Fun Down Under Ch. 01

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I recently enjoyed a bout with a local bloke that is perhaps worth reading. My name is Ted and I have a small home improvement business in Melbourne. A few months ago I got a call from a woman who inquired about adding onto her house. She said she and her husband were considering adding a deck to their home off the kitchen and inquired about the costs. As we discussed the project, I informed her I’d probably need to get a look at it but it would likely be late in the week before I could get by.

She also mentioned perhaps redoing the countertops in her kitchen as she had never been completely happy with them. When we agreed on Friday, she indicated she’d be on call but would leave a key under a plant by the front door. I’d done improvements in her neighborhood before and she said I came highly recommended and had no problem leaving me access to her home.

That day I finished a job rather early and headed over to her house to check out what needed to be done. There was an automobile in the driveway but no answer at the door so I let myself in with the key she had provided. I was just taking the measurements of the counters when to my surprise this ‘Shelia’ comes walking in with not a stitch on sporting this huge strapon cock around her slender waist.

I think we were both a bit taken back. Me with this sexy young Aussie and her seeing me standing there in her kitchen. The woman shrieked when she saw me and did her damndest to cover up her privates but not before I got an eyeful. Hearing the scream, this bloke comes around the corner not wearing clothes either demanding to know who the hell I was and what the fuck I was doing standing in his kitchen.

I said, “Ask her. She called about me doing work here. You said to come by anytime,” I said trying to defend myself as I looked over at this naked helpless woman.

I could tell something was amiss by the lost expression on both of their faces as she made a hasty retreat out of the room trying her best to cover herself with her hands. But not before I took in her gorgeous ass bouncing as she padded away. She couldn’t have been more than 25 with long strawberry blond hair that fell down her tanned back. I think it was then it dawned on him I was the home improvement guy he and his wife had discussed.

“I’m sorry,” the fellow said. “Let me slip on something and I’ll be right back.” I wasn’t sure exactly what to do as I reflected on the whole incident. I heard whispers and then the front door open and close and within seconds this guy reemerged wearing a pair of gym shorts.

“My name is John,” he said as he stuck out his hand. I was struck by a couple of his piercings, one just over his right eyebrow. “I assume bursa escort you’re the contractor my wife spoke to on the phone.”

“And I take it you’re the husband,” I answered back. “I think I might have interrupted something,” I surmised kind of throwing the comment off. There didn’t seem to be any doubt with me this bloke was doing the naughty in the back and that wasn’t his wife.

John seemed rather taken back at my comment but I went back to measuring as he just stood around and watched. After finishing up in the kitchen I walked out the back door measuring the side of the house, pretty much dismissing the events earlier.

I could see this guy moving around rather nervously and was just about to tell him to forget it, when he approached me. “Look, we both know that wasn’t my wife and, the thing is, she’s kind of caught me once before having a little on the side and warned there better not be a next time. I’d be pretty grateful to you if you wouldn’t mention this afternoon to her or anything,” he asked.

I looked at this guy as he really seemed to be rattled. I suppose I should have let it go but I couldn’t get the image of the ‘Shelia’ with the huge cock hanging between her legs out of my mind. She was built like nobody’s business with big tits capped off by two hard nipples that had me drooling.

“So this woman with the old fella hanging between her legs, that your girlfriend?” I asked. John nodded his head.

“And I take it your old lady doesn’t know anything about her…or the two of you. Is that right?” I continued to inquire.

“No, that was Jayne… and no, my wife Maryanne has no idea,” John stammered as he looked down at the floor.

“Well Jayne seems to be a bit on the kinky side with that dong between her legs… but then again, you must be too,” I chuckled.

I realized that I was taking this a little too far but the thought of making it with this buxom beauty was floating around in my head. I’m not even sure why I said it but I found myself blurting out, “So you like getting banged in the ass?”

It was more of a throw away line. I was just about to grab my pad when I heard John respond, “Yea, but my wife doesn’t know that about me. Listen, please don’t say anything. She’s already said there are no second chances. I’ll do anything you want. Whatever, I just can’t let this get back to her.”

I looked at him and saw the plea in his eyes. Even now I think I surprised myself and never really thought he’d do it when I sat my pad back down on the counter and said, “Well if you like a little cock in your ass maybe you’d like a little of the real thing. Why don’t you get down there and suck this meat of mine,” I said grabbing my bulge bursa escort bayan through my jeans and squeezing for emphasis.

I was all ready for him to rebuff me. I mean I really didn’t have much to lose and didn’t figure him to go running to his wife about how I insulted him. So I was a little surprised when he dropped to his knees and eyeing my crotch, unsnapped my jeans and pulled down the fly.

John rolled my jeans down my legs just past my knees and then put his mouth on the fabric of my briefs. I could feel his hot breath and his warm lips cup the outline of my cock leaving wet marks on the front of my grundies.

“Go ahead, go ahead suck it,” I directed him as he slowly pulled down the shorts exposing my rock hard cock that had already begun swelling in anticipation to being engulfed in his eager mouth.

I had never had a man suck me off before but this guy was no novice. He had certainly sucked a cock or two as he took my manhood in his mouth and bobbed up and down on it like a pro.

“Bloody fucking awesome,” I moaned as I threw my head back and let this cocksucker lick my shaft and tongue my hairy balls. He handled my cock like it was a piece of equipment as he licked the shaft and then stuck it back in his hungry mouth emitting slurps and moans of his own.

“That’s right faggot, suck that cock, lick my balls,” I directed feeling a bit of empowerment over this bloke as he worked the shaft in and out of his wet mouth. “All the way down, let’s see how much of my cock you can take,” I barked as I was surprised at how much of my meat he tried to force down his throat.

His blowjob was just as good as any ‘Shelia’ as he tongued and licked my balls as I watched him slip his own hand down his shorts and start fondling himself. Soon he had slipped the fabric under his cock and was jacking himself off all the while continuing to work my dick like there was no tomorrow.

I took hold of the shaft and rubbed my cock, slick with his saliva, across his face. It was when he opened back up his mouth I spotted the piercing through his tongue. This fucker was a bit of a wild thing himself as he took my cock back between his lips.

As crazy as it sounds, I was horny as hell now and throwing convention to the wind decided if he was up for an ass fucking I was the fellow that could do it. I carry a spare condom in my wallet and pulled the fucker out and fished through finding the package.

“Bend over that fucking table,” I barked as I turned him around and ripped the package open with my teeth. I rolled the lubed rubber over my stiff prick and jerked down the shorts he was wearing. This fellow had tattoos on his back, one on each shoulder, as escort bursa I lined my cock up with his asshole and eased it in.

John groaned but seemed totally resigned to me, if not a bit anxious, as I started fucking his ass as my cock slid into his back door easily. I began thrusting and he seemed to push back into me as I grabbed onto his hips and began driving my stiff prick home.

“Take that cock mother fucker. You wanted some dick this afternoon. I’m gonna’ give you some real cock. Not that rubber toy hanging from your girlfriend’s waist,” I stated as I drove him with all I had.

John just moaned and his face slid across his dining room table. “Take it, take that cock,” I continued as John now stood on his toes as I worked the dick into his hot hole.

Fucking this guy seemed to inspire me I suppose. The next thing I know I’m telling him what I’m going to do with him and his girlfriend. “I’m coming back next week and I’m going to fuck you and your girlfriend Jayne. You have her here. I’m gonna fuck her while you suck on my balls, begging me to cum in her. You hear me?”

“Yea, yea, I’ll make that happen. We’ll do it. Just don’t say anything to anybody. Just don’t let it get back to my wife,” he said between thrust.

I couldn’t believe my luck. This guy was so afraid of what I’d tell his wife that he was willing to set me up with his lover. Just the thought of fucking that beautiful woman was all I could take as I felt my load building up in my balls.

I pulled my cock out and pulled off the rubber dropping it to the kitchen floor. I spun John around and commanded him to his knees and to open his mouth and stick out his tongue. I took aim at the piercing square in the middle of his mouth and dumped my first load. He swallowed it before closing his lips over my cock and sucking out the rest of my warm spunk.

“That’s it you faggot, suck it. Take all that juicy load,” I urged as he moaned and went back to pumping his own cock. His mouth was still closed over my prick when I felt the first spray of warm liquid that splattered against my leg. I looked down to see him shoot stream after stream through the air falling to the vinyl floor.

Releasing his grip on my cock, John stood up and retrieved us both a wet dishtowel as we both cleaned up the mess. He wiped off the cum dripping from the corner of his mouth and I washed off his cum that was now running down my shin.

I pulled up my trousers while he was putting the towels away. Turning back at him, I promised not to say anything to his old lady but I expected when I called him the next week to line up that hot little ‘Shelia’ for my amusement.

Getting back in my truck, I couldn’t believe the way my afternoon had ended. I had picked up a job and got a little on the side. More importantly, I couldn’t wait to tap that fine piece of ass I had met in the kitchen. I looked forward to more fun with John and Jayne.

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