Garden Street Ch. 01

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Ch. 01 – The Hired Gun

Maria stood on her porch, twirling the letter between her slender fingers, blowing her bangs out of the way, trying to decide what to do. As if the writing may have changed, she looked back down at the ink, saw that it was still the same, looked away down the cul-de-sac that was the end of her street, back at the writing, up the road towards the intersection leading out of the sub-development, back at the writing.

“Damn it!” This wasn’t going to work. She needed a plan. An idea, something to do. Something that would prepare her for the inevitable confrontation, the moment of truth, the second when they came face to face and she had to look him in the eye, the moment she had to be strong. How to steel herself for that moment?

Suddenly loud music entered her world, coming from the garage, and she walked down the stone path to the driveway, and found her daughters car up on two jack stands. The entire front end was lifted up, and she saw two pairs of legs sticking out. One was easily recognized as Angela, her daughter of twenty-two years, currently home from college. She had the same long dancers legs as her mother, and was currently wearing shoes pilfered from her closet.

The other set of legs was just as easily recognizable, the dark skin and powerful muscles marking it as Ryan, her neighbors son of twenty one, also currently home form college. The two of them had been friends forever, and whenever Angela’s car was not doing what she wanted it to, they found themselves in this position.

Maria watched as her daughter crawled out from underneath the car, wiping her fingers in her shorts, the grease sticking more then she wanted it to. “Something is apparently wrong with my exhaust.”

“Can he fix it?”

“Yeah, but he said it will probably take a couple of hours.”

“I guess you owe him dinner.” Ryan never accepted payment, but he was more then willing to be seen out in public with the stunning blonde.

“I guess so.” Angela shrugged, and walked inside to clean up. She did not mind going out in public with Ryan either. He was easy on the eye, and good for the body, whenever she let him go that far.

Her mother continued to watch Ryan work, sliding back and forth, banging against the undercarriage, softly cursing as he tried to pull something off.

“Hand me the 3/16 socket.”

“Excuse me?” His voice shocked her, and even though she was standing next to the huge red rolling toolbox, she might as well be staring at a rocket ship. The shiny metal objects in it meant nothing to her.

Ryan slid out from under the car, and looked up the long, nicely toned and deeply tanned legs, to the flat stomach, across the swell of nicely developed breasts, into the still beautiful face of Ms. Galveston. She had moved into the neighborhood twelve years ago, after a bitter divorce with her husband, right before his hormones exploded into puberty. And to this day he still masturbated to her mental image.

“Hello Ms. Galveston.”

“I’ve told you before to call me Maria.”

“Okay Maria, can you had me a 3/16?”

“That’s a stupid question, and you know it.”

“Second drawer, they are labeled with little white stickers.”

He watched as she turned, showing him her profile, and he smiled. Her ass was divine, just like her daughter. If the whole saying about daughters are mothers in twenty years was true, Angela was going to be a fox for a long time. Taking the socket from her, he waved to the car, sliding back underneath. “Want to see what I’m doing?”

“Why not?” Dropping down onto the creeper abandoned by her daughter, she slipped next to him.

He pointed out various components of the cars engine and exhaust system to her, trying to make it as simple as possible, and how it all worked together, and how the failure of the filter assembly was robbing the car of power. She listened to him talk, the way his voice seemed to wash over her, eyes tracking his lips, and suddenly she realized that she had become aroused.

He had stopped talking, and was looking at her, softly smiling. She wanted to say something but nothing came out, the awkward moment between them holding.

“You know…I’ve dreamed about this moment before.”

“Excuse me?”

“You and me underneath a car. The place I’m good, the place I can show you something you don’t know, the place I can seduce you.”

“Stop.” Her pussy spasmed, and she almost creamed herself. How long had it been?

“I’m being serious.”

“Why would you want to seduce an old woman like me?”

“You know you are a hottie.” He had never lacked for confidence, and college seemed to have only reinforced that.

“You are so sweet.” She pushed herself out from underneath the car, and walked back into the house, locking herself in her bedroom. She needed relief, and fast.

When she came back outside, Ryan was standing by the hood of the car, pulling out several pieces of the engine, and setting them on a small cart he had wheeled over from his house. He had his shirt Ankara travesti off, and she swooned at the flex of his muscle. He had always been a gym rat, she attended the same Y as his family, and how nice to see that he kept it up in college.

He saw her coming, and smiled at her, waiting until she stood next to him.

“Didn’t mean to scare you off.”

“It’s ok. I have a proposition for you.”

He stood, looking at her, shielding his eyes from the sun with his hand. Wow, he had nice arms. “Shoot.”

“I have to go to this gala on Saturday. It is a big thing for all the people that work downtown, one of those see-an-be-seen type things. Problem is, that I know my ex-husband will be there. With his new wife. And I do not want to go by myself. So I need a date, a date that afterwards won’t go crazy on me.”

“You think I won’t go crazy?”

“I’m taking a risk, I know.” She gave him her best smile, and she watched his sharp intake of breath. No matter how much this boy might want her, she knew him, knew his family, and knew that if she said no, he would beg, plead, demand, but in the end respect her wishes.

“I guess I have to dress up.”

“I’ll pay for the rental of the tux, and all that.”

“I own a tux.”

“Really?” That took her by surprise. How progressive of the young man.

“Yeah. Calvin Klein, actually. You’ll like it. I’ve only worn it once.”

“What is your fee?”

He laughed out loud, throwing his head back, wiping the tears from his eyes when he got a hold of himself again. “Are you being serious?”

“Well, I know that Saturday is a serious party night, and I’m taking you away from that.”


He was fast, and suddenly she was in his arms, as he moved to the music coming from the radio. “If there is dancing involved, my fee goes up.” She twirled in his arms, back now to him as they slid left to right. “Any conversations involving politics, religion, or my beloved States rivals raise the stakes.” Again he twirled her, pulling her close again, and they moved backwards to her, then forward, ending in a small circle. “If they play crappy music all night, or the food sucks, my rates go up again.” He dipped her over his arm, pulled her up again, twirled her one last time, and lifted her off her feet. “Cool?”

“What’s the base rate?”

“I don’t know. I think we are both making this up as we go.”

He released her from his tight embrace, and for a second she felt pangs of regret. She liked the feeling of being in his arms. It was something she missed. “OK. Anything you need?”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know, you’re in college. Angela needs all kinds of stuff.”

“I’m good. Don’t lose sleep over it.” He dipped back into the engine, and she shrugged, leaving it at that.

Angela watched her mothers head move slowly with her eyes, devouring the book, line after line, systematically moving down the page, to the next one, the pace of her reading incredible. What made Maria Galveston such a successful attorney was the fact that she could take in large amounts of information, and process it at almost blinding speed. It also meant that growing up Angela had not managed to slip a lot by her.



“So I hear that you have a date for Saturday.”

That got Maria’s attention, as she closed the book, and looked over at her daughter. Angela walked into the room, and plopped down on the bed next to her, crawling up onto the empty pillow and stretching.

“Who told you that?”

“Straight from the horse’s mouth.”


Her daughter rolled her eyes, patting her stomach. “We had dinner together tonight.”

“I thought you said you had a date.”

“I did. With Ryan. And you said I owe him dinner, remember?”

“When did you guys start dating?”

“Mom…hello? Every Wednesday, if we don’t have a date, we go out to dinner?” It was the kind of look that daughters give mothers when they have decided that mothers are totally clueless, the type of look that deserves a slap from any mother to any daughter that employs it. But Maria did not hit her only child. Yes, she did vaguely remember that high school tradition. But she did not think it still went on, and said so.

“Are you crazy? Every week up at college, if we don’t have a date, we go out. We have both moved dates to keep that day open for the other.” She laughed at the memory of some of those dinners. “No biggie, he’ll be perfect for what you want. Since Sarah’s is about my age, he’ll have something in common with her.” Sarah was her father’s new wife, whose picture you could see by looking up trophy piece in the dictionary. Either that or fake boobies.

“Do you mind?”

“Mind what?”

“That I’m going out with Ryan?”

“Only in the fact that that I have to find somebody else to go to Allie’s party with. He’s the perfect party partner.”

“How come?”

“Well, he does not drink, so he can always be the DD. And if I get totally drunk, he’ll make sure I get home, into Konya travesti bed, and don’t pee all over the place. Or if I meet some guy, he’ll screen him for me, make sure I’m not to drunk, and come get me the next morning, no matter where I am. He drove three hours one morning.”

“Are you serious?” Her mother was shocked. Where had her daughter woken up three hours away from school?

Angela realized that she had gone to far, and that she rapidly had to change subjects. “Yeah. The guy’s family owned a mountain cabin, and we meet at this bar on college night. So he wanted to show it to me over the weekend. Well, halfway through Friday, it was time to go. So by Friday night, here comes Ryan. But anyways…he’ll be perfect for you.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because…if I don’t meet anybody, I’ll just crawl into the backseat of his car, play with myself, and within five minutes, he’s knocking the bottom out. He’s amazing in bed. And I know you haven’t gotten laid in a while.” She pushed off the bed, and headed out the door, realizing that the longer she stayed, the more she would incriminate herself. “Just don’t think you can keep him for yourself after this. He’s my Ryan.”

“I see that.” Maria picked her book back up, already knowing she would not be able to concentrate on the pages.

“A ringer.”


“You brought in a ringer.” Emily nodded her head to add emphasis to her statement, almost spilling the coffee in the mug she was holding between her hands.

“A ringer?” Maria still did not understand.

“You know, an outsider, a pro. A mercenary. A hired gun.”

“Oh. I see what you are saying.” The light came on, and she nodded, feeling a bit slow. So she sipped her own coffee, hoping it would kick start the engine. It was noon on Thursday, and for some reason she was feeling sluggish today. It might be that she had not been able to sleep after seeing him playing football with his shirt off in the street with some of the kids that lived on the street. The way his body flexed, stretched and rippled had done something to her, and she had played with her vibrator several times, to no avail. She needed the real thing desperately. “It all feels a bit surreal.”

“Why? Marcia dated that one guy for like two years. And after all, look at your ex.”

“I know. Angela told me some things about him.”

“Is he as much a stud as I remember him being?”

“Excuse me?” Maria’s ears perked up, looking over at her friend of many years.

“I danced with him at Angela’s graduation party. He was whispering in my ear the entire time, trying to get up my skirt.”

“Are you being serious?”

“Oh, yeah. It was great. I haven’t felt that wanted in years. I had told him earlier that Reggie and me were having problems, and he was all over me all night. But I told him no, and he just shrugged it off. Angela told me later where he took all his frustration.” She was Angela’s godmother, and she knew things about her that Maria would never, ever find out.

The other woman slowly nodded, sipping her coffee. Was she the only one not enjoying the fruits of his labor? It was not for a lack of trying, she knew that. He had been all over her for years, but she had pushed it off as the crush of a young boy, and the attention of a young man looking to prove something. Was she missing something?

“Worst case scenario, you go to the thing, have a good time, and get to thumb your nose at douche bag. Best case scenario, you go and have a good time, and later on he rocks your world.”

“It is strange to even think about having sex with the same man my daughter has slept with.”

“I guess you haven’t seen the graduate lately.”

“Jesus, now I’m a sexual predator?”

Emily giggled, and Maria could see what she meant by the analogy. Smiling herself, she put down the cup and shook her head. “I guess I’m committed at this point.”

“Yes, you are. And don’t even think of backing out. You know you need this.” They both nodded, and both knew it to be true.

The coffee did not do the trick, so after two more hours of beating her head against the wall that is American business tax law, she called it quits for the day, heading home. The summer was in full effect, with the sun out, and people out on the many green spaces in the city, enjoying the heat. She had to smile to herself, singing along with the radio as she pulled into the driveway.

Walking into the house, she decided that she might as well get in on the sun, and lay out by the pool. Walking into her bedroom, she changed into her bikini, and was about to walk out onto the back deck when she froze in her tracks.

The backyard was separated into two parts. The outer half was just like all the others ones in the row of houses, open to the creek and woods that ran along the back of the development, separating them from the interstate. The inner half was cut off from all that by a six foot privacy fence, enclosing the back deck and the in-ground pool that lay just beyond it, surrounded by İzmir travesti another wooden deck, populated by a small tikki hut that served as a bar, and several lounge chairs.

Her daughter, gripping the top with both hands, occupied one of those lounge chairs, her body writhing under the skilled attention of Ryan. Angela’s legs were over the black boys shoulders, his head dipping up and down, clearly eating her out with considerable vigor and enthusiasm.

She watched, thunderstruck and unable to move a muscle in her body. She saw his hands moving up and down her daughters lithe body, undoing her bikini top, fondling her tits, pulling and pinching her nipples, sliding underneath her, gripping her ass, touching her face, running through her hair, all along never stopping his attention to her pussy.

Angela said something, and she could see him shake with laughter. Slowly he crawled up her body, the young woman, visibly relaxed now, wrapped her legs around him as she pulled down his shorts. Maria gasped as his cock came into view, the massive black shaft pointing at her young daughter, who took it into her hands, stroking it, pumping it roughly, fondling his balls.

Ryan made some motions with his hips, and now it was Angela’s turn to laugh, as she reached down out of sight, and then slipped a condom over the spear pointed at her. Ryan nodded approvingly, then pushed into her. Angela threw her head back to scream, but he sealed her lips with his, holding her tight, fucking her into the chair.

The cheerleaders legs wrapped around him, holding him tight as he squeezed her to him, screwing her for all he was worth, taking her to the heights that nobody else could, showing her what she needed him for, reminding her why it was him she called at two in the morning to get her fix. They moved together, a rhythm built by familiarity with one another, built by skilled lovers coming together to enjoy time together, came from the lack of commitment of inhibition, of knowing what it was, sex at its rawest, purest form.

They both spent themselves, both feeling the shaking signs of impending explosions, both could read each others bodies, and they enjoyed the release together, kissing, squeezing each other close, collapsing into one another.

Maria could see them talking, and rushed into the bathroom, locking the door before she was spotted. Even through her fingers frigging herself to an incredible orgasm she heard them come inside, the laughing from the living room, and the noise in the kitchen. When her own explosion came, she bit her hand to keep from screaming out loud. What was happening to her?

He did own a tux, and he looked stunningly handsome in it. The black jacket and pants, along with the white shirt and red vest, all custom tailored to his well-defined body made for a very appealing look. The skin of his scalp glistened, freshly shaved, and he had even put in his diamond earring, which she knew to have been a graduation present that he reserved for special moments.

“You look good.” He had brought her flowers, not really sure what the whole plan here was, so she walked into the kitchen to put them in water, thankful that he was making the effort to make this as easy as possible. She heard him follow her, and his voice behind her.

“So do you.”

He meant it, admiring her shapely body in the black dress that reached almost all the way to the floor. He could hear the high heels click-click-click on the tile of the kitchen, and he wondered what her nicely muscled and well defined legs looked like under the fabric which clung to her swaying hips, dipping dangerously low around her rear, and then reaching up across her shoulders to the plunging neckline showing off her very nice cleavage. Her hair was done up and away from her neck, which he complimented her on, and her make up was softly accentuating the natural beauty of her face.

“What a flirt.” But she smiled at him, glad he liked it.

“Full service date.” He took her in his arms, and twirled her across the kitchen floor. “In the event that we encounter your husband, anything I should do or should not say?”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know…how long have we been together?”

“It is an on again, off again kind of thing.” She was very satisfied with that answer, nodding.

“Ok. Anything else?” They both thought about it for a minute, before she brought something up. “If at any moment…”

He took the words out of her mouth, closing the distance between them in a flash, wrapping his arms around her, his lips locking on hers. It was not a hard kiss, not a forced one, but instead a soft welcome to his world, caressing her, his tongue teasing hers, eliciting soft moans from her as she pulled him against her, mashing her tits into his tight body, feeling him grabbing her ass.

“You were going to say it’s ok for me to kiss you?”

“Yes…” She was swooning in his arms, feeling very glad that he was holding her up. They kissed again, and she leaned into him, enjoying the sensation.

It was exactly what she had expected, a bunch of doctors, lawyers, accountants and other assorted boring people standing around after some boring speaker talked about growth and development downtown, some dancing, most, not all, drinking, all of them trying to look important.

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