Gail Meets Judy

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This story contains elements of incest and bi-sexuality. If this isn’t your cup of tea…you have time to bow out gracefully. All involved are of legal age, etc…

In our last story, ‘Nosey neighbor’, Barb’s sixty-year-old neighbor Gail, had been forgiven for her nasty behavior and was invited to Barbara’s home for a dip in the hot tub, Irish coffee, and cake. It evolved into her getting two days filled with some much-needed loving from Carl (me) and Frank, two of Barb’s lovers. Carl is forty, just your average guy with an average (read six-inch) cock. Frank, is thirty, a Triathlete with a rather large (read nine-inch) cock. Frank leaves a trail of sodden panties every time he shows up in either a speedo or his tight biking shorts. The only women that say ‘penis size isn’t important’ are women that have never seen nor fucked a large cock.

Gail had been married to an abusive old creep, John, that cheated on her multiple times. He also, according to her, had a ‘soggy noodle dick’ that rarely lasted for more than a minute or two. She always had to supplement their sex with her vibrator…after he fell asleep. He tried muscling his way back into her life by text message. “I’ve had second thoughts and I’m coming home.” type of thing. It just so happened that he texted her while she was getting pounded by Frank. Gail face-timed her ex while getting laid and needless to say, her ex was less than thrilled. He got an eyeful of Frank’s baseball bat cock plundering Gail’s now clean-shaven pussy and also a beautiful view of Barbara shaved twat grinding on Gail’s face. I held the phone and played cameraman. Her ex is now the proud recipient of a restraining/no-contact order.

Enough about the abusive old prick, on to bigger (you’ll see) and better.

During our foursome, Frank had told Gail of some of his sex partners. He told stories of Karen and Judy, stories that opened Gail’s mind and lady bits to all manner of sexual depravity. She was most interested in meeting Judy, Frank’s bi-trans-sexual friend. Judy is a tall willowy redhead with natural (hormone-induced) B cup boobs and a twelve-inch penis….almost as girthy as Frank’s. At first, she didn’t believe that someone could have a chunk of meat that large…she thought that Frank’s was as big as they got. Silly girl….

Side note: It sucks when the prettiest gal in the neighborhood, the one with the most incredible set of tits, also has a cock exactly twice the size of mine. FML…

Frank sent Gail a video of himself standing naked with his arm around an equally naked Judy. Frank’s cock looked like a little boy’s willy when compared to Judy’s. Gail asked if we could repeat our hot tub date and include Judy….why not. Barb said that she would set it up. We are all determined to undo all of the damage that her asshole husband had done to her over the last fifteen years. Her son, Tony, was very happy to have us ‘taking such good care’ of his mom. Yes, he knew what was going on.

Friday rolled around and with it came the celebratory/emancipation dinner that Tony had promised for his mom. Tony reserved a table for six at the new Italian restaurant in town, Ristorante Antonino, or as we called it Gelato’s. A nice quiet place with very tasteful decorations, each table in a grotto of its own, guaranteeing privacy from prying eyes and ears. Judy was invited to the dinner but we didn’t mention anything to Tony about her true identity. Let’s see if he could figure it out on his own. This would be neutral ground, a good place for Gail and Judy to meet without any sexual tension or expectations. We wanted to see if they got along before throwing them in bed together.

Frank started the meal with one of his goofball toasts, always something screwy, and always in a different language, “Buona Fortuna a tutti noi, e tanta felicità tra le vostre gambe.” The Italian servers in the restaurant had a good laugh at that one. Loosely translated from Italian, “good luck to us all and much happiness between your legs.” Much like the toast from last week’s dinner at Barb’s house. (That one was in Polish.) Frank is multi-lingual and from what I’ve seen, he’s also pretty good with his tongue.

The anti-pasta came in the form of their homemade hard soppressata, scungilli, sun-dried tomatoes among other homemade delicacies. The conversation was pleasant and light… with no mention of Gail’s ex-husband. We spoke of the beauty of the fall colors and Gail’s new sex life. Tony, her son, looked a bit uncomfortable hearing about how his mother got DP’d by Frank and Barbara, and how she fucked both of us with the strapon. He soon relaxed after a few glasses of house wine though and joined right in with the southbound conversation.

His mother had told him that Frank had a friend that was packing twelve inches. Tony looked shocked…but the wine had loosened his tongue, “I would really like to meet this person…umm….I…aahh…. I have kind of aaahh… a confession to make, Mom. I’m bi, I’ve never told anyone because dad would probably have thrown me out if he found out. I hope you don’t hate me for hiding it all these years.”

Ricorda, eryaman escort nel vino c’è la verità. In wine, there is truth.

Gail had tears running down her cheeks, “Oh my sweet child, how could I possibly hate you? You’re my reason for living. Now I have a confession…I knew you were bi, I’ve known it for years. I came home early from work one day and saw you, in the living room, having sex with Tina and Joseph. You were sucking Joseph’s cock and Tina was working your ass with a vibrator. I’ll admit, it was hot as hell. I wanted to run out of the house, but my feet wouldn’t cooperate. I stood there, spying from behind the kitchen wall, and rubbed one out watching you. So, I have no problem with who you love or how you love, much the same as you don’t have a problem with my lovers.”

Tony was flabbergasted, “You…You knew!? How come you never said anything to me about it?”

Gail looked at her son lovingly, “I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable. As long as you were happy…I was happy. I kept it from the asshole for the same reason you did. I knew he would disown you or throw you out if he found out….. Then I’d have to slit his throat while he slept. Now that we have cleared the air, I feel comfortable telling you where to find that twelve-inch cock. The cock you seek is sitting right there between Judy’s luscious legs.”

Judy turned to Tony and smiled shyly. She took his hand and placed it under her skirt so he could feel her thigh. “Move your hand up a bit, Tony.”

Tony nervously slid his hand northward and immediately felt the head of Judy’s footlong, his eyes widening much the same as Gail’s did upon seeing Frank’s beast. “Madonna mia! That’s fucking huge! Wow! This is really weird you guys…I’m sitting in a restaurant, feeling a woman’s cock while my mom sits watching me. Mom, I guess I had better get used to discussing our sexual doings, I get the feeling that it’s going to be a frequent topic at the dinner table.”

Barb leaned towards Gail and whispered in her ear, “Do you think Tony would like to join our little sex party? Would you be ok with that? I won’t ask him…I’ll leave it up to you. I’m cool with it, besides, he’s a hottie…I’d love to get him between my thighs.”

Gail pondered this for a moment and then asked, “Here’s more weirdness for you son…. Babs, Carl, Frank, Judy, and I are gonna wind up in Barbara’s hundred-acre bed tonight, would you like to join us? You don’t have to have sex with me, but I think you’d have a great time. Call it a mom and son bonding adventure. Think about it.”

“I don’t need to think about it…the answer is an absolute and emphatic…. YES! Your hot blood runs in my veins too. That’s where I get my sex drive from. Certainly not from Mr. One Minute Soggy Noodle. I’d love to be part of this…orgy, as the old asshole called it. And come to think of it, I would love to love you, if you’ll have me. I’ve fantasized about you for years, mom. You’re strong, confident, beautiful, and the best mother in the world. That’s why I’ve never married…I use you as a model for what a wife should be like. Nobody ever measured up to you.” Tony stood and proclaimed, “A TOAST! To my newly emancipated mother and her new lovers. May there always be happiness to fill your souls, and big stiff cocks to fill your holes! Buona salute a ti!”

Gail cried tears of joy as we cheered and drank to our new love life. This is going to be a wild night, week, month, year……. I sucked my first cock last week and it looks like I might just get a few more chances tonight. Gail and her son might just commit the ultimate taboo, and… for a change, Frank won’t have the largest cock in the room. It’s a good thing that Barb bought that Alaska King Size bed, the one Gail referred to as the ‘hundred-acre’ bed. If we keep gaining sex partners, we’ll need a wall-to-wall mattress.

The rest of our dinner was filled with delightful banter and endless laughter. Tony and Gail were sitting with Judy sandwiched between them, each taking turns fondling Judy’s cock. Judy pulled her skirt up high enough for them to get a good look at her manhood…. Both stared with looks of awe and longing in their eyes.

Tony told her, “I’ve only seen cocks like that in porno films. Cocks that large are one in a million.” Gail could barely contain her excitement. She was wiggling in her seat so much, you’d have thought that there was a vibrator in her twat.

“Judy shook her head, “It might be one in a million, but so are the women that can handle the whole thing. I’ve been turned down by more women than I’ve had sex with. Everyone wants to fuck a giant cock until they are presented with one, then they back out. ‘You’re not sticking that thing in me, you’ll kill me.’ or, ‘you’ll tear my vagina if you bottom out’. Understandable though. If I get carried away, I might unintentionally go really deep, and I know I’ve bruised some internal organs when I was young and inexperienced. So bigger isn’t always better.”

From the viewpoint of a male, I beg to disagree but I’m gonna keep quiet about eryaman escort bayan it for now. Maybe I’ll find out tonight…maybe Judy wants to ride my ass. I’m sure it’s easier to take twelve inches anally than vaginally…the rectum and lower colon will handle up to three feet of dildo, whereas the vagina is only four to six inches deep. Besides, Barbara already fucked me with a twelve-inch dildo, the only difference is that Judy’s is alive and it squirts. I’m game. Maybe we four cock bearers can put on a sex show for Babs and Gail. A four-way mouth to cock centipede….I’m getting hard just thinking about it. I’m also learning that there’s a side of me that I didn’t know existed…never too old to learn.

We all walked arm in arm through the woods back to Barbara’s house. Stopping along the trail taking turns to fuck or finger Babs and Gail. A five-minute walk took twenty minutes. I wonder if anyone called the police to report the moaning and growling coming from the spooky nighttime woods.

Unfortunately, we had a guest waiting for us at Barb’s house. It was Mr. Angry Asshole himself, Gail’s ex. He was wielding a baseball bat, making threatening gestures with it. “I got a baseball bat just like this little boy Frank’s cock, except I’m gonna use this bat to bash his fucking skull in. Nobody fucks my wife except me! You’re a dead man and then I’m gonna mangle Barbara and her boy toy! I’m taking my wife and son home with me! You fucked with the wrong guy this time!”

Gail screamed at him, “There’s a restraining order against you, and I’m not your fucking wife anymore! You divorced me three years ago, you overstuffed bag of fertilizer! Get the fuck out of my life and stay away from me and my son!”

John kept swinging the bat, “Mistrangement order? Do you mean that blue paper the cop gave me? That was a mistrangement order!? I didn’t read it, I threw it away!”

Judy walked towards John, clenching her fists, “The restraining order was read to you by Frank, and you signed it!”

The following sequence of events lasted all of four seconds.

John raised the bat and was about to swing when Judy lifted her skirt and flashed a gold federal agent badge and her huge cock at John. This threw John off his game for a moment, and in that moment..really just the blink of an eye, Judy stepped in close, throat punched him, and put him in a choke-hold taking him down into the gravel of the driveway. He was quickly rendered unconscious, she let him fall face-first on the sharp bluestone.

Gail ran to Judy and hugged her. “Hoooleeee fuck! Where did you learn a nasty move like that? It was over in a nano-second!”

Judy brushed the dirt off of her skirt and said, “I’m a Red belt in mixed martial arts fighting and a tactical weapons expert. (Showing her badge {and hammer} again) I’m also a senior federal agent. I teach self-defense and wilderness survival to FBI agents and assorted law enforcement agencies across the USA. I might look like a sweet thin Redhead, but I’m a brutal beast when I need to be. Think of me as a sexy Rambo. People only get to fuck with me once….. if they survive, they’ll have all their recuperating and rehab time to ponder the error of their ways.”

I was shocked at this news. “Is that why you’re always going to Virginia? To teach? I thought you had family or friends there. You’re a true badass in lady’s clothing.”

Judy smiled and took her phone out to call her dispatch center. “Hi Sandra, yes it’s special agent Judy Lewiski. I need an arrest team at my location. I was just assaulted by some creep with a baseball bat. No, I’m not injured at all. Can’t say the same for my attacker though…better send an ambulance for him, I punched him in the throat pretty hard and dumped him on his face in the gravel. All right, I’ll email a report on Monday… bye-bye.”

Gail, Tony, Barbara, and Frank went into the house while Judy and I braved the chill evening air to wait for the arrest team and ambulance. John was still face-down in the dirt, snoring and wheezing like an old asthmatic dog. It was very unlikely that he would wake up any time soon.

I had lots of questions that needed answering, “Hey Judy… any of the FBI agents or cops ever give you shit about being a trans-sexual? I can only imagine the childish shit-talk that goes on.”

“Everybody knew that I was trans, and most people were mature enough to accept it. A senior agent tried to bully me on my first day as an instructor. Big muscular steroid user. He called me a sissy and told me that nobody would respect me because I was a “Tranny.” I hate that fucking word.

Then he made the monumental mistake of trying to ambush me….he told his colleagues that it would be a test of my abilities. He jumped me after work in front of his fellow agents. Long story short, he spent three weeks in the hospital, and six months in rehab recovering from the bludgeoning I gave him. He still walks with a limp and he was also demoted to office clerk. Nobody ever messed with me after that. I’m not bragging, but I’m lightning-fast escort eryaman and I hit like a freight train, that’s why Mr. Asshole went down with one punch tonight. He’ll need surgery to correct what I did to his throat.”

The arrest team arrived, took Judy’s statement, and sent one of the agents to guard John on the way to the hospital. Judy had a big grin on her face, “He’s going to be in prison for a while, threatening to kill, and assaulting a federal agent is still frowned upon in the USA. Now, let’s go inside and get some pussy, fighting makes me horny.”

We figured that everyone would be in the kitchen or living room having drinks…nope. We instead found a note taped to the tv, “We’re upstairs in the shower. Cum… join us.”

We both took the spiral stairs two at a time, undressing as we ran. I slipped on a rug and went down on my ass in the hallway. Judy helped me to stand, and as I got halfway up, I saw Judy’s cock swinging in front of my face. I looked up at her and said, “I have to do this before I lose my nerve.” I took her kielbasa-sized cock in my hand and pulled it into my mouth, gently swirling my tongue around the head. Judy was getting hard and pushed more cock into my mouth. I was stuffed…I couldn’t breathe around it.

“What the heck are you two doing out here?!” It was Gail, “Hey! I’m supposed to be sucking that cock. Haa Haa! You should see yourself, on your knees with Judy’s thing in your mouth…buuuustedddd! Come on, we’re all waiting for you in the shower.”

Judy looked down at me, her cock still in my mouth and we both exploded in laughter. Busted! Yes, your honor, guilty as charged, sucking cock in the hallway. Judy pulled me upright and we walked to the bathroom to finish undressing.

“I want to finish what I started back in the hallway. Save a load for me tonight.” I wanted that cock. I’m starting to wonder about myself…am I bi, or just curious. Is there a category that I fit in? a category really necessary? Life is just one long learning experience… A new semester was about to begin.

Oh, the luxury of having a fifteen by fifteen-foot shower/steam room to warm you on a cold New England night. It had padded granite benches and a heated floor. The rain shower was on with apple/cinnamon-scented steam. It drove the cold out of my bones very quickly. We all took turns washing each other, kissing, feeling, massaging…doing whatever felt good. It all felt good, especially Judy’s tits….firm, natural tits. Seems odd saying that about someone that also has a cock.

Once we were out of the shower, Tony distributed some THC tincture to all of us (except Judy…little Miss FBI). This stuff is great! No smoke to choke on and much easier to control the dosage. I got a nice dizzy buzz without getting the munchies. It also made me hard and horny as hell, this was better than viagra….no Viagra headache.

Barbara realized that the ladies were outnumbered two to one. “Gail, there’s more cock than twat here tonight, I think that we are going to have the sorest pussies in town tomorrow. We should lay back and let these lads pull a train on us. Each guy fucks one of us till we come, and then lets another guy in to do the same. The cocks don’t cum until we let them. That way, we keep the guys on edge, building up cum for our cum bath. You and I get to bust a million nuts and we can jerk the four of them off on ourselves at the end. Sound like fun?”

Gail needed no prompting, she was already kneeling on the bed wiggling her ass at the four cockbearers. “Come on boys, time’s a-wasting. Judy, bring that sausage up here and stuff this old bird with it.”

Judy pulled up to Gail’s rear end and rubbed her swollen cock head around Gail’s glistening pussy, using her sopping wet snatch to lubricate all twelve inches. “How do you want it? Long and slow, hard and deep, or a combination?”

“I think slow and easy till you stretch me out a bit. I’ll let you know when I’m ready for deep. Tony, are you going to watch your slutty mommy get railed by this beautiful young lady cock?”

Tony positioned himself under his mother so he could see Judy’s cock in her pussy. “Let her rip Judy! I’m going to lick your clit and Judy’s shaft as it plunges in and out of you. I’ve wanted to taste you for years mom, and now my dreams are coming true.”

Judy slowly slid into that sweet old pussy until her cock was pressing against Gail’s cervix, “Damn Gail, I only have an inch left to give, you took more of me than any woman I’ve ever been with.”

“Whaaaaaooohmygaahhhddd! It feels like I’m being fucked with a flagpole. Luckily, I’ve had children, so my pussy has already been stretched. Now, no more talk…start fucking…it’s safe to say that I can handle your length. Time to pound this pussy!”

I wanted to do the same with Babs and Frank, so I lay back with Barb in a sixty-nine, sitting on my face as Frank invaded her from behind. I love the close-up view of a thick cock tearing up a tight pussy. Even more, I really got off on licking Frank’s rod and Barb’s clit together. Barb produces floods of fluid and she’s also a squirter… Not the fake squirting that you see in porn, aka peeing. Real vaginal contraction squirting. Every time she came, a gush of sweet slippery juice would spray out from around Frank’s cock, coating my face and dripping into my ears. This was fucking great. I did my best to keep up with the overflow but wound up wearing most of it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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