Fun in the Sun

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Big Dicks

This was the first Summer we rented a house down the Jersey shore. My husband and I never really having a chance to take a good, long vacation. It was needed and well deserved. But, of course, just when we thought a little time together could happen, he was called into work.

He is in transportation and is on-call 24/7. I understand that and always accepted it, expect for now. He has been working non-stop, we hardly see each other and it was just time for us, alone.

“Honey, I promise you as soon as I am done, I will get down the shore and we will start our vacation.” Joe said, “I will be gone for just a few hours.”

A few hours normally turns into 4 or 8 hours. I understand, I have a full-time job, but this was our vacation. This was our marriage.

“Fine,” I say, “But just don’t turn this into an over-nighter, okay??”

We hug each other,he gives me a quick kiss as he jumps into his car and heads off to work. I look at the clock and say to myself, “Well, it is only 7:00 a.m., I guess I can get a head start down the shore without any traffic.”

We had packed our car last night, so all I needed to do was check around the house. As I was making sure everything was turned off and it was safe for the week, the phone rings.


“Hey, Jill, it’s Sam, what’s going on? Getting ready to head down the shore?” Sam asks.

Samantha is my best friend. She is and has been for almost 13 years. We get along great. Sam is quite beautiful. Shoulder length blond hair, blue eyes, high cheekbones and, of course, a great body.

I, on the hand, have brown hair, green eyes and I have been told am on the skinny side. Which pisses me off since I prefer the word fit. I am a fitness instructor at a local gym and really am in great shape. I have been told that I don’t look a day over 25. Not bad for someone in their late 30’s!

“Yeah, I am getting ready,” I sigh, “But Joe had to go to work, so I am on my own, at least for the day.”

“Really?” asks Sam, “Hey, how about some company? Pick me up when you get down here and we will make Margaritas and roast in the sun.”

“You know what, that sounds great,” I tell Sam, “I hear that it’s gonna be a hot one!”

When we hang up, I feel in a much better mood. It will be much more fun anyway. Sam and I always have a great time together.

As I near her house, I see Sam waiting outside with her tiny blue shorts on and white tank top, striking a hitchhiker pose.

During our many conversations in the past, Sam alluded to the fact that during her college days she dabbled a bit in lesbian activity and occasionally still does. Although, she has said that “there’s nothing like a big, hard cock” to get her really going.

I don’t judge her by her sexual preference at all. She is a great person and friend. Looking at her now, I definitely could understand why any sex would find her incredibly hot.

“Hey, sexy!” I say as I roll down the window, “Going my way?”

Laughing, Sam opens the door and jumps in. “Why yes I am, thank you!” she says, tossing her duffel bag in the rear. “Wow! It’s only 10:30 a.m. and already it feels like it is going to be a scorcher.”

“I know. Did you bring the mixes?” I ask inquiring about the Marguerites. She makes them really, really good. Thick and frosty. türkçe altyazılı porno

“Of course, I did! Have I ever let you down!” Sam turns the radio on and our favorite song comes on, “Margueriteville, of course”, we look at each other and say together. Laughing, we start to start sing, a bit off key, but hey, we were enjoying ourselves!

“Alright,” I tell Sam, “I believe we are pretty close. Here are the directions to the house. If you find it, you get to make the first drink!”

“Gee, thanks!” Sam says and exclaims, “There’s the block, turn right… turn right!!”

I turn right and approach this really pretty house. I had no idea what it would look like. Joseph wanted to surprise me. He knew I always wanted a house down the shore, overlooking the beach, and there it was.

This beautiful, Cape Cod, white with black trim and shutters. It was at the end of a Cul de Sac and pretty private, with it’s own beach area and from the looks of it, no one was going to bother us for the week.

“Wow!” Sam says, “Great place. So much privacy. I like this.” and with that she jumps out of the car and starts to unload the back seat.

“Yeah, it’s beautiful. Come on, we will have a drink on the back porch once we get settled in.” I say, gabbing a few bags and head towards the front walkway.

As we enter the house, a blast of hot air hits us. Sam runs to every window and opens them. I turn on the lights and try to locate the air conditioning controls. Once I find them and regulate it the house becomes a bit cooler. But in this heat, we knew it would take awhile.

I make my way into each room, inspecting them. I find the house to be incredible. It is in pristine condition. Sam hands me a drink while I bring bags of food into the kitchen and start to put them away.

“I bought us bikinis.” Sam said. She is always doing that, buying gifts and never taking money for them. She is a lawyer in New York City with a pretty large firm. She owns her own home and she is pretty much set financially.

“I’m going to put mine on,” and with that Sam disappears into the bathroom.

A few minutes, and another Marguerites, later, Sam emerges. She is wearing a beautiful red string bikini. Her body looks fantastic. The top barely covering her large breasts. She already has a tan and with her blond hair, she is just stunning.

“Hey,” I say, “That is so pretty. You look great!”

“Thanks. Yours is in the bathroom,” Sam says casually, pointing to the direction of the bathroom. “Go try it on. With your bod, you are gonna look hooooot!”

I give her a “yeah, right” look and head towards the bathroom. There was a gorgeous string bikini in a turquoise blue. I put it on and check myself out in the mirror. She was right, of course, it looked great. While I was in the process of turning around to check out my butt, she opens the door.

“Oh, WOW! You look great!” Sam says as she hands me another Marguerites. “Once you get a tan, that color is going to stand out.” She checks me out head to toe, adjusting the bathing suit here and there. As her hand touches my ass, I get a strange feeling in my pussy and goosebumps cover my body.

“Oh, Honey, I am sorry…my hands must be cold from the drinks!”

Moving away, xnxx I make a “don’t worry motion” with my hand and tell her that I am going to call my husband.

“Just to let him know we are here and that we’re heading outdoors.” I say as I dial my husband’s cell phone. She says fine, grabs the radio, blankets and goes onto the back balcony.

“Yikes, it’s hot!” Sam exclaims, opening the sliding glass doors, “Tell Joey I said Hi and hurry up out!”

When Joey answers, I tell him that we are here. He tells me that he will be home probably around 7:00 pm., and to eat dinner without him. He will call when he is on his way. Feeling a bit depressed, I hang up and head towards the door.

There, I see Sam laying on the blanket, wiggling her hips to the music, her body facing the ocean. I get that feeling again and mentally tell myself to knock it off. What the hell was the matter with me?

Actually, I know exactly what’s the matter. I haven’t have sex in two weeks!! I was extremely horny and after three Marguerites, a bit buzzed. This was going to be the vacation where my husband and I would just make love all day long.

I shake my head, refill my cup and step outside. My skin immediately glistens with perspiration from the heat. I sit down on the blanket next to Sam. She turns onto her side and asks whether or not I put suntan lotion on before I came out.

“No, I forgot.” I say and Sam takes the bottle next to her and tells me to not to worry that she would do the honors.

With that Sam tells me to lay down and then straddles my hips. At first I am shocked, but say nothing, actually enjoying how her lower body is resting on my ass. She undoes my bikini top so “You don’t get any lines,” and begins to work the lotion onto my back. She slides her hands up and down my back. Spreading the lotion slowly, down the sides of my body, skimming the swell of my breasts with her nails.

With her hands resting on my hips, she slides herself down a bit and I instinctively raise my ass. Sam stops for a moment and then unties the sides of my string bikini bottom. I don’t say a word. When I feel no movement, I turn my head to see Sam undoing her bikini top, her full breasts bouncing out. I feel my pussy get wet with excitement.

I can’t see Sam’s face for the sun is behind her, but I see that she takes the lotion and rubs it over her breasts. I lick my lips and turn away. I then feel her bend down, continuing to spread the lotion on my body. This motion making her tits lightly touch my back.

She slides her hands down my ass and under the cloth of the bikini bottom. Slowly kneading me. I move my hips, matching her movements.

“Does this feel good?”, Sam huskily asks me.

I nod, not trusting my voice and not wanting her to stop. She pulls my bikini bottom slowly through my legs. I raise my ass as the feeling of the material rubs against my clit. I involuntarily moan. It was a very nice feeling.

“Yeah,” says Sam. “That feels good, doesn’t it?” She removes my bottoms all the way and replaces them with her hand. She takes her fingers and starts to stroke me. I spread my legs enjoying the feeling that she is creating. She shoves two fingers into my cunt, pumping them slowly at first and then stops.

“Turn over,” Sam says and shifts porno izle her weight so I could lay on my back.

When I turn I see Sam holding her glass of Marguerites. My eyes widen and she laughs.

“What in the world….” I begin breathlessly, but Sam just gives me a wicked smile.

“It’ll be cold at first, but I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.” She says as she pours the liquid in a line from my stomach to between my legs. “We both will.”

I catch my breath as the cold liquid touches my hot skin, dripping down into my pussy. I close my eyes and arch my back, waiting for whatever it is Sam intends to do to me. Her lips touch me first, then she begins to suck the drink, which is now mingled with my juices. I spread my legs letting her drink from me. I feel Sam’s pink tongue lightly licking me. What a difference in her touch to that of my husband’s.

Her touch was gentle, knowing what I wanted and how I wanted it. She continued to suck and lick my pussy, her hands going under me gripping my ass, bringing me closer to her. She then takes her tongue and plunges it into me. Loving the way it felt, I move my hips up and down helping her fuck me with her tongue. I tightly close my eyes and moan with pleasure.

“Oh, God, that’s fucking good!” my mind is screaming, “Yeah, Sam…lick me! Eat my pussy, please!” Her tongue pumping me faster and then, as if she read my mind, she does exactly that. She eats me and rides my orgasm, sucking me. Taking my clit gently between her teeth and with her tongue, licking it. I put my hands on her head pushing her down on me.

I bend my knees so that I am open for her fingers and she takes them and fucks me, hard. After she has brought me to an incredible orgasm, she lifts her head.

Her lips are wet with my cum and looking at me, she licks it off. She pulls me up to a sitting position and kisses me. Her lip are so soft and her tongue feels so good. We pull away a bit and lick each others tongue, slowly.

She takes my tongue and sucks it between her teeth and pulls my body close. I feel those gorgeous breasts on my mine as we slide our bodies against each other and I get aroused again. I moan against her lips.

Her kiss deepens as she wraps her legs around me and we rub our pussies together. My pussy tingles as I feel her pubic hair against me. It feels incredible. This makes me very naughty and I tell her that.

Sam smiles and then takes my fingers and shows me how to stroke her pussy. She moans against my mouth. She moves away a bit and brings my fingers into her. She rides my fingers as we kiss, licking our tongues, rubbing our bodies together.

It amazes me how wet she is and that I am doing that to her. I take my fingers and lick them, wanting to taste her. Sam looks at me, grinning and then she takes my fingers, puts them in her mouth licking them slowly and then returns them to her pussy. She whispers in my ear if I want to lick her. I tell her yes. As she slowly lays backward, pulling me with her, the phone rings. Not wanting to stop, I let the answering machine pick up.

As I am trailing a line down her stomach with my tongue and start to lick her pussy, I hear my husband’s voice.

“Hey, guys, it’s Joey. Well, I will be about another hour or two. I guess since you are not there you’re eating out. Okay, see you later” and the machine clicks off.

Sam and I look at each other and burst into laughter.

“Well, actually we’re just starting on dessert!” Sam laughes as I lower my head to taste her. From that day on Marguerites nights took on a whole new meaning.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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