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Fuck day

Hi friends, I am a 21-year-old girl, and I am narrating my life story of how my father began coming into my bedroom late at night.

I would wake him up by lifting my nightgown or sliding my pajama bottoms off.

Feeling him cater for my boobs 21-year-old wound boobs, rubbing my legs and inner thighs, and running his fingers over the top of my panties.

It then progressed to him sliding my panties off and feeling his lips kiss my bald pussy. He wound, then licked and sucked my pussy and gently finger me.

My father could lick and suck me for what felt like an hour or two and into multiple euphoric mind-blowing orgasms.

It felt incredible. As time passed as time passed he would whisper how much he loves me, he would escalate by stroking his cock while he licked me, and tell me how much he loves his little girl’s tiny smooth, perfect pussy, how good I taste, how pretty I am, how much he loves to make me feel good, daddy’s special secret love with his princess makes him so happy.

It then escalated to him asking me to watch him lick me while he stroked his cock. He would ask me to tell him how good I feel.

He liked it when I would cum in his mouth while watching his cock cum. By my 20th birthday (approx 6 months later), I was fascinated by how big and hard my dad’s cock would get.

I was intrigued; that’s me that makes him this hard. It’s the Little princess that makes him so happy.

Now, my dad and I were engrossed in the pleasure of 69. He taught me how to suck his cock and please him.

His cock was gigantic in my mouth. It took time to learn how to lick and suck all of his hard 9 inches. I loved tasting his pre-cum and hearing his moans vibrate my pussy while in 69 as he seemed to be in such euphoric ecstasy.

I liked how dad and I could learn to cum at the same time. It then transcended to longer sessions or multiple sessions throughout the late night of oral sex.

My dad loved how each time I ducked his van escort cock I was getting better and better at it and learning to take all of his massive daddy love tool in my mouth and throat training.

So, neighborhood by my 21st birthday, my mother was out of town that week on business. My birthday fell on a Saturday. My dad hosted a pool party for me with family and several of my friends from the neighborhood and church we attended.

After everyone left, my dad and I cleaned up. He told me to go take a shower and get ready before it was too late. I got out of the shower, put on my nightgown and climbed into neighborhood bed, and turned the lights out.

I was almost asleep when I heard my bedroom door open. I felt my father pick me up, and I asked him what’s going on and if everything was ok. I realized through the small glowing nightlight in my room; Daddy’s he was completely naked. He said, “yes sweetheart, everything is perfect, all is ok.”

He then said, “do you trust daddy baby?”

I said, “yes daddy of course, but what is going on.”

As he carried me walking to my parent’s bedroom, he laid me down in the center of my parent’s bed.

He said, “I promise Angel everything is fine.”

He slowly took off my nightgown. He then ran his fingers through my long blonde hair, which I loved. I loved it when he plays and strokes my hair and scalp. He ran his fingertips all over my back.

Then he laid me down and kissed my pussy on top of my panties. I loved feeling his warm breath, lips, and gentle finger strokes over my flowered panties.

As soon as he felt my wetness through my panties, he gently slid them off. He began to more aggressively devour my pussy with his licking and sucking. He fingered fuck me with 2 fingers while pleasuring me with his mouth and talented daddy tongue.

He brought me to a hip rising to grab his hair with loud moaning orgasm. He then gently came towards my mouth with his pulsating escort van daddy cock and asked me to only suck the tip and twirl my tongue while I sucked about a quarter-inch of his massiveness.

I did while looking at him. I could see a different primal look in his eye, one that I’ve never seen before.

He asked me to suck down more of his cock. So I did. I took all of him down to the base in my mouth. I could taste his pre-cum.

His heavy breathing and moans of Daddy’s pleasure sounded different. He kept telling me how much he loved me, his previous I was to him, how hard and wonderful I make daddy feel.

It was then he pulled out of my mouth and told me what a perfect daughter I am. I’ve been such a loving daughter, a good girl, that now I get my last birthday present.

He stroked a tiny amount of warming lubricant all over and inside my pussy. I could feel the tingling and warming sensation of it.

Daddy said “it’s time for my birthday gift,” and that he’s going to take my virginity tonight.

He kissed me and then sucked on my nipples. He pulled my legs apart further and then rested himself above me on his elbows. He said he’s going to make me a woman tonight, and it’s time, and I’m ready to take in all the daddy love inside me.

He ran the tip of his cock up and down my slit. I could feel more intense warming and tingle from the lubricant. He then looked at me, and said, “ok sweetheart, are you ready to feel daddy’s cock?”

I said, “yes daddy, I’m ready, I want to feel all of you.”

“Ok, princess, daddy waited too long to be inside his little girl. Tonight is going to be so special. You might hurt a bit, but daddy promises you it will be gentle. You and daddy are going to have a lot of incredible daddy-daughter special love tonight, and it’s going to feel so incredible sweetheart.”

“Daddy’s cock is going to leave his little girl so well. Oh god, I can’t believe I’m finally about to be inside van escort bayan you fucking my sweet little daughter’s perfect pussy.”

Daddy slowly slid his cock inside me. I thought he was going to pass out as his eyes rolled in inside the back of his head. Feeling him thrust slowly his inches of hard pulsating daddy cock into me, he grabbed my hips he kissed me deeply, telling me his cock has never felt so good, and that being inserting me was fucking incredible and better than he imagined. He held onto my hips and rested his head inside my neck as he pushed further and deeper inside me.

“Oh, oh, fuck princess, god,” he yelled. Oh, my fucking god, my Little girl’s pussy feels so fucking hot and tight.

“Oh my god baby, your pussy is perfect for daddy’s cock. Oh, God sweetheart, daddy’s cock is completely inside you. Put your heels on daddy’s back while daddy fucks his baby girl.”

The first time feeling his cock in her pussy and sinking all 9 inches inside, feeling her pussy grip his cock so tight as he throbbed, thrusting almost made him cum instantly.

Once he broke her hymen, she enjoyed girl, the deep thrusting oh, So because of and ruthenium of her daddy’s cock. Soon he felt his Girl’s Pussy cum on his cock.

Twiddling her pussy contract and spasm on his huge cock whine buried inside her. It was then he told her it was time for her to feel all of daddy’s love.

He thrust in swift fast deep hard thrusts in a crazed euphoric daze, and he looked at his daughter and said: “are you ready to feel daddy’s love princess?”

“Yes daddy I am, I want all of it.” He came so hard, shooting rope after rope deep inside his Little girl almost falling onto her, completely wanting to faint due to the intense mind-blowing euphoria of cumming.

So fucking hard for the first time in his daughter’s pussy. He lay there until every drop of cum was inside her. He kissed his Little girl and cleaned her up.

He rolled her onto her mother’s side of the bed to go to sleep. By sunrise, it’s Sunday. She awoke to her father’s cock inside her pussy, slow fucking her. Making her cum again on her dad’s cock. He whispered in her ear, every day is now our lucky day princess, no matter what it’s our fuck day.

Thank you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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