Full Release

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*Note to the reader: This piece was originally written in response to a special request from a dear friend, who’s banter greatly inspired it. It was also his gentle encouragement that led me to post it here for your enjoyment*

It’s 10:00 pm when you call Master and tell Him that everything is all set up for the next day. Master instructs me that I am to meet you at your home, massage table and all of my implements in tow, at promptly 8:00 pm. I am to be dressed as a professional masseuse would, in casual loose clothes. She is not to know exactly why I am there, yet, and my conversation must be extremely limited. He reminds me of my place and tells me if he is not satisfied with your report, my punishment will be severe.

8:00 pm the following day arrives and you greet me at your door with a warm smile and a glint to your eyes that speaks of devilish intent. You motion me through the door into the foyer where you introduce me to your wife as Eva, her masseuse for the evening. You tell her that you have commissioned me as a gift to her, to help ease the stress of her long day working with children.

You show me to the room in which I am to administer my treatment. A darkened room, illuminated by only candles. The scent of sandalwood wafts through the air. I set up my table alone and lay my implements on the bed; wooden back rollers, lotions and oils of all varieties in a velvet drawstring bag. I pour some fragrant oil into a glass dish that is set to warm over a candle. I put a on cd of light Moroccan music. You escort your wife, now donning only a terry cloth towel into the room where she lays on the table and I drape a sheet over her while you take your leave into yet another room, leaving the door slightly ajar. She is visibly nervous. She’s had massages from women in the past, but never at home casino oyna in the comfort of her own room. She’s never been naked in front of another woman in anything other than a clinical setting, and a blush had set in over her entire body.

I take note of the strong build of her shoulders and the ripples in her back. Her body is that of an athlete, firm in all the right places and not a sign of cellulite. Her muscles are visibly tense. I take the now warmed oil and rubbing it into my hands start at her shoulders and gently but firmly work into her tense muscles. She lets out a sigh and I feel her almost instantly relax under my touch. I ask her if she wants the full release, or just a basic massage. Not quite realizing what she is saying, she tells me full release and I continue with my ministrations. I softly tell her to close here eyes and let her mind wander on the drifting smoke of the incense. I paint a picture of an exotic land for her to travel to and just exist, with no worry, no tension, only blissful drumming and the smell of sandalwood.

She melts in my hands as I move further down her spine slowly working every muscle until it is completely slackened. My hands glide over her ass, which at first tenses, but then surrenders to the feel of her muscles being worked in a delicious manner. I am tempted to play, but I behave myself as I feel myself getting wet from running my hands over this gorgeous creature. I finish her legs and feet and instruct her to turn over onto her back. She lies completely motionless, almost frozen like an animal caught. I tell her to relax, that her husband paid for a full body massage with full release. She complies and turns over, and without missing a trick manages to keep the drape over her so not to expose any of her delights. I move to her head and with warmed canlı casino lavender oil, I work into her temples, feeling all of her anxiety at once drain away. Her facial muscles relax and her breasts that were covered by the drape are now exposed unbeknownst to her.

I work my way over her face with gentleness so not to mar such a lovely sight. She lets out soft sighs to indicate to me that she truly enjoys my touch. With warmed oil drenching my hands, I start from her shoulders and work her chest above her firm breast, trying not to seem too eager to touch them. Sensing her apprehension, I lightly touch her breasts with my finger tips. She offers no sign of resistance, so I start to massage her breasts further, her nipples hardening under my touch. I see her breathing quicken and feel her heart race under my palm. I desperately want to know if this is making her as wet as it makes me. My panties are soaked now and my self control is waning quickly. I want so desperately to draw her pert nipples into my mouth, but I resist.

I move lower to her abdomen. I may not be able to keep it under wraps too much longer if I were to linger over her breasts. my fingers massage along her abs, working gently so not to hurt her. I work into her hips and feel her shift with my movement, almost undulating in rhythm with me. I sense that she is aroused as well as I pull the drape further down her body revealing her now swollen vulva. I massage into her thighs and I explain to her that we are nearing the release portion of the massage and not to be alarmed at what she feels. I take my thumb and gently press it into her swollen clit and in soft short circles, I massage her little nerve center until she is grinding her pussy into my hand. Soft moans escape her lips while trying to stifle herself. Her mound is soaked with her kaçak casino own juices and her facial expression is contorted in ecstasy.

I gently spread her legs further apart till they are almost dangling off the sides of the table and I fold down the far end to get a better angle. Her eyes are closed and she takes no notice to what I am doing until she feels my hot breath on her cunt. I first run my tongue up her slit and taste her sweet juices and she lets out a louder moan, but choking back when she realizes what is happening. she tries to utter a plea to stop, but I have already commenced to sucking on her clit and she is reduced back to pleasure moans and sighs.

Her hips sway with the movement of my tongue as I move from her clit to her sweet blossom and dip my tongue into her sticky sex. I begin to fuck her with my tongue as she grinds her pussy into my face. I grab her hips from under her and pull her into me as I drive my tongue as deep as it will go inside her. My thumb circles her clit and as i feel her near her climax, I stop. I can feel her copious honey, sticky on my face as her body quakes, begging for release. She moans and pulls my head into her sex and shows me where she wants my mouth. I draw her clit between my lips and gently begin to suck, slowly, feeling her bud pulsate on my tongue.

I begin to suck harder and increase speed as i slide my fingers into her pussy, feeling her walls grip my fingers deeper into her. She pulls my auburn locks tightly as her body is rocked with rapture, and she cums hard on my face. I gently slow my tongue so that she can ride the waves of pleasure. I watch her toes uncurl and every muscle from her feet to her head is relaxed. Her beautiful face, is serene in the candle’s soft glow. I look to the doorway that you disappeared through and I can see you, standing in the afterglow of your own rapture, as the last pearls of cum drip from your still erect cock. As I gather up my table and implements, I smile to myself, as I trust your report to Master will be a good one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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