Fun with Angie

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It was a little after nine by the time I pulled my scooter around behind the place and came in the back door. Angie was setting on a bar stool behind the bar with her feet kicked up watching the television. There was a man and a woman sitting at one end of the bar and a guy in the back playing a solitaire game of pool. “Looks like the place is really hopping,” I said.

“Typical week night crowd,” Angie said. “I’m thinking seriously about shutting down for the night. Three customers don’t even pay for the lights.”

“Is there anything I can do? I can help you clean up.”

“Don’t worry about it. There’s really not much to do.”

“I could really use a long hot shower,” I said. “It’s been a long day for me.”

“I could use a long hot something else,” Angie said with a wink. “I was hoping to get lucky while my kid was away. Oh well, I guess there’s still Old George.”

“Old George?”

“My trusty battery powered dildo, a girl’s best friend.”

“I’d think you’d have no trouble getting the real thing.”

“There’s no lack of volunteers around here, but sometime I just don’t want to deal with what the real thing is attached to.”

“I know what you mean.”

While Angie cleaned up behind the bar I took a bar towel and started cleaning off the tables and picking up the empty glasses and pitchers. By the time we were done, the stragglers got the hint and left so we could lock up. Once we were back in Angie’s cabin, she said, “You go ahead and take the first shower. Try and save me some hot water.”

“Why don’t we just shower together? It’ll save hot water.”

“I…ah, well, it sounds like fun,” she said as her eyes traveled down my body. “It’s just that I’ve never, you know…”

“Gotten naked with another girl? Don’t worry, I’m not a lesbian or anything. I’m just thinking that if the two of us showered at the same time, we could both stay in the hot water twice as long.”

“That sure makes sense. Let’s make the shower real hot.”

Even though it was nearly summer, the mountain air still had a little chill to it and I was glad to see Angie flick on the little wall mounted heater in the bathroom before she started stripping off her clothes. While she adjusted the water temperature in the shower, I peeled off my jeans, vest and top and piled them neatly on top of the little vanity next to the sink.

I was not the least bit disappointed when Angie took off the last of her clothes. Her breasts stood out proudly from her chest with only a slight droop that showed that they’d been lovingly used for the purpose nature had intended. When she turned around to fine-tune the water temperature, she furnished me a fine view of her wonderfully pear shaped ass, firm thighs and the delicious looking gap between them.

Angie stepped into the hot spray of water and held the door open for me to join her in the tiny box shower. “You’ve got the kind of body you only see in magazines,” she said. “It’s hard to believe that such a tiny thing can kick ass like you do.”

“I’m a professional,” I said as I took my turn under the spray of water. “It’s taken more years of training than you can imagine to be able to take care of myself that way.”

“And you’re just totally sexy to boot.”

“That works to my advantage. Most men feel that a sexy little girl Ankara bayan escort like me is defenseless and either needs protecting or will be easy prey.”

“Having you around sure makes me feel protected,” Angie said as she soaped up a wash cloth. “Turn around and I’ll do your back.”

It felt great having Angie’s strong hands working the wash cloth over my back, shoulders and arms. I let out a little moan of pleasure as my tired muscles relaxed under her manipulations. “God, that feels good,” I said.

“You know, I’ve never felt any attraction towards other women,” Angie said. “Never even thought about it really, but there’s something about you that kinda turns me on.”

“My Master seemed to think that I was a great warrior in a previous life and have many masculine traits. I love a good hard dick as much as the next girl, but I’m not against taking pleasure where I find it. I’ve found that nobody can eat a pussy better than someone who has one of her own.”

“I’ve never thought of it that way. The same thing should apply to guys about sucking dicks.”

“A great thing about being a woman is if we make love with each other, it’s considered `sisterly.’ When guys do it, it’s being queer. It seems to offend their `machismo,'” I said as I turned around in the cramped shower and took the wash cloth from her and started washing her shoulders, arms and down her front with it.

“You’re making me horny just talking about it,” Angie said.

“Shit! Talk about horny. I spent most of the day on my little Harley having my pussy vibrated. A three way with you and `George’ is sounding real good right now.” I worked the soapy cloth over her luscious tits then massaged them with my bare hands causing her nipples to pucker up and distend into thimble sized knots of sensitive flesh.

Angie pulled me to her, the soap on our bodies acting as a lubricant as our skin made contact. We tentatively kissed under the hot spray of water and as our lips met again, they were more urgent and open so that our tongues could meet. “You have a body made for giving pleasure,” Angie breathed into the crook of my neck as her hands stroked down my torso. “I’ve never done this sort of thing with another woman. It feels so exquisite.” Her hand moved over my hip then slowly down my lower abdomen to cup the mound of my pussy.

A gasp escaped my mouth when I felt her finger slip into my cleft and stroke between the swollen labia. My pussy had been twitching all day and all it took was a couple of light strokes over my clit to bring me to a shuddering climax. “You do that so well,” I said as I filled my hands with her generous breasts and lowered my mouth to take her inviting nipples between my teeth. I sucked and nibbled one thimble-sized nipple, then the other, enjoying the resilient flesh in my mouth. Angie moaned and pressed herself into my oral caress. I retrieved the wash cloth and continued scrubbing her curvaceous body with it, over her butt, down the back of her legs and as I moved around behind her I worked it over her tits, squeezing and massaging them in the manner that I knew felt so good. I pressed myself against her back as I reached around her and maneuvered the wash cloth down her abdomen and worked the lather into her thick muff. As I kissed and nibbled the sensitive spots of her neck, I Escort bayan Ankara ran my fingers between her swollen labia and found the little penis like protrusion of her clitoris.

I couldn’t believe how big it was! From where it protruded from its protective hood it must have stood out nearly an inch and was at least a half-inch around. It was just like a tiny cock and I wanted to suck it!

Angie was already moaning and cooing from my fondling and when she turned around in my arms to face me, her face showed a state of bliss. I knelt down in the cramped shower, kissing a trail down her abdomen through the rivulets of water and nuzzled into her bush. Running my hands up her inner thighs to spread them, I found the glorious knob of dark pink clit flesh with the tip of my tongue. I cupped her ass cheeks in my hands and pulled her pelvis into my face so that I could suck that marvelous nodule between my lips.

I couldn’t imagine how sensitive a clitoris that size could be but it felt so marvelous in my mouth as I stroked my tongue over it. Angie let out a long low moan as her legs buckled slightly and her body began to quiver. She held my head to her as I slobbered over her slippery crease. “Oh yes, there! Like that,” she gasped. “OH Yeah! Ohmygawd! Oh… My… Yesss… GOD! OH!” she screamed as she folded down onto the shower floor with me, her body convulsing in the throes of orgasm.

We worked our way back to our feet and Angie leaned against the wall of the shower stall. “Oh may-an,” she sighed, “I don’t think I’ve ever come that hard. You sure do know how to get a girl off.” She put her arms around me and when our lips met, her kiss no longer held any reservation. It was hot and passionate and filled with urgency. When our lips finally parted, she whispered, “Let’s finish up here and take this little passion play to the bedroom where there’s some room.”

We dried each other off with a couple of big fluffy beach towels and as we stepped out of the steamy warmth of the bathroom, Angie took me by the hand and we made a run to her bedroom. By the time she pulled down the covers on her antique iron bed, the chill mountain air of the cabin had my nipples puckered up into hard little knots. Angie dove in under the comforter, scooted over to the far side of the bed and held the covers up for me to join her. I slid in between the cold sheets and snuggled right up next to her warm, lush body.

I had thought at first that I would have to take the initiative in seducing Angie but the minute I was under the covers with her, her lips were on mine and her hands were doing wonderful things with my tits. My hardened nipples must have been a fascination to her by the way she massaged the resilient flesh and rolled the stiffened nubs between her fingers. I had no complaints as her manipulations sent jolts of erotic energy straight to my pussy. Her leg pressed between my thighs and I could feel the firmness of her upper thigh against my vulva.

In no time at all, it began to get hot under the covers as Angie’s hands were all over me in the most pleasurable manner. Her hot, wet kisses fueled my passion beyond the point of no return and soon I was letting out little moans of pleasure. I reached down and cupped her muff in my hand as I pressed a finger into her steamy crease. Parting the moist Bayan escort Ankara petals, I was able to feel her mega clit against the palm of my hand as I dipped two fingers into the hot dripping opening of her sex. Angie gasped for breath and I could feel a ripple pass through her body as my fingers wiggled up inside of her. After just a few seconds, she clasped her thighs tightly down on my hand as her body undulated, signifying her release, and I could feel a gush of renewed wetness flood her pussy. When she could no longer stand the exquisite stimulation, she pulled my hand up and held me tight until her spasms subsided. “God! You sure know how to get a girl off,” she said.

“I get plenty of practice on myself,” I told her.

“I can’t believe I’m so turned on to you. It’s like I’m responding to you like you were a dude. I almost expect you to stick a dick in me.”

“Where’s George? I could do that if you like.”

Angie enthusiastically pulled the vinyl device out of her nightstand drawer and handed it to me. It was not as sophisticated as the one Rebecca Longport had but it looked like it could get the job done. The thing looked to be about ten inches long with a bulbous cock head, stimulation nubs at the base and thick veins all along the shaft. I twisted the control knob at its base and was rewarded by the sound of a deep hum. I reached down and ran the tip of it along my cunt slit and the vibrations curled my toes.

“This is going to be fun,” I said as I knelt between Angie’s thighs. I pressed the base of the dildo long ways against my pussy and held it tight between my legs so that it stuck out in front of me like as if I had a hard dick. “How’s this look?”

“Looks like you have a dick,” Angie said, drawing her knees up and spreading her pussy lips apart with her fingers. “Fuck me with it.”

The vibrations sent a delicious tickle from the pit of my stomach to my asshole as I lowered myself down and pressed the head of the dildo between Angie’s pouting pussy lips. I held myself up slightly as Angie reached down and positioned the bulbous head at the entrance of her waiting orifice. Then, holding the base of the dildo firmly between my thighs, I slowly pushed my hips forward and slid it into her slippery aperture. Angie let a low moan as the vibrating vinyl shaft disappeared between her sopping pussy lips. She raised her legs and pressed her heels into my butt as I pulled back slightly and plunged the shaft into her again and again in a most male fashion.

As I fucked Angie for all I was worth, holding the buzzing machine tightly between my legs against my pussy, the little nubbins on its base were sending the most incredible sensations right to my clitoris. Angie let out several loud gasps and a long “Oooooh!” as her climax took over her consciousness. Just about that time the buzzing monster pressed against my pussy lips was sending me over the top in spasms of orgasmic fury right along with her. Somewhere along the way, I lost my grip of the dildo and it slipped out of Angie’s snatch as we were gripped in the throes of our orgasms.

We held on to each other until we could catch our breaths, kissing all the while. “The one thing I miss when I use `Old George’ is that I have no one to kiss and hold on to when I come,” Angie said. “With you here it was perfect. I may never go back to men again.”

“I seriously doubt that,” I said. “There’s something about the way they smell and their hard bodies that’s just irresistible.”

“Yeah I know. And I’m such a sucker for their bullshit.”

“Gawd, aren’t we all?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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