From Cheating Wife to Cuckoldress

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“Don’t be silly, my dear,” my wife Shrutika said to me as she pulled up her full-fashioned black stockings and attached them to her garter belt. “It’s just a simple work dinner. I.. just want to look good is all.”

I gaped at her openly. “But honey,” I said, “You haven’t worn stockings in over a year! Not since Valentine’s Day last year.”

Shrutika seemed distracted. “Really? I thought it was more recent than that. Didn’t I wear them for you when we went to Greece on holiday.” She was fumbling with her bra now, attaching it while twisting from side to side, looking at herself in the mirror.

“Shrutika, Greece was 3 years ago.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right; time flies doesn’t it. Last year we went to Ibiza instead. Weren’t the beaches great, dear?” We’d never been to Ibiza. Shrutika was now pulling up a pair of lacy, transparent panties I didn’t know she possessed.

I walked up to her. “Baby,” I said, placing my hands on her and gently rubbing her, “You seem very much on edge. Is everything OK? Do you want me to come to this work dinner with you?”

She seemed to shake herself a little bit. “Oh, don’t worry about it my dear. I just have a lot of things on my mind now, with the new business we’re trying to acquire and all.” She turned to me and kissed me; her soft, bare skin rubbing against me, and then she turned back to the mirror and started putting on makeup.

I tried my best to come up with an explanation for why my wife of 4 years was getting herself more dolled up than she had since our very first dates. She donned a little black dress that left her upper thighs scandalously bare.

Half an hour later, smelling of perfume, Shrutika kissed me goodbye. “I’ll be back around 11,” she said, “Love you honey.”

She didn’t get back until 2 in the morning. I was lying in bed, clad only in my boxer-briefs, when I heard the sound of her keys at the door, then the door opening and closing behind her and the click-clack sound of the high heels she hadn’t worn for years drawing closer to the bedroom. As she came through the door, my eyes met hers and scanned her beautiful body, it didn’t take me long to spot the telltale signs – smudged mascara, crumpled dress, her slightly uncomfortable stride and was that a red bite-mark on her throat, just above the neckline of her dress? I clenched my fists under the blankets.

“Hi honey, you didn’t have to wait up for -“

“How was your evening?” I said.

She flinched at my tone, looking at me uncertainly. “It was fine, baby. I met some people and had a nice time.”

“I’ll bet you did,” I said, grabbing my phone and opening the photos section. “My friend Thiago sent me these photos. I saw someone familiar in them.”

I showed her the photos as she bent closer to look. There she was, Shrutika, my wife, my love, sitting next to another man I didn’t recognize, far too close, kissing him, his hands under her dress. Ten photos in all, the last one showing them walking away from the party.

“Thiago said that he couldn’t take any more, because at that point you two disappeared into a hotel room and didn’t emerge until the party was completely over.”

I looked up at Shrutika. All the colour had drained from her beautiful face. “Honey, you must have be confused, that isn’t me -“

The anger I’d been holding in for so many hours exploded with the force of a small bomb. “OF COURSE it is, you fucking bitch!”

I jumped out of bed in fury, blankets trailing on the ground behind me, yelling at Shrutika with a rage I’d never experienced before. I must have looked quite the sight, naked except for my underwear, shouting four-letter expletives at my shocked wife and calling her names.

“Stop it!” yelled Shrutika back finally, her eyes shining with tears. “Yeah that’s the way you’re going to get me to stop cheating on you, by being a total douche. I cheated, alright? And I’m not proud of it, but the way you just yelled at me, I don’t even regret it! Not to mention I wouldn’t even have needed to if you didn’t have a pathetic little penis that can’t go three strokes inside me without blowing its fucking load. Sometimes a girl just needs a big dick inside her and a good fucking, alright? So -“

She cut herself off, embarrassed by what she had said. At the same time, something very strange happened to me. I meant to be outraged at her for what she had said, but instead it hit me, truly, that my wife had been with someone else. She had been naked with someone that wasn’t me, had let them touch her breasts, her ass, her pussy, had probably even sucked their dick. And she’d let urla escort them fuck her. And she’d done all of those things because mine wasn’t good enough for her. And although every rational thought inside my head said I should be furious about all of those things (and I was), I felt a strange stirring between my legs. I was getting hard!

I looked up at Shrutika. She was looking at my underwear; she could see my erection too! She looked.. surprised. And confused.

There was an awkward silence between us, neither of us sure what to say. I broke the silence first.

“I’m off to bed. I’m going to sleep on the couch. You can have the bed.”

And I brushed past her into the living room. It took me a while to calm the cocktail of emotions inside me and finally get to sleep.

We didn’t talk for three days. Shrutika and I went about our business without talking to each other at all. I missed talking to her, but I was still angry at her for what she’d done, and the manner in which she’d thrown away our marriage. We would have to get a divorce of course, the question was just how and when. I didn’t know how I would bring myself to sign the papers. Even after what she’d done, I still loved her.

Finally, one evening after I’d taken to my usual spot on the couch, Shrutika broke the silence between us. She emerged from the bedroom, and walked right up to where I was. I didn’t initially react to her presence.

“Honey… I’m sorry.”

I had planned to ignore her, but the genuine way in which she said it and the expression on her face softened me a little bit. I looked her in the eye and nodded.

“I’d say it’s OK, but given the circumstances…”

“I know, honey. I’m so, so sorry. I feel sick to the core for what I did. We’ve had such a good marriage, and you’ve been so, so good to me. And I cheated on you. You didn’t deserve that, baby.”

“You’ve got that right Shrutika, but it’s done.”

“I know it’s too late to apologize, but I promise not to do this again. I’m never going to fuck another guy just because he has a massive cock and a muscular body and can fuck for days. Really, baby. This will never happen again, and I hope that my word means something to you at least. I don’t deserve even your trust.”

At her words, I imagined a faceless man taking my wife, stripping her and forcing her to worship him, entering her, making her cum. I imagined Shrutika cumming hard on a stranger’s dick, realizing that it was larger than mine. Damn it! Why was I thinking these thoughts?


I came out of my reverie. Shrutika was staring at me. Except not at my face, as before. Straight at my shorts, which weren’t baggy enough to conceal the telltale bump of an erection. Again!

“Why are you hard?” she asked, puzzled. “This happened the other day too, didn’t it? This never usually happens to you. What’s turning you on? You’re not even really looking at me.”

I unconvincingly tried to explain myself.

“This isn’t normal for you,” she said. “Unless… Honey, does the idea of me sleeping with someone else turn you on?”

“Of course not,” I lied. I had already come to that exact conclusion, but how was I supposed to explain that to my wife when I was still upset with her for having cheated?

“Hmm,” she said, unconvinced. “Well, it’s an easy enough theory to test.”

And in one smooth motion, she placed her hands on either side of me and lifted herself up onto the couch, straddling my chest. She stroked me gently.

“I never told you the entire story of what happened that night did I? I think I owe you the entire story. You are my husband, after all.”

“Shrutika, I really don’t think that’s necess-“

“I dressed up really nice that day, don’t you remember sweetie? I pulled out all the stops. It’s not often that I wear stockings and garters. But you know honey, a woman has outfits for regular, innocent nights out with her husband–“

Her hands, wandering behind her, found my by now semi-soft cock.

“– and she has outfits for when she wants to get fucked,” she hissed, emphasizing the last word.

I tried to look scandalized, but my cock betrayed me, springing straight up into her hand in one of the strongest erections I’d experienced. A faint smile appeared around the corners of Shrutika’s mouth, and an expression of what looked like triumph. She pretended to ignore it as she continued.

“I already knew whom I was going to meet dear. We’ve been talking for a while, one of my coworkers. He was just my type, baby. Tall and lean, all muscle. menderes escort Just like you,” she said, patting my chest with one hand. Her other hand was behind her, on my cock.

“But there was something about him that’s different. The way he looked at me. You look at me with love, as though you want to hold me in your arms and keep me safe. And I love you for it, baby. But he looks at me as though I were a piece of meat. Something to be fucked and used. And I love that too baby. I can’t help it.”

She bent closer to me, her lips by my ear, her hair tickling my face, whispering now. My cock was harder than it had ever been. She moved her hands up to either side of my face, and she slid her legs forward so that her bare feet were resting on my cock. My boxer briefs were the only layer between her and me.

“When I went for the party, I saw him look at me at once. Did you see the way I dressed, baby? You can bet he noticed. I saw the bulge in his pants. It was huge!”

I let out a soft moan. There was no longer any point pretending that I was not aroused, even as I hated myself for it.

“He was over talking to me pretty quickly. We both had a couple drinks, flirted a little bit, joked about people in the party. And he started touching me. At first, it was innocent, but it got less so. His hands were on my arm, then on my side, and then he slid his hand all the way down my back and on my ass! And then, if you can believe it, he slid his hands under my dress! He had quite the nerve. I don’t think anyone could tell, but he was talking to me just as normal. I could barely focus on what he was saying. And then, his hands were under my panties, and then right over my pussy. It’s a good thing we were in a corner and no one could see us. Well, apart from your creepy friend, that is.”

I moaned again and gently thrust my hard cock upwards against Shrutika’s foot, which was still over my cock. She gently started to rub me with her foot, back and forth.

“After a while, he asked me if I wanted to take the party elsewhere. I was hesitant, honey, honestly I was, I only wanted to mess around with him a little bit, but he was very assertive and didn’t give me too much of a choice. Truth be told, I loved that too. Your wife likes to be treated like a slut sometimes.” She grinned.

“He got a hotel room, in the same hotel. As soon as we were through the door he grabbed my dress and flattened me against the wall. He told me to get down on my knees. It was so hot, baby. I don’t think you would be able to get me to obey him the way I did. If you asked me to kneel I would probably giggle a bit and do it just to please you. But the way he said it, I really felt like I had no choice. Before I knew it, I was down on my knees, in front of him.”

“Open my zipper and suck my cock,” he said.

“Baby, I really wasn’t planning on doing it. I thought we would make out a little bit and then I would go home. But before I knew it, I was undoing his zipper and lowering his boxers. And his cock sprang out at me. Oh my God, baby, it was huge! I always thought your cock was average. But his must have been twice the length of yours and a good deal wider too. I think my mouth was wide open in disbelief for a good few seconds!”

I was turned on by every word my cheating wife was whispering into my ear.

“He was impatient though, and he just grabbed the back of my head and forced me onto his cock. Honey, it went deeper into my throat than anything’s ever been. Usually, when I take your little cock into my mouth, I can take it all in, but I could only take about half of his in. I gagged, and he slapped me in the face. Yes, honey, he slapped your wife!”

“Take it deeper, slut, or there will be more of those!”

“Yes, he called me a slut too. I knew it was wrong and that he should be respecting me, but I loved it. After all, I am a slut, or I wouldn’t cheat. He was just calling a spade a spade. He really made me work on his cock. Again and again I gagged, and again and again he slapped me and called me his little bitch, his slut, his cunt, until I took it all in. I couldn’t believe it, but I was able to do it, finally!”

I could feel my orgasm building, as I thrust upwards against Shrutika’s feet. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold off much longer if she kept talking like this, but how humiliating would it be to cum on my wife’s feet as she told me about her infidelity?

“After I sucked him, he picked me up! Yes honey, off the floor! He wrapped me in his arms and pushed me against the wall before I could say a word. narlıdere escort He reached one hand under my dress to push my panties to the side. It was so hot, like he couldn’t wait a moment to fuck me! And then still like that, he brought his hips to mine and thrust deeply inside your wife’s pussy.”

“I think my eyes rolled in my head! I haven’t felt another dick in my pussy since marrying you honey, honestly I haven’t. And it went so deep! I didn’t know that my pussy was capable of creating sensations so deep! It was like another dimension. And then he started to fuck, and Iost track of time. It was hard to focus on anything at all but the feeling of his massive dick thrusting in and out of me.”

“We fucked in every position possible. Missionary, standing, he even had me ride his dick at one point. His stamina was amazing. Finally, we were fucking doggy style and he told me he was going to pull out and grab a condom. And baby, I hate myself for doing this, but I couldn’t stand to have his cock leave me for even a second. So I reached behind me and grabbed his hips, trapping them. And I forced him to fuck me until he came inside me. He spewed loads and loads of cum in my cheating pussy, baby.”

The vision of my wife getting creampied by this unknown man finally sent me over the edge. Still thrusting upwards into Shrutika’s feet, I had one of my strongest ever orgasms, cumming waves after waves into the inside of my boxer briefs. Shrutika must have felt the wetness because she looked behind her.

“Oh,” she said.

An awkward silence fell between us. Shrutika slid off me and lay down next to me on the couch, gently stroking my chest. We spent several minutes like that in silence.

“Was it all true?” I asked, not sure if I wanted to know the answer.

“Mostly,” she said, carefully.

We lapsed into silence again until she finally said good night, and left the room, leaving me alone with my very confusing thoughts.

“You’re a cuckold,” she said flatly.

It was the next day. I had just returned from work and dropped my bag in the living room. She must have been waiting for me, there on that same couch.

“I’m a what?”

“A cuckold,” she repeated. “A man who fantasizes about his wife cheating on him with other men.

“No I’m not.”

“I thought you might be one when I saw you get hard that night, and last night confirmed it. I decided to take a risk and try telling you the story and see how you reacted. I knew then that you must be a cuckold. If you weren’t, there’s no way you would have been as turned on as you were. You probably wouldn’t even have let me finish.”

“So what if I am? It doesn’t change things at all, Shrutika.”

“It might not change things. But there’s a small chance it might.”

She stood up, and came up to me, resting her head on my chest.

“Look, with most men, this would be over,” she said. “Most relationships can’t survive one partner cheating. But you aren’t most men. You are actually turned on by it. Like I said, you’re a cuckold. And this means we could make this work.”

“I’ve always been a slut,” she said, emotion in her voice now. “I can never stay monogamous. I’ve had this problem in all of my relationships, not just with you. And despite everything that’s happened, I really do love you and want to stay with you.”

“What do you want, then?”

“I want us to try a new arrangement. Our relationship so far as always been fair. Both partners agree to stay faithful, both partners are equal.”

“Under the new arrangement I’m thinking though, our relationship would not be fair any more. You would still be monogamous and faithful to me. But I would be free and available to fuck whoever I want.” My cock twitched. “And we would no longer be equals. You would be submissive to me, sexually as well as in everyday life.”

I laughed. “Why would I sign for that?” I asked, knowing exactly why I would.

She laughed too. “I think your cock knows the answer to that,” she said, nodding towards by clearly visible erection.

When I didn’t reply, she said, “Listen, baby, let’s just try it for a week. Your plan was to divorce me anyway. If this doesn’t work out after a week, you can still divorce me.” She sounded close to tears now. “But maybe, just maybe, we could find a way to make this work and save the relationship.”

I thought it over. What she was saying did make sense. I looked up into her expectant eyes, and nodded.

A wave of relief passed over my wife’s face. She stood up straight and kissed me passionately. I kissed her back. I wasn’t sure where we were going, but it felt good to have her back in my arms.

She broke the kiss first, flushed, looking at me with a smile on her face.

“Now cuckie,” she said, with a hint of steel in her voice. “Take off all your clothes, and get down on your hands and knees in front of me.”

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