Friend Amit’s Mother Ch. 01

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This story is dedicated to her dear editor “Laurence Davidson”. I worked on this and then gave it to him, and he completely ripped it to pieces and forced me to rework it. I think it’s much better and he deserves the credit. Thank you “Laurence Davidson”.


Amit, Asish and Fahim had been best pals since high school, the three of them were inseparable. They did everything together––schooling, partying, sports, games, almost everything. Amit and Asish both lived along the same street. They were just 18 years in age back then. They had finished their high school last year and now were enrolled in college. At 19, Fahim was the oldest of their group. Fahim was an incredibly handsome young man but, unknown to all of their friends, was still a virgin. He did have girls as friends but never had an intimate relation with any of them. He was just too shy.

Fahim however had learned a great deal about sex. He was addicted to internet porn which had replaced his alone-time that used to be spent gaming. Now he would spend hours watching porn, especially clips featuring mature women – women who knew what they were doing and were not shy or prudish. He loved these clips – watching voluptuous mature big-breasted women fucking and sucking big cocks as if it was the best thing in the world. He especially got off – shooting huge ropes of cum up his chest, watching a lush round woman taking a big cock up their ass and loving it. But that was just fantasy … women didn’t really do that … did they? Fahim knew he was just too shy to ever find out if women like that really existed.

Amit was different. He was a little rascal. Unlike Fahim, he was daring and bold. Amit had many girlfriends and was unfaithful to all of them. He had lost count of the slaps that he had received from various women and yet he always went back for more.

Amit was always eager to share tales with his pals about the girls he’d kissed, tits he’d touched and nibbled, and the long list of women he claimed to have fucked, though Fahim and Asish didn’t believe any of it. Nevertheless, he was a great guy and they simply put his tall tales and infidelity down to his adorable rogue-like character.

One day Amit told Fahim that he had fucked Asish’s mother and had continued the relationship ever since that first time a few months back. Of course, Fahim hadn’t believed him but ironically, as Fahim listened to his details, he imagined it was Amit’s mother, Rani, and not Asish’s.

Yes; for a very long time Rani was his dream-woman, though, unlike Amit, Fahim was too shy and would never have courage to dare show his true feelings. He was certainly in love with that woman and had often thought about her while jerking off.

His visions of Rani filled his imagination. Her beautiful face – that captivating smile and large dark sparkling eyes, her lush full lips, her big breasts, her flared hips and sexy round ass fueled almost all of his masturbation fantasies.

Amit, on short notice, left town and went to help care for his ailing grandfather. Over two weeks passed without the guys getting to hang out. Amit, feeling like he could do no more to help out as his grandfather was on the mend, went back home and texted his buddies he was back.

“Who is it?” Fahim heard Amit’s mother from inside as he knocked the door.

“It’s me, Aunty… it’s Fahim” he answered from the other side of the door.

“Come in Fahim, why are you standing out there?” Said Rani Aunty, opening the door and inviting him in. It had been weeks since they had met. She warmly welcomed him as always, leaning into him with a hug and kissed him on both cheeks. Fahim was immediately aroused when he felt her big lush breasts press against him and her perfume flooded his senses.

Rani was a gorgeous woman. Even in her late thirties, she had a lovely wrinkleless face framed with rich, shiny long black hair and had beautiful large dark eyes framed by full long eyelashes that sucked his gaze in. Her skin was a flawless rich mocha brown and so soft and warm to the touch. She had the most beautiful smile Fahim had ever seen, with a perfect set of gleaming white teeth. Over the years she had maintained her womanly figure well. Her voluptuously curvy body was in good shape and was well toned, with large firm breasts, a tightly tapered waist flaring out to round womanly hips and a perfect pear-shaped ass.

Despite her slightly heavier appearance she looked stunning, turning heads wherever she went and, in fact, it was within her charms, her soft round voluptuous figure that Fahim found her so attractive. She embodied the erotic appeal of a grownup woman and not of the under-developed girls that he had been friends with.

To make matters worse for Fahim, Rani Aunty was a flirt by nature. She was naturally very passionate and quite kinky in bed too, unknown to all but her husband.

That day, she was dressed in a flowing pink and gold sari which was wrapped to expose her belly beneath a translucent blouse. Her lush hair hung loose, brushed down past her Ankara travesti shoulders. She was a heart-stopping vision of curvy feminine allure that made Fahim’s breath catch as he shyly gazed at her.

“Would you stay a little while? Do you care for a cup of tea, Fahim?” she offered.

“Sure Aunty, I’d love some tea” he replied, happy to have some time to gaze upon the woman of his naughtiest dreams.

Fahim had known her for years but had never, despite his crush on her, let on his true feelings. She was Amit’s mother after all, married and out of his league. But that day was different for some reason. Perhaps being alone with her had an intoxicating effect on him. All of a sudden things had changed and he felt a surge in his cock.

Rani returned after a few minutes with a tray carrying two cups of tea.

“Thank you so much, Aunty.” Said Fahim, finding it difficult to avoid staring at her and fidgeting in his seat in an attempt to conceal his obviously huge hard-on. Something that didn’t escape Rani’s eyes.

Rani sat closely beside Fahim on the sofa and they chatted for a while, until their conversation turned to Amit, Asish and his own personal life. She asked him about their friends and college life, talking candidly until Fahim accidentally mentioned Amit’s relationship with Asish’s mother–surely a slip of tongue.

Fahim blanched with embarrassment at having divulged this secret and as he lowered his gaze, feeling red in the face, he noticed that the side of her sari was caressing the smooth silky skin of her exposed navel. Embarrassed, but he couldn’t help to feast his eyes with the alluring sight and thank goodness she appeared not to observed it at first. As he shifted uneasily on the sofa, mindful of the erection in his trousers, she noticed his eyes staring at her exposed navel. Rather than being offended however, she dropped her hand onto her thigh, gently massaging the flesh beneath her sari. Her eyes met him as she spoke.

“What’s the problem with them having a relationship?” she asked. “You and I also have one.”

“No!” Fahim replied, “Not that kind of relationship Aunty.”

“Oh, I see … you mean they have some illicit sexual relationship?” she asked casually and then rested her hand on his thigh.

“Yes,” he said. “Amit had described the relationship to me – actually in quite a bit of detail.”

“What did he tell you?” She added, “Tell me everything” and as Rani said this Fahim noticed how big her tits were and how her nipples, obviously hard, were tenting out the front of her sari. This momentary glance made his cock even harder and he could feel it pulse in time to his heartbeat. He was feeling nervous as her hand on his thigh was no gently caressing his leg.

Fahim was surprised by her request. As he hesitantly repeated what his friend had told him, he watched the expressions on her face unconsciously glancing at her large chest ever few moments – glances that did not go unnoticed by Rani. Despite the fact that it was a relationship between her own son and an older woman that he was describing, she appeared unconcerned and calm. On the contrary, she was gazing at him lustfully and he noticed with embarrassment that she kept looking down at his big straining cock which was completely hard from telling the story to her.

“I know Asish’s mother. She’s a very sexy woman, isn’t she?” She looked into his eyes, and continued without waiting for his reply. “I know she is attracted to young men like you. And, Amit of course has the natural sexual desires of a boy of his age.” Her dark gaze again penetrated his eyes. “But, tell me Fahim, do you like her too?”

This question caught Fahim completely off guard. As he was unsure how to respond, he merely gaped at her in tongue-tied silence. His cock was rock hard and leaking pre-cum, making a damp dark spot where the tip of his generous cock head met the fabric of his slacks. He knew she had noticed as he struggled to hide his erection, but as she looked at his crotch and giggled, her breath caught, lustful thoughts coursing through her imagination. She couldn’t, wouldn’t believe that Fahim had such a big penis, but she started to get the idea that she wanted to find out just how big he was.

“I see you also want to sleep with her?” Said she teasingly. “Do you think about her when you’re… I mean when you’re aroused? Like you are now?”

Fahim nodded angling his gaze down at the carpeted floor in embarrassment. “I’m sorry Aunty … I should go” he said, terrified that she would think him a cad.

“No … Don’t go. It’s understandable that you’d be attracted to her.” She continued. “She’s beautiful and very sexy too; it’s not surprising that you feel … that way for her.” Suddenly words gushed out of his mouth. “But I love you more than her. You are so much more beautiful and sexy!” Fahim, emboldened, finally smiled as he blurted out his most secret confession.

She looked at him with a conspiratorial grin and whispered, “Are you kidding?”

“No… Konya travesti you really are a very desirable woman Rani Aunty.” he said.

She laughed. “You’re a liar, but I do love you.”

“Liar?” he repeated, confused. “What do I lie about?”

“About finding me desirable of course.” She said self-depreciatively.

“I have never found any woman more desirable, sexier or as sweet as you” he said passionately, his eyes pleading and wantonly needing her to believe his sincerity.

“You really think so?” Rani asked, pushing him further, as she moved her hand back to his thigh very close to his big prick. She could feel her pussy swelling and getting wet as she pushed him to reveal his secret desires.

Unknown to Fahim, Rani thought about big virile young cocks all the time; in fact, many times a day she fantasized about big hard young cocks filling her up, sometimes more than one at a time, ravishing every hole she had and with those thoughts she would masturbate as often as privacy allowed.

He could see a fire smoldering in her eyes that he had never seen before.

“Yes Aunty.” He said seriously but coyly. “You are the woman of my heart, my dreams, my fantasies.”

She hesitated. “So… what is it about Asish’s mother, that you find appealing?” she asked, changing the subject but all the while gently caressing his thigh in small circles, brushing the shaft of his cock, getting closer and closer to the head with every pass.

As they have become so frank with each other, Fahim had no difficulty in answering. “I imagine her lovely hips resting on me and my head buried between her big breasts.”

“You devil… “Rani had a hearty laugh. “Well, if that is your pleasure Fahim, I suppose I do have ample assets for your desires.” She said as she took her free hand and cupped one of her large tits, lifting it, squeezing it right in front of his bulging eyes.

Amit’s mothers’ candid frankness and brazen sexuality had not only surprised him but had aroused him even further. Fahim’s heart was beating faster and stronger as his lust grew, their level of interaction progressed beyond his wildest expectations or imagination had ever allowed.

“I’m dying to see those big tits Aunty; I’ve never seen real breasts before except in magazines and on the internet. Would you … please … show me your tits, Aunty?”

“I can see that you’re dying for it” she said, grazing the lump in his trousers which made Fahim jump much to Rani’s delight and amusement. “But I don’t think that I can show these to you.” She flashed a smile at him and winked suggestively, wanting the seduction to last a little longer.

Fahim moved and took hold of the hand that was still caressing her big breast. Her skin felt wonderful as Rani Aunty responded, slowly lifting his hand to her lips. Fahim was captivated as she touched the tips of his fingers with her tongue, drawing them between her lips and only releasing them after the soft wetness and swirl of her tongue sent a shiver down his spine.

Fahim started to feel her body, running his hands over her soft round, warm feminine curves.

Something snapped inside Fahim. His inner shyness was pushed aside as he decided it was now or never that he became a man.

“I have been dreaming of you for so long Rani Aunty” said Fahim passionately. “You are so sexy and you give me such a hard-on whenever I see you. I always wanted to explore your body” he kissed her gently on the lips. She did not pull away or showed any sign of resistance so he kissed her again but with all the desire he could muster. This time his kiss was met by an equal returned kiss filled with sweet lust and passion.

Placing his arm around her, Fahim caress her bare waist. He raised his arm, trailing his hand over her hip until it rested beside her breast. Embracing her, Fahim pulled her closer to him. Without resisting, she cuddled up against him, pressing her curvaceous body against him as though she had been waiting for him to make a move on her.

“Fahim, you are making me so wet and hot, naughty boy” she purred as she leaned closer and started kissing him, exploring his mouth, their tongues meeting passionately. “Whenever we meet, I see you undressing me, stripping me naked with your eyes. I shouldn’t be telling you this, but it never fails to turn me on and make me so wet.”

Fervently their mouths met again while his eager hands explored Rani Aunty’s body, stopping finally to grab both her breasts, hefting them up and feeling their full weight in his hands. Her hands clutched his thighs and her nails dug into his skin thorough his jeans. Then she took one of her hands and directly grabbed his big prick and stroked it through his pants.

As if a bulb burst, suddenly she hesitated and drew away from him realizing what she was doing. “Oh Fahim…we must stop this here and now!”

“But why, Aunty?” he groaned in frustration.

“We have gone too far Fahim!” She whispered breathily.

“Surely you wouldn’t refuse me now…I İzmir travesti want you – need you – so much.” Fahim said desperately.

“You shouldn’t” she replied. “I am the mother of your best friend and old enough to be your mother! This is wrong…it is a sin.”

“I don’t care if it’s wrong” he argued. “I need you so badly! I need to taste you, to feel you, to make love with you and I know you want that too. I can see it in your eyes!”

She shook her head determinedly though in reality she was burning with desire to take this young man inside her body. She could practically taste him already as their game continued.

“No Fahim, what you say is true but I cannot bear the guilt I will feel later.”

“No Aunty, you shouldn’t feel guilty. I love you – what’s so wrong about that?” he squeezed her hand earnestly.

“But I’m too old for you!” She protested.

“Who is to decide that?” Fahim asked. “You’re older yes, but not old. And no silly girl my own age can fulfill my desires like you can.”

“I don’t know Fahim… what if my son finds out about this? What if you tell him or Asish? It would ruin me and your friendships.”

“Never Aunty. I promise you, I’ll not tell a word to anyone” he replied sincerely.

Rani started to give in, caving to her cravings and her own body’s desires.

“So this secret would remain between us! Promise?” she demanded.

“Yes, of course, my beautiful Aunty, you have my word.”

Fahim wrapped his arms around her and placed his lips on hers; they kissed again and the passion between them wiped out all her inhibitions. He forcibly pressed his body down onto hers. Their tongues met and intertwined, delving playfully between each other’s lips. Their arousal grew more intense as their lust become more demanding. She pulled him towards her. Their hearts were pounding in unison fueling their passion onward.

Slipping his hands between the folds of her sari, Fahim searched hungrily for her naked flesh beneath. Finally, his fingers found her drenched panties.

As he pulled the damp underwear aside, her breathing quickened into staggered gasps as his fingers found her dripping pussy and began to explore the wet, warm soft folds of her outer lips. With rising excitement, he pressed at her sodden entrance until his finger easily slipped inside her warm love-hole.

He moved his thumb up and concentrated on massaging her clit with his thumb while sliding two other fingers in and out of her soaked pussy causing Rani to jerk and moan. Fahim moved his finger back and forth inside her hole unknowingly finding the rough bumpy flesh of her g-spot, until she moaned loudly, her hips grinding in concert with his hand. All of a sudden she tensed up and Fahim felt a flood of hot slippery juice squirt into his palm as Rani Aunty was overcome with a small orgasm that shook her body with unbridled passion.

Looking up at him, she feverishly pulled his head to her and kissed him.

Eager to see the woman of his fantasies in all her naked glory, Fahim began to remove her sari, but she stopped him. She was shy. But before she could speak, he reminded her he had never seen a woman’s breasts in his entire life.

“Really! You’ve never seen woman breasts?” she asked, surprised.

“Never Aunty.” he replied. “I’ve never been with a woman before.”

“You’re a virgin!” Her eyebrows rose in astonishment. “Oh my,” she whispered. “That is interesting. I’m going to teach you how to please a horny woman properly!”

She playfully bit her lip as though considering the forbidden. Finally, she slowly unfastened her sari, her eyes fixed purely on him as she undressed.

Fahim stared at her flesh lustfully. He could not believe it, this, was really happening. Fahim had never anticipated this and yet there it was. It was all real! It had outstripped even his wildest dreams as more soft warm flesh was revealed. He realized that what was about to happen would be his first intimate encounter with a woman, and not just any woman but the mother of his best friend. This thought gave him an added kick. Just in her blouse and slip she was suddenly no more Amit’s mother, she was somebody else altogether. Rani had turned into a lover right before his eyes.

Rani Aunty’s face represented mixed emotions. Tentatively shy, nervous and yet succumbing to the temptation of lustful resignation, she slowly grasped her blouse and pulled it upwards, exposing her large breasts barely restrained within a black lace bra. Fahim barely breathed as he observed the erotic masterpiece before him. Now, only a single layer of material concealed her glorious bosom from his eyes. Finally, she reached behind her and unclasped the strap at the back allowing her full breasts to burst free, revealing them to him.

Fahim’s mouth was dry, and the sight of her magnificent tits less than a foott from his face was enough to start the blood thumping in his ears. Rani Aunty’s boobs were strikingly flawless and beautiful, perfect in size, with very little sag. Her nipples were dime sized and dark, protruding from her large chocolate-colored areolas like candy sticks, waiting to be devoured. Fahim wondered if he was day-dreaming as he stared hungrily at the sexy naked body before him, his cock straining inside his pants longing to be set free.

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