Friends with Benefits?

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It had been 5 years since I had last seen him and I almost regretted migrating. We met at University and I wish I could say it was love at first sight, but close enough it fell along those lines. We were both boarding- he a third year and I a first year student. Our dorms were close and we had more in common than I thought. He and my roommates seemed to have known each other from before hence an even smoother introduction.

We were introduced the first week before school started outside the dorm. He was bringing in his suitcases and I was leaving for a meeting. We talked a bit about the subjects I was going to be doing and he gave me advice on certain ones he had taken before and things just didn’t work out. I took the advice to heart as I had felt the same way but there was nothing I could change at that point in time.

After the first two weeks I found we spent almost all our time together- playing chess, giving massages, reading erotic stories online, watching anime, porn and reading manga. We had so much in common yet we both failed to realize and I think it was because of so many similarities that we were drawn to each other.

“Hey, are you at the Airport now?” I asked over my cell phone. Due to circumstances I had to move and attend another University in another country while he stayed and finished up his course.

“Yeah,” he began “Can you believe its five years already?” I sighed, almost relieved to hear his voice and my heart started to beat with anticipation as I was about to see him. He had moved on over the years and so had I but co-incidentally we were both single at that point in time. Hopefully the feelings hadn’t changed

“I’ll be outside,” he said trying to end the conversation

“No, stay inside,” I breathed “It’s snowing outside and I don’t want you dead on me.”

Pressing down on the accelerator I changed gears in my trip-matic vehicle on the highway knowing deep down he might not listen to me and get frozen to death. I had just put on new snow tires so it shouldn’t have been that big of a problem. I just hoped no police officers were nearby.

Rolling up on Airport road I turned onto the side of the curb outside the airport. Turning around I checked to see if there were any cops since it was illegal to park there. Getting out of the car I rushed through the snow inside- getting mush on my boots in the process.

“Marie!” he shouted from across the Airport as he waved his hands back and forth

Broadening the smile on my face I ran towards him, and wrapping my arms around his neck my feet lifted off the ground as he hugged me and spun me around. After he was sure I was dizzy he put me down and I looked up at him through his glasses

“You haven’t changed at all Sheldon,” I said as I looked up into his dark brown eyes.

“Neither güvenilir bahis have you,” he smiled back at me, as he wiped the tears that unconsciously rolled down my cheeks.

“Has it been 5 years already?” my voice cracked as I led him toward the car parked out front. He helped me put his suitcase in the trunk

“Yes it has…” he was about to reply

“What the fuck is this?” I cut him off as I glanced at the ticket on the wiper of my car. Frustrated I kicked up the snow in my path and let out a horrible scream

After I calmed down, I looked over at Sheldon who just happened to be laughing at me

“Get in the car!” I chuckled at how silly I had just acted.

After about 20 minutes we arrived at my house. I lived in a two story house in a friendly little neighborhood. My house had 3 rooms in case my family came to visit; 2 bathrooms, a finished basement, a family room, a living room, a kitchen, dining room and a work station.

“Wow, you’ve been doing well,” he smiled as he looked around my house

“Not as well as I hoped,” I scoffed “that’s why I’m going to school in the evenings”

“For what?” he asked puzzled

“To be a physician,” I started to babble “you’re a researcher so you make enough, unlike me.”

“I see,” he brushed his hair forward with his hand “I thought you wanted to be my night nurse.” He joked and I couldn’t help but smile. It was true I was a nurse but I wanted more behind my name. Going upstairs I showed him his room and bid him good night because I had just come from work, was tired and needed to sleep.

Next Day

He woke up to shower and unpack as he had been too tired the night before to do anything. I woke up to do my cleaning as usual; it was too expensive to hire a maid so I began with my bathroom and figured I’d pick up the pace along the way. My bathroom was in my room as I slept in the Master bedroom and Sheldon’s own was adjacent from his room.

Removing my clothes I took out the cleaning agents and began to scour the bath with only my underwear on as I didn’t like to get my clothes wet. I turned on the shower to wash off the soap when I heard a faint knock on my room door. It was Sheldon; he had unpacked and was ready to take a shower when he realized he didn’t pack any towels for his bath

“Do you have any towels Marie?” he asked as he came in my room; I hadn’t even noticed he didn’t have on any clothes. Apparently he hadn’t realized he had no towels until he took his clothes off and put them in the dirty hamper. Weirdly enough he couldn’t put on clean clothes as he was still dirty.

“Yes I do,” I responded not paying him much attention as there was a spot on the counter I was trying desperately to get out.

“Can you get me some?” he asked

“Why?” I asked still not looking in his direction

“If güvenilir bahis siteleri you’d look you’d see,” he smiled as I finally looked his way

“Oh my God!” I squealed as his dick bobbed up and down before my very eyes “I’ll go get them,” I responded throwing down my cleaning agents to the side

“They’re downstairs, I’ll be right back,” I breathed as I stormed down the stairs. He watched me puzzled as I ran away from him in my laced undies.

After about 12 minutes I found a suitable and clean towel and at that same instance heard my stomach growl.

“Damn I forgot to eat,” I said staring at the food I had prepared on the stove. Sheldon had eaten and washed his plate as I saw it in the sink to dry. Sighing I bent to look in the cupboards for some biscuits to snack on. When my back began to hurt I got on my knees and found an Ovaltine- opening the packet, I proceeded to much on the biscuit.

“Ahem,” he cleared his throat above me; looking up I saw him soaking wet with a standing erection. Swallowing hard I dropped the towel, because apparently I took so long with the towel he had a shower

“Sorry, I got hungry,” I smiled at his risen cock. Staring at it I had flashbacks at the mind blowing sex and positions we use to try all those years ago. And apparently those flashbacks impacted me now as I unconsciously grabbed his cock in my hands and put my lips to it. He looked at me as if to say ‘What are you doing?’ but my freaky personality had apparently chipped in as I stared up at him with lustful eyes.

He didn’t react, as if giving me the go ahead; so engulfing his dick with my lips I began to suck on him, licking the drops off water from his body. Deep down I knew I only did this to make up for the bad blow jobs I gave him that time but on the other hand I wanted desperately to please him- to go back to those days where we lived for pleasure.

Using his wet hands he tangled his fingers in my hair and looked down at me angelically as my head bobbed up and down on him- licking the long shaft, fondling his shaved sac, and stimulating the head with my tongue as I made tiny wet circles around it.

He moaned.

Smiling I shoved the whole thing in my mouth and nearly gagged; coming up l made sure I grazed him lightly with my teeth. Closing my lips over his head once more I sucked on him as hard as I could practically trying to drive the life force from him as I stroke his length and massaged his balls.

“Marie,” he moaned my named so seductively as he pushed my head away from him. Pulling me up he wrapped my hands around his neck; grabbing my buttocks he lifted me and instructed that I wrap my legs around his waist. Still facing him I did as he asked and letting go of me for a split second he undid the string at the side of my panties iddaa siteleri and watched them fall to the floor. Running his hand up my spine he unhooked my bra with so much ease you’d think it was an easy task. Stroking his dick a few more times, he got the blood pumping as he rubbed the tip of the head against my wet centre. I held my breath anticipating the entrance and the force with which it came. Seeing the expression on my face he locked my lips with his and our tongue mingled and mixed, swapping saliva as I so nastily used to call it. I recalled he was the only guy I ever enjoyed kissing

“Ahhhh,” I gasped as he entered through my tightness. Catching back my lips with his teeth he silenced me as he sucked on my tongue. He bent his knees then straightened, bent then straightened, ultimately coming in and out of me with those movements; my butt and thighs slapping against his front thighs as he did this. My uneasiness now gone he began to thrust faster, speeding up his movements as he pummeled into my cunt furiously

“Sh-el-do-n!” I screamed as my breasts went furiously up and down with my body and my hair flashing down into my face after coming loose. He began panting and I began sweating. Feeling both sweat and bodily fluids between both our legs and on our thighs I couldn’t help but think we’d have to shower again

“I’m coming,” I yelled as he hammered my G- spot

“No, not yet,” he panted as he released me. I shakily stood on my two feet now stroking his cock between my fingers

“Get on your hands and knees,” he commanded and as always I followed his instruction. Holding my legs he lifted them placed his body between so that he held onto my hips

“New wheelbarrow position,” I beamed

“How’d you know?” he asked

“I google them,” I smiled as I aim to please. Without hesitation he found my already dripping wet centre and thrust in

“Don’t slide now,” he smiled as his movements became faster and harder

“Uhhhhh,” he grunted as he felt his climax nearing “Marie,”

Delighted at him bellowing my name I looked down and my breasts which if were beg enough would slap me in the face and the hard fucking I was getting. I tried to steady my breathing but I was so excited I couldn’t help

“Harder, harder!” I yelled at Sheldon whose hands were slipping from the sweat

“Just a little more,” he urged and he continued to hammered my fat, shaved cunt. For the last 3 minutes he drilled away at my pussy, loosening the walls around his cock. Before I knew it he couldn’t hold on to me or his sperm anymore as he let me go and his millions shot all over my lower back. On my hands and knees now I felt him kneel behind me and fondle where some of his semen had been dripping

“Ahhh,” I shivered as he touches my sensitive little bud. Grabbing my breasts in his hands he squeezed hard and said

“Let’s go clean up,”

“You don’t want to go again?” I asked disappointed

“Of course, in the shower,” he smiled as he fingered me into my own climax before another endless torturing pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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