Friday Night’s Alright With Me

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“Michelle wants you to fuck her tonight,” Kimberly said as she took my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me. “You know how girls talk and when I told her about us, well, we thought you’d like to have us both.”

My mouth went dry; not only is fucking my wife’s sister my idea of a good time, putting my dick in her roommate was like winning the lottery. Michelle is a hot redhead, with pale skin and freckles on what parts of her body I had seen. She is rather tall, probably an inch or two under six feet and has huge, huge tits. Once I found one of her bras in the bathroom and checked the tag, I discovered they were double D’s.


It was a Friday night in the early fall. My wife and her friends arranged a ‘girl’s weekend out’ to go to some musical and do some shopping. She had left Thursday and wouldn’t return until Sunday evening sometime. Almost as long as she had been planning her trip, I was planning my journey 2 hours to her sister’s college to spend the weekend ‘keeping it all in the family,’ so to speak.

I left right from work and was at her dorm before the sun set. We ordered a pizza and sat on the couch washing down our dinner with pizza and watching a sitcom rerun on TV. When we were done with our dinner Kimberly set to work giving me a back massage. She was working the knots out of my shoulder when I slid my hand behind me and up her smooth thigh. She spread her legs a little wider giving to give me better access.

My hand moved inside her shorts to her pussy. I rubbed her gently through her panties, which were silky and smooth to the touch. Her pussy was very warm and some of her wetness had already began to soak through. In one swift motion I hooked a finger insider her panties and pulled them aside, giving me full access to her. A finger slid inside her with ease and she responded by sticking her tongue in my ear.

Her pussy was very wet and I slid another finger inside her. It always amazed me how tight she was, she was like a vice on my two fingers. I finger fucked her faster, shoving my fingers inside her as deeply as I was able before moving them back and forth in a motion that she seemed to enjoy immensely. She reached her hand around me and down to my cock, which was rock hard. She reached inside my shorts and took my cock in her hand and began to stroke me slowly.

I slid off the couch onto my knees and turned to face her. We kissed deeply and passionately, our tongues darting in and out of each others mouths. She grabbed the hem of her shirt and lifted it over her head at the same time I was pulling her shorts to the floor. I pushed her back on the couch and moved to where I could continue to kiss her. As I was kissing her I kept my hands on her body, caressing her breasts, her nipples and then moving down between her legs to rub her clit or slip a finger inside her.

Her breathing increased and she began to squirm. “I’m so turned on,” she said with a hoarse voice. “Please eat my pussy.”

I began to kiss down her torso, stopping to spend some time sucking on each nipple, twirling them around my tongue and giving them soft little bites. She put her hands on my head and urged me downward. I finished kissing a trail down between her legs and spread her open wide before me. I kept her panties on and just simply pushed them out of my way.

Her pussy was shaved bald and her juices coated her lips completely. Light glistened off of her wetness and I sat for a moment admiring her perfectly formed pussy; her lips were small and soft, her tunnel tight and her clit stimulated so that it stuck out from the folds that it usually hid behind. Her scent was wonderful and I couldn’t stay away any longer, I plunged my tongue inside her.

A soft moan escaped her lips as I came in contact with her delicious sex. I licked inside her, straining to stick more and more of my tongue inside her hole. She rewarded me by cuming on my face, sending more and more of her juices flowing into my mouth. I slid my tongue down and lightly licked her asshole for a few moments before moving back up and to her clit.

I slid a finger inside her and began to finger her as I sucked softly on her clit. She ran her fingers through my hair and pulled me closer, holding me in place as she came again – this time rather noisily. I picked up the intensity, fingering her faster and sucking on her with more force. She came again almost immediately and her strong thighs converged on my head, squeezing me as her body bucked and writhed.

My cock was rock hard and I needed to feel her. I slid my shorts down my thighs and moved onto the couch between her legs. Instantly I was inside her, my first thrust only penetrating about half way. Her pussy was so tight and I worked inside her slowly, pushing into her and coaxing her pussy to open wider for me. It took me a few strokes but before I knew it I was buried in her wetness.

I began to pound her mercilessly; I drove inside her as my lust took over. My hands gripped the armrest of the couch and pulled me inside her even harder. Again and again I penetrated her with as much force as Eskort Bayan I could. Her hands were on my back and she had her legs wrapped around mine holding on for dear life as I took her completely. It wasn’t that she minded, later when she turned the tides and got on top me she would fuck me just as hard.

I was working myself into a frenzy, fucking this little girl as hard as I could – bringing my cock almost completely out of her before slamming back into her. Her nails dug into my back as she urged me on. Her pussy was getting wetter and I could hear the sloppy sound of my cock drilling into her with each thrust. I pushed her legs up and together, leaning myself back on the couch to shove into her while looking at her amazing legs. My cock strained against her clit with each thrust and almost immediately she came again. I was going to have to slow down if I hoped to make it through that night, still at that point not knowing what she and Michelle had in store for me.

Spreading her legs again I laid on top of her, her legs split around me. I slid my hands under her to cup her perfect ass and as I lifted her to me as I continued to fuck her with furious intensity. Again and again I drove inside her. “Don’t stop fucking me,” she said as an orgasm so intense ripped through her her whole body shook uncontrollably. I didn’t stop fucking her, I just plowed on through her explosion. I slid my hand down between her ass cheeks and slipped a finger inside her ass; as much anal penetration as I was going to get on her to date.

I wiggled my finger inside her and her hips responded in kind, grinding against me and establishing a new, softer rhythm. I held her close with my other hand and moved against her, our bodies now moving together in one smooth motion. I felt a little bit more of her insides give and my cock slid that last little bit inside her. My pubic hair was now rubbing directly on her smoothly shaven pussy. I couldn’t get over how wet she was, or how smoothly she slid back and forth under me – it was just an amazing fuck.

She came again and I felt her pussy grow even wetter, if that was possible. I figured that we would at the very least leave a big wet spot on the couch and probably leave a nice sex stain on the cushion. I love the taste of pussy and had to put my face in her wetness with no delay.

Sliding off of her, I made my way down her taunt body to her sex. I put my lips on her lips and sucked in deeply, tasting her amazing juices. I licked and tease and sucked at her hole, enjoying completely the taste of her.

“I want a taste,” she said pushing me back and sitting up. She kissed me on the mouth, putting her tongue on my tongue and sucking her juices off me. She stopped kissing me and began to lick around my mouth, cleaning off the juices that had gotten on my mouth and lips while I was eating her. She pushed me back against the other arm rest and moved to put me in her mouth.

She treated my dick like a lollipop, licking and sucking and cleaning my cock very thoroughly. I leaned my head back in ecstasy, I’ve alluded to her dimimished ability to suck cock but right now that didn’t matter, she was doing amazing things to me in the heat of her lust. She was just getting into the blowjob, taking me deeper in her mouth than she had before, when I heard a key in the lock.

I froze and put my hand on her head in an effort to stop her so we could cover ourselves. The couch is right inside the door and anyone who entered would immediately see our naked bodies sitting there enjoying our carnal coupling. Kimberly didn’t seem concerned and kept on sucking, but my heart rate went through the roof. Here I was, in my wife’s sisters apartment, my dick in her mouth. All I could think of was that it was a ‘sting’ and my wife was going to walk through the door and the game would be up. I braced for the worst.

The door swung open and in walked her roommate Michelle.

“Michelle wants you to fuck her tonight,” Kimberly said as she took my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me. “You know how girls talk and when I told her about us, well, we thought you’d like to have us both.”

She was right, of course. I had wanted to fuck Michelle since the day I first met her when we moved Kimberly into her room at the beginning of the semester.

I briefly described Michelle earlier, but that description just doesn’t seem to do her justice. She was Irish through and through; tall with long legs, long curly red hair that went down over her shoulders, emerald green eyes and those huge tits. She wasn’t waif thin, I would guess about a size 6 to give you an idea of how she was put together.

Michelle usually dressed sexy when I had seen her and tonight she was just drop dead sexy in a tight belly shirt that was cut low, spilling her huge tits out the top. She had on tight jeans and cute sandals that showed her manicured little toes. A couple of times when I had come to visit Kimberly she had been in her room with the door closed, fucking whoever it was that she was fucking that week and Kimberly had told me that Michelle was rather liberated sexually. A good night just got better.

“You bitch, you started without me” Michelle said as she closed the door and stepped into the room.

Kimberly smiled back at her. “I was just getting him all warmed up.”

Michelle walked over to the couch and looked at my hard cock in Kimberly’s hand. “You’re right, that is a nice cock. Why don’t we take this party to my bedroom where we can all get comfortable?”

Kimberly and I stood and followed Michelle into her bed room, Kimberly leading me by the cock like it was a leash and she was out walking her dog. Michelle switched on a bedside lamp and hopped onto the bed. Kimberly jumped onto the bed and pulled me down with them.

“This is hardly fair,” Kimberly said. “You’ve seen what we’ve got and you still have your cloths on.”

Michelle smiled and stood up. She walked over to her stereo on put on some music, mood music she called it. She started a seductive strip tease, something she had obviously done on a number of occasions.

She started with her jeans, unbuttoning them and unzipping them facing us. She turned and slowly lowered them over her round ass – it wasn’t as tight as Kimberly’s but it was a nice piece of meet that I wanted to sink my teeth into. She gyrated her hips to the music and teased us with her motions, slipping the material up and down revealing a thin little thread of a thong that ran down between her ass checks. A few move moves and she pushed her jeans the rest of the way down and stepped out of them, revealing a pair of long, nicely shaped legs covered in soft freckles. Next came her top, but without much material to hide her humungous tits, she was soon out of her shirt he massive tits flopping down onto her torso.

I stared, not able to speak. Never in my life had I seen tits that big. And with that much weight one would think that they would hang low on her when unencumbered but they didn’t – they were perky DD’s that ended in small little nipples and dime sized areolas. I couldn’t wait to get my hands and mouth on them and I didn’t have to wait long.

Michelle settled back onto the bed with us and moved in close. Kimberly pushed me back onto the stack of pillows and began to suck on my cock again. Michelle moved up close to me and leaned in to kiss me. It was a great kiss, very wet and very sloppy. Her tongue darting in and out of my mouth expertly turning me on even more. The kiss continued for a long time and I moved my hands to cup her huge breasts.

I felt the weight of them in my hands and it was substantial – I couldn’t imagine walking around having to hold those huge melons up, I would probably topple over. But Michelle carried them well and I was glad that she did, they were amazing to have in my hands. The flesh was soft and warm and she pushed her weight into my hands, mashing her breasts together. My fingers found her nipples and teased them with gentle pinches and tweaks. She responded by kissing me even harder and reaching for my cock.

It slipped out of Kimberly’s mouth with a ‘pop’ and Michelle’s hand was on it, stroking me expertly. She broke our kiss and started to move her mouth down my body, kissing my chest and stomach before getting to my cock. Seconds later her soft lips had me and she began to suck me.

What Kimberly lacked in the head giving department Michelle had and she sucked me like I have never been sucked, before or since. She inhaled most of my cock down her throat and held me there, pushing me against the back of her throat before slowly sliding her lips back up the full length of my shaft. She kissed my head and licked my sensitive parts with soft flicks of her tongue. She moved her body between my legs and I looked down to see the tops of both girls’ heads.

They were sharing me now, each taking turns putting me in their mouth and doing their best sucking job before relinquishing my organ to the other. Kimberly sucked the head hard and jerked me with her hand, her best effort to date – probably spurred on by the competition at hand. Michelle continued to try and impale herself on my dick, taking as much of me down her throat as she could making soft chocking sounds as she did. My dick was covered in their saliva and glistened in the soft light when they came up for air. The distinct differences in there techniques was awesome and my cock stood at full attention taking everything that they could dish out. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to take much more of this, but the changes in their styles as they switched back and forth kept my orgasm at bay.

After what felt like hours of their dueling blowjobs, Kimberly broke the rotation and moved up the bed. She came up and placed a sensual kiss on my mouth before straddling my face so I could lick her pussy. Michelle kept on sucking, now able to put her full skill to work without having to stop and share.

Kimberly’s pussy was still very wet and I began to tongue her furiously. I slid my tongue in her as deeply as I could, licking the inside of her pussy walls. My hands cupped her ass and moved her around so my tongue could stay fully extended inside her. Michelle was going nuts on my cock, the most amazing thing I have ever felt. She had almost all of my nine inches inside her mouth and she was moving her tongue over my shaft – she seemed bent on deep throating all of my cock.

Meanwhile my efforts on Kimberly began paying off as she bucked her hips with yet another orgasm, her juices flowing out of her in a stream of pleasure. She didn’t exactly squirt, but she let loose enough juice to cause it to run down my chin. Michelle made one last effort to take off of me in her mouth, almost succeeding, before she came up for air.

“That looks great,” she said. “It’s my turn.”

Kimberly slid off of my face and down my body, leaving a trail of her wetness as she moved her body down to my cock. With no effort at she found what she was looking for and slid her tight pussy onto me and all the way inside her. She gasp with pleasure and began riding me in her expert way.

Michelle moved up and slid off her tiny panties, flinging them into the pile of her other cloths. She straddled my face as Kimberly had done and I got my first look at her pussy. It wasn’t shaved like Kimberly’s but it was covered in a well manicured crop of red hair, something that I found very sexy. Her lips were puffy and she had a great scent to her, and as I was soon to find out a great taste. She leaned on one knee and placed her foot on the other side of my head and slowly lowered herself onto my mouth.

I started licking her clit, teasing it to full hardness and causing it to peek out of the folds of her sex. I teased it with my tongue, licking it in long strokes and swirling around it sending waves of pleasure through her body. One of my hands found her ass and pulled her to me while I moved the other up to feel her awesome tits. I moved my hand from her ass and slid one of my fingers into her, feeling her pussy contract to embrace my touch. She was very wet and growing wetter by the minute. I pulled my finger from her and replace it with my tongue. I tasted her fully and it was great, her juices mixing with Kimberly’s on my tongue in a sweet combination of young pussy.

Kimberly had adjusted herself on my cock and was now squatting on me like she always does. She was fucking my cock with long, hard strokes and with each descent she gave out a soft moan. It wasn’t long and she was cuming, her body becoming rigid as she held me deep inside her. She bucked her hips forward and slid me almost out of her and held herself there, teasing me with little movements. If my hands had been free I would have grabbed her hips and thrust inside her again but I was otherwise occupied at the moment.

Michelle’s hands were now grasping my hair, pulling me into her pussy. My mouth was back to work on her clit, now sucking and pulling on her intensely. I had two fingers inside her and was finger fucking her while I ate her out. It didn’t take long and she began to cum, moaning loudly and bucking her hips against my mouth. I wanted to fuck her now!

I pushed her off my face as her orgasm subsided and moved myself out from under Kimberly. I pulled Michelle down on the bed and pushed her onto her back, position myself between her long legs. I teased her with my cock, running the head over her slit and slapping it against her engorged clit. She squired under me and tried to pull me into her. I resisted for the time being and continued to rub my cock against her pussy. I looked down at her, this amazing girl. Her eyes shown in the light and I could see the lust in them. Her enormous chest heaved with her heavy breathing, brought on by her first (and not last) orgasm of the night. I couldn’t wait any longer and positioned myself to penetrate her.

I pushed my hips forward and she pushed back to meet me, pushing most of my cock inside her in one motion. She started to shake and orgasmed right then! I began to fuck her with long strokes and I was buried to the hilt in her in just a couple of pushes. I leaned down and kissed her passionately, our mouths joining in an intense encounter. I put my hands on her tits and teased her nipples with soft squeezes which she seemed to like immensely. We began to find our rhythm, my thrusts being met by her hips as she arched up off of the bed. Many times I had compared fucking Kimberly to taking a ride in a race car, fast and intense – fucking Michelle was like taking a ride in a luxurious import. She was soft and accommodating, making every stroke seem to take hours to complete.

In and out, up and down I went. Each stroke met by Michelle’s expert motions. Her pussy was wet and warm and accommodating – I never wanted to stop fucking this girl. I broke our kiss and moved my head to her small nipples. I sucked each in turn and the sensation must have been just what she needed as she began to cum again, her legs locking around me pulling me deeper inside her. Her orgasm was intense and seemed to go on and on, her loud moans echoing around her bedroom. I had to get out of this girl soon, or my own orgasm was going to come way before I wanted it too. Reluctantly I withdrew my cock from her and sat back on my haunches desperately trying to catch my breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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