Games Boys Play Ch. 03

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This is a follow on from the original ‘Games Boys Play’. It is a work of fiction.

The minutes passed and yes, I found out who the spectator had been. It was of course Rob the janitor. It made sense when I thought of it because where else would David had got the key to the boiler room. Rob came out from the shadows and joined the three of us. “Good show, boys. Who’s the new boy David?”

“It’s Peter,” David replied. “He’s our new recruit. Never been fucked before and just got his first taste of spunk.”

Rob looked me in the eye and enquired, “How was it Peter? Did Dave’s cum taste good; did you get a good mouthful?”

Rob frightened me somewhat and I looked down at the ground unable to hold eye contact with him. “It was good,” I mumbled. I turned to one side embarrassed. I saw that David and Fergus had dragged across a small sturdy coffee table and now David stripped completely. On seeing David completely nude something stirred inside me; he certainly had a very cute figure and along with that girlie face of his it served to excite me enough to once again enlarge my cock.

David climbed onto the table and got down on all fours with his bum in the air. Rob moved across and stood behind him. As Rob dropped his pants Fergus applied some Vaseline to his rampant cock. It seemed as though they were all well rehearsed and I realised that this was certainly not the first time that this scene had been enacted.

I was enthralled, frightened and fascinated. I knew what was going to happen but in some strange way I couldn’t quite believe it was going to happen here, now, with us and with me looking on. Rob’s cock was large and I couldn’t imagine that it would fit up into Dave’s back passage. In the event as soon as Rob pushed against Dave’s ass his cock slipped in. David let out a little yelp of pain but within a minute Rob was in to his balls. He had his hands on David’s hips and was thrusting in and out like a steam piston.

My fascination was intense and I became aware that I was masturbating as I watched. Something in my mind screamed at me “This isn’t right; this shouldn’t be happening.” But my hard cock was telling me, in a more subtle fashion, that yes, it was right. I saw that Fergus was now stripping down and within a minute he was also completely naked; it seemed to me that he was keen to take part in the action.

A shiver went through me; it was good to watch but there was no way that I wanted to be impaled on that giant cock. I decided to keep my clothes on; I decided Silivri Escort that I would just be a watcher and maybe another time I might submit. Maybe I could try David’s smaller cock first and when I was opened up a bit I might be able to accept Rob’s weapon.

Rob pulled out of David and gave him a hefty slap on the backside and shouted “Next!”

David slid off the table and was replaced by Fergus. Rob made his entry with no problems and was soon pumping away like a man possessed. I could not tear my eyes away; I was transfixed. David moved round behind me; he put his arms round my waist and pushed against me. I felt the hardness of his cock through the thickness of my jeans. His lips nuzzled into the back of my neck, a shiver went down my spine. In no time at all David had undone my belt and the buttons on my jeans; they fell to the floor and now my prick reached out towards Fergus as though it had a mind to join in.

David grasped my penis and gently massaged it. He nuzzled at my ear and said, “Peter, it’s your turn next. Rob wants to fuck you.”

I was shocked into saying, “No; no way. I can’t take that thing; impossible. I’ll just watch.” I felt David’s cock pushing against my backside. Slowly but forcibly I was being pushed towards the action. Once again Rob caught my eye and as he did so he withdrew from Fergus; he turned towards me and his cock was rampant. “I can’t do this,” I protested.

Fergus came to my side and between him and David I was guided to the table; against my will? I’m not sure; my legs seemed to propel me forward as though acting of their own accord. My erection was gone and nerves were causing my whole body to shake; I climbed onto the table and adopted the position. David encouraged me to rest my head on my arms so that my backside was elevated to the utmost. I felt Fergus applying liberal amounts of Vaseline to my anus and then as he was applying it a finger pushed its way inside. I felt the lubricant being worked round my anus and then finger number two was in. Slowly but surely my anus was being expanded; as it expanded I started to experience pain. The pleasure was all gone now and it was just an ordeal that I was committed to accepting.

The fingers pulled out and my hips were grabbed by a strong pair of hands. “Hey little faggot; say good bye to your fucking virginity.” I remained silent and braced myself for the pain. Nothing happened. Rob’s voice hissed urgently, “Say it faggot; say goodbye to your fucking virgin ass.”

I was Silivri Escort Bayan getting angry now; to hell with it, “Goodbye virginity,” I said through clenched teeth.

I felt his cock head pushing against my anus; I felt the strength of his hands as he pulled me towards his prick. It seemed as if he wouldn’t be able to make that final push; my anus resisted his onslaught. David knelt beside me and urged, “Relax; relax your ass; let him in.”

I let all the tension flow from my body and then as his prick finally slipped in all the tension and pain came back; too late; the deed was done; Rob was in and not leaving any time soon.

Thrust by thrust he robbed me of my virginity; thrust by thrust he took possession of my body. The minutes passed and the thrusting continued; I felt full to bursting; I imagined my ass had been torn apart; but slowly, as the pain and discomfort decreased, my mood changed; I raised my head from my arms and looked towards David, “I’m taking it Dave, I’m taking the whole bloody thing.”

Still on his knees in front of me David leaned forward and our lips touched; we kissed a kiss of total passion. David had to hold my head firmly to maintain the kiss as the pounding from behind was moving my whole body. Eventually he broke the kiss and stood up; his prick was now at the level of my lips. Never before had I looked at a bulbous pink cock head and felt such desire; my tongue pushed out to make contact, it touched the tip of his glans and now my tongue pulled back as if to guide his prick to my mouth.

My lips closed round his cock, I sucked it deep into my mouth; his hips began a rhythmic movement; in and out of my mouth went his cock shaft; in and out of my anus went Rob’s huge member. I clung desperately to the table, determined to stay the course.

Rob’s thrusts quickened and then suddenly stopped. I guessed he had cum but had no indication that this was the case. Seconds later it was confirmed as he pulled out of me and I felt his spunk dripping down onto my balls and inner leg. Next think I knew Fergus had stepped up to take his place and now as his cock pushed in and out of me the spunk began to steadily ooze from my arse. Dave was still pumping at the front and Fergus was having a well lubricated fuck at the back.

In no time at all Fergus reached his climax and slowly withdrew. The spunk was now freely running down my legs. David pulled free of my mouth and moved round to the back of me. Entry was now very easy and David fucked Escort Silivri away at my asshole; at the same time he reached under me and started to masturbate my cock. I examined my feelings and realised that I was proud; proud to have taken three cocks; proud to have caused two men to spunk for me and proud that David was also about to reach a climax.

David didn’t last very long and soon he had added his fresh sperm to the now sticky mess of the other two. I stood up and my underpants were thrown across to me. I wiped my balls and between my legs. Then I moved across to wipe the table.

“Oh no little faggot,” Said Rob. “Just one more part of the initiation; get on your knees and lick up the mess on the table.”

I sank to my knees and moved across to the table. My cock was still hard and I had not climaxed. With a hard cock my brain did not function like it should. I relished the task I had been given. The table really was a mess and it looked like ten men had spunked not just three. As I lowered my head the heady smell of spunk hit me; I breathed deeply wanting the scent to invade every part of my person. I touched my tongue to the pool of sperm, I gently lowered my lips and moved them through the spunk allowing myself to luxuriate in the smell, the texture and the taste.

Next thing I knew a heavy hand pushed my face down into the sticky mess; the hand was removed and I raised my head; the spunk clung to my face and it formed bonds that bridged the gap between my face and the mess on the table. I guess I was truly initiated now. I bobbed back down and made quick work of clearing the spunk; I felt like a dog lapping at his favourite meal.

Rob stepped back and yanked his trousers back up, “Good show guys; well done. Lock up after you leave.” With that he turned on his heel and sauntered off.

Gingerly we three dressed again. I couldn’t wear the underpants as they were sticky and wet so I popped them into a plastic bag and pocketed them. We made our way out of the boiler room and as we left David said, “That’s it Peter, you’re one of the gang now. He gave me e lingering pat on the backside and then we went our separate ways.

I headed home quickly; I was worried in case my trousers would show any onlookers what I had been up to. On reaching home I showered and dressed in clean clothes. Later, as I settled in bed for the night, I remembered the underpants. After a quick panic I retrieved them from my coat. I curled up in bed and held the pants to my nose and mouth and with the scent and taste permeating each and every one of my senses I slowly masturbated myself to a climax and added my load of spunk to the pants.

I was happy; I enjoyed what I had done; I liked where I was at. Was I gay? Pass; not sure on that one yet. Time will tell.

The end.

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