Full Moon Fantasies Ch. 2

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In the wake of the incredible first-time blowjob he had just received from Tracy, Doug couldn’t help but ask, “Why the hell are you doing this?”

“Well, you always say I only come to you when Stanley doesn’t want to take me to a movie or dancing or whatever. Well guess what? Stan’s out of town and I really needed S-E-X. So here I am…with you…stud” She continued to pump at his leaky, now half-limp cock as she spoke.

Although he still felt dazed, Doug suggested “Why don’t we move to the back seat and, uh…”

“Noooo, its too uncomfortable and my back hurts already.”, she whined.

He was suddenly crestfallen. “Naturally.”

“Silly! I just meant let’s find some place more comfortable, like my place.”

His eyes lit up with a perfect idea! “I can’t wait that long. Stay here!” He bolted from the car and ran back through the alley to his house, stuffing himself back in his pants as he ran. He smoothly snuck in and out of his apartment, his sleeping parents still blissfully unaware. Upon returning to Tracy, he breathlessly dangled a set of keys in front of her. “The law office next door! My dad does their maintenance work so we have a key! If I remember correctly, they have a big comfortable couch in the restroom.”

She slowly smiled, her braces glistening in the moonlight. Then she wrinkled her eyes like a naughty little girl and left the car to walk back to the office building with Doug. When they got there, the orange, vinyl-covered couch actually seemed little better than the back seat but it was at least roomier. It was now past midnight and Doug thanked God none of the paralegals çatalca escort had decided to stay late to catch up on their filing.

Tracy had still had only one real orgasm on her own and was almost literally aching for another big one. Again, she took the initiative, french-kissing his willing mouth. This time, though, his strong, gentle hands groped at her large, soft breasts, fumbling with her tight T-shirt and finally raising it enough to expose them. With his eyes closed in something akin to rapture, he hadn’t yet actually seen her tits with their huge deep pink nipples but he was having a field day kneading them like they were bread dough. He squeezed them and squashed them and tweaked them, all the while with his tongue straining to reach her tonsils. Tracy stood up long enough to pull the T-shirt over her head. Doug wiped his mouth as he caught his first glimpse of the magnificent mammaries he’d fantasized about so often.

“Take off your clothes, dummy.” she admonished as she continued doing just that. Her old white jeans fell crumpled to the floor and were soon joined by a sticky, wet silk thong.

Doug’s clothes quickly formed a second pile and the two stood naked in the harsh, fluorescent lights, admiring each other’s bodies. He noted the light brown, neatly trimmed bush above her pussy. She returned the favor by looking her friend up and down, admiring his wildly hairy body, from the straight manes down his arms to the thick, curly forest highlighting his rigid pole. She lay down on the couch, never breaking eye contact as she spread her legs and softly esenyurt escort said, “Eat me.” He surveyed his intended meal, spreading her lower lips with nervous fingers. After all, it was the first real pussy he’d ever seen. “’Look before you leap’, as they say.” “Shut up and eat, I say!” With that she grabbed the back of his head and pulled it to her crotch. He surprised her with a determination and enthusiasm that she had never imagined. His tongue seemed to be everywhere at once, swirling over her inner lips, curling around her little love bud and getting tangled in her pubic hair. To Doug, Tracy’s aroma was intoxicating and nearly overwhelming. Nothing he had ever smelled before had prepared him for the delightful girl odor he was breathing in now. He was giving sloppy, wet kisses to her labia, gulping the gently flowing, pungent juices as Tracy moaned and yelped and made all the odd little sounds he had expected her to make. Her bottom was bucking like she was fucking his sweaty face. Actually, the sweat was mixing with her cum as it dripped out of her passionate pussy and spread over his whole face. She started to sob and he got a little scared and stopped for a moment. “NO!” she shouted firmly. “Don’t stop! Oh, God, please don’t stop.” She seemed to be losing her breath as he replaced his lips on her clit and started sucking it into his mouth as best as he could. She started egging him on. “Oh, sweetheart… it feels sooooooo good!,” she sobbed. “Eat me out, baby. You’re making me feel… ungh!, Ohhhhhh, incredible!” Goosebumps arose on her hot, sweating flesh. “Ohhhhh……YES!!!!!!!!” etiler escort

The only thing Doug was able to breathe was Tracy’s essence. He reached a slimy finger up under her bouncing ass and slipped it straight up through her sphincter. This caused Tracy to moan at a higher pitch! He felt almost like he was playing a musical instrument, using her most intimate parts to create music to his ears. Her thighs clamped around his head and shook almost violently with pleasure for what seemed like 10 minutes. Afterwards, her legs still spasming, he pulled up and wiped the heady mixture off his face with his arm. He decided right there that pussy was his new favorite food. He knelt on the floor and cradled her head to his shoulder. “You said you wanted me to fuck you,” he whispered softly. She nodded, still a bit dazed. “Well, I want to fuck you …more than anything in the world, I want to fuck you.”

“Not here. It’s too hot and sticky.”

“Yeah, now! Thanks to us. This whole place smells of your pussy.” Tracy giggled at the thought and wondered if the attorneys would recognize the lingering aroma in the morning.

“Wait a minute. I’ve got a great idea,” she enthused. You’re gonna love it!”

A little while later they were dressed and driving. Doug had no idea where they were going but didn’t really care. The whole evening was just too surreal. Tracy, on the other hand, knew exactly where she was going but was amazed that she was able to drive as well as she did with the persistent itch between her legs. When she finally managed to park, Doug recognized that they were at Tracy’s friend Mindy’s apartment. “Mindy gave me a key so I could water her plants whenever she was out of town.”

“But what if she’s here? Hmmmm? Have you really thought this through?”

“Well,” Tracy said as the naughty smile returned to her face, “ the more the merrier, I guess!”


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