit wider so you can get those last couple inches down and make contact. Feeling you make contact, I begin.

“Did you enjoy your first usage?”

Seeing your eyes dart over to Angel, lounging on the big comfy looking couch, one leg up against the back and the other on the cushions, her pussy prominently on display with a finger languidly rubbing against her clit

“Um yes sir. Is it ok to…what do you want me to call you?”

“You may call me sir or Mr Davis. Either is fine.” Looking down at you with approval.

“And did they train you to lick another girl’s asshole at the academy?” Before pointing at your cunt with 1 finger and making a little signal to tell you to begin grinding “Grind, dear.”

“No sir, never that. Just sucking cocks and pleasing the trainers, sir” you respond now a bit distracted.

I go back to my datapad, tapping a few times with my stylus, before looking up at you “It looked like she took you by surprise there.” Watching you grinding slowly and steadily on my foot now, even starting to enjoy it a bit, from the looks of things. “You’ll be expected to, going forward. Remember, you’re leased… This means you get a better life than a lot of other sluts. So make sure to earn it. I’ll be having the same convo with Jezy today, so don’t think I’m picking on you.”

My reference is to the fates of a lot of girls that can be pulled off the street while walking home from the store, and used by a shift full of factory workers, if they so please. Usually they’ll get lucky and only end up servicing a half dozen or so men before they’re allowed to go on their merry (cum filled) way.

Angel picks that moment to interject, picking her head up off the throw pillow, to look at us

“Eeeeeven more things they didn’t make you train for. You need to learn to love it, slut. Makes you more marketable after your lease.” Before going back to watching TV.

“She’s right, it will go much smoother for you if you learn to enjoy it and the servitude involved. I won’t expect it all that much, but you’ll get very familiar with your counterpart’s taste. Understood?” Finishing up in almost a fatherly tone, inviting you to ‘learn something new’.

“Ye-yesss sir”

As you continue grinding on my foot, speeding up slightly as you enjoy the sensation you’re experiencing from slutting yourself up on my foot.

“In fact, Angel needs help again. Get over there and get to licking.”

Before tapping you on the shoulder to shoo you along. Watching you crawl over to the couch, timid to start, before leaning in to get close to Angel’s most intimate spots. Then it happens, you willingly begin licking, first on her lips, below her fingers, then moving up and down her slit as she relaxes and enjoys the new ‘cock-sleeve’, denizli escort as she’s coined you, learning her place.

Angel’s body goes more relaxed as your tongue starts working, her hand leaves to let you have access to her clit. Instinct takes over and you start giving that all your attention.

“What the fuck? I better get that treatment next.” You hear from the background, as a newly arrived Denny announces her presence, walking toward me. Her magnificent 5 8″ frame completely nude, only wearing a towel in her hair. Her nipple, belly button and clit rings proudly on display. Denny sets herself on the arm of my chair, her attention on you working hard on Angel’s now engorged slit. Her juices starting to flow freely, surprising you at just how wet she gets. You hear what sounds like normal conversation in the background. Denny asking where the other one is, if I’ll be working all afternoon, if we’re staying in and having dinner delivered, etc. All the while, your face is pressed in the hot, slick pussy of Angel’s.

“When she gets close to cumming, lick her asshole. She cums harder that way.”

You hear from behind you, as Denny gives you pointers.

“Aren’t you going to miss doing that?” I kid with Denny as we both enjoy the show developing in front of us.

“Oh I’m sure I can find another one to work this into” sticking her tongue out at me jokingly.

“After all, you turned down the lease extension…” with a roll of her eyes.

“Well I want to give you girls as good a chance as possible to find husbands. Sometimes 22 is too late.” Snaking my arm around her waist “I really am going to miss that pussy of yours though” giving her a little squeeze on the hip, before turning back to the show.

“Maybe I’ll come over when these untrained amateurs are taking a break from behind used” she prods, giving a little push with her elbow to emphasize her point.

Watching intently as Angel starts to buck her hips. Her fingers pushing your mouth away from her clit before taking over, rubbing wildly. Watching you forget about everything else, and lick all the way down to her backdoor, as she starts writhing up and down on your tongue. Her legs clenching in tight, holding you in place as you lick her…her orgasm starts, sending her juices glistening on your face, her legs locking down to hold you in place. She holds you in place for a good 30 seconds while she comes down, before releasing your grip. Watching you pull away, we see her juices glistening on your face, a nice glazing for the new slut.

“Sir, may I clean up” the meek question comes from you.

“Nope, wear it for now. You look good that way.” Before pointing to the floor, motioning for you to sit there instead of on the couch.

The next couple hours go by uneventfully, while I get what little work done that I can. My two older leases took a break to hit the pool, while you listened to the same ‘briefing’ that I gave you earlier, just this time it is for Jezy.

The early evening is as uneventful as late afternoon, with what could be thought of as a normal dinner, minus the fact that all 4 of you are completely nude at the table. Shortly after dinner, Angel and Denny leave to go downstairs, before I have you pick your plates up and make sure the kitchen is orderly.

“Join us in the basement when you’re finished there” I say over my shoulder as I walk downstairs.

A few minutes later the two of you walk downstairs and emerge from the staircase, still almost glued together, it seems.

“Perfect timing, you two” I perk up as you turn to see us. My hips never stop moving as I leisurely saw in and out of Denny’s velvety slot. You notice just how slick I look as I withdraw, her body arched as she’s bent over a low bench, perfect height for her use. Angel is on her knees, lips interlocked with Denny, tongue diving in her mouth.

As the two of you huddle together barely into the room, I wave for you to get closer, before telling nobody in particular

“I somehow picked the shy ones this time” before pulling dikimevi escort my hips back further, letting my cock slip out of Denny’s warm, wet embrace.

Angel pulls away long enough to blurt out “What good is a shy cock-sleeve?” Before going back to Denny’s lips.

“Jezy, here. Now.” curling my finger up, then pointing at the next bench over…the more menacing of the two, that had been hidden by our collective bodies earlier. This one includes straps for the wrists and legs, so you can’t escape what’s coming to you.

“Lina, Denny requires your tongue.”

As I dismount and move away from her, giving her a light loving slap between her legs and taking my Asian lease by the wrist, bending her over the bench roughly. Angel acts as my assistant, strapping the cuffs around her legs just above the knees, as I hook her wrists in to the bench supports. Thus she’s immobilized on her knees, hands off the ground, fully bent over my bench, exposing all 3 of her useful holes.

“Denny, which hole? I would ask Angel, but I know her answer already” a little laugh escapes her as she mouths my cock slowly, never leaving her knees after cuffing Jezzy to the bench.

“Stretch that little ass of hers!” she yelps and almost wails as you lick steadily at her tender, slick slit, nose buried firmly in her ass.

A little shrug of my shoulders “Looks like you’ve successfully worn off on her” a sly grin on my face as I hold gently onto Angel’s hair. She pulls off my cock with a loud pop, turning to push her face between my Asian lease’s cheeks, licking at her tightest hole, to get her ready. Taking her task seriously, she drops some spittle on her hole, before lapping at it, watching her body tense each time she makes contact and digs in. Her hands on each cheek, keep Jezzy spread lewdly, that much easier to coat her with saliva.

I take this time to cross the room and reach for some supplies, knowing that I’ll need some lubricant to have a chance of fitting inside her. Giving myself a few strokes to spread the lube, I make my way back, giving Angel a push on the back of the head, diving her in, before pulling her out. All the while, seeing you used just for oral service by Denny, involuntarily humping your face, her clit piercing making noise as her fingers work feverishly to get to orgasm.

Lining my prick up with Jezzy’s backdoor, I give her a light push, feeling her tense but not open enough to let me in. I pull back as I hear Denny’s moaning and panting as she hits her orgasm. Falling face forward on the bench as she lets out a half groan, half scream, her body shaking against your tongue. Her hand pushes you back as she makes her way through her orgasm, as I stop to enjoy the sight.

Seeing her come down, I decide it’s time to get our little exotic opened up. I use two fingers to push down on the head of my cock as I push it against her tight ring, feeling her open this time, allowing just the head inside. Her ring clamps tighter than anything I’ve ever been inside.

Angel looks in in awe as I straighten up, feeling her ring trying to open…almost unbearably tight and hot “daddy, you weren’t this tender the first time up my ass…” she barely whispers, while looking up at me with pleading eyes. A little flair for the dramatic coming from her, with her dirty talk.

This snaps Denny out of her post orgasm bliss. Popping up off the bench, she turns with a look of pure surprise.

“You really are going soft!” an incredulous look on her face.

A wry smile comes to my face

“Neither one of you told me to be rough with her”.

Letting that statement sink in on her shocked face.

“Wait, what? We didn’t tell you to…huh?” her disbelief still evident in her voice.

“I said you two have the run of the place today. So…run it.” A light chuckle escapes me as her look changes from shock to sadistic pleasure.

“Need to pay attention to the details ya little fuckdolls”.

Denny looks to Angel for a split second, before answering “I want you to give her dikmen escort all of it in one thrust. Break her ass like you tried to break mine. The little slut didn’t even have to take a Hammer brother up it…now it’s time to pay.” Her eyes show the excitement of a kid with a new toy.

Denny moves almost like a predator now, in front of Jezzy, so she can look her right in the eyes as I impale her. Angel’s hands go to her cheeks, spreading her obscenely wide open. The moment of truth comes, as I grab tight with both hands on her sides and shove forward with everything I have. Feeling my stiff cock penetrate all the way until my balls slap against her. Her entire body goes tense, her stomach coming off the bench, her knees and cuffed wrists supporting all her weight as her body reacts to the violent intrusion. She screams and begins crying immediately, little cries of “please no, it hurt, it hurt” fill the room.

Denny smiles the entire time, Angel becomes enthralled with her view of my cock buried in her back passage. Her hands fall off Jezzy’s ass and immediately start strumming her own clit and pinching a nipple.

I feel Jezzy’s muscles contracting in spasms on my shaft, squeezing and releasing. Although her ‘releasing’ is anything but loosened or released. Her cries finally die down a bit, as she adjusts to the intruder. The reality of the situation and her training coming back, as she wills herself to relax, little by little. As soon as she’s relaxed enough, I start pulling the entire length out, until just the head is inside, before slowly pushing all the way into her. This motion speeds up as my hand comes off her side, grabbing you by the hair, I pull you over, walking on your knees until you’re just to my right, Angel to my left. Angel having seen videos of hers from my point of view, and helped many times with Denny, knows this sight well. But she’s lost in her lust for all things anal, her body rising and lifting as she works her clit hard and fast to the sight.

I know I won’t last long at all with how tight she is. Not even trying to hold off, I begin sawing in and out of her harder, pounding her tightest hole as you both watch. My breathing becomes labored, almost grunting as I use her for my pleasure. Speeding up further as I look down at you, catching your eyes, I begin pumping my sperm inside her. My strokes stop and my body begins jerking quickly, as my cum erupts into her tightest hole.

“Fuck, take it..gahhhhhd damnn it. What a hole. Whew” my whole body jerking and twitching as I finish cumming. Staying inside her until my orgasm completely subsides, before withdrawing, my still hard cock glistens with lubricant.

“Girls, who’s cleaning it?” I ask generally to all of you.

“New girl!” Denny pipes up from in front of Jezzy. Almost forgetting she was there, you see her face pop up from in front of our poor fucktoy, who’s breathing is still labored, but returning closer to normal.

Looking down at you with a shrug “Their choice until tomorrow morning” before turning to wave my glistening shaft in your face, knowing just how humiliating and degrading it’s going to be for you.

My hand goes to the back of your head “here, let me help you” before pulling you toward my shaft, as I push forward, hitting your open mouth in stride.

“Suck it, cock-sleeve. Do your fucking job. Clean that fucking cock.” You hear Angel’s playful taunting, helping her toward her orgasm, more than helping you to accomplish your task. All eyes settle on you, manipulating as much cock into your mouth as possible.

Angel lets you struggle for a minute or two, before pulling my spit covered cock away from you, turning my body toward her in the process. Her mouth engulfs my cock fully on the first try, as I start flagging a bit in hardness. Her lips wrap around my base as her forehead hits my stomach. She goes tip to balls over and over, before releasing my cock, licking and sucking my balls in turn, worshipping them, finishing with a kiss to each. 2 minutes later, when she’s finally satisfied with her work, she releases me fully, turning to you

“That’s how you clean his cock. Get better at it.”

Angel pops up off her knees, turning and walking to the refrigerator in the weight room. She returns with water bottles for all, and a look on her face that tells you the night is far from over.

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